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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Expanding Ms. Knight's Horizons

group MaryAnderson 2018-02-10

Claire, Mrs. Knight, and I sat on the open porch while Rob headed for the kitchen, returning a few minutes later with a big bowl of popcorn and a pitcher of water to satiate our universal munchies. Claire and Rob left and I slid closer to Laurie, working my hands under her skirt. As she twisted her body further, pushing her face against mine, I pulled my hands from inside her shirt. I thought about pacing myself, holding her on the precipice of an orgasm; the hours my mouth had spent between Claire's legs had left me adept at balancing women on the edge of an orgasm, but I also knew I would have only one opportunity to eat my sexy teacher for the first time.


Change of Plan Ch. 4

group Frederick Carol 2018-02-10

I ran to the side of the pool and dived in, surfacing at Kathy's side, running my hands up her thighs, her sides, and briefly cupping her tits before letting myself fall over backwards and float idly, just sculling with my fingers to hold position. The next thing I knew, Lisa and Cindy were having sauce licked off their tits, Jeff and Todd recognizing a successful strategy when they saw one. "I don't know about Matt, but speaking personally, I think you showed fucking good taste," she said, hugging Eve Larson again. I don't know if it was the thought of fucking Lisa's Mom, or the fact that Kathy had asked if she could watch it happen, but my prick was starting to thicken and stiffen.


Straight From the Horse's Mouth!

group champ wilson 2018-02-10

She said, "Listen bonehead, YOU and I AREN'T going to be in the horse together, I was thinking that Christie (Rick's Wife), and I would dress up as cowgirls with little outfits and you and Rick can be the horse." Rick said, "This is that damn horse outfit my wife wants us to wear at the costume party!' So then Rick took off his pant, and I said, "Well I'm going to go get some shorts upstairs to wear, and a tee-shirt, cause this horses ass is to hot!" I was just about ready to leave, but then Rick said, "Want another beer?" I don't think he was paying attention to our wives conversation as he acted like nothing was going on.


A Weekend of Reconnecting Ch. 02

group JourneyNbyS 2018-02-10

Lisa and I watched for a reaction as Molly rubbed her eyes, lifted her head to look at the clock, and then looked down at her exposed torso with Jimmy's hand still cupping her tit. Realizing Lisa was having no adverse response to waking up in a room of naked people, I slid my hand up and gave her tit a little squeeze before teasing her nipple with just the tips of my fingers. Molly paused at the foot of my bed and, looking down at my dripping wet cock, said, "And Jimmy just lays there watching TV." Looking back, I saw that Lisa had turned her face towards my cock and was working with her eyes closed and mouth slightly open as Molly seemed to ignore us, continuing her naked movement around the room.


The Circle Ch. 20

group SteveWallace 2018-02-10

Alice and Alex went back to Deke and talked a lot more, while Tina continued to stand at the front of the booth flirting with everybody who walked by to promote their websites. Coming into the suite, Tina said, "Alex wants to see one of my films." She walked over to the TV-DVD set up, and put in a DVD. Tina let out a long low wail, and those went on for quite a long time as Deke and Alex watched the two women bring each other pleasure. While Deke and Alex went to prepare drinks for everyone at the minibar, Tina turned to Alice, "Is Alex your guy – you know, your boyfriend?"


The Hazing Ch. 09

group jallen944 2018-02-10

Kay pulled her head back up, drawing the cock back out, looked at Christine, and grinned at her dumbfounded expression, showing her white teeth around the fat, purplish penis head. "You take a deep breath, open your throat, and push it in." She did it again, swallowing every bit of his cock in one slow motion, then pulled it back out just as slowly. This time, when it passed into her throat, she bobbed her head up and down, sliding it in and out like she was fucking her mouth with it. She stared with her eyes wide open as Tom placed the head of his long, shiny cock at the tiny, brown opening of Kay's asshole and pushed his cock deep into Kay right before her eyes.


Swimming Pool

group Middleagepoet 2018-02-10

Why just last week Charlie and I convinced two of the mothers to come with us for a tour of the men's locker room. He got on her back on one of the benches and then had her friend, I guess she was Suzy's mom, straddle her while bending over so Charlie could come in behind her. She basically had a close up view of the fuck while she was free to lick her friend's pussy or slide her tongue down to Charlie's cock. When we finished we took just a few seconds to catch our breath before the cocks slid out of the pussies, the cum was licked clean and the women walked back out to pick up their kids, wearing their bathing suits and robes.


My Time with Tracy Ch. 02

group Firsttimeguy 2018-02-10

She said "I wanted you to know how great a time I had when we fucked. He didn't want that so he was going to tough it out for the woman who would (and I quote) "one day be his wife." He also said that he appreciated that I had asked if they were both ok and that "you may treated her badly but you don't seem like the kind of guy who would let anything bad happen to her." When we got outside he just said "what time are you picking Tracy up on Saturday?" At the same time Tracy had come out of the bedroom looking like she was dressed for a night on the town.

