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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Dreams Ch. 01

group Romantic1 2018-02-11

Without any fear or anxiety, I arose and walked nude through my apartment looking for my lover – the sexual friend that had given me such pleasure in the night. At lunch with Mar, I described what I could recall of my night episode of cunnilingus, including the nearly continuous string of orgasms that carried me along to the screaming 'big one.' By the time I'd finished, she was panting and, to tell the truth, so was I. After I shared the slim memories with Mar at lunch that day, she confessed, "God Ariel, every night when I go home after you've shared one of your dreams, I masturbate." She paused to see if I was shocked; I wasn't.


Maintenance Man

group Ed0613 2018-02-11

From my vantage point I could see the legs straddle mine and slowly lower the attached body down to engulf my swollen cock in a warm, wet pussy. I untangled myself from my prison of pipes as fast as I could and made my way to the bedroom holding my pants up with one hand, my hard cock sticking out of the unzipped fly. To my surprise she was nude and lying spread eagle (our new national bird) on the bed with her hands and feet each tied to a separate corner post. I knelt on the edge of the bed between her legs and slowly lowered my face to taste the nectar of her box. She then moved to my head, facing her sister and lowered her pussy to my waiting mouth.

The Video Tape

group dickmenow2 2018-02-11

I didn't hear the painters, but what I heard was the moaning and groaning of me on the tape, telling my guy to fuck me harder up the ass. Now you could almost see naked crotch, David, the job foreman was closest to me, every time he bent over to wet the roller, he got a little better shot of what was under the robe. When I turned to hand him the glass, my robe slipped of the shoulder slightly, and he could see that my nipples bad become hard. I was so busy mouth fucking that huge cock that I didn't notice the other two guys come in the kitchen. I went back to the shower, still weak, thinking should I tell my husband what happened or not.

Another Night

group Midnightoil84 2018-02-11

She leans forward and whispers in my ear, "Does your slutty mouth like my boyfriends cock?" My eyes pop open, glazed over from lust, with spit dripping down my chin and moaning so loudly, my hands rubbing my clit. Finger mine." I immediately reach for Kate's cunt as I continue to suck on Marks cock and my hand touches the hottest wettest cunt ever. Mark pushes Kate's hand out of my hair and presses my mouth all the way down on his cock and holds it there. My face is near Marks and he wraps a free hand in my hair and pulls my face close to his, kissing me as we slam into Kate again and again, each hole taking a thick hard length.

The Unexpected Visitor

group mikoli5763 2018-02-11

After I was buried to the hilt in her ass, Sandy and I began fucking Maggie with slow, easy strokes. After my member had deflated and plopped out of Maggie's brown eye, I got off the bed and went to Tiffany. I saw the flash of surprise in Maggie's face when our young lover grabbed it in her hands and began licking Sandy's juices off it. I laid back down on the bed with Maggie on my right and Sandy and Tiffany to my left. I untangled myself from Maggie and Sandy and arose from the bed, motioning for Tiffany to come with me. I stood also and while Maggie got hugs and kisses from both Sandy and Tiffany, prepared to walk her to the door.

Midnight Music 1, 2 & 3

group PPatrick 2018-02-11

"Oh Mike and Sally I am sorry for my bold behaviour, but what with the wine at dinner, the cognac after, and the sight of Sally's amazing body, those breasts, her buttocks, her neatly trimmed pussy with its sweet pink lips, her narrow waist swelling to those feminine hips, I just got carried away with lust, I have rarely seen such a perfectly proportioned woman, you are a sensation, again sorry , but I just couldn't resist" As Georgina was making her apology she was withdrawing her hand from Sally's now wet quim, but left the other stroking her bum softly in a friendly rather than overtly sexual way.


Our First Swing

group hornery 2018-02-11

Rhonda looked around to see what we were doing and noticed that Venus was poised over James' dick as she leaned on the side of the hot tub with one arm and was encouraging my oral efforts with her other hand. She leaned over and gave me a long passionate kiss and told me that she loved me in a breathy voice, before she turned back around and grabbed hold of James' rod with her hand and began to stroke it. Soon Venus turned her head to the side and she began licking the shaft of James' dick as she let out a soft moan.


