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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Nikki Heats Up

group nikki_2020 2018-02-11

Nikki felt Walt tense as he approached his orgasm and between sucks on his cock, encouraged Jake to work her clit hard so that she too could cum. After fucking like this for a bit, Nikki declared that it was time for a change and told Walt she wanted him to fuck her from behind doggy style whilst she sucked on Jake's cock. The two guys were only too happy to go along with her request and Nikki soon found herself with Walt's cock buried to the hilt inside her with Jake thrusting his even larger penis into her mouth as she licked and slurped her way to heaven.

Her First Threesome

group lady-royals 2018-02-11

Nyree's hands stroked and rubbed Della's hot flesh, her lips and tongue slid over her stomach. Her wet tongue flicked on both trembling inner thighs, her hands pulled back the flesh of Della's mound to expose her glistening pussy. Full a full minute, Nyree churned wildly beneath Della's fierce lips and tongue, gasping and contracting her pussy in ecstasy. Della reciprocated, trembling at the feel of Nyree's hot, wet breasts, lavishing suds on her velvety thighs with caressing strokes. Her fingers probed the lips of Della's pussy, then slid deep into her and began a hand thrusting motion. She clamped tightly on his hot flesh and reached to grasp one of Della's firm wet breasts in her mouth, sucking and biting the rigid nipple.

The Car Accident Ch. 02

group sleakstryder 2018-02-11

I was suddenly reminded of that feeling deep in my loins - the one I would characterize as a delicious sense of weight and urgency down in my heavy, laden balls, which were presently being rubbed and jostled while a mouth nibbled on my right ass cheek and gave quick licks and kisses to various intimate and secret places. I stopped licking the spandex and looked between her perfect sexy legs at her mouth sucking me off. When the spurting squirting subsided sweet Chelsea took her mouth off of me and, seemingly just for the pleasure of it, licked and sucked my drained balls for a good 30 seconds.

My Lucky Day

group titwank 2018-02-11

I saw her looking at my wet hair and open robe, I could feel my cock starting to stir underneath my towel and I knew if I wasn't careful I would be stood on the doorstep with my dick poking out. The post woman was still stroking my cock as she noticed Maria climbing her ladder outside the kitchen window. I looked up and saw Maria had quietly let herself in through the backdoor, she put her finger to her lips to indicate I should not let the post woman know she was watching. The post woman straightened up with a look of disbelief on her face and Maria pounced and kissed her firmly forcing her tongue inside her mouth.

Deal of the Century!

group niagaraguy72 2018-02-11

It was a customer wanting me to stay open even later tonight as their builder gave them a deadline to get their appliances ordered or their house wouldn't close on time. I returned a few minutes later to hear him tell her "If you want these appliances so bad you better damn well blow the sales guy for a discount because that was the only way she was getting them. The husband said "FUCK THAT!" but his wife said, "Now wait a minute honey...this is a way for me to get what I want!" He stated that he was not sucking my cock. She said "Oh my God they sight of you to making out is so fucking hot!" She told us she wanted more and suggested that I join them at their hotel room.

Tales of Dirty Old Man Ch. 12

group Andyhm 2018-02-11

Simi looked at me and said, "Andy my love, when we get to the island for our wedding, I would like us to have a small private ceremony where we place an engagement ring on this little one's finger. Simone said, "In fact for the next couple of nights she's going to have to sleep on the sofa or in our cabin because her new flat in Paris isn't ready, and we need her cabin for Kirsten and Christine." His mother looked like she was considering his offer, "No, I don't think that will work as you need to be in bed much earlier than Lise.


Sally Ch. 01

group Grey Eagle 286 2018-02-11

Ann knocked on the door and turned to Sally and said, "You will understand later." The door opened and a large black man in a white jacket opened the door and said, "Good evening, please come right in." Sally heard the door close behind her as she looked around at a lovely foyer. Jo said, "Wait a bit, Pete, let's get some pictures first." Pete pulled back and smiled at Sally, "I want you later little gal." He drives me up the wall with that tongue." Pete raised up and rubbed his cock against her cunt lips, she tried to rise to meet him as she felt the ridge of it's huge head slide into her pussy.


Wilmington Woman's Club Ch. 72

group Paris Waterman 2018-02-11

Forcing herself to look back at the stage, Val saw a feral gleam in her sister Heather's eye as Jay offered his spittle coated cock to Gladys Loudon. They kissed, Val now on the stage with the others, saw their tongues meet briefly before the blonde relinquished his cockhead to Janet, who immediately took him as deep as she possibly could, which is to say, about six inches. Val let them go for another minute, and then one by one they slowly returned to their seats, not looking anywhere but at Jay who was still standing in front of them, cock in hand, waiting patiently for order.


