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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Camping Trip

group smithE101 2018-02-10

"Aww...what a party pooper, well there are some things that I'm sure Sara would like to see that don't need condoms." Having said that, Piper laid back on her sleeping bag and spread her legs motioning me over. "That was amazing, and it looks like someone is enjoying themselves, uh Lew?" she said, turning my gaze over to her sister who was still covered by her sleeping bag from the waist down but her hands clearly at work beneath them. "Wow Lew, looks like you're gonna blow there," she commented as she pointed to my throbbing cock which had now turned a shade of purple, "I'm sure you'd much rather have Sara and I help you out."

Set Up and Satisfied

group cj8000 2018-02-10

Kate's left hand held her robe together while the right moved and rested on Beth's other, naked, outside hip. When I regained my composure, I realized Beth and Kate were looking at me like I had just uttered a most brilliant poem or solved world hunger or maybe I just felt that way, I don't know. Kate's leg was on top and I carefully took hold of it and opened her up to expose Beth's knee rubbing slightly against my wife's pussy. Looking upwards, I noticed Beth taking Kate's breast in her hand and moving to take the nipple between her lips.


Trick or Treat

group R. Richard 2018-02-10

Ava is a circus clown and will screw a bear [aka Fred.] To my real shock, the action takes place on a large gym mat in the middle of the living room floor. Thus, I am a little shocked to stand with my cock sticking out through the fly of my lion costume, talking to a 'dance hall girl' whose skirt is so short I can see her labia below the hem. Later I see Dani standing with several 'animals' and letting them feel her big tits with the obvious intention of fucking the first guy who gets hard. Dani has lost her little cave woman skirt and is wearing only her high heel sandals.

Martha's Gift

group msxxl 2018-02-10

I told her to open her legs, that Chris wanted to taste her first and that I wanted to see what it was like to suck on her beautiful boobs. "OK this I want to see." Martha told us to show her so I laid back on the large ottoman in the middle of the room and Chris kneeled in front of me and I put my head over the edge and began to take him into my mouth. I pulled back on Chris' cock and began to suck the head as Martha's tongue lapped at my clit and I began to squirm, Martha was even better then Matt and he had the most amazing tongue I had felt yet.

"I think I can..." And I did Pt. 4

group dbam69 2018-02-10

Nothing explained what happened to me and honestly I felt just fine. I didnt wanna push it, maybe it was the reason I was here, or maybe I was just being a pansy. Next I thought to the driver that the ride was free. The rides on me" I smiled and thanked him as we piled out. She wore a g-string underneath, I honestly thiught she might as well have not put any on. I didnt dwell too much on it. Two seperate hands slowly worked together to massage my member while one cupped my boys, the fourth hand slid slowly up and down my chest. Suddenly the hand cupping my balls was moved and replaced my a warm tongue and lips also.

Jennifer and my roommates At the Fraternity.

group blondeslutforblacks 2018-02-10

Not long after I got back they asked me about my vacation and I spilled the beans about fucking all those black guys, Both sat in amazement as I told about how much bigger their cocks were and that I had cum more in 7 days than I had in the pervious years with Rick. The girls looked shocked but I told them that they were going to get fucked tonight anyways why not see how high the bidding goes. In an instant there where guys on both of them Jane and Mary had a cock in their mouth ass and pussy and one in each hand.

My Sweet Little Red Riding Hood Sophie

group Paul Fleming 2018-02-10

As Sophie asked where her cousin Fanny was, Vicky told her she went upstairs to take a shower. Fanny must have been of the same age as Sophie but like every one in the family looked much younger. As she and Vicky installed themselves on their back in front of us, Sophie and I had a tantalizing look between their legs, as we rested on our backs as well. I groaned as I felt Sophie's tongue moving teasingly in my mouth, while Fanny's strokes on my rigid shaft went deeper and deeper. Then Sophie drew another card that instructed Vicky to remove her panties and to pose naked before us. But now Fanny drew another card instructing me to kneel between Vicky's legs and to kiss her pussy.


Playtime with Jenny Ch. 01

group SEAWATER1 2018-02-10

As I said I was a bit disappointed when Lisa told me that Jenny was staying on Friday as I had hoped we could have some rare time for just the two of us. Then Lisa sat on Jenny's face and as Jenny licked her cousin she took my cock in her hand and started to stroke me. Myself, Carl and John (the other staff member that day) were already serving customers when Lisa and Jenny came in. Outside the bar Jenny said she had told Carl to follow in about fifteen minutes so that John wouldn't be suspicious. Jenny and Carl sat in the lounge on the couch, while Lisa and I went to the kitchen.


