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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

My First Threesome

group Micnyc 2018-02-09

When Eva started to touch the naked legs of Valeria, I got really excited and I stood up, now I wanted to take part of it. Eva was caressing her neck and putting her hand into Valeria's hairs, never keeping the tongue out of her mouth. Then Eva started to lick with the end of her tongue the head of my penis and Valeria was looking waiting for her turn. I put down her yoga pants till the knees and I start fucking her very hard from behind while Valeria was kissing her back and touching her tits, and nipples. I firmly grasped from the sides and pushed all my dick inside her for every bang, while Valeria pulled Eva's long hairs pushing the head behind.

The Indian Prince Ch. 04

group sr71plt 2018-02-09

"The prince unwittingly snapped shots of what looks like a terrorist training base while we were up in the Magnus yesterday, and we did not stray outside of Balrampur territory. Allard told me to tell you this because he wants permission to bring in professional civilian soldiers to protect against possible action from the camp and to neutralize it—both for your good and ours." As Adil and I entered, though, the prince turned his face to us, sat up on the edge of the massage table, and waved the official-looking men away. In the corridor, Adil tugged at my sleeve—I was awkwardly carrying my trousers and briefs in my arms and walking like a duck from the temporary stretching the prince had done of my channel—and pulled my ear closer to his mouth.


The Dancer

group Dingy_Jo 2018-02-09

I was aroused, he was aroused, Joan was asleep on the couch and Lisa had taken off all her clothes except for her bra and panties and was dancing dreamily with some imaginary lover to the music. Katie stepped in front of him, sandwiching me between the two of them, put her hand behind his neck, pulled his face down and kissed him. On the way down my buttocks struck both his cock and Katie's hand and my bra fell off. Katie stood up and pulled him away from the dance floor and made him lay down on the carpet. As I was sucking away Katie was behind me, fondling my buttocks and sliding her hand up my crotch to feel my sopping wet pussy.

Sophie Takes Tokyo

group happyalex 2018-02-09

As the group of youths passed under an old looking street lamp, Alex just had time to make out the smiling face of a pretty young thing before she disappeared with her friends into one of the old crooked doorways. "Maiko likes you," Mick continued, "She wants to try sex with Gaijin. The students were looking a little red faced, as Asians do when they drink, when Maiko lost to Mick. Alex, Maiko and Mick howled, leaving Sophie irritated. "It's like we are back at the theater," Maiko whispered to Sophie between moans, reaching out to hold her hand. Sophie's hand instinctively drifted down to her own, and she couldn't help wondering whether, having tried Maiko, Alex was going to be satisfied with her again. "Maiko," Alex then ordered, "I want you to lick and finger Sophie's cunt."


Lucky Cable Guy Ch. 05

group Megamuffin 2018-02-09

With Amber's tits in my face and Heidi's mouth on my cock, this didn't seem like the right time to worry about such things. My cock was so fucking hard it was almost painful to point it downward at Heidi's pussy, so I lowered my whole body to her, and she helped to guide me inside her again. Amber swooped in and took my dick into her mouth, sucking off the mixture of her and Heidi's pussy juice and my cum. Amber and Heidi had no clothes in my bedroom, since we'd all undressed in the living room during the party, so instead of putting on a pair of shorts like I normally would on a Sunday morning, I walked down the hall from my bedroom naked, followed by the girls.


D'Orgasmic Chronicles Ch. 03

group Liquor69 2018-02-09

The way I saw it was that he was more concerned with having me work for him than for me getting back together with Mark," Cherry said on the drive back home. Others, like Gary and Mark, are investing almost one billion dollars in the next year to improve the lives of nearly nine thousand people. I imagine Mark would love that one," she said as she looked at Gary's G650. After dinner, Pierre met with Cherry and told her how he was going to do the catalog shoot. "Come on, let me pour you a drink," Gary said as he and Mark walked outside. "I feel an orgasm coming on and I wanted him to see it," she said as she kissed Gary and ran into the playroom.


An Experience to Remember

group Pain_Jane 2018-02-09

Feeling his cock against my ass wanting to slip inside I started thinking about it... I lifted my ass up slightly and pulled Dave's raging hard on out and Brian handed me a condom... I urged Dave to bring his cock to my mouth and Brian moved between my legs placing them up on his shoulders... I feel my body beg for more and in leaning forward Dave slipped his immensely intense cock into my already swollen pussy... I ask "Will you fuck my ass Dave?" he smiled and slipped his cock out of my cunt... Brian began kissing on my ass cheeks and soon found his tongue on my asshole... Brian pulls away and Dave pulls his cock out and slips it into my asshole...

Crystal Clear Ch. 31

group Romantic1 2018-02-09

Synopsis of This Story Up to This Point: After a motorcycle road trip laced with grief, love, incest, and sex (read my Road Trip series), Jim, girlfriend country singer Crystal Lee and her sister Ellen, a love interest named Claire, and a nymphomaniac housekeeper Nadia lived together. The group heads to the Lee's for Christmas, where Jim successfully seduces Crystal and Ellen's mother Kim, and Nadia scores with Don their Dad. Crystal and Jim skied and made love with Lauren, and play in her hot tub. I blamed myself for a large part of the events that took place; I kept playing the 'If only' game in my head, thinking of all the words I should have said or all the actions I could have taken to turn things around before they got out of hand and Crystal imploded.


