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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Couple shops for more than clothes

group XXXNoBounds 2018-02-12

We traipsed around shop after shop as Helen tried on different skirts and dresses, occasionally opening the changing room door and asking me for my opinion on how well they fit and how good she looked in them. Moving into a position behind her, the young man began grinding the crotch of his jeans against her bottom as his hands circled around her and pulled the front of her dress down to reveal her bra. His eyes were tight shut as he began to climax and I could see Helen turn her head and look behind her just in time to see the semen jettison from his cock and land on her naked butt.

Hotel 3some Fun

group letsrock 2018-02-12

She decided to let up on my cock (which was a good thing since she had me so close to cumming) and strip off her thong and bra. All of a sudden, she was tossing her head side to side and let out a loud moan, cumming on her husbands face. Being prompted by her husband, I climbed on top of his wife and slowly began to enter her pussy with my cock. She began to let out a low moan as I pushed my cock in as deep as it would go. The husband slowly took his fingers out of my ass and replaced them with his cock. I then let out a moan and grunt and sprayed shot after long shot of hot cum into this waiting pussy.


group OriginalWori 2018-02-12

The next act was already prepared; the sacrifice lay beneath the altar as the female priest stepped forward, disrobing to reveal large full breasts and a patch of pubic hair trimmed carefully into the grinning face of her masters. He reached around to spread her wide as he thrust in again, and half the crowd had hands on their dicks or in their pussies, watching the priest's cock disappear further into the sacrifice and emerge with more shimmering juices coating it and running down her thigh as far as her boots. A few stepped up for their chance at the sacrifice, surrounding her with groping hands and eager tongues, throbbing cocks awaiting their turn or sopping pussies waiting to be served.

The Firehouse

group ILmommy2 2018-02-12

Alright, see you then," said Tony as he got off the phone with his wife, Dana, who was out with another couple at the bars. Dana rammed her face into Amanda's gapping hole, her tongue thrusting in and out of her friend. Finally, when Dana could take no more of the suspense, she rammed her face once again into Amanda's pussy, still rubbing her clit harder and harder. Once Amanda caught her breath again, the girls turned to the men who had started rubbing their cocks through their pants. Before each girl got off the truck, they turned to the other and liked the juices of each others husbands that had just filled that precious hole.

My Marriage to 8 Men: A Story of Polyandry Ch. 02

group Passionate_Lass 2018-02-12

It took Nanjan a few moments but he finally emerged from the tent, "Trina, what's wrong? I felt his hand pulling at my panties, "I want you so badly Trina." I felt around the head of it, feeling the large roundness of it then I let my hand slide to his sac as I gently prodded it. Nanjan slowly pushed my back onto the mattress and I let go of his cock as he positioned himself better. I felt the pleasure begin to intensify and suddenly the most wonderous feeling came onto my body and I yelled out, "Nanjan!"At that instance he let out a huge moan as I felt his seed begin to shoot inside of me.

In Step Ch. 06

group RonCabo 2018-02-12

Throwing all caution to the wind, Donna bent down and licked the tip of Mark's cock around the peehole with one swipe of her tongue, lapping up the bead of pre-cum that had formed, and then looked at her daughter, who leaned over for a bird's eye view. Already one step ahead of her, Kendall grabbed the base of his cock with one hand and used the other to smear the residual cum all over his shaft—not that she thought her mother needed the extra lubrication; undoubtedly, the older woman was wet enough—then guided his tool into her parent's eager pussy.


10 Home Sweet Home

group SidTheSexist 2018-02-12

“She did tell him” I said to Lisa as I cuddled into her “About what” she asked quizzically “About Paul” I answered “Oh I know – we’ve just been talking all about it, she fancies Tom like mad but purely on a physical level – she isn’t about to fuck up what she’s got with Paul” Lisa told me “Anyway babe we need to go shopping – your food cupboard is a disgrace and the fridge and freezer are empty – except for beer” she continued “Come on then” I said “There’s a big Tesco down the road and a freezer place just round the corner from it” We shouted up to Sophie that we were off out and got back a couple of hours later (and a couple of hundred quid lighter) to find no sign of Sophie or Tom. We packed away the shopping, had a bite to eat, and made a start on emptying all the boxes of stuff that had come from Lisa’s.

His Little Porno Slut

group Eroticuhh 2018-02-12

When Andy took a grip on his long, thin Irish dick and aimed it at her face, he said, "Come on, Li, show Bryant what a good cocksucker you are." Lisa's mouth fell open, almost as though it were out of surprise, and Andy filled it. Lisa moaned loudly around Andy's cock, now, and he knew she couldn't help it; Bryant was going wild on her pussy, his whole head was disappearing beneath the curved horizon of her butt cheeks. "Thank you for saying my pussy tastes good, Bryant," Lisa said, and then went right back to sucking Andy's cock. Meanwhile, Bryant stroked his dick and watched intently, two fingers of his right hand pumping into Lisa's cunt, fingerblasting Andy's girlfriend while she swallowed cum.


