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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Getting Filled Ch. 04

group diegoroyo 2018-02-12

Long dark legs, dark skin, nice titties hanging on the countertop, a cute Hispanic girl with black hair and big brown eyes, naked in high-heels being bent over by a cowboy and fucked. "I want to get drunk and lie back on a couch, and let all of you fuck me and cum on my tits and face. Then the next three men got into position, Jack and Hammer bringing their cocks to her face to suck on and rub out. Jack and Hammer came at the same time, holding their cocks over her face and open, eager mouth. Brian got to his feet and brought his cock to her mouth to suck off, and then cum erupted onto her face and dripped on her stomach and chest.


Moira Ch. 5

group MoroMoy 2018-02-12

The boy lagged behind her as they walked up the steps to the front door, and she took his hand and led him, smiling, "Come on, this is me." She kicked her sandals off and bounced into the cabin. "Yes, " he groaned, "Bite it, swallow me." He looked at her face, her eyes watching him as he forced his cock deeper and faster, her head now trying to pull back. He grabbed a handfull of her hair, pulled her head back and as he started to come in her ass, he let out with a light pop, took her long tresses and wrapped them around his spurting cock.

Computer Repair

group zimabean 2018-02-12

It was a home movie of sort, It started with Kelly walking in with a robe on and another woman, alot like Kelly in build and looks was with her. Working on computers I find videos like this alot but they are mostly of a married couple fucking and are not much to look at. A few days later Kelly came n again and asked me how I liked the video. A ten minute recovery then I moved on the old woman running the camera, she said her husband would not approve and I reminded her he will never know as I slid my cock deep into her wet hairy snatch.

Duck Blind

group IATAO 2018-02-12

Zuela lead her up to him and put one arm around Scott's waist while he reached out to cup Melanie's cheeks and pulled her the last few inches into a kiss. Zuela pulled away but took Melanie's hand and guided her into the duck blind, where a sleeping back had been opened up. Scott pushed Melanie down at the shoulders, her knees slipping against the smooth fabric of the sleeping back as her pussy lowered until it began to smother Zuela's face. Scott then pushed Melanie's shoulder s forward until she was laying semi prone on the ground, with her knees splayed wide and her pussy continuing to fuck Zuela's mouth.

Kelsey's World Ch. 10

group riverboy 2018-02-12

From what she'd heard Kelsey say in Austin's room, she was pretty sure at least some of the parties at the big house were all about sex, maybe even flat-out orgies. When Austin brought Kelsey by for an impromptu get-to-know-my-mom visit, they found Barbara there, somewhere between pain and pleasure, drifting slowly toward an orgasm. Austin did feel a little odd taking off his clothes by the pool, with Bobby and Sharron and Kay all at home doing everyday household things. It was quite a sight, being right out in the open right next to the driveway — Kay and Sharron soaping themselves up to clean off the gardening dirt and sweat, and Kelsey and Austin joining them to rinse off the chlorine from the pool.


Couples Party Contest

group mercedes1 2018-02-12

Soon our guests started to arrive and I yelled up at Tina letting her know that Mark and Gloria had arrived. She told me and I thought it was a great idea." Tina had wondered over to Mary by this time and gave her a big hug as we men watched with lust in our eyes. She smiled that sexy grin of hers and said, "We girls will sit in a chair blindfolded and you guys will offer your cocks to us and we will pick which one belongs to us. Jim appeared just a bit more well endowed, but I knew the girls were going to find this hard to pick the right cock that belonged to them.


The Magic Ring

group Satyriasis69 2018-02-12

She screamed so load I thought for a moment I had hurt her, but the way she grabbed my head forcing my mouth tight into her wet pussy I knew she was not hurt. He little ass was already kind of wide for her size and I thought if looked just right for a tender fucking. Blanch in y arms kissing me while Audrey was busy jerking my cock making it grow even larger than last night. Blanch told Audrey to suck my cock she was sure I would like that. Blanch in the mean time was fingering my ass and getting a hand full of Audrey's tint tits.

I Want a Threesome

group ladyhawk100 2018-02-12

I feel the other one behind me, his cock pressing into my ass as he reaches around and pulls my hard nipples, kissing my neck, making my pussy gush even more. I want to know what it's like to cum and cum, to feel tongues and lips and fingers and cocks rubbing my clit. He fucks my mouth faster, deeper, his hand going to my hair and holding me tight as he leans his head back and with a shout, empties his cum down my throat. I toss my head, my hair flying out and let out a wild cry as my body explodes and I cum, feeling my ass and cunt clench on their cocks.

