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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

HV 8: We Always Lay 'Em Straight

group Phrenetic_Ice 2018-02-09

The men swapped girls, then as happened with Brianna, Jerry, Brad and Mal pulled Jenna into the huge bed and Steve, Wayne and George dragged Kylie to the little ante-room where a single bed was waiting. Mal obviously mesmerised by Jenna's hot little bottom virtually jiggling in his face as she sucked and wanked Brad, got on the bed behind her and slipped his cock easily up into her pussy. As they began soaping-up Kylie between them, Jerry attending to her breasts, Wayne having lots of fun slipping the soap up between her legs and Mal making sure she had the cleanest little bottom in the State, Jenna shivered - I was holding her against me.


A Seduction Fantasy Ch. 02

group shapeshifter37 2018-02-09

You hesitantly nodded. You nodded once again in admission. Your answer was clear moments later as you caught a whiff of Kelly's wet cunt as she stepped in front of you and pulled your face between her thighs. I read one of - oh - your stories and - mmmm - emailed you." My hand dropped to your ass and lightly stroked it as you gasped your reply. As your ass and pussy began wildly spasming and clamping around the dual penetration of my cock and dildo, Kelly came forward to kiss you on your cunt cream soaked mouth, her tongue swirling over your lips to taste her own flavor.

Frolicking in Florida with Foxy & Friends

group Rick Dean 2018-02-09

You can stay at our beach house when you arrive, and if you fly into Jacksonville, let Angie and me know your arrival time and one or both of us will be there to pick you up." I read the email, then logged onto travelocity, expedia and hotwire to look for the best airfares. Angie cooed softly and said, "That is such a beautiful cock, just like in the pictures you sent, Rick!" She leaned down and softly licked the sides of me and I reclined my head back on the seat to moan as she did. Shannon spoke up and said, "Hey Rick do you remember Angie's friend, Barb?


New neighbors

group slatemhor 2018-02-09

"Matter of fact, we've stretched that pussy out so much that I can actually stick my fist in all the way past the wrist, can't I baby?" Cheryl stated as she looked over at Brooke who was still moving her body back to meet Ron's pulsating rod. She could sense we both had a submissive nature and once Brooke began to take a more dominant role with me in the bedroom, having me eat her pussy and letting her fuck my ass, Cheryl knew it was only a matter of time. As Brooke sat naked astride Ron's lap, sitting on his hard cock, sucking madly on his tongue as they French kissed, Cheryl had me lay on the floor.

Vasectomy Ch. 03

group Joe Bob 2018-02-09

So now they announce that they have a bet among themselves and it is to see which of them will be "the one" to get the sample for the Doc. So they have drawn numbers ahead of time to see who gets to go first and the rule is apparently that they each get 15 seconds to lick, suck or rub me and attempt to make me cum. She then smiles looking right eye to eye with me still holding my dick in her hand as it is continuing to enlarge and says, "Well if you need any help at any time arranging someone to be attentive to him, give me a call, I am single and it is difficult to find could clean men with no strings attached.

Sturgis Bike Rally

group timflh401 2018-02-09

Good luck with that and have a great time." But when my message got back to Kendra's phone, it beeped once on floor next to the sofa in the living room and went unnoticed. I received several texts from Kendra over those days, mainly saying the test drive is continuing and she can't wait for me to arrive. I wanted to surprise Kendra so I managed to get off work a day early and hit the road early the next morning to get to Sturgis early in the afternoon. I was so selfish, I forgot she had already been fucked four times that day, worked a full shift, and partied for 3 more hours. I knew Kendra was working early that day but had no idea what time she was getting off.

Curious Jade Ch. 02

group JackPorter23 2018-02-09

This Time Lynn won and she grinned at me and said that she wanted me to kiss Ted. He was seated across the circle from me and as I leaned across the table (which he didn't help me with at all) I could tell my skirt was riding up giving the boys behind me a good view of my panties. I won that game and chose for Lynn to kiss Dan. She got up and straddled Dan taking her time to sit down giving him a nice look at her breasts right in his face, then fiercely made out with him in front of everyone and I thought I saw her hand reach down to his crotch.


The One That Got Away - Fat & Sexy

group Mastur 2018-02-09

I dropped back down into Kelly's arms but Mike stood naked in front of Kathryn with a huge, hard cock (it must have been 9 inches) and she just leaned forward and took him in her mouth. Kathryn had Mike's cock, wet, sliding across her face, but she locked her eyes onto Kelly's tits and just never looked away. Kathryn broke our kiss and moved her face closer to Kelly's and Mike thrust his hips forward just a few inches and Kathryn had his cock in her mouth. But this evening was hot, I was feeling so full of lust, and I loved the feeling of my hard cock in my hand, touching myself the way I know best, with Kelly's face below me, her half-closed eyes, he open mouth.

