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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Love Triangle Fractures

group Epmd607 2018-02-08

I thought I was gonna be first..." Kara held Chrissy's hair while Stephen held her hips for leverage as he began fucking her deep. Stephen began sawing in and out of Kara's cunt, she had her head down, hair covering her face, Chrissy was playing with her nipples watching her boyfriend's dick disappear into her best friend. "Stephen, fuck me, I wanna lick Chrissy." Both girls got into position, Chrissy sat with her legs spread watching Kara put her mouth on her little lips. "I'm gonna take another shower." Kara left them, with Chrissy lying on top of Stephen kissing and talking. Kara was getting ready for her date with Stephen, Chrissy was laying on the bed watching her while she ate ice cream.


Slutty Teen Enjoys Cum Shower

group StephanieSeymour 2018-02-08

Beth dared me to grab Ronald Bergman's cock and tell him I wanted "the special treatment." I'd wanted his cock inside me since sophomore year but never had the chance to coax him into bed. "I want the special treatment," I breathed in his ear. "Very nice," Ronald said. "Oh yeah," Ronald said. My tongue rubbed against Ronald's rod as he pumped my face. Pre-cum leaked from Ronald's dick as he slammed my face harder and faster. His cum flooded my mouth like a raging river. "Show us all what a good girl you've been," Ronald said. I flipped my tongue to make Ronald's jizz spill over my lips. I've never felt so sexy, so beautiful, so wanted in my life. "Thank you," Ronald said.

Xtasia Club Visit

group 2018-02-08

This was the first room I went in after my tour and initial experience in bar area and I sat to the side of a woman who was being rammed by her spouse and before I knew it a quick conformational nod and I was receiving oral from her, oh my god it was good, the mix of the atmosphere, being sensually stimulated and feeling very secure in this club I thoroughly enjoyed it, and our partners both watched and enjoyed the female entertainment live in front of them.

Pool Boy Ch. 02

group BigZeke13 2018-02-08

Olivia looked at Sophia and said, "I was thinking about the big charity soiree my husband is hosting here tomorrow night." Emma let Alexis push her mouth down my shaft all the way to my balls, "MMMMUUUMMMPPPHHH." When she came back up and off with a mouthful of saliva, she let it fall on the tip of my cock and lubed the whole length with one stroke of her hand. Emma pushed Alexis back and said, "You guys have all had the pleasure of fucking this cock, but I haven't. She screamed out again and just as Alexis pulled her hand away, another smaller stream fired from Emma's pussy soaking me all over again.


Island Fever 4: Paradise Ch. 05

group Jeremydcp 2018-02-08

Following a 3,800 mile flight from Toronto, Ontario to Lima, Peru via our private jetliner just yesterday, the ladies and I (and the two infant babies) were then escorted 130 miles due west of the coast by helicopter to the wondrously beautiful and exotic island that I once called home for 16 years. Although she turned out to be perfectly fine in the long run, both physically and in terms of her heart, being confined to a hospital bed and having her life flash before her eyes gave Pamela an epiphany of sorts. After a searing sexual encounter with Kristanna and Devon on Friday morning at the beach (and ensuing trysts with both Pamela and Amy later on that same day), I awoke on Saturday morning with a very sore, aching back.


Tabby & Janelle Share

group Tabby18lover 2018-02-08

Bailey let the arm around her shoulders slip down a little, until his hand cupped one of her soft but firm breasts through the little light blue blouse she was wearing. Bailey reached for Janelle's hard red nipples, tweaking first one and then the other as Tabby sucked up and down his hard cock. Tabby released the cock for a moment to kiss Janelle on the lips before continuing to suck up and down his throbbing rod. Janelle kissed Tabby's cheek, ears and shoulders as her sister worked on Bailey's cock. "Oh, yes, that feels so good," Bailey called out as Janelle started licking at his balls while Tabby continued sucking the hard cock.

One Boring Night?

group Goode2shoos 2018-02-08

#1, on the bottom, pulls me forward to suck on my tits, and #2 pulls my hips up, to stick his tongue in my pussy. My ass and pussy begin to tighten around the cocks in them, and I suck harder with my mouth. I lean forward, and his cock slides down my throat, his balls slapping my chin, as I start to cum. #1 & #2 pull out of me leaving me feeling totally empty until #3 pushes me down on the bed, and buries his face in my very wet, cum covered pussy. He sticks his fingers in my ass, and his other hand in my pussy, fucking me with his hands as he flicks his tongue on my clit.

Hot (American) Apple Pie

group Daveindenver 2018-02-08

Then I take my finger and hold it over my shoulder for David to lick off, and he sucks on in ever so sensually -- it feels like he is giving my finger a blow job. I feel David's hand push mine to the side and he rubs my pussy as he slides his cock in and out of my dripping pussy. I feel this incredible pressure in my pussy, and suddenly I begin cumming, my whole body spasming and throbbing, squeezing David's cock and sucking the Clerk's tongue, and then I pass out. David has started fucking me very hard, and with the clerk's eating me out, I can feel another orgasm building. David starts fucking my ass, and my orgasm strikes, rolling over me, shaking me, engulfing my body in waves of pleasure and ecstasy.