Dream Vacation Pt. 08

group Xenolan 2018-02-11

"I've got a surprise for you," Trina said with a smile, as she lay next to me in bed gently stroking the hard-on I had awakened with that morning. The other two women, who had been assigned to the recently vacated guests and whose names I still didn't know, were dressed to play naughty; the blonde in a hot skin-tight red evening dress, and the petite brunette in a little schoolgirl's outfit, her hair in braids. "So," I said as I bounced her gently up and down, fucking her hot little wet pussy and massaging her tits gently with both hands, "what's your name?" "Of course, it makes it that much harder for the rest of us to keep our hands off her," Nikita said as she rubbed lotion over Trina's tits from behind.


Visiting the Collective

group lars_sunshine 2018-02-11

But the touch of Maria's breast and the whole situation with him alone in the kitchen with two naked women starts making an impression on Simon and he can feel his cock starting to swell. Hey Johanna: Couldn't you get Peter to help you making dinner?" she says, and then addressing Simon again: "Come on and join me!" "It feels good if you rub the nibble between your fingers," Maria says and moans when Simon takes her nibble between two fingers and squeeze it a little. I am coming...!" Johanna shouts and moans while Peter squeezes her breasts hard and Martin licks directly on her clitoris and seems to be thrusting two fingers into her cunt.


Kinky Phone Sex

group submissivekitty21 2018-02-11

The slave starts to run her tongue down the length of his cock making him shiver with increasing pleasure and his desire to fuck his top sub till she squirms beneath his near bursting phallus. Her master dives his tongue deep inside her pussy, thrusting his tongue in and out of her dripping wet snatch like a small, bumpy, flexible cock. He pushes his slave off his face and thrust his hips high into the air, sending me into an explosion of pleasure. My pussy clamps down on his pumping cock, forcing him to explode with hot runny jism like a volcano. He decides to allow his slave to cum after her pussy is dripping wet with a mixture of her juices and his saliva.

Orient Beach Back For Much More

group Warrior1982 2018-02-11

Susan had parted her legs and had been leaning over a bit while eating her sandwich, so her tits were swinging a little, with her nipples pointing right at JM. After eating, Susan re-applied sunscreen all over her front, spending more time than needed massaging it into her tits and on her legs next to her pussy lips. She looked up at Susan and said, "Zis will taste like you and Jean-Marc, no?" and she started lapping up the cum that had trailed down Susan's ass and legs. I pounded her hard, making her little tits start to swing as she was licking all around Susan's pussy, sucking in pubic hair and giving her a thorough cleaning.

Very Discreet Office Party Ass-Fuck

group Jack_Love 2018-02-11

I carefully pulled Isabelle's thong to the right and spread her thick, soft, perfectly sculpted ass-cheeks apart to gaze down at her waxed arse-hole and glistening cunt lips. 'You got it, Babe,' I said and slid the tip of my cock up and into the brown doorway of her hot, sexy shit-hole. We swayed slowly, like teenagers at a prom, my 10" sliding, imperceptibly to the crowd of office drones, deep up Isabelle's hot, tight, lubed-up brown-cunt. I redoubled my arse-fucking intensity, until Isabelle moaned loudly, her pussy squirting a violent blast of juice all over the coffee table and the rest of the room as she came hard, my cock pistoning in and out of her ass like a jackhammer.

Max, Amanda, and Sasha

group 2018-02-11

I see the room is dimly lit, I hear the soft and even breathing of three distinct bodies, my sense of smell is awakened by the intoxicating cocktail wafting in the room – a mixture of my pussy juices, the sweet creaminess pooling between Amanda's thighs, Max’s manly presence, and scented massage oil, I lick my lips as I remember the wonderful feeling of Amanda's tongue on my clit and I taste the saltiness of my own sweat, and as I’m now almost fully aware and present I feel her arm d****d across my stomach, her fingers lightly tickling and drawing circles around my belly button.

Mykonos Weekend Liberty Ch. 01

group ExoMani 2018-02-11

She turned her back to Jim and said, "Unhook me, please." She continued, "You're right, it would be a crime to come all this way and not, at least, try going topless." She finished, "Who knows if I'll ever get the chance to do something like this again." I said, "I know what you mean." I continued, "After you've swum in the nude for the first time, it will always seem really stupid to come out of the water and lay around on the beach in a soggy, wet swim suit." I finished, "I mean, who would choose to lay around wearing wet clothing, if they didn't have to?" She gave us both a playful smile and said, "I should thank you, again, for a wonderful day at the beach and a wonderful evening!" as she turned towards Jim, put her arms around him, and kissed him on the mouth.


Fun with Soldier Boy and Friend

group BritPop 2018-02-11

Much as I loved Mark, I quite liked the idea of another handsome face around the place and I remembered Brett was the kind of man where you couldn't resist sneaking a peek at his crotch when you hoped he wasn't looking. As Brett fingered Sapphire's luscious young puss, she slowly unzipped his pants and out popped a very large soldier's cock, standing to attention. Sapphire put paid to that however by looking at me with lust in her eyes and asking "Shall we give the boys a treat?" Glancing at Brett to see his reaction she grinned "I've always wanted to taste your pussy..." The cocks of both Brett and Mark visibly stiffened another inch and that was saying something, if you know what I mean.