Kissing The Pink Ch. 02

group Jay_Lloyd 2018-02-09

Lucy looked up at me and approached, as Carol chatted with George, who was wearing shoes, jeans, and an open blazer over a pristine white shirt. Lucy and George began kissing, and Carol held me tight, pressing her fine soft breasts into my chest. Carol remained fairly restrained, while in contrast, Lucy looked as though she was trying to literally fuck George's butt off. Lucy then rolled off of George, who, still sporting an unsatisfied erection, in turn moved to the adjacent bed, which Carol now adorned languidly, wearing a happy expression on her face. Carol discarded his condom, then lubed George's cock and jacked him off with a practised hand, slowly, yet firmly drawing her almost closed fist from the base to the tip.


Little School Girl

group SsargonX31 2018-02-09

She groaned loudly and becca actually gasped, absently moving her own hand over her damp crotch, lifting her own little skirt slightly. He smiled that jackal grin once more and moved away slightly, whispering again, "Would you like to make me feel good, too?" Becca didn't know what he was talking about, she sat quietly and when she didn't answer him, he sat back on his knees and rubbed his hard cock through his jeans. Becca was a little unsure and slightly covered herself up, but he moved her hands and held her breasts firmly, rubbing them and pinching her nipples lightly. She ran her hands up his back to his shoulders as he thrust inside her at a slow even pace, filling her small tight pussy with his cock until she thought she couldn't handle it anymore.


Pirates in My Pants Ch. 01

group jallen944 2018-02-09

Stan shoved his hips forward again, jamming his cock deeper into Kate's pussy. Kate closed her eyes and moaned, enjoying the feel of his fresh cum filling her pussy and the throbbing of his cock in her channel. Kate walked ahead of Fred to Stan's door and pressed the doorbell button. "Hi Fred," Stan said. You want a beer?" Stan said. Fred sat on the couch beside Kate and let out a deep sigh. By the time Stan returned with a bottle of whiskey and three shot glasses, his beer was half gone. Stan, on the other hand, calmly sipped the whiskey, until a drop poured down his chin and Kate began to laugh. "I think I'm gonna marry Stan," she said.

Staycation Ch. 03

group Gary_Alexander 2018-02-09

By the way Tina was grinding her ass into Jim, I was pretty sure his cock was pushing against her pussy. "Last night Michelle took your cock in her mouth and gave you one good suck and then let you go; and then today you got your cock in her pussy for just a second or two, and then she left. "And as for just now, I may have been in Michelle's pussy for just a moment, but..." I grabbed one of the large towels, spread it out on the grass, pulled Tina down to the towel with me, pulled off her bikini bottoms and my own bathing suit, and thrust my cock into her already-wet pussy.

Morning Surprise

group asslvr 2018-02-09

It started out with comments like “Well, I’d let a woman go down on me, but I’m not sure I could return the favor.” But by the hungry look in her eye, I knew better. Recently my wife has taken a real liking to watching a video in particular, showing one woman fucking another in the ass with a dildo. As I fuck her, she has the sensation of what feels like my wet finger rubbing your pussy, doing so just right without losing the momentum of the rhythm of my cock pounding. Just as her orgasm is about to hit, she opens her eyes and looks down between her legs, realizing that a beautiful naked woman is licking her pussy.

The Winning Prize

group PrincessErin 2018-02-09

The boys are waiting." Mr. Nico shook George's hand warmly and smiled nicely at Chelsea. "Good girl." George kissed Chelsea on the top of the head and stood up, letting Mr. Nico lead him towards one of his offices. "Yeah sure." Chelsea felt Tony's hot mouth move from her pussy and then felt a hard cock enter her. Chelsea saw Guiseppe and Tony behind Joe. They were waiting their turns, cock in hand, stroking hard. "I'm going to flood your pussy with all my hot cum!" Joe thrusted one last time and exploded inside her. Feel my cum inside you." Chelsea barely had time to recover when Tony thrusted his cock inside her.


First Time Invited

group overseas 2018-02-09

Brad was stroking his wife's pussy as he stared at her hands on my cock. I began to stroke the back of Debbie's head and surprised myself my doing the same to Brad. Debbie continued to stroke the base of the shaft as Brad sucked me. She began to stroke Brad's cock as he licked and sucked me, all three of us getting very excited. Brad got on the floor beneath Debbie, his view directly at her pussy and ass. I pushed all the way in and began to fuck her ass, slowly and firmly, Debbie was moaning in ecstasy. Debbie climbed onto to me and Brad guided my cock into her pussy. I licked Debbie's pussy, then sucked Brad's cock as they shared my cum.

