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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

The Downhill Run Pt. 03

group aadirtyoldmaninphx1 2018-02-09

Never one to make a final decision until absolutely necessary, I took turns fucking them both until I stated to cum inside Amy. After a couple of spurts I pulled out of her and finished in Trish. From the moment we got going, it was obvious Henri was there strictly for Trish and Amy. The four girls immediately turned their full attention to Jerry and me. He was fucking Trish from behind while she fingered and licked Amy. He looked up when he saw us standing in the doorway, my hands fondling the two girls' asses while one stroked my dick and the other massaged my balls.


A Wife Plus Two Makes Music Ch. 02

group fantality 2018-02-09

Rob backed away to let us dance so I compressed my cock against Rochelle's hip while I nibbled her neck and ears. So with my soaking face and hands I separated, pulled her hood lips up with two fingers, and then pressed its apex and saw her delicate button project out for me. Rochelle's mouth fell on my cock in time with Robs pushing. Rob continued his pumping at a slower pace, then withdrew and said, "Rochelle get onto your back and raise your legs." She complied and while turning over said, "Wow that was yummy Tom. You're salty like coconut juice." I want him to taste your cum on his wife." So Rob kissed her while she inserted her tongue deep into his mouth.


Christian College Sex Comedy Ch. 08

group FinalStand 2018-02-09

"Zane, if you can tear yourself away from her muff, start shaving her legs and I'll call you in fifteen minutes with what the girls and I can come up with," Leigh chuckled. "Well, now we know who to watch out for when we follow Zane down to Spring Break," Opal pointed out, "Or at least we know what she's like down below." I decided that working on Brandi was my mission for the night. Brandi stiffened and I waited for her to rebel but when she didn't, I compounded the pleasure of her embrace with Opal by increasing my teasing and pulling with my teeth on her nipple as well as rubbing one finger around her clit and slipping it into her hot cunt.


Soldier Send Off

group yesnice43 2018-02-09

I walked around with the camera and from the corner of my eye I seen my wife removed her wrap around and started to dance. As she moved to the den everyone knew what was next she start to suck and fuck all five until they came in her holes twice. The next morning my wife woke up and said her pussy was sore, so I got an ice bag for her. I looked at the guys and said her pussy was sore and I wasn’t sure if she could do anything. She seen them getting ready so she said sorry guys but you wore my pussy out.

A Ride in the Country Ch. 03

group susan12346 2018-02-09

Seconds later I felt the butler’s mouth push between my legs and his tongue started to give my pussy long hard licks. His head gave a jerk and suddenly a big bolt of cum shot out hitting me straight in the throat and immediately ran down and over the swell of my breasts, stopping a little at the bra, running around until it started slipping over. Still holding is cock with both hands I let my mouth slide back and forth over the head, keeping my lips tight as they passed over the rim of his cockhead. Her hands felt my breasts within my bra and she kissed me hard on the lips, her tongue pushing deep into my mouth, swirling around tasting both me and the taste of the boy’s cum.


Sperm Bank

group Girl Friend 2018-02-09

Next Dr. Willis asked me to go into a room with him where the interview would take place. Dr. Willis handed me a gown and walked out of the room, closing the door behind him. A few minutes later Dr. Willis walked in ALONG WITH ABOUT 20 GUYS. "Ms. Starr the interviewing process is about to begin," Dr. Willis said perfectly calm as he unzipped his pants and took out his gigantic 12" cock. There were about 20 other men that entered the room all rubbing their cocks. So much cum was oozing from my pussy that I had to place my bunched up gown between my legs to absorb all the sticky cum left in me.


Jayne and the Helpful Neighbor

group sinnermanuk 2018-02-09

As I watched he slipped it into the 'V' top of her dress coming into contact with bare flesh and what I knew would be a rock hard nipple, as his fingers explored her Jayne took a deep breath and Dave muttered, 'What a woman, beautiful and sexy, you are a very lucky guy'. Jayne collapsed back onto the seat between Tom and me, her legs spread wide, the buttons on her dress undone down to the waist and her bra-less tits out on display, the dark brown nipples hard and sticking right out, her body still jerking in post orgasmic surges, her breathing ragged and deep, coming in short gasps as she slowly recovered her senses.


Comic Book Sex

group Johnevie 2018-02-09

The following week I get a call from Jen. Emma is ready to draw the scenes, she says, but she needs references. The rest of the time, her eyes were traveling along the shapes of Jen's legs, her pussy, my head. She placed one hand on Jen's abdomen and the other on her back, gently guiding the model -- who was still firmly planted on my cock -- into one pose, and then another. I placed my hands on her hips, as I had done with Jen, but this time my fingers wrapped around the elastic waistband of Emma's pants. We then kissed for what seemed like a very long time, me sitting cross-legged on the studio floor, Emma with her legs wrapped around my torso, her arms around my neck.