Happy New Year

group Evil Alpaca 2018-02-10

Jack had banged Angela once in the back of Vic's car when they were all on their way to a movie, while Vic and Dawn had gotten in on in the storage room at the homeless shelter where they had all met (and continued to work at in their spare time). Angela had brought a pair of white satin panties that would have been larger on her but barely covered all the essentials on Vic. Along with a strapless bra stuffed with industrial strength water balloons, a cheap blonde wig and a generous application of red lipstick, Vic looked . "But of course," Jack continued after a moment, "I need a basis for comparison." With that he pulled out of Vic's mouth and stuck his member in Dawn's face.


Party like a Porn Star

group SlyDog969 2018-02-10

She soon was racing towards an intense orgasm as she pulled his head tight against her breast and bucked wildly against Manny's cock. He grabbed her hair and pulled it enough to force her neck to be open to him and he began to kiss her neck as his thrusts drove deep into her and her breasts swung up hitting his chin until he gave a huge, hard thrust and let loose deep inside her. I watched with interest as Bill, positioned himself in front of Jenny and, gently but firmly, grabbed her by the hair and pulled her mouth onto his cock. I could see the top of Jenny's head as she kissed and sucked at Bill's cock as I fucked her slowly from behind.


A weekend with Doug and Mich Pt5

group bendee555 2018-02-10

Dee’s hands comes up around Mich’s ass and pulls he cheeks apart, her fingers tweak Mich’s asshole as her tongue delves deep into her pussy. The sitting room door opened and Mich popped her head round saying “Don’t bother, I’ll get it,” then looked down, “ “Oh, OK. Mich raised her hands above her head and started thrusting the dildo into Dee’s mouth in time with the music. At the same time Doug got up from his seat and knelt beside Dee. Mich got to her knees and lined the dildo up to Dee’s pussy and started to fuck her. Doug was pumping hard into Mich, she was on her hands and knees and Doug’s cock was buried deep in her ass.

Situations - Breaking up

group toydevil 2018-02-10

So Paula started riding me but this time Jo did not, not straddle my face, instead she waited until Paula had mounted me (reverse cowgirl) then she moved he head between our legs, with one hand she gently massaged my balls while she licked us where Paula's pussy and my cock met. Paula was different, her orgasm built up t started of when I nibbled on her swollen clit, while whipping it with the tip of my tongue, I felt how her clit grew a little more, with gentle spasms, I wanted her to cum as intensely as Jo so I left of Jo and used one hand inserting, first one then two and finally three fingers in her moist pussy, finger fucking her and massaging her pussy lips in turn, still her orgasm continued and intensified.

A Christmas Treat Ch. 1

group irishflea25 2018-02-10

It was the second Christmas they had spent together--Amy and Jack, Megan and Mark. Megan would run her hand up the length of Jack's cock through his pants, or Mark would grab Amy's ass, but it never went beyond that...until Christmas. While the four of them settled down to watch this classic porno and kick back a few drinks, Megan came up with an idea-let's break out the sex dice. And seeing that Jack was in the mood for sex, she thought, "What better timing!" So while the three watched the porno, Megan searched the house for the sex dice. Amanda took a shot of liquid courage and then rolled the dice and read them out loud.

The Tom and Bobb(ie) Show

group tk5555 2018-02-10

As Fiona finished up with Tom, Frank hooked his fingers under Bobbie's thong and began to pull down. Just thinking about it makes so fucking horny." She stood and turned to face Tom. Bobbie leaned over, putting her hands on the back of the chair. Bobbie reached out and stroked Tom's cock with her hand, then lowered her mouth on to it. Bobbie slipped Frank's cock out of her mouth and began stroking it with her hand, not giving him any rest. Bobbie glanced in his direction and replied, "I'm letting her play with my tits." As soon as the words left her mouth, she noticed Tom flaccid penis spring to life. As Frank walked over to Tom, Bobbie and Fiona watched.


Pleasantly Surprised

group Ankhet 2018-02-10

"Enjoying the show?" Stephen asked, his hand trailing lightly along the side of one of Annie's breasts. She kissed, licked, and nipped a trail from my breast down my body, trailing her hand after her mouth, paying extra attention to the spots she bit. Stephen started to move in Annie, and she slipped a finger inside me, working it in time with the cock inside herself. Finally, with one last lick, she drew her mouth from me, though she kept her fingers in me, moving ever so slightly (and still in time with the cock inside her). I found her clit and stroked it softly, gently brushing Stephen's moving cock with my other fingers.

Well... Ch. 14

group Pegleg 2018-02-10

Steve was now so close that he wasn’t going to argue and putting his hands on either side of Mary’s head he put his prick to her lips again and started to move slowly in and out of her welcoming mouth. She was a little taken aback when Ray started to run his hand up and down her bum but looking round she saw this handsome young man with a stonking erection looking for a home and when Steve said ‘It’s OK that’s Ray my bother’ she sighed loudly and replied ‘Well I better make him welcome then hadn’t I!’ There was no way Mary was going to stop her boning by Steve but she pulled Ray round next to her and grasping his manhood fed it slowly as far into her mouth as she could.