Frenching the Summer Maids Ch. 02

group MurphyFitzgerald 2018-02-09

"Boobilicious, you look like a buck naked Barbie doll crawling through the Garden of Eden." Teddy's laughing voice came from behind Barbara as he looked into the bush. Ohhhh, Joey don't move or someone will see!" The panic and adrenaline at her exposure was slowly being joined by the building heat as Teddy's fingers eagerly opened her trapped body further and now entirely to his pleasure. "Boobilicious doll, you can scream and people will see your naked body or we can wait for Matt while we all come hard right here in the middle of the commons!" Teddy said way too loudly as he moved the second finger inside her pussy and began to slide around her juices and massage her lower lips.


The Desert Part IV

group atlsexyguy 2018-02-09

When I got to the room, Jessie and Dan were kissing on the bed and there were 10 or so guys looking into the room from the back – which opened onto the maze. A crowd watched them and a HOT guy in gym shorts started rubbing his crotch. The new guy pulled his gym shorts off and he had a 8 inch hard cut, pierced cock. He stood me up and picked 2 twinks to suck on my cock and rim my hole at the same time while I licked on his sweaty hard body. The tall guy handed the Marine some elbow grease and he prepped my hole for his 7 inch thick cock.

Sex toy party surprise

group 2018-02-09

I stripped off and got the dress which covered the most but it was still quite revealing and tight, and walked back into the room…the guys clapped and asked me to walk around a little to give them a good view….very nice one said but it would look better with your bra off…not sure that dress need one they said. Okay one guy said how about you make some more cash by showing us how our wives should use these toys…ohhh no way I said this is far as it goes…..again they were cool about it but some got their wallets and started to throw quite a bit of cash onto the floor…this could all be yours for a little demonstration.

Darkness Ch. 02

group emma579 2018-02-09

And he could see his body clench as he came, exploding with pleasure, darkness spilling from his penis, filling her with his seed. He put a hand to her hip as he tilted his body and humped up against her, working every inch of his cock inside her. He was just as hot from watching her as the roommate was from her touch - more so as the darkness inside him remembered the feel of her enveloping his penis, first with her mouth, then with her body. The roommate was tense, tight, his body focused on the pressure around his penis, her hot mouth sucking him in, then letting him slide free.


Deep Magic

group Erlikkhan 2018-02-09

Mary Simpson's body exploded as Frank's huge cock slammed into her pussy over and over. Mindy enjoyed the sexual release Betsy gave her, but knew it would never replace a hard cock. Mindy loved the feel of a hard cock in her mouth and she loved the taste of cum. This time Mindy slipped a hand between Betsy's legs until her fingers could part the moist folds of her pussy. Besides, Billy did have a cock - a nice one if her dream was any indication - and Sonya needed to get fucked badly. Sonya was devouring Billy Bishop's cock with the same degree of aggression she had in her dream. Billy slid up her body and fed his dripping cock between Sonya's lips.


Moving to a Retirement Community

group eprise01 2018-02-09

She stayed there for only a few minutes before working her way back up to my balls, but she bypassed my hard cock and moved to my belly button, where she jabbed into that a couple of times and then continued her journey until she got to my nipples, which were standing at attention themselves. When she did stop she allowed my skin to fully slide back into place and then would grip that overhand and suck it into her mouth and I could feel it sliding down the back of her throat, then she'd use her tongue to wrap around it and slowly pull it back out.

The Endowment Club Study

group SierraSprite 2018-02-09

We were just finishing showers after practice when one of my soccer teammates came over and asked, "Alex, some of us have been recruited for a study and they are looking for a few more guys. It was a busy time, the spring of my senior year, my eighteenth birthday months behind me, and I forgot about the offer until my phone rang the following week and a woman's voice asked if I was interested in being a study subject and could she put me down for an interview in the next several days. Little twitches and shudders were going through all of them when Molly rolled on top of Sonja and said, "The study designers are going to clean up and talk about their problems.


Old Photo Found

group Emilyplaying 2018-02-09

After a few too many drinks, he got it out & was challenging any girl present to try and deep throat him, offering $1000 to anyone who managed it. If you've read my story "Emily Sucks", you'll know I'd managed to deep throat a cock over 10" already & I figured this one was manageable, probably longer than David's but thinner. After I'd won my challenge, I got up & had another drink, to his credit, the guy paid up in cash immediately, telling me how great it had felt & that no girl had ever managed to take much more than half his length before. It erupted in seconds, withdrew and was immediately replaced by another, which started to cum as it entered my mouth & penetrated my throat.