Temporary Girlfriend: Christmas Holidays Ch. 01

group Romantic1 2018-02-11

As Josh regained some composure he said, "Megan, asking you to be my 'temporary girlfriend' is clearly the best decision ever made in the world." The day after we met and talked for the first time Josh asked me to be his 'temporary girlfriend' and attend his sister's wedding with him in Aspen, Colorado. In fact, the condo had belonged to Josh for a couple of years before I came along: a gorgeous, renovated and modern top floor in an old brownstone that faced the Bunker Hill Monument and had views of the Boston skyline, the harbor, and even part of Logan Airport. Josh said, "Well, we know that Carl and Katelyn will be in Aspen.



group JOHNFINASMITH 2018-02-11

At that instant several things happened at once, Clara's eyes opened wide and she let out a high pitch shriek, her anus clamped down in a futile attempt to f***e out the invading finger and John vowed to himself next time he had her it would be his cock in her arse. "Trust me my dear, I know what im doing." gently fingering her arse all the while he ran his hand up her back to between her shoulders and pushed her close to him then whispered in her ear " start thrusting on my cock, in time with my fingering understood?"

Rayne's Addiction

group Danny69 2018-02-11

In fact, I encourage it." Rayne emphasized my point by taking Tam's hand and resting it on her left breast. But this time, there was an extra treat, because lying on her right side made it very easy for Tam to kneel next to her and feed his cock into Rayne's mouth, without awkward positions for him, or neck twisting for her. And by this time, Tam was intent on cramming every last fraction in, and had his hands around Rayne's head, grabbing her hair, pulling her towards him. Then I remembered what Rayne had said when we first discussed this adventure - that she would pull Tam's dick out of her mouth at the last minute, and make him cream on her tits.


A Tryst in the Dressing room...

group d4david 2018-02-11

Tony placed his left hand on my right shoulder and pressed slightly saying '...come on get started before James get back and make trouble...' Hypnotically I knelt before his enormously huge member and took hold of his shaft. James and I started to lick and suck Tony huge member as Tony embraced both our heads moaning with pleasure. When returned he was naked and I was pulling my shirts off, Tony said '...lube y'all ass pussy up and get on your knees...' James came to me and embraced me as he lubed up my bung hole inserting fingers full of lube into my anus.

Making Up Ch. 1

group Mab 2018-02-11

"How'd you get that stiff to help?" Mark put an arm around Maggie and joined her in watching Jason breath. Mark had a good view, but all Jason could see was the top of Maggie's blue head. Jason tried to remember how long his was when Maggie measured it with a ruler, but just then she squeezed and pulled so hard at his penis and he lost every thought in his head. Maggie removed her shirt and Jason forgot about Mark's penis. When he stretched the two rubbed against each other like trying to start a fire with two sticks, but this seemed to be working, Jason was getting hard again and Mark moaned a couple times.

Awesome, Sexy Surprise...

group MR. Gibson 2018-02-11

My friend Jackie here isn't the only one who likes it up the fucking ass!" The blonde cried as she hungrily eyed my enormous, muscle of steel as she quickly got doggy style too as I happily banged away inside of her. The blond ladies mammoth bosom pressing against my back and her talented fingers wrapped around my massive cock when she started to jack me off was more than any man could take and I knew I was going to soon come mightily in earth shattering orgasm. When I picked up the sexy blonde Nancy and cradled her in my arms like a baby while the other girl Jackie posed sexily next to us was more than one young boy with a massive cock could take, as I really busted a nut and ejaculated mightily all over poolside.

Faire Play

group LaJan 2018-02-11

"Come on, Lyndi, you look great, even if the costume isn't the right size. One of the stories Lyndi had told me (and acted out?) was about a woman punished in a device like this while a bunch of people abused her and men had... The costumes may or may not fit, the ride might be slow and hot sometimes but we make sure that we plan ahead: our tickets are always ready at the 'will call' window; and our friends know when to meet us near the back of the faire after lunch.

All Alone?

group robin35 2018-02-11

I took my place at the bar where there was another single man nursing a single malt whiskey and looking as depressed as I felt. He re-positioned his fingers and it looked like he was adding a second and maybe a third to her pussy. She used her hand to wank me for a moment and then she dipped her head and took me deep into her mouth. I thought I would not last but every time I came close to cumming she would bite my cock and stop the flow of cumm. It coated my face and I licked it into my mouth, I then parted her pussy lips and watched as her husband's cock fucked her.


group Clohi 2018-02-11

Neil's hand rested on the back of Belinda's head, pushing her mouth down on his cock. With each thrust down on her head, Belinda moaned, deep throating Neil's cock. Belinda stopped sucking Neil, wrapped her hand around his shaft and plunged her mouth around Clark's massive tool. As both Ty and Neil finished undressing me, Belinda pulled Clark's cock deeper into her mouth. I moaned over Ty's cock as I sucked hard and pushed my hips up, thrusting my pussy into Belinda's face. Taking my mouth from Ty, I closed my lips around Neil's cock and sucked hard, running my tongue down along his underside. Clark stopped thrusting up inside my pussy as Neil slowly guided his cock into my tight nether hole.

