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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Sissy Becomes a Slut

group emmadeevine 2018-02-08

I've left an open invite for any man brave enough to get their dick wet from a sissy to make their way over to here today, you are to stay here all day and service whoever calls round is that clear slut?" The other noticed this and moved his hand down the front of my shorts and started to play with my dripping wet cock.I started to moan with pleasure, the attention of two fine young strangers was really getting me off. All this time my ass was been pounded and I hadn't had a second where someones hard cock wasn't in my mouth, my panties started to fill with cum as I let out a large moan.

A Weekend in the Caravan

group Mr Naughty 2018-02-08

After about half an hour of playing Victoria was down to her bra and a pair of shorts, Katie sat in her bra and pyjama bottoms looking really embarrassed but gorgeous and Sarah was still pretty much fully clothed. She started off by sucking Matt's balls and licking his cock before taking him fully in her mouth while her left hand was wanking Ben at the same time. We both got up and turned round to see Sarah sucking Ben , while Victoria was licking her well fucked pussy. Katie also got her first taste of another girl's pussy as both Sarah and Victoria took turns sitting on her face as she lay on the floor!


Welcome Home

group pamper1 2018-02-08

She said after Monica and Katrina had their respective orgasms, they moved up to Michael and pulled his pants down and went to work on his stiff cock. She said she turned around in her seat to watch Monica with his cock in her mouth as Simone was tonguing his balls. Simone then moved to him and slid her pussy down onto his cock, Michael asked who is riding him now but nobody said anything. She strolled over to Bart and knelt between his thighs and took his cock into her mouth and began sucking while she continued rubbing her pussy. Michael at one point held me up so that only the head of his cock was in my ass as Monica licked and sucked on his balls.


Welcome to the Club

group Ceilidh_is_here 2018-02-08

She looked directly into my eyes and said only one word, "Passion." My heart leaped a bit at this and as she turned to open the door, she told me to do what I was asked and that everything would be wonderful for me from now on. Davis, a rugged-looking man who looked like he would be more at home on the side of a mountain; Patrick, a tall red-haired man with a slight Irish accent; Will, who looked as if he stepped right off the cover of GQ; Robert, smiling at me with a conspiratorial air; Jamal, a huge man with arms and legs the size of my waist; and Tao Chi'en, a Chinese descendant who was most handsome to gaze upon.


Kelly Celebrates Freedom

group kappacino 2018-02-08

I just got slapped, that was not part of the deal, I tried to get up, he grabbed my hair and kept me there, pushing my face onto his cock, this was not right but I had no choice, resistance only hurt, my hands cupped his balls, my mouth opened, I took his cock, not too big not too small, all the way in, his hold on my hair released, but I was enjoying myself, sucking cock, being watched, being forced -- Jake knew what I wanted, even if I did not.

That Is What Friends Are For

group abel 2018-02-08

I thrust my cock in to Melanie mouth griping her hair and forcing her to take the full length in her wet willing mouth.' Her moans, made Paul and Jane aware of what she was she was doing "don't make him to excited I want to have some of his cum too,"Jane said Melanie stood up in front of me and striped of her dress to reveal well-tanned body. Melanie had two fingers in her own cunt thrusting them in and out at great speed and encouraging her husband to shot his seed on to my wife, while I rub her clit and squeezed her nipples between my fingers she responded by thrusting her fingers deep in her slit, her body shuddered with her orgasm as Paul shot his load on to Jane.

Hotel 3some

group 2018-02-08

So I pulled the zip down the back and we got her on the floor and Dan pulled the dress right off and he was right, lovely cunt and great tits. I quickly moved into his place and with her legs spread drove my cock straight in, fucking her cunt hard as Dan finished emptying his load into her mouth. Then I pulled out quick and she gasped and begged me not to stop so I turned her over ion her knees and went into her doggie style as Dan laid on his back and pulled her head down to his cock so she sucked him while I was fucking her.

The Tasting Game

group alexcarr 2018-02-08

"The four girls must of course be handcuffed so they can't feel the offering and blindfolded so they can't see, else of course it would spoil the whole venture." Alex said with a glint in his eye. The thought of that was gratifying to say the least and as the next girl came in, it was Teresa - I enjoyed the teasing touch of Amanda's fingers rummaging over my pants, causing quite a stir below, especially with watching Teresa go through the tasting procedure and seeing how she dealt with sucking Jason who had a fine specimen.