3way squirting

group 2018-02-12

Oooo man that was the shit !!!!the neighbor was light skinned cap verdian her friend was darker and there was my chocolate stick be tween these womans mouths !!when they would meet at the tip they d kiss deeply...sorry was driftin off that memory !!lol well need less to say with in 5 mins I had the neighbor squirting all over her girls face while I was pumping her from behind!!and the friend was on her back underneath my neighbor licking her pussy an my shaft and nuts...well me and the friend ended up hookin up a fews days later and on the strength of my pleasuring her so well she invited another friend that I bagged years ago:) well I had the new friend in a 69 me on top with my left hand 4 fingers deep to the top knuckles pumping in an out at a furious pace she.


group No Panty Girl 2018-02-12

A time and place was posted on a bulletin board and whoever turned out got fucked. As Ross withdrew his spent cock from my drenched pussy I felt someone else taking his place. I looked back over my shoulder as another hard cock slid easily into my freshly fucked pussy. "Ride me Charlie!" I said as I pushed my wet hole back onto his stiff cock. "Looks like the lady wants fucking!" he said to his mates. Six cocks paraded into my pussy, ass and mouth spewing creamy jism into my greedy holes. I heard the bikes roar out of the parking lot as a couple of faceless fucks played in the mess left by the bikers.

First Threesome...But Not The Last

group flat5ive 2018-02-12

Backrub number three was Jill rubbing Liz. I offered to get some more wine—really an excuse to give them a chance to get comfortable with each other without BSB poking at them—and when I came back, they were making out, hands on each other's breasts, a tangle of hair and silken skin. Liz climbs my body seductively, holds my cock in her hand, and kisses me as she strokes me into Jill's mouth. Another mélange of bodies, until we end up in a mirror image of the night before: Jill with her pretty Irish face between Liz's legs, Liz with her head resting back on my stomach, her head turned to the side, sucking me into her mouth.

Shy Bailey

group Sarishepard 2018-02-12

Evan drove wide-eyed on the way home, periodically darting his gaze to the rearview mirror to see if Todd and Bailey were still kissing. Fifteen minutes later, Evan sat on the sofa beside Celina, trying to pay attention to the movie on television over the squeals and bellows coming from the guest bedroom. Todd lay across the bed, offering a right profile view as Bailey bounced over his pelvis like a kid in a blow-up castle. Evan and Celina gasped as Todd retreated and Bailey's pelvis sprayed, washing his jewels in gushes of thankful reward. Celina grasped Evan's thigh as Todd wailed and thrust forward. "So," noted Evan as Celina dug through her purse, "it looks like Bailey came outta her shell."


The Masturbatorium Ch. 03

group jehoram 2018-02-12

Emma was watching the whole show with intense interest and amusement, fingering her slit while Andre rubbed oil onto the front of her long legs. She was still astride me, and I could see again the wonderful vista she had provided before of her flat belly and small, soft breasts with their hard nipples, and above that, her face with its burning gray eyes and broad smile. Andre was watching it keenly, and, when her deep breaths became gasps, he squirted some oil onto her slot and began rubbing it into her labia while his free hand ran circles around her belly. Boosting the force of the ejaculation by a hard squeeze of my cock, Rita aimed it across the room at Emma, where it almost hit her knee before joining the mess of fluid on the floor.


Debre's Swan Song

group The Swan 2018-02-12

A year ago I got a letter from Miki telling me that she finally had found an audience for her sexual fantasies and escapades and referred me to Literotica where she was writing under the pen name ‘Moon Glade’. The oddest thing though was one of the guys sucked my big toe while all this was going on and I think I have an idea what it must feel like to get a blow job! I could hardly breathe as I very huskily said in an embarrassed voice, “Let’s start one at a time because, believe it or not, I have never in my life done anything like this and until yesterday the only other man I had ever been with was my husband”.


Liz's Lips and Allison's Ass

group scottish-couple 2018-02-12

I love the anticipation, the fantasy of imagining what that woman would be like in bed, what it would be like to eat her pussy and fuck her big, sweet, beautiful ass. But not even that can compare to the exhilaration of watching an incredible sexual creature reacting to getting a strange dick for the first time, especially a sex-starved woman like Allison. Now, after 20 years of watching this woman take that slow, sexy walk of hers in jeans, skirts and dresses and fantasizing about that ass, I was now getting that same walk, only this time in full flesh and in the most sexually charged way imaginable.

All in... Ch. 02

group jaismith 2018-02-12

"Oh no, sweetness, naked is how we hottub in this house and I've got a couple of wraps for us to use when dinner is, get out of your clothes and let momma get all hot and bothered," Mindy said as she quickly started dropping her clothes onto the deck of the room. "After dinner, I thought we could share a doobie and have a little girl-time while Bob cleans up after our meal, before he joins us, okay?" Mindy said softly between little nipping kisses to my lips and nipples. "Bob, if it's okay with you, we'll leave the cleanup to you if you don't mind," Mindy said with a hint of sexy in her voice, "I'm going to finish the doobie with Shari and.....well, you know where we'll be when you ready to find us," winking at him while saying it.

