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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

A Hot Time At My Beach House

group Mysteria27 2018-11-09

I wasn’t wearing any boxers and watched the black girl eat the white girl’s pussy. The black girl was licking the white girl’s pussy all over. The white girl got on her knees and wrapped her mouth around the girl’s cock. The white girl was riding the black girl’s cock. I left the girls over by the hot tub and went and got the beer. Bridget continued to fuck me, and I played with her nice fake boobs while she moved her little pussy up and down over my huge cock. Bridget got comfortable between my legs and Wanita just sat on the bed watching. Bridget climbed on top of me and moved her sweet little cunt on my fat cock again.

Doctor Drill

group Gallo 2018-11-09

She barely had time to focus before she heard a loud “CLAP” and a shriek from Red. The sound had barely stopped ringing in her ears before another hand fell on Red’s other cheek before Marc started guiding her hips toward the head of the chair. Without detaching her mouth from Chloe’s pussy, Red swung her body toward Chloe, lifted her leg at the right moment and put it down on the other side of the chair. One part of Chloe was writhing under Red’s ministrations, the other part tense for the moment when Marc would enter Red. This monstrosity a few inches above her face, would part the redhead’s labia and start its laborious descent into her wet cavity.

Meeting a new Couple Part 2

group male50tx 2018-11-09

Kim took hold of Brian’s cock and sucked on his balls. Kim then got on top of him and slipped his cock into her wet pussy. I felt Brian’s cock in her pussy as I pushed into her ass. After a few minutes, I felt her tighten her ass hole industriously on the cock. Brian, now hard as Kim sucked him, said, “My turn for some ass.” He pulled out of me and Kim took his cock in her mouth. Brian and I just lay there as Kim got up and went to the bathroom. In the morning, I felt a mouth on my cock and I saw it was Kim. Then I looked around and saw that Brian had lifted Kim’s gown as he ate her.

Four for Fun

group carmen_has36 2018-11-09

Mike yells out that he doesn't want Jason cumming all over in his car so he finds a towel under the seat while Sharon is bringing him close. Sharon does not have huge breasts but her her nipples stand out almost all the time and they are obviously stiff and they have the guys' attention. They both are getting pulled and sucked and pinched and she is getting turned on. Sharon is still enjoying her ride on Mike and sucking on James when Jason rubs his cockhead against her rosebud. Jason pushes as Sharon tries to relax and take him, finally gets it all the way in and starts to move in rhythm with Mike's thrusts. Mike goes to get some beers while James is getting his cock rubbed by Sharon sitting on his lap.

Happy Endings

group henrygatewood 2018-11-09

Myr swept her hands along the inside of Ren’s thighs, gently teased her thumbs up her labia - feeling a thrill as the woman gave a long, deep moan - and then ran her fingers through the small patch of brown hair above. Myr got there first, feeling her cunt throb and pulse around her own fingers as she came, trying not to break the rhythm of pleasure she was giving Ren. It wasn’t as intense as before - when it had been Ren’s fingers inside her, Joe’s cock filling her arse and Kerry’s hot tongue in her mouth - but it went on for longer.


A Remarkable Haircut

group Donato 2018-11-09

“Well, to make you feel better I’ll work a little harder on you.” As her hands worked my upper body I began to have some lascivious thoughts about her and before I knew it, I had quite a hardon that was very visible due to my thin dress pants. “It's okay honey, This happens all the time as I don’t have much of a social life with my work and my size makes me seem obvious. Now I’m no virgin and have seen a variety of cocks but never have I seen anything like this,” and she began to fondle me. “Oh I hope you don’t mind but I’m just fascinated by its size.”

In the absence of rules

group smiler77 2018-11-09

Tom knew how well she could suck cock, he knew her well and her body, he knew she’d enjoy a good fucking but that she wouldn’t cum from it. “I bet you want to suck my cock dry now don’t you!” Will said, and as the word “yes” left her lips a tear found it’s way to the corner of her left eye, only Tom noticed. Chris stood alongside Will and suggested that his cock needed sucking too, so she set about taking turns on them, showing them equal amounts of enthusiasm as Tom watched on in admiration for his horny and very obliging girlfriend.

Guests (Chapter 9)

group Vacheron58 2018-11-09

I continue to say that yes, I do love anal sex but given to me by my two lover's (Gabby and Nancy) cocks/strapon dildoes. I want anal sex from the minute I walk into the house until, out of exhaustion, I fall sleep or the girls are too tired. Both nurses, Gabby and Nancy, make enough money to cover those expenses and more. The question was asked immediately by my Gabby, are you becoming addicted to this anal sex??. But both Gabby and Nancy did agree that they wanted me to fuck them in week days. When I was getting fucked on the week ends the girls began talking of dressing me up as their slave servant.