The Grand Party

group GreenDemonGurlie 2018-02-08

I am crying out soon as a finger enters my asshole, you ram your cock into me, the brunette laps at my clit and hands pinch and lick my nipples. I eat the woman as I come, feeling my tongue slip and slide over her clit again and again. We are going for a moment, and then I feel a man come between my thighs, his hair tickling me as he begins to lick. The man comes over to me and soon all our clothes are removed and we are being strapped with our arms above our heads to chains and bindings attached to the ceiling.


A Lesson in Life

group silverslacker62 2018-02-08

My mate said this stripper was an older woman, he guessed 30, a bit plump, who danced on the floor in the middle of a late bar he had gone to with his cousins. I got to choose the record while Ginnie went to get dressed for undressing. She was a nice-looking woman, somewhere in her mid 30s, I guess now, with the eyes and cheekbones that made Ginnie such a looker, but a bit harder-faced and fuller in the body. Watching Nicole torment him with little hints of what she had waiting underneath took me right back to that hot room, watching Ginnie's mum getting off on the idea of three young cocks getting desperate for her.

Name That Tune

group sweet_lusciousdesire 2018-02-08

Already pretty little heads were being shoved under the tables as men and women in the audience became so horny they craved to be eaten and sucked while watching the beautiful bitches on stage being fucked. Alison looked at the audience and played with her big gorgeous tits, holding them up, one at a time, jiggling them and squeezing her nipples. Alison heard the response and made a conscious effort to ignore the pain as he fucked her hot little cunt with his big strong fist. Men in the audience that were fucking their women now moved to the table beside them and entered the tight little holes of the beautiful women that they didn't know.

Birthday Cabin, Day 02

group rpuresteel 2018-02-08

Jin was true to his word: the moment she turned on the water in the large shower stall the bathroom door opened and he stepped inside, still completely naked with his huge cock fully hard. Jin and Greg waste no time, the large man behind her grasping her ass and spreading her cheeks apart before starting to cram his huge length inside. Jin's cock remains buried in her ass this entire time, and she ends up laying on top of him, Greg pushing her legs apart and cramming his length back into her pussy at the first opportunity. Once he was dry Greg helps them out of the shower, Jin staying true to Michael's rule and keeping his still-hard cock buried inside Lianne the entire time.

Gemma's Playthings

group Long Traveller 2018-02-08

Finally her frustration at my ministrations wore her out, and she grabbed a lockful of my hair, gave me a deep, sluttish kiss and growled: "I'm gonna come if you don't stop, and fuck me now." God bless that girl; she was an angel with a dirty mouth. Feeling uncomfortable, Vicky said we should drink up, head to our room and tell Gemma to go a get fucked outside; we needed some sleep, and, our passions sated, a bed was welcome. Her top was unbuttoned, and her plump breasts exposed, with Charlie's lips working easily on her nipple from where he lay at her right, while Bill kissed her passionately, urgently, while she moaned, loud and throatily in stark comparison to my love's gentle sighs.


New Friends in Old Mexico Ch. 2

group Paul-n-Linda 2018-02-08

Feeling very attracted to Paul and not at all willing to resist this passionate interlude, Linda lightly sighed and melted into the embrace as Paul slid his hands down her waist to cup her firm ass. Lying facing his hard, pulsing cock, she held his shaft in one hand and caressed his balls with the other as she lightly tongued the head of his cock, feeling Paul’s body tense as he gave in to the pleasurable feeling. After Paul and Linda helped Bill and Shari put away their snorkeling equipment, the couples retired to their rooms after agreeing to meet on the beach by the fire pit later that night.

True Squirter

group Sparky Kronkite 2018-02-08

They too started by sitting on the couch but I guess my little Greek beauty's ass, sticking up like that with my husbands fingers embedded in it was too much for "miss great looking," to handle. She got her brunette headed body of the couch, leaving her dark haired lover, came over to the bed we were on and got down and started eating out my Greek babes ass. The dark guy screwing his babe of a brunette girl friend - she on her back eating away between the legs of the young Greek beauty who had my legs up in the air and her tongue in my pussy - as I suck the old wig hatted fart while my husband is just standing there and beating off.


See Me Score

group candytales 2018-02-08

We chatted for a while and then Darren gave Lucy a hug and suggested, "Why don't we finish our drinks and go back to my place, it's not far and I've got a great pool which, on a day like today should be real fun." I completely understood Darren's urge to give his luscious Lucy another helping but he wasn't getting out of me that easily so I gave him a look of mock disappointment and said, He then ambled slowly towards Lucy slowly stroking himself as he went and, although it was no substitute for Darren's throbbing cock inside me, the two fingers I shoved into my pussy at least kept my juices flowing.