Double translate

group vikingcokk 2018-02-09

"Look, Peter," said Nina, "Tanja has shown just shown you what it is we are out" and with that I felt both their hands grasp my giant bul and massaging it. Take what you've been missing for so many years, "said Nina, who brought his hand under Tanja's head and grip on my big stuffed balls. "Open your little pussy and show Peter how tight you are a slut," said Nina, as she now had stuck two fingers up in himself makes my cock and a hard gaze stared Tanja. Slowly Tanja descent and when her shot was just over the dick that Nina still held hard, she slipped labia a few times back and forth on his cock head before she let dickhead find the hole and slid down.

Happy Campers

group Many Feathers 2018-02-09

Jolene and Shelly had begun preparing a simple meal for our first night's dinner while Ned and I busily hauled wood for later use. Jolene soon began to soap up her own body, also washing her breasts while Shelly stood there watching her in anticipation of helping her wash her hair. "I'm sure that Shelly wouldn't mind...if Jolene didn't object to it," he said glancing towards his wife. "Your wife has nice tits," I said slyly looking towards Ned as I raised my glass to finish it. Though none of us had come right out and said it of course, sitting around naked all day had been arousing, even if the girls weren't as ready to admit it as Ned and I were.


1993: Somalia Confidential

group gggsss1962 2018-02-09

The whole area was about 20% of the whole UN-controlled part of Somalia, included four main towns, the border to Ethiopia, the only permanent river and the only paved road of the country, about 40 tribes belonging to five of the most important clans (including the Aideed's Habr Gadir, the bitter enemies of UNOSOM), and six UN compounds, three of which in Belet Weyne. Now, the only legal thing that was clear in Somalia at the time was that any sort of alcohol outside Army compounds was strictly forbidden, so I was not surprised to find the drink was a nicely cool peach tea, which was served in a quite comfortable veranda opened on the cultivated courtyard.


A Professor Learns a Lesson...

group Lion24655 2018-02-09

Georgina took some more sips from her coffee, and reflected on the coming weekend with Tony and Brenda. "If you want something to do, come with us to our cabin for the weekend." She paused, just long enough for Georgina to say no, but she didn't, so Brenda continued. As Brenda and Tony both came at the same time, the bed shaking, moaning, crying out, Georgina knew she was being torn in two - her mind trying to work out, her body turned on. It was odd for Georgina to hear what Brenda said, and her heart leapt - often she would be complimented on her lectures, or ideas, but her body, something sexual..............the sensation for a woman is something very different...........


Their First Toys Ch. 08

group leBonhomme 2018-02-09

Yeah, real good, very surprisingly, but, like I said, don't know if I can tell you." Kathy grins with a nod, looking at his cock. "Oh, that's good!" Jane replies, and Kathy nods emphatically on his thigh. She snorts with funny smile and then asks: 'And she liked it?' I nod again. She says: 'remember when we were in junior high and dared each other to take of all our clothes?' It wasn't like that: she wanted to show me her first bra or why she had to wear it, then daring me to show her."


Dog Fetches Girls For Owner

group 2018-02-09

The brunette, Jean, had a regular t-shirt on that gave no opportunity to see anything, but her blonde friend, Evie, was wearing a top with a lower and looser neckline and when she reached out to pet Jet, Trevor got a great look at her firm looking tits with puffy aureoles. Now it was the girls turn to surprise Trevor for as soon as they climbed off of him, Evie moved in to clean his cum out of Jean’s pussy. His tongue explored as much of her inside as it could reach before he moved his attention to her clit as Evie started riding his cock like a wild woman.

Amy and the Security Men

group Friskee_cpl 2018-02-09

I could feel cunt juice all over my pussy and I dipped my hand in and rubbed it on Eric's cock. I spread my legs and as Bill came towards me Eric said "before you go putting that monster in her let John and I have a go." Bill began sucking my tits and Eric fed his cock into my mouth. John and Eric came around and I went back to sucking each cock. John pulled his cock out of me and I lifted myself off Bill and allowed a few big gloops of cum to spill onto the floor. I squatted on the floor and started to pull on John's cock.

sassy frassy lassy's slutty adventures

group 2018-02-09

We left after our drinks and a man followed us out and asked where we were going, Sir told him what bar we were going to. We stopped at the bookstore but I think our timing was bad as another slut (although not sure if she was a girl or not honestly she looked kinda like a guy) was leaving. The guy next to us started grabbing me and I got on my knees to suck his cock. The guy started fucking me while I sucked sir’s cock. We started to leave and the guy that worked there asked if we could stay a little while longer. He took me to a private booth and I started sucking his cock then he asked to fuck me.

A Threesome?

group kinkygirl 2018-02-09

I stopped sucking Dave and took Andy's cock into my mouth, massaging his heavy balls in my hand. I began to feel myself getting used to its size and once more began sucking on Dave and Andy's cocks. "You are such a good cock sucker Hannah, said Dave, but I want to know what your pussy feels like around my cock. With the pressure of Andy pushing down on me as he fucked my arse, my clitty was permanently rubbing against Dave's shaft, and once more I felt my orgasm approaching fast. As Andy pulled out and fell away, Dave rolled me over onto my belly and began fucking me hard in my arse.