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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Answering An Ad

group SpankerSam 2018-02-07

I wasn't surprised to learn that she ran the business and he kept the books. It was only because of the respect and dignity that your letters conveyed that we answered. Most people that reply have no respect for themselves. His reply could have melted our printer it was so abusive. I replied that they sounded and acted even more genuine than they had first appeared in writing. They had an above ground pool with a wooden deck. But this was not your ordinary pool. Her skin was as smooth and velvety as possible. "Come here my darling. "I can do that all day and never break the skin. I answered your ad. I answered your ad.


Sister Act

group Ole Reb 2018-02-07

I told Bob that I wanted to gamble a little bit, so we left Casey and my sister at the table and went out to the blackjack table. Nothing drives me crazier that feeling a hard cock grinding against my pussy and believe me, by the time that elevator reached the tenth floor I had rubbed my cunt over every inch of his cock. I used my card to open the door and when I walked in, all I could see was Casey slamming his cock into my little sister. He left the room and I turned back to the wild fucking my sister was getting on the big bed.

Loosening the Bonds Ch. 09

group SighWriter 2018-02-07

As I walked into the living room, I was delighted to find that Ken had indeed taken my hint and had Jim and Ted sitting on the couch. I sat back to make more of my lap available as a target, and as Ken stopped right in front of me to hand Jim and Ted their beers, I carefully squeezed, and.... Ted tried to hand me his napkin, but I pushed it away gently, and stood up instead, turning to stand beside Ken and smile at the two on the couch. Ken smiled that combination of lust and happiness that I'd come to know so well, and Jim's grin from ear to ear simply said, Now that's more like it.


Nude Day News

group Transfix 2018-02-07

"It sure looks like that the crowd is enjoying itself there Carmen." Rebecca said with a smile. Carmen's face showed back on the screen, with a smile, "I think that I will get in the spirit of National Nude Day." "Yes, lets leave Jim there and go back to Carmen." Rebecca said as she undid some of her tops buttons. "Well it looks like we will not be getting anything from Sandy." Rebecca said as she stood up and peeled down her panties from her sodden cunt. Slowly she put the microphone to her lips and said, "That's it from Fox News and I'm Rebecca Cartwright, I hope that you enjoyed our coverage of National Nude Day 2004."

The chubby shopper

group maturemancock 2018-02-07

Continuing what we were doing she screamed her climax, with her hand on the back of my head pushing me further down to eat her cunt, and her other hand on the back of Donna's head as she licked her nipples, she came with at least three aftershock orgasms, leaking a trickle of love juice that ran down her chubby thighs and into my mouth. As I sat up and pulled Donna onto her back, Pippa opened my wife's chunky thighs and ran her finger up and down her crack, she moaned. As I pulled my cock out of Pippa I watched for a couple of minutes when Donna said "I'm coming again" and she screamed out as Pippa fisted her at speed, when she'd cum she took her hand out and licked it clean.

The Best of Both Worlds

group MagicaPractica 2018-02-07

Celia began to unwrap her dress but stopped to watch as Miguel kissed Sam just as deeply as he had her a moment before. She felt a shiver run through her body as she watched Miguel's hand reach down between the two men to caress Sam's cock through the fabric of his pants. Miguel took his hand and led Sam back to the bed where Celia was leisurely stroking her clit while she watched the delicious scene playing out before her. Miguel leaned forward, raising his ass in presentation to Sam, and pushed Celia's fingers aside to let his tongue taste her now. With the condom in one hand, Sam turned and slithered under Miguel, between his legs until his mouth was even with the other man's cock.

neighbors horny wife

group 2018-02-07

i said I was sorry for the noise because I was thinking about her as I cranked my stiff prick..She said she was glad to give me such a hard boner, and was now in the bathroom watching me jackoff my rock hard cock with the shower curtain fully open now.. She quickly stripped to show me her taught titties all swollen with lust and her shaved pussy, red and pulsating for my young eyes to enjoy .She washed off the soap off my stiff dick and got on her knees and slipped my hard rod all the way to the balls into her skilled throat..As I was about to cum she quickly got up and sunk my cock into here throbbing pussy as I shot my hot sperm deep into her cunt..I pulled out after my cock was through filling her pussy with my cum and I got down and licked out her cunt of my still warm jizz and gave her some in her mouth.

Swingers' Halloween Masquerade Ball


The Swingers' Halloween Masquerade Ball is the best of the swingers' social dances because the average person will do things that they never dreamt they would ever do once they are in costume, once they have a mask concealing their true identity, and once they have consumed a couple glasses of wine. You would be surprised if I told you that Kathy will do this, giving a blow job to several men before the evening is over and before she must return to her husband and to her uneventful and unfulfilling life as a bored housewife and school crossing guard, that is, until the next swingers' dance at New Year's Eve when she is invited to, yet, another Tupperware party.