Solarion Chapter I: Diane and the Massive Orgy at the Vita Amoris Beach Part 1

group CyberwalkerX 2018-11-09

“Well,” said Jackie, “If it’s fine with her, maybe Diane can decide and point at us in turns?” “Oh God,” moaned Mia, “Oh shit that feels good baby, so warm and wet Mmmm… keep it coming Rocco.” As she moaned and sighed Diane stared in turns at the contorted expression on her face suffering from the blows at her base, her tiny breasts and her stomach slightly bulged over the tight metal clamps on her lower abdomen, which jerked every time the cock hit her. Before Diane could ask him who it was his cock burst into huge spurts of hot white cum some of which Mia took into her mouth and the rest she shagged off on her chest and small breasts.

Soft Target 4: Girl's night in

group kochankatulipan 2018-11-09

Chrissie dug into the ice cream, now melting slightly, and moved the spoon towards Amelie’s mouth. After each slap was delivered expertly to each cheek, Wendy and Marie took turns applying ice cream to the area and licking it off. After a while, Chrissie stopped the spanking and, taking a handful of, now slightly melting ice cream and ran her fingers between Amelie’s cheeks and down to her anus. Chrissie pushed Amelie’s legs apart and, taking a large spoonful of ice cream and leaning on the table placed the spoon at the opening to her pussy. Removing the spoon, Chrissie plunged her tongue into Amelie, tasting the cocktail of ice cream and pussy juice.

Pete Will and Rose

group portsladebilly 2018-11-09

After a scotch, Will rose to go – it was obvious to him that it was time to leave – Rose’s skirt had ridden up to reveal her luscious thighs – her shirt buttons seemed to have come undone almost to her waist and Pete’s hands were roaming over her body.   Rose’s mouth returned to Will’ s cock – her hand was massaging the base and her tongue was licking the tip.   He felt Rose’s small fingers once more on his cock – and her lips closed again over the gorged purple head – covering it in saliva, licking off the remains of the juice from a few minutes ago.

Fisting at the Cinema

group KatPissinger 2018-11-09

She sat besides us, still half undressed and unashamedly rubbing her clit while I turned my attention to Triss' cock once more, taking it far into my mouth, tasting her ass and some of his cum on it as I slowly and diligently began to suck. It made me catch my breath for a moment when I felt the wet, slick, salivated head force my tender, tight asshole open and the sensation of his thick hard rod slowly filling my bowels for the first time is always the best. She finally grew bolder and tried to fill my pussy more and more, getting further inside in the process, until I was happily filled with my boyfriend's pounding fuck stick in my ass and her chubby little hand all the way up my twat.

cuckold lifestyle 56

group woreout 2018-11-09

She said lookey at all the cars and trucks....I bet there's new guys here I haven't fucked ...I got out and walked around to help my wife out of my truck, it's a four wheel drive and sets a bit high for a lady wearing a short skirt to get out of. I looked down at the dock and saw Keith talking to three guys at the pontoon boat, my wife skipped up and jumped on board, then all three of the other guys got on as Keith started backing out of the slip. Some clooege guys where having a gang bang party and they asked keith if he knew a woman that could fuck all night long, so he said yeah i do...and that would be me she said.

Wonderful Joys of Threesomes

group bronte27 2018-11-09

Tiffany' s screams came out all muffled as her kidnapper laid her out on a cold steel bed and another man dressed all in black and wore a white mask closed the door. The smaller young man ran his gloved right hand down her flat stomach to her pussy where there was a bit of dark hair above it. Johnny came to her and shoved his dick deep inside her making her gasp loudly with pleasure. As they fucked, the smaller guy was getting turned on so he pulled out his big dick and began stroking it. Tiffany turned her head and took his dick long and deep inside her mouth and sucked on it.

The Way to Start a Vacation

group heybaebae 2018-11-09

“I'll share if you want!” she moaned as one of the guys began to fuck her from behind. The guy in my pussy was slapping my tits and ass cheek. With that being said, the guy in my ass announced that he was on the verge of cumming and that I had better be ready for his load. I began to play with my clit to get mine one more time when the guy slapped my hand away. I stuck my tongue out and began tasting my nectar mixed with the load already in my throat, when suddenly I felt the hot thick streams of his cum hit my lips, cheeks, chin, and tits.

The Weekend

group Mysteria27 2018-11-09

I didn’t even know my friends name and now I am going to be having a threesome with his wife and him. My friend then got off the bed and told me that he and I would lick his wife’s pussy together. His wife spread her thighs once again and I devoured her pretty pussy, while my friend fucked my ass slowly. My friend had bought another vibrator and told his wife to use it in my pussy and he would lick the juices. His wife started to fuck me good and hard with the toy, while my friend was licking my bald cunt. After that, his wife went to take a bath and my friend thanked me and said he had a wonderful time.

Watching Anita and Helena fucking strangers

group Anitaslut44 2018-11-09

In all our fun we failed to notice two guys who had walked down the beach and were standing on the shore right near us, soaking in the view of Ana and Helena’s boobs and whatever ass and pussy was out of the water. Anita let her guard down, she came even closer and now she was stroking faster, as the blond guy closed his eyes and squeezed harder Ana’s round boobs. Jimmy grabbed Ana’s hand and they both moved close to the beach; when the water was on their knees, he made Ana bend over to suck his hard cock. Few minutes later, Ramón was behind Helena again, shoving his huge thick dark cock into her cunt from behind and squeezing her boobs making her tits stick out between his fingers.

