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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

A Little Trip to Miami

group chaostranquility 2018-02-10

"Dare," Claire cheerfully exclaimed, causing a knowing smile to play on Anna's lips. I dare you to play with one of the Jacuzzi massage jets..." Alex chuckled, part of her wanting to see Gabby's body twisting and turning in the throngs of orgasmic bliss. "We're all friends here, come on!" Claire goaded, wanting herself to get a taste of Alex's pink, wet pussy. When Anna probed deeper, curving the slim fingers, Alex's hands reached down to grip at the sides of the hot tub, allowing the heated water to slosh all over them. Gabby had been mesmerized by the sight of Alex's writhing body, but she now turned her attention to Claire, wondering what her friend was up to.


A Session with Barbie & Ken

group StarLet21 2018-02-10

As I grab my water too leave, I make the same decision as I do everyday, too walk a little bit extra too the changing room's, too have a sly glance of those muscular blokes. I push my head back, I let it swim through me, from my head, past my nipples too my feet, I'm biting my lip, ensuring I don't scream out like my body wants me to. The edge of my nose, teasing her clit as my tongue probed her hole, I felt her body shudder as I blew gentle bits of air out, two fingers repeatedly fucking her slowly, with each push stretching her nest a bit wider.

Charlie's Summer Cabin Ch. 03

group j3zza 2018-02-10

The girls continued their kissing and groping and I moved my hand down the front of Jenn's shorts, pausing just a moment to enjoy the smooth tight skin of her pubis. I moved behind Ryan, much as he had done to me the first night we were all together, and began lightly nuzzling his neck while my hands worked their way slowly down his firm stomach to the smooth skin under the waistband of his briefs. By unspoken consent, Jenn and I slowly backed away, letting Eva focus on Ryan's cock for a minute by herself. Eva continued sucking Ryan deep into her mouth, focusing her attention on his impressive cock while I slowly slid down Jenn.


Running in the Rain

group Dancing Sprite 2018-02-10

Denise slowly, almost reluctantly, released her right breast and slid her hand down her flat belly until her fingers felt the little triangle of hair that pointed the way to her pleasure center. His gaze jumped back and forth between Denise's mouth with his own dick sticking in it and her pussy, which Steve was fucking with hard and fast strokes, groaning each time he thrust his hips forward. Come on, guys, let's finish this run before the rain starts again." Joe opened the door and took off, obediently followed by Steve and Andy, who waved their good-byes and wished Denise a great day.

Connie and the Chalet - Day 1

group sexorbit69 2018-02-10

We chose you for this because we wanted her to have her first threesome with two men who care for her, who love her.” Sam felt Connie’s hand stroke his cock from behind, and he gritted his teeth. She wants you naked, and I’m pretty sure she’s going to want you inside her soon!” Connie now lay back on the edge of the bed, beautiful blonde hair in a halo around her head, legs spread, waiting for a cock to fill her. Oohhhhh fuck!” Will moved closer as Connie’s pussy dribbled more juices, and maneuvered his hands under her chest, gripping one of her breasts and planting a long kiss on the erect nipple, sucking hard on it.

A Day To Remember

group Mystique Woods 2018-02-10

It was wide - twice as wide as Bens, and he began fucking my mouth for all he was worth - keeping in time with Ben. I began to choke with the force of Dave’s thrusts, but then he took his cock out and my head was forced to the other side, where Tom’s dick was waiting for me. Chris’s dick became hard again at the way Dave was treating me and he grabbed my hair in each hand and began fucking my mouth in time to Dave’s thrusts in my cunt. Both Dave and Chris came in unison, each filling my cunt and mouth with loads of sweet cum and then before I knew it, I was being lifted up again, back onto the picnic table - my legs being forced open to reveal my cum filled holes.

Double Jeopardy Ch. 01

group LilianaHart 2018-02-10

Chloe Monroe found this out first hand as she stood in the darkness of the servant's stairs behind the master bedroom wall, a small lantern at her feet. It was most likely true because she knew for a fact that Lucien used the same passageways to smuggle bootlegged whiskey out of New Orleans. Lucien caressed a finger down the dark man's back, bringing a chill to his lover's skin. Lucien then slid his hand around, teasing his lover with his fingers as they barely touched the tip of his rigid cock. The air lay heavy with tension until Lucien gave a final thrust and plunged into the dark man's ass further than before.

paki love black taxi

group asainslags 2018-02-10

So much so that she sat on the lavatory, legs spread and played with herself, eyes closed, dreaming of that black man in the magazine eating her pussy then fucking her with his big black cock, then shooting his cum in her doggystyle! She cooed at him "Fuck my face baby, fuck my face please." He slowly pulled out his cock, covered in pussy juice and fed it to Seidah. She puckered her full red lips as he thrust in and out hitting the back of her throat several times before injecting Tanzila with his rock hard cock with hard, sharp aggressive strokes as both Paki bitches held on tight. Seidah leaned over, spreading Tanzila's ass cheeks really wide and dropped several large lumps of spit onto his cock as it slowly slide in and out.