Callie and Rebecca Ch. 04

group Chaingun 2018-02-12

Callie took a break from telling me her story about how she'd hooked up with Rebecca by leaning back, stretching her legs out from beneath her, and pointing her toes as she yawned. Once out of the station and away from prying eyes, Callie turned to Rebecca and said, "Tonight's the night, I think. Rebecca turned to Callie and said, "Me too." After looking into Callie's eyes for a second or two, she developed a mischievous smile, "Why wait?" The blond girl's answer was stifled by the kiss that Rebecca planted on her.


Sex Shop Slut

group hunnyslutcatt 2018-02-12

He flips her skirt up and they all admire her firm rounded ass, her tight hole a little stretched by the third man's finger. She parts her lips hungrily, and all three men begin to pump, using her body, the one at her mouth holding her head with the two at her cunt and ass alternating strokes, loving the way her tight holes grip at their cocks, her fuck holes sucking their tools. The combined sensations throw her over the edge, and she keens wildly, her body convulsing, tight hot cunt gripping the toy, her sphincter clamping around his cock, milking it.

Four Teachers. One Rent.

group velocette65 2018-02-12

One Saturday evening, after the school had broken up for the Christmas holiday, Fen, Brigitte, Kathy and myself were sitting around the fire drinking whiskey. Licking up the salty juices that the Sapphic stimulation had generated, I let my tongue move down a little, poking it rapidly in and out of Kathy's slit, until I worked myself down to her deep juicy hole. Her wickedly pointed tongue and bright red lips replaced her finger, and she sucked Kathy's clitoris in to her mouth, teasing it with her teeth, and flicking it hard. I felt Fen's next few orgasms ripple over my cock and I moved Kathy's finger out of the way so I could replace it with my tool.


Paris Vacation Ch. 1

group Sonia_de_Beaumanoir 2018-02-12

The position was very exciting, and with the combined stimulation of Sylvie's hands and mouth on my breasts, my own hand on my clit, and Benoit's cock pumping my tunnel, I soon came first very hard. Both of us did orgasm again quickly, so I suggested, "Let's turn around and lay on our backs so that we can watch the action." I propped myself up on my elbows, and was able to see both Benoit's and Sylvie's faces while he pumped us. I told Sylvie, "Turn around and ride him facing backwards." She was all for this, and once recovered from her latest orgasm followed my instructions and was soon happily bouncing up and down on his cock, which he held her hips and guided the tempo.


Parting Has Never Been So Sweet

group seadiver 2018-02-12

She rode me like that for a very long time enjoying the sensations of skin on skin, the feeling of me inside of her, my hands roaming her body from her breasts to her tight little ass. Her right hand moved to her clit and she began to gently rub it as I stroked her pussy with my finger. I lay on my stomach between her legs and began at her anus, licking up over her pussy, cleaning our juices from between her legs and then up over her pubic bone to her belly, along the outlines of the ropy cum lines and then to her nipples.


Helping Out a Neighbor

group Bluepen451 2018-02-12

Just then Layton walked in and after saying hello asked, "What's up ladies?" Gesturing towards the empty drink glasses he said, "It looks like you two have a head start on me." I wasn't quite sure where that idea had come from, but what the hell, we had both had more than a little to drink, and anything that kept Susie from worrying about her ruined marriage seemed like a good idea for the time being. By this time Layton had loosened the tie of my robe so he could look in at my tits, but Susie was getting a pretty good view also. "Layton come over here and let me suck on your cock to make sure it is nice and hard for Susie."

Grin and Bear It

group kimbelina 2018-02-12

Once her uniform was unbuttoned down to the waist, Jeff's hands began exploring Heidi's breasts, massaging them as he continued to lay back in the exam room chair. Heidi smiled, unbuttoned her uniform, pulled her breasts free from the cups of her bra, and walked around the chair until she was standing behind Jeff, where he could look up at her and reach up to fondle her breasts. I brought my attention back to his cock, now beginning slow, steady strokes up and down, stopping only briefly to unhook his belt and pull his slacks clear down to his knees, giving me better access to his balls, which I now began to fondle as I went back to sucking on his long, hard shaft.

Good Neighbors Ch. 02

group CharlieL 2018-02-12

We just lay there chatting a little and I reminded him that Sally was going to be over soon and was going to want to see me fucking his ass just before she let him put his little cock in her. I made the big announcement of "Well guys, we are here for one reason and that is to have Sally watch me fuck Bobbie's tight little ass and then have Bobbie slip his cock into Sally's sweet pussy and fuck her hard. "Bobbie, let one of your hands slide up and lightly touch her clit as you are tonguing her ass and now that you have that underway I am going to slip around and slide my cock up your ass Bob."