Waiting for You

group Yarhooo 2018-02-07

Then I feel it, this huge cock slamming into my wet cunt, slurping and sliding in and all the way out. I love it, your cock sliding into my mouth, some guys cock in my arse, someone else watching and maybe still more cocks waiting in line, I wonder? FUCK The cock in my arse pulls out, I hear the slap of a condom being removed and then feel his cum on my arse. You continue to fuck my mouth as I hear you tell them, "Thanks guys, she loved that, now get out. I feel a little sad that there are no more fresh cocks and then I wonder what you mean by saying that you are really going to fuck my wife?

the Dildo

group karlatta 2018-02-07

She saw her daughter, of course, immediately had this on their statement serious doubts, but finally Marie put the dildo without any further questions on the coffee table and snuggled up after they had extinguished the light in the room, on the couch at her mother. While Silvia Marie's long and silky hair that fell felt her upper body and her shoulder and we could feel her daughter was breathing evenly against her shoulder slid her eyes over and over again from the TV screen on the dildo which was demonstratively right between her and the TV. She stole a glance at her daughter who had her eyes still closed and let her hands again slowly move down when Marie suddenly moved, took her mother's forearms and this upward again pushed to Silvia's thumb again the delicate skin of Maries breasts touched.

anything for my man

group daddydooor 2018-02-07

all the time weve been together right from when we was k**s, you have always been there. you and i know you always will so my big dick door man i would like to share a weekend of fantacy with you , your mob rings and the txt reads hurry hme me and deb need your big cock ,.

82% cock

s****r and I are Close Then Mom (10)

group HankWilliams1956 2018-02-07

It was like seconds and Clare was cumming again, as Beth licked and suck on Clare's pussy, cause Clare was moaning on my hard cock as she suck and licked my hard cock clean, till I couldn't take it any more and had to pull my hard cock out of Clare's mouth from the sensitivity from cumming twice, in what seemed to be such a short time, till I looked at the clock and saw that it had been right at two hours all ready, since we started and it did not seem, to be that long to me.

The Initiation Ch. 01

group NYBoss 2018-02-07

"With Susan getting royally fucked by Bob and other men at the same time, that by the time we got home, I was all over Ray. I ripped his clothes off and then began first to suck his cock, and then I impaled myself on his 10" masterpiece," stated Donna. Every nerve must have been touched, as she roughly played with her tits, pulling on her distended nipples crying out, "I am almost there, please just a little more, please, oh please, ah yes, I'm there...Oh, I am cummmminnnng, I am cummminnnnngg, I am cummmmmminnng!" Bob took Chuck's place and before Donna could relax, he was fucking her. I shoved my cock into a very soaked pussy and began to fuck her in earnest when I heard Marie say to my wife, "Susan, I am going to make you have multiple orgasms in the next few minutes.


Road Trip to Remember

group CunningLinguist69 2018-02-07

Lisa watched in amazement as a tall, handsome man in a blue suit stood near the bed and held Dawn tightly around the waist, then kissed her deeply on the mouth. The stranger laid Dawn on the bed with her pussy facing Lisa, then knelt between her legs and began to slowly lick her glistening wet slit. She laid back on the bed as Dawn sucked hard on her nipple, reaching her hand for Lisa’s wet slit. Dawn kept Lisa on the edge of a climax for about ten minutes, then she kissed her way down Lisa’s firm stomach until she reached her begging pussy. A pressure began to build in Lisa like she had never felt before as Dawn pressed her mouth around Lisa’s swollen clit and flicked rapidly over her blood engorged twat.

Jen & Me Ch. 2: Descent into Narcissism

group Tx Tall Tales 2018-02-07

"Yeah, what do you think, you're going to get laid, just 'cause you bought us some nice things?" Marisa countered, her pretty little face next to Jenny's, both of their mouths inches from my cock. "You, sir, have just hit the jackpot." Marisa then pulled my cock out of Jenny's mouth and kissed her fervently, locking her hand behind her head, and tangling tongues deeply. As she was lowered onto the full length of my shaft, I could feel Jenny's mouth all over my cock and balls, but for long periods she would be gone and I could tell from the moans Marisa made that she had not stopped her licking, just repositioned it.


My second wife Joyce

group strawhappy 2018-02-07

So the next time we went to the movies with Terry, after letting him play with her puss for a while she told him that she wanted to watch him jack-off, (she had discussed this with me before that night and I told her that I had no problem with it, that she could do anything that she wanted), He pulled out his cock and started jerking off while we watched him, I was rubbing Joyce's pussy at the time and I could tell that watching him really turned her on by how wet she was getting.

