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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Monica's Cousin Coral

group Bandra 2018-02-12

I'm cuuummmmmiiiinnnggggg...!" Coral screamed and her body shook as she fucked John faster and faster and raked his chest with her long finger nails. Then John pulled his cock out and the three of us watched his cum drip from Coral's cunt in a steady stream, on to the sheet on the floor. John's big fat cock was going in and out while he squeezed Coral's boobs with one hand and massaged her erect, peeping clitoris with the other. Her aunt got off the bed and peeped around the hallway, to make sure that no one else was awake, then came back and watched my cock going in and out of Coral's cunt.

Threesome with a Twist

group NSWCOAST 2018-02-12

We headed for the section of beach where they had set up camp, I was told to lie down and "enjoy", I did as asked and was promptly attended to by Sue, who proceeded to play with and tease my cock, Wayne had positioned himself beside her and was also caressing me, I had Bi experiences before so was welcoming the attention. Out of the bag came a small strap on cock which was quickly fitted to Sue. I had never been fucked before but the thought of what was to happen next excited me and I told her that I wanted her to fuck me, she ran her finger across the head of my cock wiping a big glob of pre cum which she pushed into my mouth making the whole scene extremely erotic.

My best friend, my best friend's friend and I

group 2018-02-12

Doris you are great and Anna, god demit you learn fast but I feel like I’m about to cum so can we move to the next step?” Doris started laughing: “Hahahaha someone is enjoying his evening, I can see that!” She kissed my cock and stood up: “Anna lay on the table and you Dave go put on a condom.” But then she added quietly: “For me won’t be necessary.” And she winked. Doris took him in her hand and started teasing Anna’s clit with him: “Do you like it when I do that?” Anna only mumbled: “Ahaa” But Doris enjoyed the role of sex leader so she continued teasing: “Does your pussy want this big cock to enter her?

Aims Adventure

group Idyut 2018-02-12

I already found a toy to play with tonight." she said tugging as a leather leash leading to the boi. So sure, I'd fuck you on that." Erin said as Tomas came up to join us. It felt a little unsteady at first but then the more I laid down in the swing, the safer I felt but now my red panties was all the stopped people from seeing my pussy, my skirt was pulled up to my belly from all the moving. Tomas was still slowly stroking in and out of my pussy, like a ¼ beat of Juno Reactor. He did not last long at all and came in time with the cock I was sucking on.

Long Arm (Pits) of the Law Ch. 3

group belab 2018-02-12

“Oh yes’re deep throating my big fucking dick.” Jane I think was enjoying this novice with a monster prick who thought he was forcing her to suck his rather large prick not knowing that she loved to suck cock and easily swallowed cocks like his. Rahul’s dick was a full 11 inches long and probably 2 inches thick and Jane mounted him as his cock stretched her pussy wide. Her tits, her stomach, her armpit hair and her eyes seemed to all be perfectly sculpted on her and she was putting my dick in her pussy. She pushed her tits together and I moved my dick in between them from there into the heavy pelt of hair in her armpit jungle.

The Taxi Driver's Story Ch. 01

group patrick2536 2018-02-12

I pushed hard and deep into her mouth and she welcomed me fully, my cock made her cheeks bulge as she worked her tongue all around me and all the time she was being pushed forward as he slammed into her, he was going deeper and deeper, she was grunting with each stoke as he bottomed out inside her and I suddenly found my hands holding her face and I started to copy his actions. That was it, that was the moment I had waited for, my cock suddenly swelled up and my cum came bursting out, I watched her eyes as she took it all, cum fired into her wet greedy mouth and she didn't let a drop go to waste, she took it all, she sucked and sucked and sucked, her hands caressing my balls as she drained me totally.

A Lecturer and Her Students Ch. 02

group mandywilluk2000 2018-02-12

I know that as I looked at Paul and Neil I couldn't help seeing what I had seen and held yesterday, their beautifully hard, young cocks. "So we won't have to come in or have tea if we stay here will we?" He said as I felt Paul stroking my chestnut hair that I was wearing half up with ringlets hanging down my neck. Worse of all as Neil leaned forward so his face was close to mine and looking right into my eyes cupped my breast and as Paul reached over my shoulder and cupped the other one, my body was contradicting my mind. "And why Amanda did you let us both cum over your big tits?" Neil said crushing practically any resistance I had left.


Scarlett & Amanda Visit the Doctor

group scarlettshea86 2018-02-12

Matt began kissing and licking my pussy passionately, tonguing deep inside of me and moving up to suck on my clit. Soon, Matt had shoved two big fingers deep into my pussy and was performing a "pelvic exam" as he licked and sucked my clit. Within just a moment of moving back up to her clit, Matt had Amanda shaking with a violent orgasm, moaning loudly and gripping the sides of the exam table with her small hands before finally collapsing lazily as her breathing slowed down. You girls need to hurry up and get dressed, we've got dinner reservations at 6," Matt suggested, moving so I could get between our girlfriend's legs to lick her wet pussy.

