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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Nataliya Gets Her Men

group BillyNova89 2018-02-08

Her mind didn't know how to process the sensation of Dalton sucking on her tender nipples, and Dan sucking, licking and nibbling at her clit as he gently stuck his fingers into her pussy, massaging her g-spot. Dalton was clearly enjoying the experience of her pleasure, as she could feel his cock, which was pressed against her leg was harder then she had ever felt it, and his breath had become heavy and labored. She had never imagined the level of pleasure she was getting from having her boyfriend's rock hard member in her mouth, and another man filling every inch of her pussy with his bare cock.


group bbw4youngercocks1 2018-02-08

Beth had even thought about having both men at once on occasion, and would scold herself for thinking like a filthy slut for fantasizing about fucking Jake's stepfather, no matter how hot he was. "Damn Paul, her ass is so tight and fucking hot!" Jake panted as he continued to fuck Beth's booty with all his might, making her ride Paul's own cock even harder. Neither guy would have to worry about being horny the rest of the weekend, as Beth happily serviced both of them with her mouth and body, doing both another threesome with them as well as fucking both Jake and Paul individually.

Their Ad Said Meet Me In St. Louis

group BilyumQ 2018-02-08

A while later I went to make us another round of drinks and Jane stood and began to sway to the music and after a minute or so Dennis got up and they began to dance together and kiss. As her head bobbed on my cock Dennis stood to our side and I placed my arm around his neck pulling him to me then pushed my tongue into his mouth as his wife sucked me. She broke from her kiss with her husband and while Dennis continued to maul her nipples, she held her knees to her chest and her legs spread as I fingered her pussy hole, rubbed her clit and ate her asshole she again became very vocal uttering all kind of obscenities as her orgasm hit.


The Neighbor Girl and Her Friend

group bman34 2018-02-08

"Oh nothing" Julie said, "I just wanted to introduce you to Tiffany, my friend from college." Tiffany confidently stepped forward as I reached out my hand and said "Nice to meet you Tiffany." She just gave me a sexy little smile and a wink that made my cock jump in my pants again. As I did this, Tiffany dropped her knees to the floor and pulled Julie to the edge of the couch so she could get a better angle for fucking her college roommate with her mouth and hands. Tiffany had her face buried between Julie's legs and her whole body was still moving like she was fucking an invisible cock.


debbie leaves the light on

group debbie3 2018-02-08

Debbie looked Gene in the eye and said in her normal voice, "Gene, I want to suck your cock and have you cum in my mouth." After unzipping him, Debbie snaked her hand into his boxers, and although she denies it to this day, I heard her audibly moan as she touched Gene's cock for the first time that night. For the first time since Gene had touched her, Debbie, still holding his cock looked back at me and smiled and mouthed the words, "Thank You." She then rocked forward and very gently kissed the tip of his dick.

Country Club Waitress Ch. 01

group descartes22 2018-02-08

My tongue danced on her nipple as it became more and more erect...Jane, moved upward, and began to French kiss Emily again. I am not sure who started the slight pressure, but I have a feeling it was Jane, but slowly and gently, the hands started pushing me downward...toward Emily's stomach...pushing me down...until my mouth reached the top of her jeans. "Make her come, baby." I heard Jane say, just as Emily let go of my head and came hard. As Jane and Emily began to kiss, she slowly started moving her hips. While I was licking, I watched as Jane kissed down Emily's neck, to her breasts again...and then down her stomach.

Best Friend Stacy

group lmnop321 2018-02-08

"I think you'll like this one." She reached for my groin and at the touch of her hand to my hard cock, it was my turn to moan into her ear. I think I know what might make you feel better." With one deft hand, she started to unbuckle my belt and then pulled the other hand from behind my back and sat sideways to me so she could open my pants and then she reached one hand inside my pants and felt my cock through my briefs. I can can come now Jason...come for me...I want to see you come," she said breathlessly, watching my face intently and I struggled to keep my eyes open staring at her hand slowly and firmly stroking my cock, getting ready to explode.


Thursday's Trios

group N2everything 2018-02-08

As long as Keith thought he was going to get to fuck Shelia, then he didn't mind if Maurice sucked his long thick cock. By this time, Maurice had moved around in front of Shelia so she could suck his dick. Not too long, Keith had moved over Shelia so she could suck his dick while Maurice continued to fuck her. After several minutes, Maurice asked if she wanted to ride his dick and have Keith continue to fuck her from behind. Her pussy was so wet that Maurice could hardly keep his dick in while Keith went back to fucking her ass. Shelia was so stimulated by the fact the Keith was ass-fucking her, her pussy was flowing like a busted damn.



group Many Feathers 2018-02-08

Which was a good thing, as I was about to meet Theresa and Veronica where my entire way of thinking was about to be turned upside down and inside out. Theresa on the other hand was a sultry, beautiful looking woman with shimmering strawberry blond hair that fell well beyond her shoulders, though not quite as long in length as Melinda's hair was. Especially if either Veronica or Theresa gets out of bed to get something to drink later," Cindy turned looking at me. Even if this had been Veronica's idea, with Theresa merely complicating the mix, I wasn't sure how well my being with the two of them would be received by Melinda or Cindy.


