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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

PCS: Meet Abrianna

group justboycrazy 2018-02-11

As the two girls kissed, Paul sat close to them and softly played with Haylie's dark brown hair. A redhead with lovely, enormous tits and a very shaply ass." Haylie said to Paul. Haylie took off Abrianna's panties while Paul began kissing her lips. Once Paul broke the kiss, Abrianna moaned and groaned as her pussy juices leaked into Haylie's mouth. While Haylie kissed his neck and shoulders, Paul asked Abrianna "How does a girl with your shape keep together?" As Haylie bounced up and down on his cock, Paul kissed Abrianna on the lips while his hands squeezed her gigantic boobs. As Abrianna took herself a quick shower, Haylie said to Paul, "That was the most fantastic threesome I've ever had.

Candaules, King of Lydia Ch. 02

group am.mcstuff 2018-02-11

Again she looked into my eyes and said, "Candaules, King of Lydia, kiss the ass of your captive princess." I leaned forward and placed my lips on the left cheek of Isabella, and then moved to kiss the right cheek. Isabella said, "Candaules King"--her royal syntax was getting garbled in the confusion, but nobody minded--"King, please fuck my ass." I pulled my member out most of its length and pressed back in to the hilt slowly. Serafina lifted her legs over my shoulders, licked her lips, and whispered "Fuck me Candaules, King of Lydia." I drove my cock firmly to the hilt, pulled out to the tip, and drove in again.

MaryAnn Ch. 02

group MaryAnn678 2018-02-11

As the campaign wore on Fritz made some inroads and was doing better than expected, but he was still behind, seemingly destined to be only a "stalwart opponent." Only a brave smile from him, Jeri, and his staff showed the optimism that few actually felt. In fact MaryAnn was sure that her old sorority sister was imagining herself lying there in the back seat getting banged while her husband was just a couple of feet away watching. When Jeri got home that night she had a note saying Fritz was in Sacramento listening to the party bosses tell him how he was a brilliant young star and how he had captured an otherwise impossible seat in the House.


group rlfj 2018-02-11

Jennifer's mother, Alexandra, and her Aunt Margaret, were only 37 years old, and looked several years younger. Noticing him, he said, "Dad, I'd like you to meet my girlfriend, Jennifer, and her mother and aunt." Jennifer noticed that when they were in the line, both her aunt and her mother just "happened" to bump into Bobby's father. Looking around to make sure Bobby couldn't see, she slipped her hands under her dress and pulled off her panties. When Bobby looked over, he could see that the only things holding the dress up were Jennifer's nipples, and even they were beginning to show. By the time Bobby had set down the towels and beer, Jennifer was stretched out on the blanket, looking up at him.


The Wallflower Responds

group mayapapaya 2018-02-11

My kiss unwraps itself of a dormant desire, and I graze and linger and taste everything, my hands on his ass now, and it is a brilliant choreography, I can’t believe what I can do with my limbs all twisted like this, but here it is, here we are, supple, gorgeous, elongated, the night delirious and my timid mouth finally opens, opens wide, finds her breasts and articulates their shape with my tongue, and his body straddles us both, and then my body’s sprawled out, too, reaching into the far corners of their bodies and 4, 5, 6 a.m. swoons by and mother/father/sister/brother disappear for a little while into a tiny sort of oblivion and all the while gardenia is blooming, blooming blooming from that single candle.


group d4david 2018-02-11

Pulling my butt cheeks apart, I could feel this huge fuck tool searching for my anal opening. He adjusted his knees and his huge cock head brushed against my butt cheeks, he smiled again and said 'just relax baby, I'm gonna take my time and fuck you right.' His penile glans poised and my anal open and slowly he rotated his cock head till it slipped pass my outer anal sphincter muscle ring. He was so gentle that it was almost painless as his cock entered my anus, slipping his hands up to the hollow of my knees he gentle pushed them back towards my chest whispering 'just relax and let poppa do this his way and we both will enjoy it.' I tried to slide up but my movement only allowed him to slip three more inches into my ass.

Stop on the Road Trip

group borntoplease 2018-02-11

So, I stroked this strangers cock as I sucked on my husbands, then I could feel this man start to shake in my hand and knew he was about to cum, my husband said "I want you to let him cum on your face", I wasn't sure but did as I was told. I looked at my husband and he said "go for it", at that I said to him "only if you do" another man walked up in front of him and was stroking his cock slowly waiting to see what his answer would be. He took a breath, and started sucking harder, pumping his hand up and down this mans cock, when the man exploded my husbands eyes got wider, and wider but he took that mans load and swallowed it all down.

Moulin a Trois

group darkphoenix123456 2018-02-11

"Suck it" said a man sitting to my right who had one hand stroking his penis and the other buried deep between the legs of a tiny Asian woman sitting next to u who was moaning louder then the people on stage. Ash sucked in the nipple slowly into her mouth and let if follow back out bouncing in her hand, She then took both boobs out and began alternating sucking and licking both with a frenzy. Tino came forward smiled and Laura took his dick in her hand giving it a long lick hello. Laura watched for a minute and then she moved herself astride Ash's face slowly lowering herself as Tino reached his hands over and began to rub her breasts.