The Poker Party Ch. 06

group tv46 2018-02-12

"I do," Debbie said, "you slip the short end inside you, to hold the dildo in place." Lucy worked her magic on Lila's ass, licking her way up and down her freshly waxed crack, teasing her crinkled rosebud on each pass of her tongue. "Nice try Lila, but now it's time to show us how your toys work," Debbie said, "I'm ready to get off." It was shaped like the black dildo, but had a third protrusion, parallel to the bulb end that looked more like the butt plug she just slipped into Debbie. Lucy slipped her dildo out of Lila and lay down on the lounge next to Debbie. "Wait a minute," Lila said, "I think she needs a bigger butt plug."


My First Bath House Experience (Crew Club in Washi

group sfboy90 2018-02-12

I began hunting for the rooms, in which I've heard that hot horny guys will sometimes leave their doors open signaling action... Well after walking past about 3 rooms, I spot a cute middle aged white guy, late 30's, nice cock, hot body, with his door wide open... we had a 20 minute, hot session, ending with me fucking his tight ass until I came hard.! So after showering I cruise my slutty ass back around through the steam room where I observe 5 hot ass guys sharing one cute boys ass and taking turns on him... Breeded his ass in the sauna for about 8 minutes before another guy came in and joined the action, he was hot too..

Fun in the Rain

group Dawns 2018-02-12

On a warm Sunday afternoon in mid July about 3 o'clock twenty of us who had been playing softball regularly gathered for our weekly game. Twins with long blond hair, blue eyes, five foot six they came dressed in tight tops, shorts and sneakers. A girl with long legs and a slim figure, she was less curvy and had smaller boobs than the Benson twins. Krista had long, flowing light brown hair. She stood five foot five with brown eyes, dark wavy hair that fell onto her shoulders. Two team captains, Mat Sully and Paul Jamison gathered by home plate to pick their players. There was a little wager on this game The losing team, assuming they took the bet seriously, might be embarrassed.

My surprising girlfriend

group rollinger 2018-02-12

Rose turned over startling me because i thought she was asl**p and whispered in my ear whilst letting her left hand slide onto my bare chest. I could feel each pump of cum shoot into my girlfriends mouth as she continued to suck my dick hard. The head was just touching her swollen pussy lips, Roses eyes were on me and my girlfriend was transfixed on my dick so close to her pussy. My girlfriends pussy squirted her juices in my mouth and over my face as my tongue buried deeper and deeper into her wet swollen hole. Roses body tensed, her pussy clenched my dick as he started a long a shaky orgasm around my cock.

Desperate Debby

group justin grimbol 2018-02-12

Her pale butt cheeks and swollen lips had filled my head, leaving no room for Zoë. She would rub it on her lips, like it was Chapstick, and my penis would love the affection. Scotty sat at the end of the table drawing Lauren. My penis was erect, and fit in between Laurens butt cheeks. Scotty's tongue went into her mouth while her butt grinded against my penis. "Hey lets all kiss at the same time." Scotty looked at me like I was insane. I wanted to kiss her, but Scotty's penis was in her mouth. The cum flew right over Lauren, hitting Scotty in the chest. "I need to see my Daddy!" I felt like driving straight through the woods that stood on either side of the road.

The Initiates Ch. 01

group BillsTheName 2018-02-12

What started out as fantasy talk months ago had slowly progressed up to tonight when they were actually going to be initiated into a group sex club. Georgette took back over the instructions, "Now for the final rule for tonight." Georgette stepped in front of Bill and started unbuttoning his shirt, while George did the same with Brenda's dress. "Starting now you will each be naked for the rest of the night." Georgette and George made short work of Bill and Brenda's clothes. How about coming by and introducing yourselves to them?" With that Georgette dropped their hands and left Bill and Brenda standing, naked, exposed and almost shaking in the middle of the room.


the villa

group 2018-02-12

H: The man in the mouth kept going till the last moment but the man using his fingers removed himself in favour of the ‘big man.’ The big Guy climbed onto the sofa and got between her legs, he rubbed the tip up and down her wet excited lips to make sure it was ready and he started to insert his monster. I tried so hard not to come too quickly and I tried to find the right spots to excite her, so that when she too started gasping and moaning my wife and her husband really let rip with the cat calls of slut, bitch, cheap whore just like the audience had done for my wife a couple of nights earlier.

My new address Part 1

group Gush4u 2018-02-12

I got the papers out and said Now Kevin and Jack Ben has been thru all this with you and you have had your corporate look at all this correct? When I opened my eyes Ben had the biggest smile on his face and said "Guys I think it time to take Jenn back to the condo what do you both think?" I gathered myself back up and drank the rest of my glass of wine! I asked Ben for the bottle of champaign He handed it to me and I took a big swig while Jack and Kevin each were licking the champaign from my breasts!