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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.


group Bronco Billy 2018-02-07

I began to salivate and as I licked my lips Jill said, "He is a hungry little devil." She looked directly into my eyes and saw the lust there. Finger that pretty pussy." I said softly as I looked into her eyes and went back to sucking." "I want to see your pussy." Jill raised her hips from the bed and I removed her skirt and then grabbed the waistband of her panties with both hands and slid them over her hips and down her long legs. "Get over here and lick this beautiful pussy Randy." He quickly complied and as I moved to the side he kneeled down and plunged his tongue into Jill's seeping cunt.


Two Conventioneers Ch. 04

group kinbote 2018-02-07

I watched her grab Debbie's head and pull it to her as they fiercely kissed and then suddenly her hips were rocking back and forth and her pussy grabbed my cock so hard I stopped moving in her, and her whole body locked in tension as she came, moaning into Debbie's mouth. Gail moved to her head and began caressing her face as Debbie moved back behind me and began gently handling my balls as I fucked Kim. She leaned over me and gently brushed her breasts over my back, letting me feel the hard dot of her nipples slide over my skin.

A World of Possibilities

group Gaucho 2018-02-07

Melanie was tempted to ask how those people seeking reservations were planning on getting to Vermont, what with the airport closed, but she thought better of it. She worked her way through the pack and found herself facing a tall, gray-haired man whose maroon and silver badge read, "Trevor Hailey, Day Manager". Melanie glanced around the room, trying to get a feel for the man on the other side of the desk. When Linda answered, she said, “Hi, this is Melanie Nichols in the, um, Honeymoon Suite and I was just reading that you have a licensed Massage Therapist on staff and I wanted to know if I could schedule an appointment for later today.”


Priya's Double Penetration Obsession

group Wizzims45 2018-02-07

As my tongue wrapped around it and I began to suck greedily, all the while pumping Sven's cock with my free hand, I though how much of a slut I must look like now and what an idiot my boyfriend was for missing out on this warm willing mouth. After a few minutes of this bliss, I decided that I wanted to have my pussy eaten like a I had seen in all those pornos I had watched so I lay down on the couch and opened my long legs as wide as they could go and looked up at the two eager boys, as I started to rub little circles on my clit and moan in pleasure.

Our encounter with submissive female.

group TwinCityTwat 2018-02-07

It all began when I was searching the internet for a female playmate, usually it was easy to find a man online to persuade to have sex with, but a female is a totally different breed. Being accustomed to the lifestyle of swinging and experience as a dominatrix I’ve learned what I’m comfortable with (sexually) and what I liked that turned me on. Having a high sex drive compiled with risky behaviors practiced made me a little reckless at times, but I liked the danger and thrill of meeting random people for intimate encounters. Using the dating website I’ve used before, this time I was searching for a woman to share my boyfriend with, for his first three some. I wanted to lick her and suck him at the same time.

Camilla Ch. 016

group MawrGorshin 2018-02-07

Straightening up and turning around, she feigned wide-eyed surprise and asked, "How did you know I wore white underwear at school?" With her chest pushed out, she fidgeted like a little girl, her hips moving side to side. "If men always want to see me bare-naked," she said as he continued to kiss and lick her anus and vulva, "I got to thinking: hmmm--why not become a lap-dancer? Mr. Rudolph salivated at the sight of her pretty pink vulva; when she turned around and got on all fours with her legs still spread wide open and her behind pointing at her teachers, Mr. Matotek drooled at the sight of her bronze-coloured anus.

All Tied Up

group Dingy_Jo 2018-02-07

I tried to explain, "I was just fondling it a little and it looked so nice I sucked on it some and it made me really hot and he said he was an expert at eating pussy and so I let him eat mine and then I thought it was only right that I make him cum too so I sat on his dick and fucked him a little." I watched as she took hold of the headboard, tilted her head back, closed her eyes and began a slow, rhythmic rocking motion, alternately moving her hips up and down, letting his magic tongue caress her in the most private place.

My lesbian roommate part 2

group sasha_762 2018-02-07

Diana said'' i'll catch you love birds later'' as she headed to the dance floor Sasha was busy playing with my tits as I saw this blonde getting fucked at the booth next to ours she looked at me and smiled as sasha grabbed my hair and slowly kissed me she pulled down her tube top as she pressed my head ino her breasts and ground her hips onto my lap I ran my hands up her thighs and along her beautiful body it was intoxicating she smelled and tasted so sweet.

Cathy Made Me Do It

group JacobGoody 2018-02-07

"You go home now, and you blow off some steam giving your pretty little girl the fucking of a lifetime now, got it?" The blood that drained from my face began to fill my cock, and I felt myself getting hard in another man's hand. I felt a warmth around my shaft as my pants and underwear were worked off my body entirely, John had taken my wrists in his huge hands, and had pinned them against the wall. I nearly tripped coming into the room, Cathy had moved onto the bed and removed her panties - her legs were spread open wide, hand working over her trimmed mound, and a furiously lustful look in her eyes.