Insatiable at Work Ch. 19

group insatiablerob8 2018-02-08

Poised with her beautiful ass over his pulsing dick, "Sweetie, just lay back and relax...let me fuck you!" She started rubbing the head through her lips. "Honey, I like this part of the meeting...I wanna bury that my...belly and fuckin' ride it!" When I decided to get in the action and got up on the table, he said, "I like where this's going." When I pushed my dick through his lips, they were tight on the shaft and rippled over the veined surface. Bryan and Tara were fucking into each other, while I stroked a hand over my dick...fuck I needed to felt really good to stroke...I was getting closer an closer to release.


group Art 2018-02-08

"Have you ever been to this Hot Times Motel before?" Pam asked Tammy. Pam and I were checking out the large mirror beside the bed and the one over it while Tammy filled the hottub. "So do I and I just happen to like showing off a little too." She spread her legs nice and wide, laying one out along the edge of the hottub, and resumed working her obviously swollen clit over with her finger. I think she wanted to suck some of my come out of me too, but Pam let go of my now spent cock with her mouth and quickly turned to Tammy. Tammy looked surprised, but wasted no time in getting into this very sexy French kiss with Pam.


Anchors Away

group Publishingblues 2018-02-08

"Mr. Bandon what are you thinking inviting a nineteen year old on a three month cruise?" Nadia Chapman Jessie's mother demanded accusingly shaking her finger at Mike like he was some sort of criminal on trial, "You must be three times her age." So Jessie backed off as Tareya bent to Mike's cock at first she ran her tongue down the side then as Mike slipped his fingers into her while licking her clit She slipped the whole thing in her mouth to keep from crying out in pleasure, tasting Terry jucies mixed with Mikes she began to greedily slide it in and out the harder she worked it the more Mike worked her soon she was out of control.

The Prisoner

group svanswords 2018-02-08

On one bed was my partner for the test, a petite Asian angel who introduced herself as Mai Li. The doctors left us to it, only saying that we were to have much intercourse as we could, time didn't matter. My dick was soon inside her, it felt great to be in her pussy again and I didn't last long, firing my first blast into her depths after only about a minute. NoHair was using both hands between the legs of Hair, one was pinching and twisting the clit, the other had two fingers inside her sisters pussy. As I watched NoHair stuck three fingers into her sisters pussy and sucked the clit into her mouth. As I pulled out of the sweet pussy of NoHair her sister started to suck on my dick while squeezing my scrotum.

Molly & Ash Party

group XXXerxes37 2018-02-08

When they have both recovered Ash removes the dildo from her cunt and stuffs her end into Molly’s ass, much to Molly's surprise and pleasure. Ash is getting the same treatment from James and in addition to the sexy kissing both men are rubbing their cocks against Molly and Ash’s soft slimy wet cunts respectively. As he starts fucking Molly, Ash comes over and lies at her feet so she can feed from Brett's sperm which is now starting to slowly ooze out of Molly’s wide open ravaged cunt. After giving them a few minutes to comfort and caress each other and to enjoy this new experience wallowing together in huge amounts of male sperm Brett and James force them apart,lie them down on the mattress and proceed to give them their final fuckings of the whole evenings performance.

Lucy's Story Ch. 03

group erosdreamer 2018-02-08

Sean continued to kiss Alice passionately, fondling her breasts with one hand and probing the leopard skin panties with the other until his fingers reached to now her very wet opening. Sean worked Joan's clit and labia with his tongue about as thoroughly as Alice was working his cock with her mouth. They almost came together, Joan's orgasm starting just after Sean finished filling Alice's mouth with his cum. "Now, Joan, you turn around and put that sweet wet pussy back on my mouth but facing Alice you two can hold on to each other and do whatever come naturally." Alice was bucking like a pony under Joan's oral assault and she too began to feel her orgasm starting.


Fantasies Fulfilled Ch. 1

group silvertongued69 2018-02-08

Linda told me she had just moved from New York, and asked where I was heading. Linda's moans told me she liked it, so I gave her other breast the same treatment before continuing to kiss my way down to her mound. I pulled my fingers out of her and quickly moved up so that her legs were on my shoulders and slowly pushed my cock into her. We lay there sweating and exhausted, trying to catch our breath, when Linda looked me in the eye and said "I know it'll probably hurt like hell, but I've always wanted to try anal sex, and I might as well go all the way and take your monster cock the first time."

A Wife's Fantasies

group 2018-02-07

them and Lola continued to suck on his black cock for “Fuck me, make me cum on your black cocks, I want you to he shoved his hips forward burying his hard black cock He asked her if she liked fucking his black cock more Lola let Paul's cock fall from her mouth and told him crying out that she loved black cock and wanted to fuck said, “You like sucking black cock, don’t you, slut?” his cock inside her, he and Jake began to stroke in and I stroked my cock watching Lola cum for these men. Lola replied, “Oh yes, I want fuck black cock all the masturbate as I sucked her and I began stroking my cock.