Franchise Ch. 02

group Sylvan 2018-02-10

Sasha took over, saying, “Basically, since we’ll be blindfolded, and all three of us decided we’d like it better if our hands were tied to the bedposts, we need someone to keep things from getting out of control. For instance, I don’t want guys ramming themselves down my throat.” Liz and Katie nodded. “And Liz and I don’t want guys doing us in the ass—I guess you already know Katie doesn’t mind that at all, but we think most guys are a little rough left to their own whims. Liz and Katie started making out with each other from opposite sides of his cock, dousing the sides of his shaft in their saliva, while Sasha took position at the end and forced the fleshpipe into her mouth repeatedly.

Mike's Lesson Continues

group mikec1010 2018-02-10

She kissed Mike and said, "Nice to meet you." As she kissed him again Mike felt John's hand on his erection, stroking it to greater firmness. Then John and Jean kissed as the two of them then jointly kissed Mike's cock. He lowered his head and kissed the sweet lips as Jean's mouth close around Mike's cock. He thought about John for a moment and felt bad for him but he went back to work on Jean's clit. He heard John say, "Relax, and push back like you are trying to take a shit." Mike did and as he did he felt John's cock pressing into him. His rectum became full of John's cum and then Mike came, bathing Jean's mouth with his sticky white cum.


Slutty Service Call

group biwifeplaying 2018-02-10

When he turns back to look at me, he doesn't say anything, he just pulls me close by putting his hand on my ass and he reaches his hand up my skirt to feel my damp pussy. I turn around to face the second man and the first says to him: you've got to feel this as he lifts up my skirt, and touches my now puffy clit, then he caresses my breasts by reaching in front of me. He says to the younger guy "I've got to get down there and taste her" and he looks at me, in a very excited way and say's "I'm gonna lick your pussy right now."


group Puppygirl 2018-02-10

By the time it did happen I was really relishing the thought of being taken by a complete stranger with a (hopefully) nice big cock! "I thought you did; I think what made it so incredible is that you were there, seeing me getting fucked by another man and letting him take me with his fucking huge cock!" I said. I felt myself blush at the thought of how much pleasure it had given me; Christ I had come 8 times in a row while it fucked me! Franks little video camera was also inside the case of the machine and I knew the video he had taken was the absolute proof I needed to know what had happened.


Recollections Ch. 02

group Kaadorix 2018-02-10

But baseball and sports aside, all I could really think about right now was a smoked butterscotch cappuccino and a doughnut muffin, one of the things that made Perky's Cafe so famous in our little corner of the world. "Thanks, Anna." I handed Alexa the coffee cup and the pastry bag, and we headed for the door. It was my pleasure to lend you a helping hand this morning." Our gaze held long enough for my mind to fully catalog Alexa's dreamy, bliss-blue eyes, her pristine, flawless face and those puffy, heart-shaped lips. I examined the X-rays and medical records two weeks ago, and took a visual of her ankle and leg, but came to the conclusion that Merissa still needed to wear the cast.


Shower time..

group HfxBi 2018-02-10

We fucked a lot in hostel shower stalls. This hostel had co-ed bathrooms and showers, with pull over curtains for each shower stall. I pulled the curtain back a bit so he could see her upper body with tits bouncing while i fucked her. He started stroking harder, his cock got rock hard, loving the sight of my young fiancee at the time. She looked at me, kissed me, told me she loved me and left to his stall. Luckily we were alone in the showers by then, and she left the curtain open and dropped to her knees. She took his cock in her mouth and started sucking.

Visit to Aunt April's House - Chapter 4

group mdb9555 2018-02-10

She sported a small petite body with very large B cup tits (almost C’s now as she was still developing and slowly shaping more and more like her mother each year) and an ass indisputably inherited from her mom that was extremely bubbly and perky, yet not as big as her mom’s (once again..nobody’s was). The door opened and Nicole stepped in with her finger tip in her mouth as I once again battled with my soaking wet bathing suit to get my cock in. Pulling me out from her mouth finally she wasted no time rubbing the underside of my hard throbbing cock with her right hand.

Sinnndy's Sticky Situation

group sinnndy 2018-02-10

Since this supposed to be fun, and since I loved this kind of music as much as my dad, he asked me if I wanted to sing a couple of songs. Billy replied, "Take that you little slut", and slapped my ass with an open hand, followed by a backhand on my other cheek as he kept up his fast and hard pace. I told my dad that while I loved singing in the band, that I wasn't going to come between him and the rest of the guys. I told Billy about what happened, he wanted to tell Stosh how he felt but we both decided to do something to relieve our angst.