Twenty at the Hunt Club

group Jaythedog 2018-02-12

He pumped his cock in and out, letting the whore's pussy lips clench on the base of his dick and milk the cum from his balls. #3 quickly stepped up and shoved his hard dick up into the whore and continued fucking her. His dick was shoved up some beautiful whore that had just fucked a bunch of men, and she wanted more. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction -- every time #9's dick went into the whore, cum would shoot out of her cunt onto the man's balls and legs, and onto the floor. As number #15 pulled his dick our of the whore, she yelled at the room of men in impatient frustration, "hurry the fuck up!

Our First Swinger's House Party

group Natalie3442 2018-02-12

Needless to say that we decided to go for it and let Sylvia and Lou be the ones who introduced us to sex at a swinger's party. Lou knew exactly where to lick, suck, and kiss because I was soon feeling an ocean wave of pleasure sweeping over my body. I love for my clitoris to be rubbed, you can't go wrong with oral sex, and put me in the spooning position and stimulate my clitoris at the same time while you are inside me and I'm yours to command. Once the pleasure was over with I stopped to relax and looked over and saw that my husband was on top of Sylvia moving between her legs.

A Different Kind of Vacation Ch. 04

group jim313 2018-02-11

When we finally got on the road and headed for El Paso it was noon and I told Cory that it would be much better to stop somewhere about halfway to El Paso for the night as it would take us until midnight or so to reach there in one day. Cory told him to go right ahead and she would work on his cock to get it hard again so that he could fuck her and he moved between my thighs and rolled his body to the side so that Cory could get at him while he sucked my organ. He kept sucking the head of my cock long after my orgasm and then I heard Cory announce that he was hard again and she wanted it inside her right away.


Amy Goes Parking

group jack_straw 2018-02-11

Leaning over and putting her right leg up over Tom, thus spreading her legs to the gaze of Jonathan and Andy in the front seat, she bent her head down, flicked away the pre-cum with her tongue and sucked the head of Greg's dick into her mouth. Amy slid back on the seat, spread her legs and watched eagerly as Andy pushed the fat, mushroom head of his cock past her slack lips and very slowly eased his fat dong into her pussy. As she laved Tom's cock with her mouth, Andy pounded Amy's cunt with strong, hard strokes and he increased his thrust by picking up her legs with his shoulders and pushing them toward her chest.


Flatmates: Suzie Makes Amends?

group milfocker 2018-02-11

As she opened her eyes and looked around to see the three boys grinning as they kneeled over the three naked girls, each with their nipples standing erect she suddenly felt a wave of guilt wash over her - she had let another man lick her breasts, and even worse, it had turned her on - she felt the need to run away, but didn't want to embarrass herself, so she stayed, lay still, hoping the game was now over.


The Threeway Lesson Pt. 01

group moreau 2018-02-11

Jeffrey had his hand on his cock and directing it in my mouth while I played with myself, and then I felt this wave building in me and it was very hot and I was moaning and I had an orgasm." If our lesson gets out of control, you're in for the whole ride." Olivia answered mockingly, "Oooooo-oooooooo, that sounds like a threat, Peter." And in her eyes I plainly read the message, "I hope you and Jeffrey use me for the fuck bag that I am!" At one point he pulled out so that just the cock head was in her mouth, and Olivia did a rapid fire-starting massage with both hands against his shaft.


Tora Pt. 03

group Old.Lady.Sofia 2018-02-11

"I understand," she said, "that the actress who plays the courtesan is beautiful and talented." He laughed, "And I modeled her character after you." Smiling, Sayoko stroked his sleeve and said, "I would like to meet her after the play and introduce her to General Da Ka." He downed another tiny cup of saké and slurred, "She is excellent on stage." DaKar watched small hands fondle soft breasts, parted lips travel over shoulders and necks, pink tongues harden brown nipples, slim fingers explore drooping, swollen petals and moist folds. When Yukiko finally sobbed long and helplessly and DaKar groaned deeply into her hair, Sayoko's body was seized by powerful spasms, and she swooned, moaning.

Billionaire and the Sisters Ch. 67

group SteveWallace 2018-02-11

You have an idea you want to bounce off of me." She gave me a lascivious grin that suggested she wasn't all about business. Vanessa and Anna have done a lot of L.A. porn, but were wondering what it might be like to do some European films and import them back to the U.S. L.A. County has put all sorts of restrictions on the adult industry, in large measure to discourage it; some filming has moved to Las Vegas, but they have restrictions too. Do you think it impacts your business?" This'll be quite a change from the normal duties of the CEO of Danskpharma. 'Hi, this is CEO Thorsen. Andy and Jerry Roberts my chief counsel can be the contact points in Worthington; I'll tell them what I'm doing. While he did that, I verified with Jerry Roberts, Worthington Industries chief counsel, that seeing him was a good idea.