Surprise Visit

group heredavenow2 2018-02-08

Nace immediately went to the kitchen with the cake while Hendricks walking into the living room and looked around. I looked back up at her face, she had her eyes closed and I felt her hand grabbing the back of my head, pulling me back to her tits. I reached up and grabbed her ass and pulled her pussy to my face and began to lick her while Nace continued to fuck my cock. Hendricks reached forward and rubbed her hand on Nace's cheek, then down over her tits, her stomach, down over her pussy lips spread around me. I can't say I was surprised when Nace moved closer to us and began to rub her hands over my stomach and ass, or even over Hendrick's back.


Finally..The End?

group Jessica only Jessica 2018-02-08

Erik arches his back trying to wake up all of his muscles as Jess takes his cock deeper in her mouth. Jess comes out from under the sheets to see Erik kissing Amber. Takes Amber by the head and brings her face down to Erik's cock. Jess gently pushes her face to his balls and says softly "Go on Amber, suck them, and just be gentle." Amber feels Jessica's hand push her head as she opens her mouth allowing his balls to slip in her mouth, they taste so salty. Jess grabs his cock with her free hand, jerks it hard and shoots Erik's hot cum all over Amber's freshly washed face.

Our Lazy Day on the River

group jacqui4u2 2018-02-08

One of our inner tubes had disappeared, so we gave Moisha one and she paddled off while Kevin helped me back into mine. We wave and smile as Dave and Moisha paddle by and I wonder what they would think if they could see my hips wrapped around Kevin’s waist with his penis buried in me. Dave replies that he, Kevin and Mary are going to sleep in one of the tents and invites me to join them. I have my hands on Dave’s penis and continue to stroke him as Kevin and Moisha settle down. I tell her to come over by Dave as Kevin moves behind me and begins rubbing his big hard penis along my pussy.


How my wife fucked the team

group kykpl 2018-02-08

He doesn’t know what to say, but his cock is very hard and my wife asks him if he wants to fuck her, he says of course and he takes off his pants and starts fucking her. Just as soon as he left another guy shows up, he comes in the bedroom and smiles at my wife, goes to the bathroom and comes out with a hard cock and begins to fuck her, she stops him after ten minutes also and tells him also he can have more later. Then a fourth guy comes in the bedroom with a hard cock, he asks my wife if he can have some free pussy.

Oral Exam Ch. 08

group gradprof 2018-02-08

I wanted to talk to Sarah, but Jessica and Shannon were due in a few minutes. I said to Sarah, "If you really want to know, you can ask Jessica yourself. Together, Jessica and Shannon giggled as they said in unison, "Good evening, Professor." They were too cute for words. I came here to talk to the Professor about you guys," Sarah's voice was dripping with sarcasm as she said the word 'Professor.' She had caught onto how Jessica and Shannon had playfully given me that moniker. If you don't get it, you really need to play." Jessica's face brightened as she continued to talk, "But maybe that is why I like you." She turned to face Sarah.


The Topless Tango Club Pt. 01

group Pimanko 2018-02-08

Alan and Cindy answered the ad and took lessons with Tom and Terry, who ran a milonga, a place where Argentine salon tango was danced, for several years. Tom and Terri noticed that their Alan and Cindy sometimes skirted the limits of social convention, particularly when, about once every two months or so, their out-of town friends, Ed and Susan, came to dance at their milonga. When Ed and Susan came to town to attend Tom and Terri's milonga, they spent the night at Alan and Cindy's before returning home the following afternoon. At one point in the evening, while Tom and Terri and Ed and Susan were dancing, Alan and Cindy decided to take a break.


Billionaire and the Sisters Ch. 69

group SteveWallace 2018-02-08

Elsa had been watching Alice and Deke fuck and even kissing Alice part of the time, but she came and joined us, kissing Stacy as she sucked on one of her barbells. In combination with Elsa's sucking and kissing her tits and upper body, including her succulent lips, Stacy was on a journey to a place of pleasure she never dreamed of. Alice and Stacy stayed over and got to experience The Big Bed. There was room because Deke went off to another bedroom and joined Cindy and Melanie for a third round; Sheila spent the night in another room with James; and Ryan, Izzy, and KC went for a third round with Mike as a worn out spectator in the living room.

My First Threesome

group AbbyHaynes 2018-02-08

She squirmed, but in a pleased way, so I pulled her shoulder down toward me so that she was on her back and put my hand in her beautiful long hair and kissed her. I reached down to Shell's panties a few times and managed to determine that she too had shaved completely in preparation for this, but I couldn't really work up the nerve to put my fingers inside her. She pulled back a little and sat up on her knees and it became too hard to reach her with my hands, but she was still fingering me. I got up behind him and bit and kissed his neck a little and then laid down a ways away from them just watching them go at it.