University Pleasures Ch. 04

group interestinglife 2018-02-09

The trio shifted positions to imitate what was on the screen; Myriam moved to Tom's legs and wrapped her gorgeous round breasts where they needed to go; as Rebecca leaned into Tom's face and he lapped up her nipples, she grabbed his hand and guided it around her frame to her moist pussy. The actor's hand, even as he fucked his partner, went to the other girl's sex to stimulate her; Tom slid two fingers against Myriam's hole even as he pumped into Rebecca. Myriam was first into position, laying on her back; Rebecca moved in and locked her lips on her roommate's pussy, licking her with energy; she had to stop for a moment when Tom, getting behind her, pushed his erection back into her welcoming hole.


Mary's human-kittypet adventures (2)

group filledcreampie 2018-02-09

Her friend took the chance to lube up his cock and dived into Mary's ass, while his woman kept tenderly touching Mary's cunt, rubbing the half hidden clit. Mary moaned and drooled, the woman had started to lick her friends jewels while he was pounding Mary's ass quick and rough, so her tongue failed her target and she licked over Mary's sealed cunt. Sam took the condom off, lubed his cock and pushed it into Mary's prestretched, cumflooded ass in nearly a single move. As the guy left his place Sam turned the loveballs to highest intensity to f0rce Mary into another climax, while pounding her ass roughly. Mary moaned, panted and drooled as she climaxed and Sam followed her and squirted his load into her ass.

Sensualist Ch. 04

group Grouchojim 2018-02-09

I could almost sense the stirring of Alice's orgasm building in my own prick as several sharp pangs of pleasure racked her lithe body from Denise's talented mouth as it worked on her cunt. Denise, knowing what the other woman wanted, intensified her efforts, sucking harder at her clit, using her fingers to pummel the teen's cunt until poor Alice was enveloped in a series of mind-boggling spasms. And with Alice's face mere inches away, I introduced my other middle finger to her anus and stretched her further while moving my mouth toward her cunt and sucking hard at the now frothy entrance. I began kissing her anus, then moved to sucking and licking away at it, while Alice wriggled her ass from the delightful sensations I was causing.


Jenny threesome

group 2018-02-09

I suggested to Sara that she have a shower first so that she would be clean and ready for Jenny's arrival. Sara said she wanted her pussy perfect for Jenny's arrival. Sara asked if I would like to watch her and Jenny have sex tonight. Jenny grabbed Sara by the face and pulled her down to her and kissed her hard. I stood there stroking my cock while watching Sara greedily licking Jenny's beautiful blonde pussy. I got up on the bed, straddled Sara's face and moved my cock into position. Jenny asked that i fuck her hard while Sara sucked on her clit. Sara pushed us apart so she could bury her face in Jenny's pussy once again.

A Night Never Forgotten Ch. 03

group MissSenses 2018-02-09

"...Mmm, and just how hard or soft you like it." Carmen hissed, her seductive words spilling in between the motions of her mouth, keeping time with the motions of her moving fingers. Vanessa felt her pussy clinch around Carmen's fingers, as she watched Dan's hand grip and then wrap around his length, pulling the cover down. Dan moved his hands softly along Vanessa's breasts, as his hips arch up under her cheeks, pressing against her. "Mmm, now Carmen has my cock in her hand…" Dan said with a raspy tone into Vanessa's ear as she felt it pressed against her entrance. Vanessa could barely breathe as Carmen began lapping her tongue just above Dan's sliding cock, as he pinched at her nipples, rolling them in between his fingers.

Weekend with Connie and Dave Ch. 07

group Ebolaone 2018-02-09

Not wanting to cum too quickly, I stopped stroking myself, reached out and started stroking his cock with my oil slick hand. Dave rubbed my oily cock against his own ass for a few strokes, then lifted himself up just enough to press the head against his hole and eased himself back down. "Do you like his big cock in your ass?" Connie whispered to Dave. Tess's pussy gushed over my face as I sucked on her clit, making her cum just as hard as I did. Sitting on my face it was easy for her to reach around my legs and pull them back even further than they were, making Daves cock drive even deeper in my ass.

UPS Delivers

group Johnsexlife 2018-02-09

The next afternoon the FedEx guy showed up at 1 PM and Linda was in her bikini again but this time the FedEx was almost immediately started kissing her and had her bottom and top off within a minute of coming into the house. The UPS & FedEx guys just smile and go for round two with one entering her anus and the other her cum filled vagina.Within a few minutes the mailman cums in Linda's mouth and she swallows it all quickly followed by the FedEx and UPS guys filling her other two holes with a load of fresh cum. Reflecting after the three delivery guys leave Linda immediately gets online to order more merchandise some to be shipped UPS, some FedEx and of course one to be shipped US Postal service special delivery.


A True Story

group Bingeboy 2018-02-09

Brandy left my face to join Denise, one sucking my dick and the other with one nut in her mouth. Brandy really likes to watch me beat off so she asked me to come that way for Denise. Denise said "If you werent with Doug, who in here would you do?" Brandy wrote "Jimmy, because he's clean and has nice arms." Brandy saw me reading and looked nervous thinking I'd get pissed. So to prove it, I walked over to Jimmy who was waiting for his turn to get up on stage, and said "My wife would like to fuck you and it's alright with me. Later that night, Brandy and I went to the hotel and when she saw I had set it up she got very nervous.