See Emily Play

group hobrigef 2018-02-11

Like I say, I have Petra facing the wall, but she's craned around a few times as we've been chatting and she's aware that lots of men are lusting on me. Dressing in hot outfits, being a massive cocktease, getting guys all horned up and acting like total idiots, is such a fun thing for a girl. Ok, so how much glummer will she be if I was to get seriously hit on here by a couple of good looking boys, if she has to sit there like a lemon while these boys kinda fight over me, winner gets my number at the end of the night?


Wendy's Birthday

group English Bob 2018-02-11

With her heels clattering on the hard kitchen floor, Wendy trotted over and stood between Dave and Mark while Jake looked on. She opened her legs automatically and Jake heard her sigh audibly as mark used the copious quantity of sex fluid that was oozing out of her vagina to lubricate the impossibly tight hole of her anus. Wendy could hardly believe the size of the cock that was inside her and, as it swelled a few moments before Mark's inevitable climax, she thought that it was going to split her open. Smiling, Jake decided that he would do just that and, taking his wife's head between his hands, he began to thrust himself deep into her mouth and throat.

John's Workmates

group lars_sunshine 2018-02-11

She lets out a loud moan when John suddenly moves his hand up under her t-shirt and starts caressing her nipple and her naked breast. Maria moves her hands around her back and take hold of John's cock through his shorts and starts rubbing it. She feels John's hard member thrust deep inside her cunt; she feels fingers caressing her clitoris and she feels hands that squeeze her tits and fondle her nipples. Maria suddenly feels very intensely how she is surrounded by lustful men and squirting cocks and while the semen flows from her cunt and around John's cock and also down over her neck and down between her tits, and while the man behind her rubs John's semen unto her clitoris...

La Playa Ch. 04

group Fog43 2018-02-11

It was this type of moment and these kinds of words that endeared David to Lisa above all other men, and she flushed a bit, smiled, and said, "Right back at at ya, sexy! Near the lap pool where Lisa swam earlier a stunning black couple was fucking like rabbits, the large man pounding the woman who had her legs splayed over his massive shoulders. John and Carolyn exchanged a sexy smile and set off toward the bar where they saw David and Lisa watching them with looks that could only be described as hungry, and not the hunger from a lack of food. "Actually, this is a gift from Steve, the owner, as a thanks for the blowjob my little slut here gave him this morning," said David.


Snow Day

group dre_jones 2018-02-11

Shaun and I stared dumbfounded as Kim looked over her shoulder and with a sly grin said "is it HARD for you boys to get out of your underwear?" She giggled and settled into the hot tub next to Jack. Shaun closed his eyes and after a few strokes she took Jack's hand and along with hers she moved it to assist her stroking the big black dick. "Lick it baby," said Kim. Without hesitation Jack began to skillfully lick and suck the enormous cock. As Shaun and I continued in our 69 I could feel Kim's hands rubbing my ass, and then suddenly felt her tongue.

A wife's fantasy

group jono60 2018-02-10

he wanted to be naked too although he was enjoying her mouth he pushed he away so he could was now her turn to take the pics he lay back on the bed and beckoned her over to sit on his face. she turned around and saw her husband sitting in one of the chairs smiling with his cock in her hand saying go on then. by now her husband was naked too just wanking in the chair watching his sexy wife takihg another mans cock for the first time and he was loving it. as he lay on the bed she rubbed her hand over his proud cock before planting her pussy on his face as she had done with her husband hours before.

The Hike Ch. 04

group elpavilion 2018-02-10

Becky faced him, naked, legs spread, arms back, pregnant belly moving up and down, her feet on the thighs of a fat black man as he sat on the couch under her. The fat black man looked at Allen, but didn't stop fucking Becky. Tanya thought it was weird but gave in to Becky and let Allen be in the apartment for the next session. Three of the men already had their shirts off and moved without a word to Becky, running their huge hands over her body as she stood and let them. With three men paying attention to Becky, Tanya captured the other guys' attention by taking them by the hand and walking towards the bedroom.


Merna's Story Pt. 08

group slimpic11 2018-02-10

"We need to work on a presentation on how we can help his company," Rose said to Sherman. At the end of the lunch I said, "I need to go get ready for the show and besides I don't have a clue what they talk about." I asked Carl, "Are you coming to the show tonight?" "Yes but I am afraid it is likely Sherman, Rose and our CIO will work into the night then start back tomorrow morning." "Do you think Rose would like to have the dress of the girl in front of you?" Carl asked. "Henrik, please stick that beautiful penis in my wet hole," I said loudly enough for Greta and Carl to hear.