My fantasy

group 40kinky 2018-02-10

While she is sucking me and rubbing around my ass I moan and groan incoherently I thrust my cock into her mouth this gives her access to my ass and she thrusts a lubed finger deep into my ass. While sucking and fingering me she starts to lower her pussy to my mouth. It starts to slide into my mouth making me gag he is face f**cking me while sucking my cock. I don't think about my pleasure now I want to make this cock come in my throat to feel him pulse and buck against my mouth. He pulls his cock out of my mouth so just the head is in I lick and suck him dry saving some of his come within my mouth.


group Eagle1 2018-02-10

The Asian woman moved her hands lovingly over the thighs and cheeks of Diane's ass. The Asian woman moaned as Diane's fingers wandered over the little swelling of flesh near the hard and swollen lips. Then the Asian woman arched her back so the she too could massage her ass and breasts with her hands in time to Diane's ministrations. Diane held the woman's silky thighs firmly and pushed her tongue in the wet lips of the other woman's pussy, with all her might, slow at first then harder and harder until she was fucking her cunt with her long tongue. She pulled the pretty face close to hers and looked deep into the other woman's oval eyes, kissing her softly on her pert little nose.


Strip You, Bitch!

group TheDarkCloud 2018-02-10

As Candace and Christy stepped aside for the moment Tyra revelled in the spotlight, she stood next to Carole and ran her hand through the blonde's beautiful hair, ruffling it teasingly before suddenly taking a tight grip of a bunch of hair and forcing Carole to look her in the eyes. Candace and Christy was digging it too and Christy (a smaller girl than Tyra and a bit fatter too but with massive tits) got behind Carole and began to spank Carole's lily coloured ass in time with the music, meanwhile Candace (who fancied herself as an amateur stripper) was peeling off every inch of clothing and taking something from Manny at the side of the stage began strapping on a massive strap on dildo to her crotch -- he had another two in his hands as well!


The Dressmaker and the Accountant Ch. 02

group temptedlioness 2018-02-10

With a minor adjustment, of course." Bryce took my jaw in his hand as he spoke, breaking my kiss with Roberto and taking my mouth for his own when he finished speaking. As his salty precum beaded, I looked into his eyes as I licked it and enjoyed it, swirling my tongue around the head before I took Roberto deep into my mouth. A third hand fisted in my hair and pulled me off Roberto, and Bryce guided my lips onto his waiting cock. As Roberto's hot tongue pushed me onto the edge of coming, it was almost impossible for me to keep my attention on Bryce, but he was able to keep a hold on my focus with his hand on my head guiding me back.

this is the real bet (very erotic story)

group 2018-02-10

Nisha caught my eye as my gaze passed her way and grinned, grinning back I walked over to the group she was with, Mohit, an old friend of our and our host’s, Rasmi, Mohit’s wife, our hostess Komilla and Arjun who I knew, but not well. Whatever else he was Arjun certainly knew how to keep a woman from cumming, every time Nisha showed signs of going over the edge he would pause in his motions and wait for her to calm a little, then he would press on. I had a sneaking suspicion that Komilla and Danny had done more than fiddle with time-keeping, but that would have to wait, right now I wanted, needed to know whether my wife had agreed to work for Arjun as a whore.

Im Swingerclub....

group 2018-02-10

Wir schauten uns gemeinsam an, wie eine sehr heiße geile frau von mehreren Männern auf einem Gynstuhl genommen wurde. Wir fingen an uns heiß und innig zu küssen. Da trat ein Mann auf uns zu. er kam von hinten und schob Ihren Slip zur Seite. Ich zog Ihren Slip nach unten.. Ich habe Sie noch nie so naß gesehen... dann löste ich mich von Ihr.. ein vierter Mann trat mit einem riesen eregiertem Schwanz zwischen Sie und führte ihn schnell in Sie ein.... Sie stöhnte laut auf und Ihr stöhne wurde bei jedem stoß lauter... nach kurzem ließ er von Ihr ab und legte Sie auf die Matte... dort trieb Sie es noch mit 12 anderen Männer.. teilweise sogar mit drei bis vier Männern gleichzeitig...

Two Literotica Writers Finally Meet Ch. 02

group abob1 2018-02-10

Kelli stood up, holding Brittni's foot in her mouth, and moved her leg up and to the side, giving me more space to play with. Taking her left leg from Kelli, I held her knees apart and lowered my dick to her saturated pussy. Kelli laid on top of her, squeezing Brittni's breasts with both hands as she continued to entertain her pussy with the strap-on. "Fuck my cock with your pussy, baby," I said, driving the point home with a sharp slap to her ass. As with her feet, her mouth, her pussy and ass, her hips were flawless, like soft porcelain, with just enough flesh to grab hold of, but virtually no jiggle.


Labor Day Weekend

group GMB 2018-02-10

I walked in the room and saw Tommy' feeling her tits, moaning with pleasure as my girl sucked on his stiff cock. Kathy went to get up off of Tommy's cock but I held her head from moving and told her to finish the job that she started. Lisa saw me on the floor licking Kathy's pussy and called her a horny bitch and that she was going to let her know what it felt like to share her man. I saw Pete's balls tense up as she stroked them with her nails making him moan and tell Lisa to let him pull out that he was going to cum.