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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

End Of The World

group Maximillian_Excaliber 2018-02-07

"Bruce, can you see that couple sitting in the corner booth from where you are?" Teresa, my date, asked. Feeling like a kid who'd been caught looking in his neighbor's window, I smiled and quickly turned my attention to what Teresa was saying. While I was busy working my ass off making sure 'Ralph the Bush' would have a place to stay, he would work just as hard growing so I'd be forced to use part of my precious free time, (in this case my vacation) knocking him back down to size. Anyway, by the time the last bottle was emptied, 'Ralph' was covered with enough rat-poison, snake killer, motor oil, transmission fluid, bug spray, window cleaner, hand cleaner, tire cleaner, bleach and yes, shoe polish, to kill a small city.


Becky's Sister Jamie Ch. 02

group B5040905 2018-02-07

Becky licked her lips to get the last bit of my cum from them and gave me a big smile. Her small hand was stroking my shaft and rubbing my inner thigh as she told me what was on the porno her sister and brother in law had made. "Billy pulled her shorts down and started doing to her what you are doing to me," Becky said between moans and squeals. Jamie has told me before she would like to play with you and I have always had a crush on Jeremy," Becky answered. "Nothing for sure but Jamie knows I have the movie and she thinks it would be fun to get us all together," Becky said.

A New Beginning Unfolds Ch. 02

group wet wordmixer 2018-02-07

"All of her lips are incredible," Jack replied as he grabbed my right knee and pulled it towards him which provided Keri with an unobstructed view of my pussy. And Jack's cock is coming to life." As she said this she reached across and fondled it for ten to twenty seconds before releasing it, then raising her eyebrows and asking, "Why don't we all get a drink upstairs at the big Jacuzzi where we can soak for a bit and chat some more." Keri stood up, grabbed my hand and led me away, while Jack followed behind and made occasional comments about the nice views in front of him.


The First Time

group moexxl 2018-02-07

Surely if I didn't choose any she’d blindfold me for the whole time… If I chose to see the first part I’d see her getting in bed with her feline moves, see her pull out their cocks and start sucking them, see how they got in her… But if I chose the second… I’d still have a chance of seeing her sucking their dicks, plus seeing them fuck her hard… And on top of that, I’d see her all messy and dirty already… And how they would cum on her… Harder this time, fuck me however you guys want, I’m your slut right now!” She said as she pulled the dick out of her mouth, leaving behind a strand of sticky saliva.

Guitar Lesson Ch. 01

group im20agn 2018-02-07

I helped as much as I could but between the shear ecstasy of the moment with Lisa licking my cock like an ice cream cone and Chloe standing in front of me struggling to take her jeans off well, I wasn't much help. As she rubbed the soap over my cock with her right hand, she reached around behind me with her left and began rubbing my ass with her soapy fingers. I stayed like that for a while as she made little movements while she was eating Lisa's pussy until I couldn't stand it any longer and had to start ramming my raging hard cock into her ass.

Consider Yourself Fucked

group princessginger 2018-02-07

His hand slides around my hip and reaches between my legs and I am certain he can feel my wetness through my jeans. "I remember this." He says, and I watch as his tongue darts out to lick my clit poking out from my pink pussy lips. I feel him place kisses on each pussy lip and the movement of my jeans further down my legs as he works to expose more of me for his pleasurable re-acquaintance. I have it all the way in my mouth; I suck on it, moving my lips up and down for several minutes, swirling my tongue and sucking hard and tight. I feel pressure at my mouth and open wide to accept a fresh clean smelling cock into it.


Bishop Takes Knight Ch. 05

group FOUNTAINPEN67 2018-02-07

Knowing what a swirling cauldron of wanton debauchery that something so simple as a mere dinner at Anika's could be; well, the prospect of a hyper-party at the estate was simply too much to say, "some other time perhaps?" She accepted right there on the spot before she then she took her cubs home to her West-End flat and shagged them to sleep with the help of her maid Felicia; all four people ending up in a completely spent heap of lovely naked flesh and post-clubbing unconsciousness! "Let's just say," Annette said as she moved across the tub to where Felicia was seated on Brad's lap beneath the suds and bubbles, "that THIS party has most likely involved already a significant number of passports being stamped and an army of taxis heading to airports.


Hero's Life Ch. 05

group PacoFear 2018-02-07

As it got even hotter, Heather watched enviously as Sam pulled her t-shirt off to reveal that underneath she wore just a bright green string bikini top on her slender little dancer's body. "Little help here Sam?" Peaches soon asked between breaths as we fucked. It's all tight and sweaty from running around outside." Sam rolled her eyes but came over and knelt above Heather's head. Heather raised her arms above her head and Sam did as she asked. The t-shirt slid up the upper slope of her chest and Sam pulled the t-shirt over Heather's head and off. When Sam was done wetting Heather's chest, she gave my cock a long tantalizing lick then took it in her hand and pressed it down between her friend's tits.