My Wife at the Company Beach Party (FAN EDIT)

group JonM101 2018-02-10

Some of the guys whooped, while others gave a low "ooooh." Annie paused for a minute, with a sexy look on her face, then shouted back, "If you can't return it, you've gotta lose those trunks!" The guys in front of her were getting a great look at her pussy, and everyone was staring at her as she slowly descended into the hot tub.Annie squeezed in next to another topless girl and sat down, sinking enough so that the water came up to her shoulders. I looked back over at Annie and saw her in the hot tub chatting excitedly with another topless girl.

Dark Places ch. 01-02

group Erocus 2018-02-10

Nargis moaned at the first touch of his hot cock head along her slit and then gasped as it pierced her hole; she gasped louder and almost yelled out as Zahid took hold of her hips and savagely thrust into her in one violent movement of his hips and butt. As the sun came up the next morning, Nargis was on her hands and knees with Zahid kneeling behind her feeding his soapy cock into her butt hole, He had wanted to fuck but the condoms were all used up. She was glad that she was now on birth control, a man as hot as Zahid would one day not care about condoms and fuck her till he came in her; and she loved the feel of him filling her up with spunk.

Ganesh, Ramu and Me

group pooja 2018-02-10

"Hello, I'm glad to meet you, Ganesh has spoken of you before but I never imagined that you would be quite so athletic." Ramu was looking deep into my eyes, and I felt the bond begin to build between us. He looked at me and smiled, then turned to Ramu, " I don't prohibit any man from enjoying your body, I simply like to be there when it comes time for her to be fucked. Ganesh watched me as I removed my mouth from him and began to lick Ramu's lund with the tip of my tongueHe was looking down at my mouth, his eyes partially closed, as I took him into my throat.

Final Four Black Cock Whore

group isoblkdick 2018-02-10

There was four younger black guys, probably late 20's to 30 or so, who had checked in the day before also here for the March Madness festivities and it sounded like they were having a good time. The same room that just a little while ago I thought I heard four younger black men working over a Vegas hooker, turns out that was my wife. I just got sloppy seconds from my wife's ass after being fucked by at least one black man if not four. She said she and one of the guys from next door ended up heading down to the spa at the same time for a message.

A Sporting Chance

group soroborn 2018-02-10

I felt the head of my penis slip out of the warmth surrounding it, and Laura's voice said, "Definitely -- though I'm sure you could do a great job even if we went a little far with you to start with." I decided to see if the girls were ready for me to take a more active part, and slid my hand round Beth's thigh to the wetness between her legs, searching for her clitoris with my fingers while I continued to use my tongue on her rear opening. I started to flex my hips, watching my erect penis pushing in and out of Laura as her slim, rounded bottom moved up and down, Beth sliding her finger a little way into Laura's other opening and withdrawing it.


Joining a Gang Bang

group Red54 2018-02-10

I asked her "What did you do in there?" She whispered, "I'll tell you more later, but I can tell you that she has a tight little body, like mine was back then, and you're going to have the time of your life tonight." She then started to ground her pussy into my joint, but my pants were in the way. Mary stood there and watched as John's massive rod impaled Carla's tight little ass. Once John took to fucking Carla's ass, Mary returned to me and said "Where were we?" She gathered up her dress and squatted down on my throbbing dick. The guys watching couldn't take it anymore and John and Alex climbed on the bed, taking up positions behind the slithering babe's bodies.


She Hates Me? Not! Pt. 03: Together

group ilikeithot6308 2018-02-10

"I'll bring some stuff over later today, if you want," I said, already liking the idea of upgrading my roommates to include the two lovely ladies. Karly didn't believe in sleeping away good fucking time, at least, not until she was exhausted. "Yeah, baby," she growled, "stuff that big cock into my little pussy so deep!" I fucked her, pounding that pussy into submission....screwing her like I was paying by the minute, and wanted to get myself off before I ran out of money. Karly was snorting, quick, sharp breaths timed to be taken when my cock wasn't filling her throat. The 'last time I checked' Monica was last night, a fact I'm quite sure Karly was fully aware of, as volume control was not a priority in Monica's mind, or her bed.


Franchise Ch. 03

group Sylvan 2018-02-10

Lately, though, Phil had been getting a surprising amount of action on his own, which was initially not a factor in their deals, so Kaori and Lisa decided to talk to him as soon as they got this assignment. He undid it and worked his hands slowly back around to her front, grabbing hold of her breasts as they watched Kaori lean in to kiss the girl. Meanwhile, as Lisa drifted down Kaori's exposed abs, rubbing and kissing the whole way while working to remove Kaori's remaining clothes, Phil stripped Kay completely. Lisa knew, however, that Phil would be drained before getting back to her (silly amateur men thinking three-on-one was a good ratio...), so the gears started spinning on how she could get a quality hot cock, and soon.