My dirty Girlfriend gets carried away and shags my

group danny227 2018-02-11

After Ceri had a minute or two of getting licked out by Kev. We all went on the dance floor. I thought I would be going home and having good sex with Ceri talking about what went on. As we got to the front of the taxi que Ceri said to Kev ''Come back to ours and watch me fuck.'' A Taxi pulled up, we all jumped in the back of a six seater cab. Ceri's all over kev in the taxi by this time i'v thought to myself were having a threesome. Ceri made me fuck her while she was full up with Kev's spunk till i shot a 3rd load in her cuming dripping pussy.

First Time Servicing

group overseas 2018-02-11

She held my face in her hands, looked into my eyes and said, "I shall now give you release." The stroking continued long after I had finished and she said, "Tonight you will not be required to eat your cum, yet that may happen in the near future." She said to me, "Remove Mr. Adams' socks and shoes and give him a foot massage Justin." Without looking down, Monique said, "Remove your clothes, then service him Justin." I could feel tears run down my cheeks as Mr. Adams began to fuck me, Monique holding my face and my gaze. Mr. Adams seemed about to cum, so Monique stopped him and said, "In me, in me."


group MrDeviant 2018-02-11

Heck, I didn't even know she was into women, but here she was with Daniel's hard member in her pussy and Crystal's strap-on dildo right along side it. I worked long and hard to prove this fact to her and the rewards of doing so have lived with me up to this day, at least until the sight before me came into view anyway. Turns out, my best friends, I did not know so well—they were long-time swingers before they moved to this part of the country in an attempt to change their lifestyle. I suppose it was inevitable I eventually ended up sharing her with other people like Daniel and Crystal.

Doris and Lisa Ch. 03

group highclassic 2018-02-11

Doris and Lisa decide to go to Homecoming at Western State, even though they don't have dates. The two girls got dressed, and Doris put her hand on Lisa's shoulder. The gammas had room empty for the weekend because the girls had gone to spend the weekend at a hotel with their visiting parents, and offered for Doris and Lisa to stay there in the Gamma house. Frank chuckled "I forgot you know about such things." He cut his eyes over to Lisa and Doris caught the meaning. Frank and Lisa watched Doris rummage through a collection of condoms, gum and makeup until she produced a small cloth pouch closed with a clasp.


Romance Comic Cover Stories - Chapter XXXII

group Victor2K 2018-02-11

I didn’t knew what looked more crazy: that it was all my wife’s idea or the fact that Leane was getting undressed and ready to join her cousin on doing me. I didn’t asked if it was forbidden or not, but surely I didn’t wanted a moment of female love to be stopped due to some f****y bl**d issues, and of course fucking Arlene’s cunt while watching she licking Leane kinda turned me on even more on taking on that threeway. I don’t know for sure how many times we did fucked, but we did a lot of what we could to make it happen and make Arlene enjoy the maximum she could.

Back to the Carribbean

group bufffreak 2018-02-11

Misty and I had checked into a secluded cottage at the same time as the couple with an adjacent cottage; Nils and Katrina. I had an even bigger surprise when Nils started sucking my dick about the 5th day of the trip. Misty and Katrina took off their clothes right away, Nils and I followed. Katrina grabbed my hand and we headed to her room, Regina followed with the k** She didn’t trim it our wax like Misty and Katrina. I was surprised to discover that Nils, Regina, Katrina and Misty were going to get crotch area treatments along with me. With his long hair it looked just like a pretty little Swede girl giving me head.

4-5-3 Salamandy's Pad - Afterparty

group CopperSkink 2018-02-11

It dragged on, Tiffany got even more interested in bringing her sister to orgasm without even waking her up, or she liked me fingering her. "Guess what!" Tiffany hollered, "Derrick said he's gonna do Pru in the butt so he can come in her; that way and she won't get pregnant! Pointedly, the moment after I felt the nagging instinct to leave as fast as possible, I felt that that's exactly what Mandy wanted the moment she saw me making love with Pru. It was to my gladnesstitude and happiness that the girl Tiffany had found was Spring's younger cousin Autumn who had been getting shared around the room as soon as she'd been found with her clothes off last night.


The Puddin Man

group mrpeachesva 2018-02-11

"Yeah, that is a good question," Kelli said with an annoyed look on her face. Teresa and Kelli enjoyed their summer but eventually, Labor Day rolled around and the girls were ready for the cruise. "Ooh shit, Kelli you know I gotta check this out," Teresa said, looking around the casino with wide eyes. Teresa, this is Marcus." Kelli said. "Uhhhh, no!!!" Kelli said in alarm as Teresa wordlessly waved quickly at Marcus and eased away. Keyshia?" Teresa asked, referring to the last girl Kelli dated. Teresa smiled as she looked at Kelli then she traced a couple of the tattoos on her arm. Then Teresa asked, "You like women more than men, don't you?" Kelli nodded silently.