Fantasy Island Ch. 1

group Jakeofalltrades1964 2018-02-08

He looked like a man who knew what he wanted, but there was something about his eyes that seemed a little sad. At first, I had propped myself up on my elbows as I lay back, with this man straddling my chest, but soon, I just lay back completely, with Lars holding my head in his hands, his fingers brushing my hair back. One man began to move closer (I could see through my breasts down along my body) and I wanted to gasp as his mouth made contact with my throbbing sex, but the thick cock in my mouth stifled it into a moan. Soon, the man I was sucking was shaking and shuddering as well, and I was rewarded with another mouthful as Lars kept caressing my face.


The Lake House

group Larryneal40 2018-02-08

By the time all was said and done, the two women had fucked the brains out of the three men and the boy; yes, even The Boy! When we were sufficiently aroused, I grabbed Allison's husband, Greg, by the hand and pulled him onto the bed where where he could forget about his wife. "Upon seeing this, Allison took The Boy, who looked so young I was afraid to ask, (but he volunteered that he was 18 years old, and proud that he was able to vote!) and she started sucking his lovely stiff cock." And it was the most invigorating moment of my life, to see my beautiful bride come home to me after a day of sex with other men at the lake house.

Keeping It Close to Home

group Lindlee 2018-02-08

I knew that her inhibitions were gone when Kate gave me a "watch this" look and went over and plopped in David's lap and began to kiss him feverishly. As I laid down and began to lick my brother's salty tasting come out of Kate's pussy, she reached over and grabbed David's dick, and pulled it up to her mouth. As we took turns licking and sucking his dick, and sometimes kissing with it between us, David began to build toward another orgasm. As David and I pulled out, I watched as this incredible wife of mine lay back, with come flowing out of her pussy and ass, looking more satisfied than she ever has before.


group virginblood 2018-02-08

I'm laying here letting my tits be sucked by two guys and one was licking my pussy all at the same time. I closed my eyes for less than a minuted and both guys was sucking my tittys one was jerking his dick and was feeling so nice but I haven't have sex in over 5 years with a man. I looked around and some guys was getting there dick sucked one was rubbing his cock on here tits. I shivered and shook next thing I knew I had this fat cock from head to balls aiming his big dick at my pussy. The other guys still sucking and licking my tits and a fat dick being rubbed all over my pussy.

College Break Road Trip Ch. 03

group smithE101 2018-02-08

Feeling his fingers, she opened her eyes to see Ryan's left hand, forcing its way in the front of her tight jean shorts. When Riley got back to the car after checking in, Ryan was awake, he and Sara were leaned against the car, bags in hand. Sara admired her friend's smoothly shaved vagina; she couldn't help herself, quickly reaching over, running two fingers along the swollen lips of Riley's slit. When she was done, Riley reached for a handful of water from the shower, pouring it over Sara's mound, watching as the water flowed over her friend's beautiful skin, washing away all the soap and hair, leaving the exquisite view of her glistening, freshly shaven pussy.


Going Back To School Day 03 - Later

group westerntiger 2018-02-08

The tension in her body grew and the orgasm neared, her hips flipping and hands gripping the back of his head tightly, finally she let out a loud yell, and Dylan could taste the rush of her juices as they flowed out of her. He had just fucked the shit out of Tiffany earlier, but the thought of sinking his cock into Gwen's sweet tight pussy again was making his prick start to throb. Instead of saying "Come in", she had been screaming "I'm cumming!" Kasey's hips were driving off the bed as she pumped the dildo deep inside her creaming cunt trying to get as much into her overheated pussy as she could.


How I explained to my wife my fantasy for upcoming

group 24desire 2018-02-08

In the room you started to dance a bit, rubbing your ass against my dick, the boys watching you, with lust in their eyes. Your little hands on those hard big dicks, playing with them and commenting how you like their young hard dicks;) I could feel my cock bursting through my jeans Mike had the tip of his hard cock touching your lips Your tongue started to play with the head of his cock.I watched you lean forward with your mouth opened. Mike couldn't hold it any more he grabbed his cock and drew it toward your mouth just as the first burst of sperm squirted from his dick and splattered across your tongue, mouth, chin, you were not surprised at all, your welcoming mouth took all the warm sperm and u licked the remains from his dick!

Outsourced Ch. 02

group ktmccoll 2018-02-08

I may have blundered, I realize now, thinking that I could outsource the lovemaking part of my relationship with Rick to the likes of Naima, a noisy she-devil with beguiling eyes, adolescent flexibility, and few inhibitions. While it's true that Naima is now intimately acquainted with the subject, bringing another resource up-to-speed would require a great deal of time, and there's no guarantee that you, or Rick for that matter, would be as satisfied with her work." It's not that the lack of sex has opened a wellspring of dog-walking time for us, it's just that whatever tensions existed before Naima are now gone, allowing us to be more communicative and...