A Late Night's Work Ch. 2

group Walt W 2018-02-09

With hands on her stomach , throat and tits, fingers pinching her nipples and stroking her erect clit, Jen began to orgasm as the two men pushed deeply into her pussy and throat and erupted with streams of intensely hot , silky cum. Grasping Jennifer's stockinged ankles, the nearest man lifted her legs upward and outward and placing his hard cock against her partially opened pussy lips, lunged into her , feeling the cock already inside her shift slightly to allow him entry. "No", she said, "I really want this." Pulling him between her thighs, Jen reached down and began to work the massive width of the his cock head into her pussy.

Theatre Ch. 02

group Rexman9 2018-02-09

It covered the side of my face and the neck of Red. It was still twitching a bit when he turned my head and stuck it deep in my mouth. Each guy grabbed my head with one hand and they both pushed and stretched my lips wide and soon their cocks were side by side inside my mouth. "Or maybe she would like to see you having this much fun." Red licked some of cum from the side of my face and released me as the guys took my shirt off over my head. It was being stroked and started cumming all over Maria's face, my face, and Red's cock. Red pulled my cock out of her mouth and jerked me off in Maria's direction.

Welcome to Suburbia Ch. 02

group Morbid_Saint 2018-02-09

A knock on the door signaled the arrival of another guest, but as Roberta and Ramey walked to the door and opened it up, there were two standing at the entrance. "There it is," Ramey licked her lips, "The welcoming committee." She smiled, then turned around to kiss Roberta on her mouth. Tony let go, and released a hot, thick load deep into Andrea's hole. Roberta slipped herself out of her own pants, and lay back onto the couch by Andrea. Ramey laid back on the other couch, opening up her hole for Tony, and letting him slip it in. Andrea screamed out loud, "Oh yeah, lick my pussy dry!" As she said that, she released an intense orgasm more than she ever had before.

very good friends

group greg3250 2018-02-09

it felt so good with my tool in her mouth and her tongue running over my shift, meanwhile Larry was done eating her out for now he disrobed himself and was standing at the head of the bed waiting for his turn to get in her wet waiting mouth I switched places with him I got my face down at her pussy already wet because the things we have done to her. giving her time to breath he took it out of her mouth and stuck his balls in her mouth seeing her lick his balls really turned me on I pulled out and told Larry to lay on his back jean sat her tight wet cunt right on it then as I heard her squall as she was Cumming again.

The Surprise Visit Ch. 01

group AliceMorgan 2018-02-08

Kari's hand found it's way back to my cock, and began to squeeze and stroke every bit she could get a hold of, milking me into Katie's mouth. Katie, feeling me climb onto the bed, looked up into my eyes, not bothering to take the time to stop her oral pleasuring of Kari. My eyes shot open in surprise when I felt the familiar, tight feel of Kari's wet pussy engulfing the head of my cock. I looked down, to watch as Katie steered my cock into Kari's waiting pussy. "Feed my cock to her pussy." Katie complied, grabbing my ass, and pulling me all the way into Kari. Last thing I remember was Katie sucking on my balls while I slammed Kari's pussy hard.


Study Buddies Ch. 03

group Thoran 2018-02-08

Right before my eyes and my naked body three girls were going to fuck each other until they couldn't take it any more, and the best yet is Cecile is just arranging a wonderfully enjoyable group sex session for me. Cecile took the initiative and quickly pulled Jennifer's clothes off leaving only her thong. Jennifer quickly pulled Melissa's shirt up over her head revealing wonderfully small pointy tits that I wanted to suck on more than anything. Melissa and Jennifer smiled when they saw Cecile's state and they promptly pulled their thongs off. Cecile leaned down and quickly flicked her tongue across the swollen love button causing moans to escape Melissa's mouth.


Her Fantasy Come True

group tmh10 2018-02-08

I reached up and put both of my hands on Mike's ass and began pushing his hips forward into Karen's face, forcing her to deep throat his cock. Mike let out a soft moan of encouragement, so I continued to fondle his balls while he pushed his cock in and out of Karen's mouth. Well, sit back and enjoy it." Mike began working my cock with great enthusiasm as he sucked it in his mouth and stroked his tongue over the bottom of my shaft. I knew I wasn't going to come soon, so I continued humping Mike's face as he took my full length into his mouth and throat, swirling his tongue along the shaft as it went in and out.


A Trip to the Beach

group JeanieOfUDreams 2018-02-08

On the way we were getting hot you grabbing little feels with your hand feeling the wetness between the lips of my pussy. I tell me soon you will let me put my lips around your hard cock. Well we didn't want a ticket, you asked if you could give me your cock while he was fucking me in the ass. He said bend over slut first suck my cock and get it real wet or it will hurt in your ass. I knew it would hurt anyway, then I turn my ass to him you brought your cock to my face rubbing it all over it I could feel precome sticking to my face.