Couch Trip

group Girl Friend 2018-02-08

"This bitch treats me like I don't even exist and then she barely knows Dr. Ian and she tolerates his cock in her mouth and a load of cum from a stanger in her pussy, but when I try to have sex with her she gives me the cold shoulder. Richard again began to rub his cock, but more furiously as he wanted to climax inside Augusta' s pussy as Dr. Ian was climaxing inside her pussy. Late one evening, Richard watched the recordings of Augusta being pumped, and fucked and creampied by the 15 other men and all the while that she was being fucked like the secret whore that she was she kept mouthing something over and over again.

Cornfield Costume Party

group GetSome69 2018-02-08

With both of the nurses hands holding the man by the legs so he wouldn't get pushed backwards, the cowgirl started pushing the girls throat down onto the cock each time pushing into her head harder. She took the quickened pulsing of the mans cock as a yes and reached in wrapping a finger around the leather collar and using it to pull the slave girl to her feet and to the table. The mistress pulled back on her strap on some then pushed back forward with it again, feeling his anus jerk along the un-lubed plastic shaft, she was smiling to herself and looking into the slave girls eyes.

Three To One

group CGDavid 2018-02-08

I hadn't had the opportunity to even turn my head or stand up and look after Abby so I was surprised when Celeste and Rose returned with my erstwhile wife. "Let's just on watch for a bit," she said, indicating Celeste and Rose with a nod of her head. Rose was bucking below the woman I was fucking and Abby's legs were shaking as I touched her clit with the end of my tongue. Like Celeste had before her, Rose never stopped eating my wife, not at least until Abby told her in no uncertain terms that she was going to come. At one point, I had Celeste on my face, Rose on my hand and Abby on my cock, my tongue working overtime on Celeste's gash.

The Bag

group vanpeebles 2018-02-08

And to make things even better, Cynthia had suggested I stay the weekend in Montreal, even going so far as telling me to expense the weekend hotel bills, saying I would be spending a lot of time in Montreal, so I should get to know the city on the company's dime. Helene took the bag from me and handed it to another woman, and then she and I started the tour off with the changing rooms, which were on the first floor. Helene explained that members often chose to sleep a few hours in their changing room before heading home in the morning; it was a private place to prepare before the evening's "entertainment," and for recuperating afterward.


The Cage

group SoHuggable 2018-02-08

I had always thought I wanted an older man to lead me in love, but I started to enjoy having a younger man. I didn’t want to spoil euphoria of having made love with Dennis, so I didn’t make love with Mark that night. “When I’m ready for you I’ll unlock you.” Mark stared at his caged penis without offering resistance. That night Dennis and I made love while Mark watched, the cage preventing a full erection and self-stimulation. After Dennis finished I unlocked Mark and we all made love. Being in total control and free of any concerns of infidelity, I’m pursuing other candidates for lovemaking while Mark sits and watches, safe in his cage.

Our House Party Ch. 02

group SexyGeek 2018-02-08

Susan's open sided silver dress gave me a peek at her tits every time she leaned forward, and Karen's leg in her soft green gown pressed against mine. After a bit, Mary turned her attention to Ted. His hand under the table was moving a bit, I was sure, caressing her bare leg. Ted put his hand around her bare waist and pulled her into him, and they began dancing, actually moving a bit instead of just swaying. Mary looked at Jerry quizzically, but then her eye turned to Ted. She tapped Sandy on the shoulder and put her hands on Ted's chest. Karen was in her silky slip, pressing close to me, and Mary in bra and panties was rubbing against Ted. Bill and Sandy looked around and made their choices.


Alicia's Box of Toys

group simaddict 2018-02-08

I bet Shelly will let you lick her pussy any time you want, all you have to do is ask. Mom raised up enough to let Shelly say, "I love the feel of your big cock in my pussy, George, sliding it in and out like that.. He was no longer a klutz around Shelly but now was a smooth operator, feeling her leg and her ass cheeks as Mom licked her pussy. "Ah, Jean, you look so pretty licking Shelly's sweet pussy like that, you gave me another hard-on." I, of course, was watching Dad make love to Mom as much as I could while making love to Shelly.


Game Night

group brightestangel03 2018-02-08

Jenna seized the opportunity, running her right hand along Lauren's inner thigh on her way to green. Lauren replied by greedily looking the other girl up and down as Mike started to massage Jenna's already moistened clit. Lauren immediately moaned and shuddered at the welcome touch of the other girl's mouth to her pussy. Mike quickly flipped the girls around so that Jenna was now able to suck his dick as he ate Lauren out. Jenna pulled harder at his dick, sucking with all her might as he suddenly let loose, exploding at the same time as Lauren let out a muffled scream of pleasure at her orgasm. Mike then flipped them around, quickly pushing his dick into Lauren as the two girl's lips met once more.