Train Gang Bang

group MasterEndless 2018-02-10

This goes on, of you sucking each cock, two men licking and massaging your breasts and myself with you sitting on my bulge and me pushing my fingers in. Your nipples are hard and you have noticed both men who had been licking your breasts and nipples had taken their own cocks out and pushed them against your nipples, exciting you even more. You know just from licking the cock inside your mouth and gagging for air, you will soon have the most orgasmic feeling of three large cocks inside of you cum at the same time. You feel your asshole and pussy explode with cum and your mouth filled with cum, that the man pulls out and cums on your face, hair and tits.

What Sandy's Friend Told Ch. 02

group leBonhomme 2018-02-10

I was still clutching Geerta's pussy, hold her hips to me as I heard her slurping, and then her dripping wet hand came down and found mine - and my balls, wet from her orgasm - and then urged my hand to let go of her as she raised her head and glanced back at me with a soft "Thanks." Rick had rolled off to one side of Marga and was stroking her cheek; she was still sighing with moans, just looking at the ceiling. Marga responded with an appreciative "oooh!" before she drank, and then handed the bottle to Rick, finding his cock again while Geerta continued to suck her breast.


Jane For Anal

group sevenoneeighth 2018-02-10

Julie continued to push her hand forward, up Jane's delicious leg, to her panty covered pussy and never once took her gaze from Jane's beautiful brown eyes. I dropped my gaze to see Julie with my cock buried deep in her mouth, her sexy blonde hair pressed tightly into the already wet patch of Jane's pussy hair. Jane was standing there stark naked, big tits ready for more action, hairy pussy wanting to be eaten and fucked but I was completely sucked dry, not able to take advantage of this gorgeous woman's charms. Jane's tongue responded in kind and she moved slightly to spread her legs apart to give Julie's right hand full access to her hairy pussy.


My s****rs Diary

group bannger 2018-02-10

I didn't want it to stop and all of a sudden his thin friend Craig came up from behind the table and pulled my head over the edge and stuck his half hard dick in my mouth. I was still rubbing Matt and Anthony's hard cocks and told Kyle that I was still a virgin. He told me that any time I see a dick that I have not sucked; I will want to make it cum with my mouth more than anything at that moment. He finally said ok and held my hands down and put his dick in my mouth from above me and started to fuck it like I wanted.

From 'Just Friends' to Best Friends

group cumminkasey 2018-02-10

"Cum for me...let me taste your cunt juice!!!" I momentarily forgot Rich and covered Tia's pussy with my mouth as my tongue went back to ministering her and my fingers frantically rubbed her clit wanting to bring her to orgasm so I could taste her cum. Every time Rich rammed me with that big cock my face and tongue went deeper into Tia's pussy's and she screamed in pleasure. My cunt started spasming around his shaft and Tia kept pounding away at my ass, bringing me to orgasm again and again as I milked Rich's dick taking him along with me, mixing his cum with my own.

A Little Night Therapy

group gotwood49 2018-02-10

She had long, dark brown hair pulled into a bun, intensely green eyes, an animal magnetism that Tom felt immediately. "Hey, doc," he said as he pulled the door open, surprised to find her in shorts and strappy sandals, and a blouse that exactly matched the green of her eyes. She cleared her throat and said, "I, uhhhh...didn't mean to bother you, Tom. I'd better go." She turned to leave, and suddenly his hand was on her arm. Tom was dutifully washing, trying not to get into a conversation about Deena, but Mindy had been bringing her up ever since she got home. She thought briefly about Tom, but forgot him when Deena's tongue wedged itself between her lips, and she opened her mouth to the brunette eagerly.


The Babysitter Ch. 4

group Patrick 2018-02-10

At one point, Francine and I got up to refresh our drinks, and glancing back over my shoulders I saw Jeremy lean forward to whisper something into Meredith's ear, and as he did so his hand slipped down and quickly disappeared into her pajama top, and I knew he was cupping and caressing her beautiful breasts. She put a finger up to my lips to stifle my gasp and leaned over to whisper in my ear, "We don't want them to hear, do we, don't want them to know we're here, follow me" and she took me by the hand, leading me into the spare bedroom next door and over to a large picture on the wall, which she took down to reveal a large window, and I found myself staring right into Jeremy's room, seeing Meredith in the saucy blue outfit sitting on the side of the bed, and Jeremy lying there with an absolutely enormous erection.



group oneiria 2018-02-10

Worthy of my three sisters here." She licked the head as Danielle and Wanda each took one leg of Tim's pants and pulled them from his body. Wanda then climbed up Tim's body, her soft flesh brushing his thighs as Danielle took Tim's penis into her mouth, running her studded tongue along the underside. Wanda rolled over on her back, came up beneath Sheila's crotch and began lapping at her cunt while Sheila continued to suck on Tim's penis. Sheila began to sit down hard on Wanda's face as she lapped her cunt, running her tongue all the way along the crack, parting Sheila's wide cheeks and plunging it into her anus.