Gang Bang Club Ch. 04

group kinkyCostumes 2018-02-07

Lying here being fucked by one hot MILF, another rides my tongue and both are sucking the hard cock of a fourth is more then I would have expected a week ago before coming across the ad on the web looking for hot studs for a gang bang. As the tit tonguing continued Kim was getting wetter and wetter and soon I could feel her convulse in the throes of orgasm. Terris orgasming pussy walls clenched and grabbed my shaft as she came all over my cock and Kims tongue. Her mouth and tongue danced all over my swollen head and I could feel the cock ring constricting my shaft as it throbbed, the veins bulging with blood. As I moved away the guy who just got the blow job now leaned over Kim and started licking my seed off of her ass.

The Best of One Night Stands

group ErickLand 2018-02-07

Will you allow me to ask?" Felix looked at Erick and said, "Of course." Before he spoke, Erick thought, "I hope this is okay with Jane." Looking at both Felix and his partner Mark he said, "I have seen enough pornographic material to know the ways that gay men sexually satisfy each other, but I am curious how you two typically make love. Jane and Erick were now really into this scene as they watched Mark place his hands on either side of the head of the man loving his cock and male sac, creating a rhythm between the two men.


Weekend away

group guinness32 2018-02-07

We got chatting ordered some more drinks & were playing pool for about 30 mins when my wife whispered in my ear "I'm gonna give these lads a surprise they wont forget" I was taken a back but at the same time I was feeling horny myself, i told her no intercourse though which she agreed too. We finished our drinks, the lads kept watching their video footage again & again, Derek blue-toothed his footage to my wife, we got his number & have met up since, he's coming to a swingers event soon so he may end up with his cock in my wife's mouth a few more times.

Vignette Ch. 01

group CorsetLvr 2018-02-07

The fingers filling my ass, the dildo moving in my pussy, driven by the insistent movement of our hips, the feel of your body against mine, our breasts pressed together, the sound of moans, the taste of your mouth against mine, and the smell of our arousal. The pounding, persistent rhythm of Gary’s cock in my ass; the slight jiggle of my ass cheeks as his hips collide with them on his in-stroke; the more subtle movements of the nexus in my pussy as it spreads my labia and the tip massages my G-spot; the sensation of the nexus and Gary’s cock rubbing together, separated only by the thin later of tissue between my tunnels; the pressure of the dildo occasionally grazing its length across my engorged clit; the feel of my perspiration coated belly against you; and the feel of your fingers as they begin to pinch and pull on my nipples all blend into one giant ball of sensation.

Blind Poker

group sevenoneeighth 2018-02-07

After all the calls were made, Ann said, "Ya know girls, we ought to sweeten the pot by sending detailed descriptions of our bodies so these guys can get off, throughout the week!" Finding Marilyn's Braille typewriter, Sandi began to list the attributes as each girl shared them. The next two hands definitely favored the ladies, except Marilyn lost her shirt, but the hand after that brought everything to a sexual frenzy as both Sandi and Ann removed their last article of clothing, their already drenched panties. As the three blind babes continued their sensual hug, Marilyn dropped her hands down to caress the ass cheeks of Ann and Sandi. Allan was slurping Sandi's cunt like there was no tomorrow and Marilyn continued her tease of Craig's sexually frustrated body.


Dolly's Affair

group 2018-02-07

I fought the urge to furiously pump my cock until it exploded and I slowly stroked my dick as Werner tit fucked my chubby round wife. "I have wanted your cock for months," Dolly panted as her lover pounded her soaking wet pussy with long hard thrusts. "Tell your husband when that was and I will fuck you until you cum," Werner ordered as he stopped with just his head inside my wife. He sat on the couch and directed my wife to climb on his cock reverse cowgirl style so her "big fat tits" faced me. I could feel Werner's big dick rubbing my cock head as I sucked my wife's tits and it humiliated, disgusted and excited me more than I had ever been in my life.

Exciting Adventurous Experiences Ch. 05

group iloveall 2018-02-07

In one of their drunken talks, the Colonel told my husband how the Colonel surreptitiously watched the huge swell of my breasts under my blouse and how he went crazy watching the wiggle of my ass when he saw me walking from behind. Sunil and the Colonel sat distance away from us on a rock looking at us and talking something. I was not really aware of my condition until I saw both the Colonel and my husband staring at my breasts and my bums with bloated eyes. I am sure Sunil, looking at your pretty butts must be telling the Colonel; how he would wish he could squeeze and pinch them."


Filming Outside the Lines

group thick7in1972 2018-02-07

Last Sunday, the four of us were at the country club, when Lisa and Sara said they had overhead Angie Simpson and Cindy Paulsen talking at the club about their foursome experiences. I told Angie and Mike to have one camera filming the dialogue from behind Lisa and the other behind Tim and to keep an angle to not film the other camera. Angie and Mike were going to be directed by Chris and Sara while Cindy and I filmed. Chris told him to pullout and for Angie to turn around so Mike could cum on her tits, which he did about a minute later. Mike and Angie went off to the side to recover and Chris and Sara took over the cameras.