Truth or Dare

group lovesickfool 2018-02-11

Matt started to kiss Angie real slowly and then inserted his tongue into her mouth. "I dare you to show your cock to us," This time Matt knew he had to do it or Lya was gonna bug him for the rest of the evening. By the look of their face I knew Matt and Angie were as turned on as me. "Dan, I dare you to go 69 with Angie in front of Lya and me," said Matt. Looking at Angie's gorgeous ass popping up was turning on me real bad but I knew I had to be gentle in order for her to have the right experience.

Katherine's Exquisite Encounter

group silversword 2018-02-11

As she turned round her dress fell back to cover ass, lifting the front she touched her fingers to her dripping pussy, “you have done well,” she said smiling, “I might have to reward you.” She offered her glistening fingers to her mouth and he obediently licked them savouring the taste. Katherine, one leg on the back off the sofa the other on the floor touched her fingers to the lips of her pussy drawing them open, it glistened with hot sticky cum. Nicole and Katherine took one last look at their men, stood there in the middle of the immaculate room naked their limp cocks glimmering with their cum and the girls juices, smiled and walked from the room.

A First Ch. 01

group Stringer321 2018-02-11

I looked across her to Annie and as the street light fell on her upper body I noticed how her small breast were topped by hard nipples, pressing in to the cotton of her vest in response to the cold air they were subjected to when we left the bar. As my nostrils flared at the scent I gently pushed Carol's right hand to one side and leaned forward so my head moved between her thighs and my tongue touched the top of her open lips.


Boarding with Linda Ch. 08

group Irish Moss 2018-02-11

It had been one thing to hear the story of their teenage exploits and the recent afternoon they'd spent together when I'd been out with Ashley and another thing to see them undressing each other, but watching Linda working her oral magic on Kate's pussy the way I'd done so many times was almost too much. "Let's shall," Kate replied, so we all maneuvered around until I was propped up on pillows again, looking down at them as they knelt on either side of me and started taking turns engulfing my cock in their respective hot mouths.

I fucked my friends mom 2

group dickpusher 2018-02-11

After a couple minutes of that Elaine stood up and kneeled on the bed and started sucking on pams tits. "You taste amazing Elaine" I said right before sticking my dick in pams ass. "Elaine come sit on my face, I want to lick your juicy pussy again" pam said. I stuck them in my mouth right before pushing Elaine off of pam, and mounting pam to start fucking her face. Once Elaine came I turned around and started sucking on her fat pussy lips to get all of her juices. Elaine started licking pams pussy while I fisted her ass. "You're going to take this ass fucking, and like it" Pam said before kissing Elaine.

My first swinging experience Part 3/4

group toydevil 2018-02-11

It did not take long for this to happen and Bill started grunting like his life depended on it , I was horny as hell and wanted to feel sweet, moist pussy flesh around my cock so I got behind Bee and grabbed her hips and positioned her in front of me, without further ado I pushed my hard cock in her somewhat stretched cunt, wonderful, slowly I started fucking her, Bee let off Bill for a second and said "Fuck me hard!", I obliged without hesitation and started ramming the full length of my cock in her, after every thrust, my balls slapped against her clit, this apparently was what she wanted as she gulped down Bills cock, massaging his balls at the same time, in no time Bill spasmed and started to ejaculate, Bee let the first squirt hit her face but then sucked him again not missing a further drop of cum, Bill sounded as if he was being slaughtered moaning and grunting, slowly Bee let of Bill as his cock was going soft, all the while I was still ramming her from behind, when Bill was completely flaccid Bee beckoned me to stop, by putting her hand on my thigh, which I did.

Bishop Takes Knight Ch. 04

group FOUNTAINPEN67 2018-02-11

As she did she immediately brought Brad's cock to a pair of lovely Nubian lips; sucking and throating him hard, like she'd skipped lunch and supper and was absolutely famished! "Alright luv," she said, "I sucked on it while I emptied myself, now how about you putting your tongue to work down in back here?" She tugged her arse cheek apart and to the side with one hand; exposing a lovely steamy pussy and perky bottom-hole just waiting for a tongue's attentions. "I just went on break a minute ago luv," she said tweaking his nose with one hand as he set her back up on the bar to sit before him, "soooo does a naughty boy like you fancy perhaps something a bit...


All Worked Up

group Duel Citizen 2018-02-11

Christopher moaned, leaned his head against the window and closed his eyes as Isabella wrapped her mouth over his nipple, pulling with her lips, biting with her teeth, teasing with her tongue. His hips pulsed forward, and Isabella quickly raised her hands, pushed against his waist, again letting his cock slip from her mouth, and fall across her cheek. Cautiously, since I had no idea how I fit into this plan and how Isabella would take to being touched, I lifted my left hand off the steering wheel, reached across my right shoulder and flattened my palm against her smooth ass and began rubbing and squeezing her, slipping closer to her pussy.