The Gathering

group PatrickDonovan 2018-02-09

I caught Kevin giving her light shoulder rubs from time to time (I had forgotten to tell Kathryn that he was a professional masseuse and that Nancy was his student - facts which would be the start of our surprising, yet exciting weekend). Kevin began kissing her anus through her shorts as Nancy rubbed her mound furiously. Nancy caressed Kevin's head and neck while he feasted on my girl's sex, then reached up and started to undo her shorts. I pulled my mouth from hers and moved down to her breast, kissing all around Nancy's diligent fingers on my lover's chest. Kevin reached in and began to stroke my lover's clitoris while I ate her sex and Nancy started caressing Kathryn's breasts.


Fucked by the Boss & the Boys Again

group ericrodman101 2018-02-09

Larry and Joon took one each, and Jason stepped onto the terrace with one for Troy who took the last beer, and used both hands to open it without even breaking his rhythm fucking Tracey's mouth. Troy had conceded his place at Tracey's mouth and walked over to where Gina, Larry and Joon were sitting. A vision of her raw and spent body, curved across the ball in the sun, the guys' sweat and Larry and Joon's cum in her mouth and across her face, her red raw pussy and ass used and gaping, and the guys and the others standing around examining her like a doll in a porn film.

Surprise Threesome

group SubmissiveCumSlut 2018-02-09

I wanted him to touch me again, however I was informed that the other man had said to my master that they should have one breast each and suck on my nipples. Both men sucking on my breasts, a cock in my left hand and stroking the other through his jeans, my pussy was getting master stopped sucking and kissed me while undoing my jeans, pulling them off to my knees and fondling my wet pussy, quickly retrieving the egg so it would not be found by him. I wanted to climb on top of the other guys cock and let my master watch me fuck him until I had cum down his cock.

My First Gangbang

group sweetthing0864 2018-02-09

"If you come back and suck my sons cock and give me the cash I'll fix your car good as new." He led me to a small room and when I walked in I saw the young man standing naked his cock in hand a smile on his face. When I turned my head, I saw that the other three had their cocks in hand and had started stroking them. A finger was sliding in and out and then I felt a cock head pushing it's way inside. "Oh fuck, push your cock in my tight little ass. I felt his finger push inside my ass and again I started to cum.

OK, But Just One Drink...

group yurato 2018-02-09

Marcus sat Linda at the head of the Marcus was sitting next to Linda and I heard country...great table dances...", Tom said. The conversation hushed a little as Linda returned. the other end of the table resumed their conversation drink." Linda sheepishly said, "Sure," and everyone at looking down at the other end of the table). Linda was leaning over the table and drinks again and notice that Linda had apparently earring under the table, I noticed the back of her head I sat down to enjoy my drink and Linda excused herself A little later I looked up and noticed that my wife had When I got back Marcus was at the head of the table

Liz and Mitch and the Young Friend

group scottish-couple 2018-02-09

When Liz said, 'I think Mitch would love you to stroke his cock.' Robbie didn't hesitate and reached out for it. Robbie had sped up his wanking of Mitch's cock and as soon as he had deposited his hot spunk deep inside Liz's welcoming pussy concentrated on bringing Mitch to a wonderful cum splattering orgasm which soaked Liz's breasts and nipples. Robbie was now licking and sucking Liz as hard as he could and when she positioned her clit over his mouth his lips sucked on it and soon he felt her gushing cunt juices soaking his face as she had a wonderful oral orgasm.

This Is Who I Am Now

group Darkinside 2018-02-09

I wonder, she thought as she listened, what they would think of me and my new friends? She thought back to the previous evening, with her husband and their friends, Susan and Lyle. Then Susan lowered her pussy to Greg's mouth, and Karen had licked her ass while her husband licked her clit. "But the lasagna is delicious!" Everyone laughed, and returned to the conversation as Karen remembered taking Bob and Lyle's second loads in her mouth, after Susan had licked the cum from her fucked cunt and ass. It wasn't the flavor of cum she liked, it was the act of taking it in her mouth, or licking it from Susan's pussy, or from her own fingers.

Addie's Mardi Gras

group LynnK1 2018-02-09

Besides Zorro, there was Superman, a pirate, Dracula, a gritty cowboy, and Melanie's friend Jay clothed as a king. "It looks like it," answered the king, "a couple of people called and said they wouldn't be able to make it." Then turning back to the other men, Jay, the king, openly proclaimed, "Gentlemen, this is Melanie, and," looking at Addie, "this is?" As Addie sat relaxing on the sofa between the masked pirate and Zorro, Melanie was busy talking to her friend the king. As Dracula and the pirate were fucking Addie and Melanie, the king, the cowboy, and Zorro all played with their still wet and rigid cocks as they stood around and watched the two friends in action.