Wife Swap I

group Mrbigdick2014 2018-02-07

“Well, for what it’s worth, I don’t think Danny even knows I live next door,” Bob replied. “You and Bob are tight and I already know you have a liking for Betty.” I denied having any attraction to Betty, but Danny was not going to be fooled. “I wish Bob would replant my garden,” Betty remarked, handing me a bag full of groceries. I grabbed some more bags from the back of the SUV and as I headed back in towards the kitchen, I could see Bob whispering something to Betty. She lowered herself on to me and slid her pussy across my cock, her hands pressing down on my chest, her long blonde hair hanging down in my face.

Suzanne the Desert: Day 05

group mountainboy 2018-02-07

When Suzanne muscles froze up the last time Buck moaned, “Aaaahhh shit,” as his tired testicles and sore cock started to pump yet a third load of sperm deep into Suzanne’s womb. Suzanne was squirming her sexy ass against Bucks hard cock as Steve continued to suck her pussy and clit. “Yes Master, please let me have her ass,” Steve ask as Buck continued to jack his cock and squeeze his balls. Buck smiled as he poured some oil on his fingers and said, “I’m going to oil up your ass for the vibe now Stevie boy.” Steve had leaned forward and was kissing Suzanne’s pussy as Buck stuck a finger in his ass and started to work it around causing Steve to grunt.


Eastbound and Going Down

group HerLittlePiggy 2018-02-07

My cock felt heavy and impressive as I aimed my pee stream into the urinal and thought back to the look in the curvy blonde's pretty green eyes. I watched Trina's beautiful round ass sway gently with each step and for some strange reason I got even more excited when she grabbed Max's hand and pulled him into a passionate embrace. Trina's small pale hands roamed over his back and she shamelessly ground her body against his while her tongue plunged deep inside his eager mouth. She was close and I looked into her eyes as I opened my mouth wide and wrapped my lips around Max's flared head.


Two Plus One

group coach_u69 2018-02-07

Moans of pleasure start to drift from between your lips as my hand begins to slowly slide up your legs and beneath your skirt. Finally, I begin to suck on your very hard and swollen clit, letting my tongue lightly run over top of it as I take it my mouth. You’re now moaning loudly and telling me how good it feels to have my tongue fucking your pussy. With my tongue still deep in your pussy, you grab my head and hold it into place as you let the orgasm run its course. Alex walks up behind you and begins kissing you on the back of your neck, his dick rubbing the crease of your ass.

Rachel's First Threesome

group Kavanaugh 2018-02-07

Please!” The man tried to push Rachel off his dick, but she refused to stop, and kept on sucking, squeezing his balls with one hand, and stroking the base of his cock with her other. Tom closed his eyes and, feeling his cock being expertly sucked, all the while a strange man sat right behind him watching. Simon squirted a little KY on his prick and kneeled behind Rachel and slipped his cock into her ass as she penetrated Tom. She let out a loud moan and said, “Fuck me! At the same time, Tom felt his own orgasm coming as he watched Simon spurt come on Rachel, and he pulled his dick out of Rachel’s tits and she grabbed his cock and stroked it faster and faster.

John Billionaire Ch. 03

group bluedragonauthor 2018-02-07

And staring into the far wall, I began to recall everything that had happened to me, starting with Nicole, continuing on to Paris and Cassandra, and finally to my long time friend Taylor. The morning sunlight blinded me for a few moments as I cracked my eyelids open, but eventually I was able to focus on the blonde braids and lower down see Kaitlyn's smiling face stretched wide by my cock in her mouth. I moaned inside my own throat watching the soft cloth cups pull away, loosening but not coming off until Lindsay dragged the bra straps across Kaitlyn's toned arms.


She Makes Him

group SluttyBisexualGuy 2018-02-07

"I'm feeling really good, are you?" She asked, as Chase enjoyed the way her hand felt on his cock as he buzzed on the strong pot. "Your ass is really fucking hot for a guy, and there is nothing wrong with enjoying the way my dildo feels inside of you," she said to him. "Turn around for me and stick your sexy ass out of the water baby," Chase turned around on his knees as she pushed his round butt out of the hot water to face her. "God baby, you look so fucking hot like this," she said as she ran her hands over the brand new stockings she had purchased to go with the spank-able panties that she had picked out of her closet from her own lingerie collection.