The Monster Next Door

group intimateoutlet 2018-02-10

She gently rubbed the thick dildo over her moistening slit, probing her pussy in time with the rhythmic pants from next door and, in time with the inevitable squeal of pain and pleasure as, she assumed, John thrust his full length deep into Susie she rammed her own toy hard and deep inside her. A massive thrust lifted Marie clean of the counter as John filled her insides with what felt likes pints of fresh, hot ejaculate. John, sperm now pulsing through his balls and up through the luscious long rod pulled away from Marie, who gulped a fresh breath, and fired an enormous shot over Susie's waiting tits.

Losing her Aussie Virginity

group CanberraLad 2018-02-10

Annette laughed when I looked a bit surprised, and explained that Amy came over as she'd never been to Australia, had some time off from her studies, so why not come over for two weeks?? Diane and Annette were chatting away to one side as we talked about the ride down, how we went round the corners much faster than we really did -- the usual biker bullshit. We chatted a bit longer and Annette was looking at the beach and the water, seeing where Peter and Dave were (they'd been body surfing all the time, which is what we usually did when we came to the beach). I started putting sunblock on her thighs and I felt her arse move slightly in response to my hands, moving up to meet my touch.


What Happens in the Locker Room...

group ZukoBaratheon 2018-02-10

As the team got up and made their way over to the men's locker room at the far end of the complex, Ryan made his way to the coach, taking off his swim cap and shaking the water out of his short brown hair. Sarah raised her eyes up to meet his, an innocent look in them as she drew her lips backwards down his cock, sucking off the cum that dripped and swallowing it down with a cute smile that almost made Ryan feel guilty. Ryan nodded, reaching out a hand to caress her hair as she happily took his cock into her mouth, licking off the remaining cum that dripped from it.


Tropical Joys

group Red Hugh 2018-02-10

Charlotte kissed the naked and equally satisfied Julie on the lips, paid her and wished her good night before strolling home to her little apartment. She had a question for Sam. David had asked if she could find another girl to accompany them and share their bed from time to time as well as 'accommodate a guest who would drop by for a couple of days. Charlotte and Sam had seen each other naked obviously and had even been together with customers at the brothel but they had been faking what they did for a John who could only afford a few hundred dollars for a rushed two-girl. Charlotte had outlined a menu of sex that David was partial to and it gave Sam pause for thought.

The Very Young Man Ch. 05

group metacarpal 2018-02-10

As soon as he began to fade, he withdrew and the other man impatiently pushed into her fucked her hard and fast until he suddenly stopped, paused a second or two, then also exploded deep inside her. She eventually rolled off Ben and wrapped her legs around Mark, slipping him back into her, letting him have all the sex he hungered for. Ben held her in his arms and kissed her as Mark pushed into her from behind and gently fucked her. Ben moaned also, feeling Mark fucking her. Ben and Karen felt Mark's cock explode, pulsing forcefully as semen was injected into her very, very tight pussy. As soon as he began to ejaculate, Mark pushed deep and paused, feeling this for himself.

Desperate Housewives II Ch. 02

group twoup 2018-02-09

As I cleaned the pool, topless as instructed, her friends were staring at me until Mrs Cable blurted out, "pretty hot boy for an eighteen year-old, isn't he? Having successfully unleashed my huge throbbing cock she engulfed as much of its giant crown in her tiny mouth as she could hold, licking along its mighty shaft, covering it in her saliva and the copious amount of pre-cum until I could take it no more and blew my load, a load so big she couldn't swallow. She let go with one hand reached around behind her and started rubbing my cock looking me in the eye she said "Well how are we going to make this fucking big thing fit?"

The Shave

group JenniferO1 2018-02-09

So this guy mentioned how an old girlfriend had gotten out of control at a party one time and started dancing for the guys kind of like this girl was doing. The next time we got a chance to play, I set up the room as a public one and started to tease Michael a bit. this was kind of cool, I liked the idea that I wasn't only driving Michael crazy but that I was driving a bunch of guys crazy. While I was calling up the file on the computer, I told her about my stories and how I got started posting some online and people seemed to like them.


Roadside Assistance

group Toolmo 2018-02-09

Jill came out and gave me a huge hug then kissed me, then said, "We are going to have fun!" Then walked away. Jill turned to me and said, "I am going down to the water with some friend to play in the surf, and you two can come join us if you wish!" And with that she pressed her lips to mine and gave my mouth a great tongue lashing, so much so that I started to get hard. Jill left us and walked out of the water up to the beach, so I took the chance and pulled Shari to me, pressing my cock against her, holding her close.