Me, My Slutwife & Dillon

group NonStopFunGuy 2018-02-07

"Mmm, yeah," Kitty snickered, turning her gorgeous, flattened face to gaze her slanted Asian eyes up at her friend's face, "I'm hungry all right -- just, not for cake." (You know, I kind of expected that answer.) Still leaning her small frame into Dillon's larger body, my petite wife turned once again in my direction. In my pants, my dick twitched at the thought of seeing Kitty playing with a massive male erection, but my visualization of that approaching moment was interrupted when Dillon muttered something to her, making her cackle for a second, then look back at me. "Don't you wish your cock was as big as mine, David," the guy said to me, seeing my wife's total lust for his dick, "so you could fuck your hot little wife every day like I'm gonna fuck her tonight?"


The Good Christian

group rlabodame 2018-02-07

Michelle and Davis traveled to Ranya's downtown apartment to pick her up for dinner at a Tapas joint. Michelle, Ranya, and Davis took turns with key passages. Davis' left hand slid from Ranya's face and her cheeks to the tops of her breasts. Davis began to run his right hand up Ranya's thigh. Davis soon spotted Michelle in the corner of the room. Michelle's left hand moved from her thighs to Ranya's drenched back. Michelle then took over, climbing onto Davis' cock and engaging in passionate mouth-to-mouth kisses while their bodies collided beneath the sheets. Ranya occupied herself by licking Michelle's sweet fingers and kissing her arms. While Davis and Michelle were still going at it, Ranya moved closer and kissed her best friend.

Cruise to Alaska Day 03 & 04

group LaPatitMort 2018-02-07

If you ever put you self down by calling yourself plain, boring or old again, I'm going to paddle your cute little butt." Linda looked very surprised. As for the naughty stories, have dinner with me tonight, tell me your best fantasy, we'll write it and submit it to Literotca while we are still on the ship." I loved this. "What's wrong, Linda, don't want to have dinner with me or too shy to share your fantasies?" After a few minutes of small talk about her flighty daughter, I sensed Linda wanted to settle the issue about sharing fantasies. Touch me under my clothes." I unzipped Linda's pants and guided her lover's hand to the top of her panties.


Six things women won't tell you.

group Fridagirl 2018-02-07

In the ten years from that day, until my court case about my aggressive assault on the poor hobo, my life was characterised with sexual encounters with strangers, and my odd behaviour, which required my doing, if sex were to be acceptable to me, exhibitionism, and voyeuristic acts, in fact, the weirder I was, the better my reward, here are some of my real life experiences, you decide if you have witnessed such acts from women like myself, and see what I mean. No wonder beach sex is rampant, we are all naked, so why not just let a horny guy have his way with you, and watch the crowd gather around your copulating body, stroking themselves, and wanting a turn with you, when your fuck hole becomes vacant.

Kelsey's World Ch. 21

group riverboy 2018-02-07

"So, with Margie and Ryan and their friends, that's only, what, four guys for seven girls, right?" Kelsey said. "So, yeah, with that big cock of his Josh'll count for, like, two guys," Kelsey said. Margie had said the new tenants were smokin' hot young women, but it didn't prepare him for the sight of Kelsey, standing there in a fuck-me dress and tall high heels. Yeah, I thought you guys looked cool," Charity said. "So, Austin and Josh, they're both, like, huge," Charity said to Alicia. "You like big cocks?" Charity asked with a knowing little smile. Richie plunged his cock into Alicia's insides and Charity's words made even more sense — the boy knew how to fuck!


Summer Ch. 04

group TheTyke 2018-02-07

"I was just about to pull her over the wall and into the field." He swung her around to face him and with one finger he pulled the neck of her blouse away and looking down the front he said "Hmmm, that looks interesting, can't see a bra." He looked up into her eyes and smiled, "Still thinking about it." "It's certainly not private," she said, "look around you; this is about as public as it gets but feel free to join in; two's company but three's even better!" Dave laughed and face to face, pulled her to him. Dave stepped back a little, "I think it's about time we gave them something else to look at" he said and began to play with the top button on her blouse. "Just one more," I said watching Dave's hand continue to move slowly between her open legs.


Secret Desires

group Inspirinious 2018-02-07

"You would be willing to share our bed, and for us to have sex with another woman?" Aaron couldn't believe how well this discussion was going, or how horny he had become. What would be really hot would be to watch as another woman eats my cum from your pussy, or maybe you eat my cum from her pussy." Aaron wanted to continue the discussion, but was fearful that if he appeared too eager, Jessica might pull back from the proposal. Her concerns were that Aaron would be too focused on having sex with another woman, and not sharing with Jessica. But Jessica also hoped that by allowing Aaron to have an extraordinary time, he would be more open to her sometime having sex with another man.