A Quiet Evening at Home

group womaninbliss 2018-02-12

The dildo then slid out of my pussy and entered my well lubricated ass and I thought my clitoris would catch fire, then I felt someone's head press between my legs and a tongue began to suck my clit, at which point I began to cum, wave upon wave of glorious sensation. Stephen slid out of my mouth, the dildo out of my ass and I was lifted onto my back, my legs hoisted above my head and another cock, another real one, began to pump me, bigger than anyone I'd known before in this group, so thick and long and I almost panicked at how stretched my vagina felt, still contracting from my orgasm.

Jessica The Asian Slut

group taurents 2018-02-12

One guy moved to help her down and she jumped into his arms, as she slipped to the ground her dress rose up revealing that she was after all wearing a skimpy piece of material, it was revealed,that is, to anyone immediately behind her and to her catchers thighs, everyone around her got a side view which still left them thinking that she had no underwear on, she stayed a little longer in the guys arms than steve had expected from his wife who was usually shy with strangers. The guy pulled his trousers up and threw on his shirt and ambled back to the bar Steve began making his way towards her She stopped him "I thought you wanted a slut, not someone who has a quicky in a car park, hell I do that every time I go out with the girls if that's all you want!!!"

Marsha Entertains Ch. 1

group smithpeter 2018-02-12

She had avoided moving in ways in front of Bill that would draw attention to her breasts but now, turning to her lone guest she has undone 2 buttons and asked him to please sit on the couch he and I had just moved. Marsha got to her knees on the floor between his knees and while looking him straight in the eyes gently examined it with her finger tips taking note of the tiny glistening glob of pre-cum that rolled out the tip and down the side. Marsha kept the phone in her hand for a moment and again descended on his cock with her mouth. Marsha lifted her head off him and took the phone away.

Comforting My Step-daughter Ch. 06

group MastrStoryTeller 2018-02-12

After that wild evening with Cindy and Amy, I knew I needed a couple of days for recovery. And, from what you and Cindy have told me, she clearly loved sex; she wasn't being a porn star just to do her job." Two hours later, I kissed Amy and Cindy good-bye, and spent the rest of the afternoon, contemplating just how far Julie was willing to go as a slut slave. As I pulled her collection out and spread it out across the dresser, I wondered just how much Courtney actually knew about her sister's sexual proclivities. At that point, knowing that her sister would arrive anytime, I took the pair of noise cancelling headphones that I had found in her living room, turned them on and placed them over her ears.


Secretary Extraordinaire Ch. 04

group pbidude 2018-02-12

After the romp in the hot tub, I wasn't sure I could take any more, but we fucked again last night for what seemed like an hour after Mary had gone to bed. The three of us sat rather silently eating our breakfasts, with Jen and Mary every so often exchanging knowing looks. Jen got off of me and sat down beside us on the couch as Mary continued to suck my hard pole. By the time, I had already dropped my hands to Jen's waist, and was attempting to play with her clit with my fingers. Taking up a position behind her, she began rubbing Mary's clit, and massaging her boobs with her delicate fingers.


My first time and my first orgy

group 2018-02-12

We made out for about ten minutes, he was feeling my breasts for the while time and as I pulled away I saw the brunette girl completely naked and sucking off two guys. I heard a loud moan and looked up to see one of the boys pushing his cock into the brunettes pussy. I felt two warm hands grab my ass cheeks and a long, warm object was pushed deep inside my pussy. I looked over t the overweight girl and watched as one guy cummed on her face, another penetrated her from behind and another received a blowjob.

The Swinger Party

group swingerjoe 2018-02-12

We entered through the back door and were greeted by a friendly, older woman named Kim, who collected our $40 "contribution." There was a large sign posted near her with several hand-printed rules written upon it, including "no cameras", "no drunkenness", and in big, bold letters, "NO MEANS NO." As it was our first time at the party, Kim briefly explained the rules of the house. I glanced around the room to see if any new faces had arrived, and couldn't help but notice one incredibly cute woman who was leaning against the kitchen counter with a drink in her hand.


My New Secretary

group SKIP69 2018-02-12

I bade her enter and to take a seat, and to my further surprise I realised that she was wearing an extremely short mini-skirt, that her legs suited the brevity, and that although she was sitting with her knees together there was sufficient of a gap below her tight skirt to allow me to see that she wore stockings, as it had ridden up when she sat down. Candy was sitting back looking at the screen, but openly spreading her knees, allowing her tiny skirt to ride up, revealing a minute scrap of white silk held in place by two slender threads.