Black Women are Goddesses Ch. 07

group Samuelx 2018-11-09

Christine Joan Armand is a very tall and sexy Black woman from the city of Brockton. Miranda fondled my breasts and sucked my tits while Christine licked and fingered my pussy. Meanwhile, Christine busied herself licking and fingering Miranda's pussy. Grinning, I gave Christine's big Black ass a good smack. I love to watch a mature Black woman's big sexy ass jiggle after getting smacked. While I fucked Christine's asshole, she began to fuck Miranda's pussy with her very own dildo. My beloved Miranda loves to have her pussy properly licked, teased, fingered and fucked. While sliding the dildo in and out of Christine's asshole, I fingered the older Black woman's dripping wet pussy. With a grunt, Christine resumed fucking Miranda's pussy with her dildo.

82% milf

Unleashed a beast

group mranonymous7 2018-11-09

Barbara had decided in the bar that she was going to go through with it and fuck Vic tonight but had no idea that it would involve getting naked in the elevator and then walking naked down the hall. Vic started rubbing the head of his cock along her slit and then pushed the head between the delicate lips of her pussy and inside her. Things got quiet for a few seconds and then I could heard Vic tell her how tight her pussy felt on his cock. “Are you sure you aren’t feeling a little left out?” Vic said, noticing that I was staring at his cum covered cock. When I climbed on top of Barbara and slid my cock inside her it felt different after Vic had fucked her.


Naughty Weekend

group ellii 2018-11-09

She hungrily sucked his nice, big cock for about five minutes before he pumped her mouth full of his warm, thick cream. "Fuck me, David, fuck me with your big hard cock!" I cried as he pumped my wet, little cunt. David moved behind Mrs Li and massaged her large, floppy breasts while she licked and sucked the other five cocks in turn. My eyes widened and I gulped when David moved his cock into Mrs Li's ass. She moved up and down on the cock in her wet cunt, while David pumped her tight ass. Sue moved back and forth on David's crotch as he ferociously fucked her tight ass with his finger. My gaze moved between Vivian masturbating and Sue riding David's cock.

Bisexual Man's Universe

group Samuelx 2018-11-09

The Long Island Institute of Technology's Department of Athletics currently offers Men's Intercollegiate Baseball, Basketball, Cross Country, Fencing, Football, Golf, Ice Hockey, Lacrosse, Soccer, Swimming, Tennis, Track, Volleyball, Water Polo and Wrestling. When my dad came along, Mason College had three thousand students and offered Men's Baseball, Basketball, Wrestling, Cross Country, Rugby, Lacrosse and Swimming. Onscreen, a sexy blonde-haired white woman and two men, a black stud and a Latino, got it on. The Latino stud screamed in pleasure while getting his big cock sucked and tight ass fucked at the same time. The black man spread the white woman's butt cheeks wide open and slid his cock into her asshole. The Latino stud slid his cock into the black man's mouth and he began sucking on his dick.

Library Colonel, Part 2

group ricky12345 2018-11-09

A short, slightly plump little thing, with large tits and a bubble butt, she always wore short skirts and fuzzy sweaters. Debbie eagerly began sucking Jill's equally large lips and clit. I knew from prior experience that Jill enjoyed rough sex, so I took the opportunity to abuse her big tits and inch-long nipples. As Debbie tongued and bit Jill's cunt, I slapped her big tits with the belt until they were crisscrossed with red welts. As she started cumming she screamed around my cock and she grabbed two handfuls of Debbie's hair, pulling Debbie's face tight to her cunt. She bent over the desk and reached back to spread her big, round cheeks, baring her tiny asshole to my doorknob size cock head.

My First Gangbang

group Bi_girl 2018-11-09

OK, this is the story about how I got gangbanged and lost my virginity at the same time. Just after I turned 18 (witch is the drinking age limit where I live), one of my friends asked me to go to a party with her. The guys asked if I wanted to loose my virginity that way, and I said maybe. As he started fucking me, another came up to my head and told me to put his cock in my mouth. Soon the guy fucking me came, I felt his cum inside my pussy. But four years later, just last night, that girl told me she loves me, and asked me to marry her.

Purple Girl's Sexploits

group PervyStoryteller 2018-11-09

“I’d offer you a drink,” Purple Girl said, “but all I’ve got is orange juice.” She’d placed the notebooks on the round table and pulled out a chair to sit facing the men. James had his hand in his pocket, fingers round phone as Purple Girl said, “Well, maybe it was kind of an experiment of sorts.” James and Rodney watched, stark naked, holding their cocks as Purple Girl slid her lips halfway down Nigel’s cock, humming as she sucked. James could see how hard he was pushing, but Purple Girl made no sign of protest, removing her hand from Rodney’s cock, allowing Nigel to shove her down on it until her throat protested loudly.