Jennifer's Initiation

group NiteWriter 2018-02-07

I could feel the tightness as my cock hit the back of Jennifer's mouth then it started to stretch her throat open. I don't know what kept me from cumming right then as I looked down into her frightened blue eyes seeing her beautiful face with mouth stretched and virgin throat violated with my throbbing piece of cock meat. My hard cock spasmed for what seemed like minutes in the deepness of Jennifer's tight wet throat depositing my hot sperm into her. While Jennifer was still sucking her fingers, Karen surprised me when she began pushing the big dildo into my ass. Jennifer began fingering and sucking my asshole again like the cheapest whore you would ever find, while Karen continued fucking her cunt with the giant rubber prick.

Best Friend Ever! Christmas Ch. 01

group Tomcatfive 2018-02-07

She had a big smile as my cock head found her waiting pussy mouth, and she closed her eyes and gasped as it swallowed me and she slid all the way down my shaft. Leaning forward again, she used her hips to ram herself down on my cock, and I reached up and grabbed her nipples, squeezing hard now, pulling and twisting. I slid my hands down her back to her hips and started pushing, ramming her down on my cock as my hips lifted, and she sat back up, little cries coming from her lips as she started pounding down on me, eyes closed and head back.



group ukcpl54 2018-02-07

Pete said he felt funny and had to go but told me he see me later and to relax,enjoy the scene and to finish the wine.As I sat there looking out watching the waves etc I noticed someone opposite me,I looked and there was a young guy looking at me ,he said its nice watching the waves and smiled and it was the smile that did it I felt my nipples get hard as we chatted he kept filling the glass eventually asking me to meet some of his friends which were all young.Found out they had just finished "A" Levels and were celebrating .They bought me drinks and John the guy who chatted to me grabbed my hand and we went on dance floor and he danced with me ,he held me close I could feel his cock and his hand on my bum and later his other hand feeling my tits.

A Handyman's Memoir Ch. 28

group riverboy 2018-02-07

However you want to think about it, it's a beautiful time of year, and Penny put out feelers to see if the long weekend would be a good time to have a painting party at Camp Heaven. Penny said Johnny and his friend wouldn't be showing up until later, so we shlepped the rest of the supplies up the trail and settled in at the camp with a beer. "Johnny tried to tell me it was gonna be like this, but I didn't believe him," I heard the friend say as a naked Penny hugged him. "You boys gonna get naked or what?" Penny said to Johnny and Phil, and mere moments later the warm waters of the pond were the center of the sexual universe.

Just Days Before The Wedding

group zeke81 2018-02-07

Sara, my dear sweet sister, would it bother you if Matt and I said hello to each other the way we used to?" Ashley asked. Ashley is desperate to give you her virginity, I know that you want to have sex with her but won't admit it because of me, and as for me, I must admit that my desire to keep you for myself is losing out to my voyeuristic desire to watch you be with her." Sara said. We got dressed, Sara had packed an overnight bag for the two of us in case we ended up spending the night at the hotel, then we walked out to the living room and as soon as I entered the room Ashley kissed me and her hands groped at my body.


Tucker's Studio Ch. 03

group riverboy 2018-02-07

"Yeah, sure, whatever you say honey," Karen said sarcastically, rolling her eyes at the other girls. Patti was shocked when Chrissy knocked on her door at nine o'clock the next morning, dressed sexy, wanting to get things moving so they could go pick up Karen. "Yeah but you got the house and kids you always wanted," Patti said, looking around at the waterfront view out the windows of the cavernous place. Said he'd bring in a hair and makeup girl, and have three of his nicest guys for us." Chrissy's eyes twinkled and she perked up, looking happy when she told them about it. "Guys, this is Chrissy, Karen and Patti," Mitch said to his friends.



group CanadianM 2018-02-07

And when, for the first time, a man's lips found her hot center, she lost control, crying out in pleasure, gripping his hair, experiencing sensations that she had not believed possible. And when, she brought him to the edge, and he tried to pull away, she clamped her lips around him, letting his seed spurt into her mouth, savoring this new sensation, truly enjoying the taste of his cum. Rick let her in and the heads of all the men in the room turned toward her. She could feel the excitement build with every passing moment, and was ecstatic when Rick finally said, "It's time." She moved around then, finding each of their cocks with her lips, teasing them as she had the first, her excitement increasing with each passing second.

Jen's Second Plan

group Ed0613 2018-02-07

It's almost time to go to work now, lets think about it and see what we come up with." The last thing she said before she took his flaccid cock in her mouth was, "Think about me doing this while you watch another man's dick sliding in and out of my pussy. Erik had positioned himself at Jen's feet, slowly applying the soothing oils to her legs, his soft hands sliding ever higher up her thighs until he was within inches of her pussy, still concealed by the towel. She was fondling Dave's dick and would like to have taken it into her mouth, but the feelings radiating from Erik's attention between her legs precluded anything but just lying there and accepting his ministrations.