Everyone's Slut

group TurboTits 2018-02-07

She likes to suck cock so make sure you fuck her face real hard! As I said, make sure you fuck her face, cunt and especially her ass hard and fast. He fucked her mouth wildly while he laughed and said that the slut was enjoying his big cock. Then the guy fucking her cunt pulled his cock out, leaned over her and jerked off on her tits. You've got to be alert to appreciate a good ass fucking." He kept right on pounding her ass and when he was ready, he pulled out and shot his load on her big tits. There was a lot of hooting and cheering after each guy shot his cock off into her mouth, face, hair, tits, and cunt.

I Felt That, Did You? Ch. 1

group Dr. Fellowes 2018-02-07

The only thing I can think of is that your in love with some one else." I said as I started to leave. She looked at me and said that it had hurt alot and that she had to make her date stop and he got mad and said that if she did not want to have to walk home then she better do something about the hard on she had given him. Don't you think it would be great having the feeling of me entering you and the only way I can truly make love you and for me to give you an orgasm. I love you but sharing you full time with my sister is something I never even thought of." She said

Gay double blowjob

group mitchl847 2018-02-07

After doing this to me for what seemed like forever, I asked them both to suck on both of my balls at the same time, and they both said "sure" and lifted up my legs, got in between and started sucking, I could feel each of my balls being sucked individually in each of those warm mouths and was moaning so loud. They procedded to continue doing this to me, then the one on my right side started to stroke my cock as he kept sucking on my right nut. Finally they asked me if I would cum in one of their mouths so I stroked my cock as the guy on my left side continued to suck on my left nut till I finally came in the other guy's mouth.

a new bench

group newdaddy7777 2018-02-06

She told me to strip and hop up I asked what it was for and she said it will easier to demo cock and ball toys and lubes or anything else. She said let me remind you, your cock and balls are hanging helpless and I will gaurentee you I can make you beg to suck his dick so just go ahead and save yourself some pain and just do it and it will be over with. She asked him how he enjoyed that and he said it was good and she said she was so hot watching that she wanted him to fuck her the rest of the night but she wanted to see him fuck my ass.

In The Forest Ch. 02

group maanmathan_playboy 2018-02-06

I was not sure whether it was the cold night or the guys touch or seeing Priya being fucked but I was completely aroused to the core for some obvious reason. My moans were being muffled by Rajiv as he kept constantly kissing my lips. I kept caressing his hair and his long kisses made me gasp for air. I pulled his face close to me urging him to plant a hard kiss on my quivering lips. The guys had a lot of stamina and took their time leisurely to fuck us girls without a wink of sleep. I kept sobbing when Varun mounted my pussy and Gautam placed his cock at the tip of my lips.

The New Neighbors

group Irish Moss 2018-02-06

She turned to the group and introduced the rest of them; the short-haired one was Neha, the really skinny one was Jalak, the skinny one with big boobs was Sudha, the one whose physique was closest to Kavita's who'd been wearing the red, white and blue bikini was Neela, the slightly chubby one was Priya and, finally, the athletic looking one, also wearing only a towel, was Veena. She had barely started riding me, however, when Jalak, now stripped completely naked to reveal small breasts with extremely hard nipples and a trim, black bush, crawled up onto the bed and straddled my face.


Weekend Getaway

group HLD 2018-02-06

After all, the three girls all worked while I stayed home and raised our children, so we didn't get a lot of time for just the four of us alone, and that's what Katie said she wanted for her birthday. Despite all the best efforts of those around her, Katie's mom can't get it through her head that her daughter is in love with another woman and that Leah isn't going away. Katie gave everyone a good morning kiss while Leah headed upstairs to see how the girls were doing. It is my dream to take the girls and the kids on a road trip across the country driving just like this: US highways, local restaurants and bed-and-breakfasts.


Drinking is Good For You

group fakename69 2018-02-06

Allison was staying with Tom at his apartment during her trip, and thought it would be fun if her best friend, Carly, joined them in the city for the first night. "Now, let's get back to what you were doing when I came in," says Tom. The girls get back in the bed, and Carly resumes eating Allison out. Tom bends down to Allison, "Mind if I have a little fun with Carly?" "I'm gonna blow such a big load in your ass," Tom says to Carly. Tom fucks Carly's tits for a while, and then asks Allison, "ready to taste your first pussy?" Allison takes some initiative, and spreads Carly's legs apart even farther, getting her tongue in deeper.