Pushing My Boundaries Ch. 09

group Kissytina 2018-02-10

I was kind of awake by now so what the fuck, I got up and through the bed sheets over Ricky, then I headed for my shower, thinking to myself is maybe an opportunity I have been waiting for my whole life, I had spent so many years in my sleep, praying for a man to give me a dream job offer. I wanted to try something fun and to find out just how far I could push him sexual, I knew he was horny his cock was threatening to burst out of his pants, I winked and smiled as I pushed him backward till he fell onto the couch, I climbed on top of him my knees on his thighs, then I ran my tongue up the side of his face, I didn't bother unbuttoning his shirt, I just tore it apart revealing his chest, clean not a hint of hair.

Anna's Adventure Ch. 02

group loveking 2018-02-10

He then turned to Anna and said, "while we are waiting for Jenny and Jasmine and while you still have your back to your audience I want you to bend over and try to touch your toes." Anna looked at him almost in horror as if to say, but they will all see my arse and pussy." Making comments out loud like, "Anna has a very meaty cunt gentlemen, maybe we should get Jenny to try her fist for size later!" as the men roared their approval Anna felt the master move his hand and then slip a finger between her moist pussy lips. So, still bent over, with all the bar audience watching Anna felt Jenny and Jasmine pull her buttocks rudely apart.



group ljones197 2018-02-10

Then I heard GO and Robert took my dick in his mouth and started sucking in and out, boy I thought Jan could give good head but Robert was doing a hell of a job. Jan said to Robert "it looks like you have done this before, suck him good." I could tell she was enjoying this almost as much as me, then she said time and Robert let my dick fall out of his mouth. he finely finished and I was getting ready to mount Jan when I looked at her pussy and saw Roberts cum starting it seep out and I could not resist a small lick to see what it taste like.

The Goddess Ramona Ch. 01

group JorisKHuysmans 2018-02-10

When I'd see her at the hot dog place, she'd get a sudden wanton look in her eye, and forget the orders she'd just taken as she made lascivious faces at me, licking imaginary bits of cum out of the corner of her mouth and rubbing her thighs together as she stood there. "Shuddup and lick my ass," Ramona moaned, and as I put my tongue back to work on her spicy bunghole I suddenly felt my own legs being split wide open and her face wiggling between them.

86% bbw


group GreatTim 2018-02-10

She decided to switch between pushing her pussy into Marie and her ass into Tim. This movement served to hike Samantha's skirt up a bit exposing her ass to Tim. He was enjoying the fact that she picked a thong to go with this dress because her milky ass cheeks were looking great. Getting hornier by the second Samantha decided to see how Marie's ass felt and grabbed a couple handfuls for good measure. Samantha, seeing that Marie was fairly drunk and horny, decided to push her button a bit farther. Tim decided that with Samantha looking for a shirt he could sneak a quick suck on one of those tits.


Thursday Morning

group pamper1 2018-02-10

Nancy then moved up onto the bed more and leaned her face down and took my cock head onto her lips. As she placed her legs on either side of mine, Nancy took my cock in her hand guided me into Paula's warm pussy. Nancy then told me to lay across the bed and had Paula once again crawl up my body lowering herself onto my cock. As I scrambled to my knees, both Nancy and Paula moved onto the bed so that both their faces were side by side and they began kissing. I moaned out one time and Nancy told me to come on them, Nancy reached up and took hold of my shaft and began pumping me, unleashing ribbon after ribbon of come onto their faces.


group eroticyates 2018-02-10

"Good morning", Trevor said, pulling his lawn equipment off the truck. She just stood at the doorway, soaking wet, staring into Trevor's eyes wanting him to look at her, at her bare breasts beneath her t-shirt, at her wet thighs and chest. Shocked, she stood there, letting him kiss her, feeling his soft lips on hers, his hands roaming her body - her arms, her hips, her neck. Just as she was about to cum she felt Trevor quickly stand up, lift her hips, and with his thumb rapidly rubbing her, he jammed the full length of his cock deep inside her.


Slut Wife

group No Panty Girl 2018-02-10

I looked up and saw old Pa Terrell forcing his cock into my mouth. My lips were sealed around Pa Terrell's cock and I was sucking him like my life depended on it! Jimmy was slamming me down into the couch while Stan revived his cock in my mouth. I could feel Stan's cock hardening and Jimmy's throbbing as it was about explode in me drenching me with more of the Terrell seed. All eyes were on as we entered, Big Rich was a regular at the Blackfly and the guys knew he had a talent for picking up women who wanted cock. "How would you like all these guys to fuck you?" Big Rich whispered into my ear, "They all got hard-ons for you."