Dear Diary Ch. 06

group Kelli Bleu 2018-02-11

I climbed quietly down the stairs, carefully not looking at the various bodies sprawled sleeping on the living room floor in whatever states of undress or intertwinings they had fallen asleep in. I could feel the cold floor through my shirt against my hard nipples as i wriggled further, pushing the door open a little more, until my whole head could fit. I thought about it for a few seconds, and figured that it was probably Stacia with Mike, and Marie with Shaun. Why Stacia would do it i couldn't figure, but Mike was a guy, and i'm pretty sure he'd be into the group thing, too. I couldn't believe that she was giving Shaun a blowjob, a really hot blowjob, on the floor of our laundry room.

Morgan's Education Continues

group TallEric02 2018-02-11

With Morgan's response to Steph's question making it clear how much she wanted, he waited until the next time Morgan lifted her body to push her nipples more firmly against Kyle's mouth and gently pulled Morgan's panties over her hips, down her long legs, and away. Thinking of all that Troy had done to facilitate this night—from inviting Kyle in the first place, to helping her roll with the evening when the surprise of Morgan arrived at the door, to setting the deck to make sure Stephanie got to control the evening—Stephanie was filled with a raw lust and deeper caring for Troy and had every intention of bringing him to climax in her mouth.


Hotel Fantasy

group labyrinth49 2018-02-11

I push you forward onto the bed and you grab the girl's leg for support. You continue to shake as I push my cock right up against your clit - moving it back and forth as the orgasm washes over your body. I continue licking and sucking you while you watch the girl on the bed try and get free. Watching you keeps me hard as I lay myself over the girl and slowly push myself into her. I know you love to watch this and having me over top of you while I fuck this girl in the ass is almost too much for you to take. I tell you I am going to cum and you watch as I pull out and spray my cum all over the girl's back.

Last Night was Crazy, Thanks

group vonhausen23 2018-02-11

When he came back, Sarah smiled at Matt as the young guy squeezed one of her tits with the arm thrown around her shoulder. Matt whispered, "That is really going to fill you up later," as Sarah kissed his cock's head. The young man reached down to play with her hard nipples, moaning softly as Sarah started to bob her head up and down along the length of his shaft. Matt and the other guy laid on either side of her and each began to suck on a tit and slid their hands down to Sarah's crotch. Sarah grabbed Matt's cock, but could do little with it as she groaned in ecstasy from the young man's dick.

Gina Ch. 06

group 2Write2Live 2018-02-11

The reef was a favorite tourist attraction so when they arrived they found it appropriate to wear their bathing suits; a Speedo for Rob and equally revealing bikinis for Sue and Gina. Gina went over to him, took the book out of his hand, straddled his legs, pulled him into a hug and kissed him with passion. Gina immediately crawled under Sue's pussy and began to lick and suck on it. When they said their goodbyes on the dock, Gina kissed Sue and Rob such that anyone observing them would have been confused. During her visit in the spring, Rob and Sue asked Gina if she would live with them in a polyamorous union.

The 30 Minute Gangbang

group 2018-02-11

Forgetting that all she had on was her thin black sports knickers, Kat crawled across the lounge to Dan and when she sat down, Joel and Sam quickly looked away from her, glanced at each other and smiled. Joel ran around the lounge and stood next to Nick and pulled on his cock as he watched Kat's perfect mouth action. Kat pulled the cocks out of her mouth and looking up at Joel and said, "Lasting a bit longer this time around soldier?" "Yeah," Joel said, "It pretty much is because although I knew that you'd done it before with Nick and Peter, I wasn't under any illusion that tonight we'd be banging Dan's wife to be."

How NOT to Stop a Gangbang

group fastandsloppy 2018-02-11

But the main problem is that I'm thin with good tits, a nice ass, thick, shoulder length red hair and a pretty, lightly freckled face with big, dark brown eyes that can melt a man's soul. I tried to pull away but I was balanced on the heels of my hands on the big glass desk and Ernie, with his hands on my hips, was practically lifting me off my feet as he began sliding his fat prick in and out of my ass. But after Ernie had opened me up with a few slow pushes I was able to take him more easily and I began to enjoy the feel of his cock punishing my ass.


Alice, Josh and Sean

group Arlene_MAK 2018-02-11

Josh slid the shaft out of his mouth and ran his tongue down the side of it and began to lick Sean's sack. Alice and Josh began to work his cock in tandem, both of them licking the sides of it up and down, teasing it, and meeting at the tip and exchanging cum soaked kisses. Spinning his hands around the rock hard six and a half inch shaft he brought it to Alice's waiting lips, who gladly took him into her mouth and began to suck furiously. When he had finished she slide her mouth off his cock and was about to swallow his load when she noticed Sean looking directly at her cum soaked lips.