Small Town Life Ch. 02

group PinkIris 2018-02-06

Ray noted Terri's change and slid his hand down her ass to run a finger over her pussy. Hands behind her pulled her shirt over her head and unfastened her bra, but when she would have turned to see who was behind her, Ray quickly leaned down and took her lips with his in a hot, bone melting kiss. Suddenly, Ray administered another sharp spank to her ass at the same time one of the hands behind her reached down and flicked her hard little clit. "Oh I'm sure a smart woman like you can find some use for it." With a quick kiss, Ray was out the door and off to the office leaving Terri standing in the kitchen still gaping at the object in her hand.


Lyn In Chains

group lyn_hornygirl 2018-02-06

"Oh god that's nice" said the cock in front of me , as I nibbled the end and stuck my tongue in the hole "Ohhh" moaned Francesca and she gulped "I'm VERY turned on " she explained as her cock twitched twice and she came in me aseries of hot squirts I climbed off her, and took her cock in my mouth, looking into the eyes of Paul and Roger as I sucked the remaining Within 5 minutes Paul was lying on the big bed, and he'd sat me on his cock, this was his first time inside me, Roger came and stood by the bed head and had me suck his big black cock until he came in my mouth.

An Evening to Remember

group receptive2 2018-02-06

I was just sitting there watching both women enjoy themselves when my wife asked if I was going to show the same consideration to our guest that I had given her so without a word I buried my face in Emmys crotch from behind and started licking like it was a wonderful lollipop. I had both girls lay on their backs facing away from each other with their asses toward each other and as they got themselves into this position I got into the toy drawer and got out the double headed dong and licked each pussy to ensure it was wet and ready then I inserted one end into my wifes pussy and the other end into Emmys then I leaned back and told them to enjoy.


An Unexpected Turn of Events

group SASwordsman 2018-02-06

Their obvious disappointment in Katy's lifestyle didn't prevent them from showing Donna the same love as well, for his mother-in-law hugged her and kissed her cheek, just like she did her daughter. As they started digging through Melissa's dresser, looking for suits, Katy dug out a tiny little white bikini and handed it to Donna. As she sat back down, Katy looked over at him, "I've been thinking, I only remember fucking Stu in the dorm once while you were there. While Katy hid her now red face, Bob looked over at Donna, "I wouldn't call it making love. "Damn." Looking at Bob, Donna asked, "You ever tell Melissa?"


The Alley Cat

group ChaosLev 2018-02-06

The feel of the mans cock in her mouth was a little strange, but it seems to have triggered something in her. Every man had his cock out, proudly pointing their "members" at her, even the guy that has just cum in her mouth, was already getting hard. The girl between her leg got up, spitted a little in her hand, and rubbed it on Katia's pussy. Katia felt Tiger's cock touching her pussy lips. She took a short breath, closed her eyes, and allowed her hips to melt in Tiger's hold, lowering herself onto him. She pressed her hips down on to Tiger's cock as f***efully as she could, feeling her orgasm exploding inside her, gasping for air and moaning with pleasure.

Amanda's Erotic Awakening Ch. 01

group fantomguy 2018-02-06

"Perhaps your friend, Ken would like to attend my party," Gregor said looking at Ken. Before Ken could reply Jack chimed in and said, "He's married and his wife is a knockout!" Gregor continued with a smile saying, "In answer to your question, let us say that very liberal people attend my special parties. Gregor put his hand on Jack's shoulder and in a serious tone said, "I emphasize to people attending my parties to keep the details of the function to themselves or risk not being invited again. Ken, remembering that Gregor said the party was just for couples turned to Jack, who was single and asked, "Are you going?"


The Jamesons Ch. 01

group TJsLilAngel 2018-02-06

Alicia was caressing me, and a moment later Johnny said, "Yeah, baby, rub her ass. Here, I'll get you ready." Alicia responded, and once again started eating my ass out, in the same position we had been in when Johnny walked in on us. She started eating my pussy and I was doing the same for her when I felt Johnny's hands on my hips, and then his dick sliding up and down my crack. At the sight of my pleasure at sucking her husband's dick, Alicia more energetically forced her tongue into my ass, and fingered my pussy. With the sight of his wife eating out my ass, and me sucking his dick, Johnny soon pulled it from my throat and sprayed his come across my face.

The Summer Get Hotter

group BoneyMoreOny 2018-02-06

I was very conscious that Sharon would notice that I was semi hard from Glen's hand on my cock, it had not gone completely down. My hands on her ass, pulling her hips into me, letting her feel the hardness of my cock. As Sharon and I kissed, I felt Glen's mouth on my cock, his lips were surrounding the head of it. It felt so good, his mouth was so soft and gentle, his tongue knew just how to play the head on my cock and it was making it's way down the shaft. Glen was standing beside the bed as he leaned down and kissed Sharon, their mouths open and each tongue was touching, flicking against the other.