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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

The Photo Session

group adele.darkstar 2018-02-06

She realised that Ted was getting some close-up shots of this, so she pulled her thongs to one side and spread her legs wide, giving the camera a perfect view of her clitoris as she parted her lips for him. Debbie wanted some pictures for her partner Mike's 40th, so Carol arranged for her to see Ted to take some and got his friend Josh and Karen along to help out too. Karen pulled the back of his pants down, 'hmm nice arse' Debbie was quick to reveal Josh's cock, all 12 inches of it. Debbie lay under Karen, she held her pussy lips open with her fingers and teased and sucked her clit, Josh pushed his cock to it's full depth inside Karen's arse.

Ali Controls When and Where He Cums

group LucyCanyon 2018-02-06

I lapped them up as she ground her pussy forward onto my eager tongue I looked up even as my mouth worked the fabric in between her dripping pussy lips, and saw her eyes close in pleasure, and her hands start to play with her breasts through the fabric of her silk top. I felt her fingers spread the silky liquid around the bulbous flesh before she leaned forward a little further and touched the tip of my cock with her tongue, Lightly slipping it around just the head, almost poking the hole from which the precum was still seeping, she tasted me.


The Casino Encounter

group Pippopottomus 2018-02-06

By this time, I was like a granite monument again and, tapping Andres on the shoulder, I rolled so that I covered Elisa in the missionary position, scooped her thighs up with my hands and just penetrated her to the full. At the same time, Andres sped up and I could feel his erection getting larger and harder, until he suddenly let go a stream of heat deep inside me that was so electrifying I began to shoot into Elisa as though I'd never come earlier. The sensations were so incredible that when Elisa suddenly pushed against my shoulders, curling me towards Andres' abdomen, I simply opened my mouth and took the head of his cock into is whenever it was close enough.

His Slut Act 04

group HotHunty 2018-02-06

He has me dressed the way he likes, tight fishnet dress in hot pink, skimpy g-string that covers nothing, leaving my cunt lips hanging out, the string pulled tight between my legs, assuring I will be wet and ready for use whenever he wants. Then I begin to trade my attention between the three, alternately rubbing, licking, jerking, sucking, and even as I do this I feel a hand on my tit, groping hard, shaking it, pinching my nipple, then slapping it. Once again I pull away from the dick between my lips because I am cumming, loud and hard, my wet, intense orgasm punctuated by the feel of hands squeezing my tits and someone telling me what an easy little slut I am...

Anna, Dean and Karl

group catrina555 2018-02-06

He stood still watching as Dean's head was thrown back, eyes closed as his cock smoothly slid in and out of my mouth. 'I will let you two get acquainted as we had a bit of a head start.' Dean said winking at me after breaking the kiss. He laid down with a hand behind his head, sitting up against the pillows slowly stroking his cock with the other while watching me and Karl. I opened my eyes to see Dean stroking his cock slowly on the bed. I moaned as Karl's lips kissed mine and his fingers teased my right nipple. I broke the kiss and tried to catch my breath as Dean slid his fingers from inside me.


Hotel Entrepreneur

group daisychain2 2018-02-06

She then leans in close and sexy, says "$50 bucks", waits for the confused nod, then drops to her knees and gets the guy's cock out and into her mouth as fast as possible--before he has a chance to realize he's about to pay for sex. She wonders what she must look like: topless, panties shoved to one side, fingers glistening, tits hard, lips swollen, cum drizzled over her naked body like icing on a cake. They sit like that for a second, Daisy with her shirt open and tits hanging out, nipples swollen, while she tugs on the cocks of the two guys on either side of her. "Well?" she asks again, "Want your dick sucked?" Feeling audacious, she pops Greg's cock into her mouth.


Party Entertainment

group techsan 2018-02-06

Carefully extracting my cock from the warm mouth below, I stood over the bride-to-be and listened to shouts of the crowd of women, all saying, " Fuck her ... fuck her ..." So I pulled her forward on the couch a little more, again spread her already splayed legs, and slid my cock into her depths. After several minutes, I felt my next climax coming and slipped a hand between her legs to finger her clit just enough to make her cum again as I shot another load into her pussy. When the blonde finished climaxing and I left a little love bite on her left tit, I went to one of the older women and offered my hand.


The Lesson

group BadBuzzard 2018-02-06

"Just as I was starting to cum, Sandy said, "Let's get this little whore down on a bench and fuck her silly and I want my cunt licked while I do it." They led me all wobbly-knee by the hand out of the shower room to the locker room and laid me on a bench. Sandy lay down with her face just inches from Susan's cunt and spread Susan's pussy lips to reveal a little cock-like clit. That's for both sucking cock and pussy.' She then started fingering Susan's asshole and licking her clit with just the tip of her tongue. "As Susan and I caught our breath, Sandy looked at me and said, 'Okay girl, it's your turn.' She got on the floor, spread her legs and lifted them up.


strapon spitroast with 2 busty Filipino babes

group ineedblackcock 2018-02-06

Jenny walks to the edge and puts her dick in my face and says "don't act like you don't know what you have to do here, start sucking mister" so i oblige. just as she grabs the side of my head and rams her dick to the back of my throat, Jessica shoves her cock in my wet ass hole. jessica slowly fucks my throat going from balls to tip with pretty good speed while Jenny is trying to set a new land speed record for ass fucking. cuz i know how to make you like it!" she takes this approach and starts listening to my moans and groans and within 5 minutes I'm blowing my load all over the bed again.

My first gang bang at 23

group 2018-02-06

It wasn't unusual for me to make myself cum fifteen times a day and I was constantly fucking my pussy and my ass with toys and then licking them clean before putting them away. It was time to suck the next man's dick so he traded places....I was slurping on the next workers dick like a good little slut when I felt another man lift up my skirt...I spread my legs a little wider so whatever man it was could fuck me.

The Yanks Are Coming

group Wattyjoy 2018-02-06

When the music finished, Will told Chuck what was happening, and he said it sounded like a good deal, as Anne was a fine looking woman. Anne gasped, her husband had never touched her there, with anything other than his rough hand, or uncleansed prick, but the gentle feel of his kiss, through the silk of her knickers made her come for the first time with a man, for fifteen months. Anne pulled Chuck's cock a little to the side, and licked all the way down the shaft of it, until she came to his big balls, and she couldn't stop herself from licking them, and down farther to the crack of his ass, where she had a quick lick up and down.

Weekend With Jarvis

group d4david 2018-02-06

Jarvis pulled his semi erect cock from my anus and said 'just like I told you, I'll have this ass ready for you when you come, I like to reward the least of those that work, so have fun. Carlos placed his huge cock head against my anal opening and pressed against my bung hole solidly. Once he was finish, Carlos pulled from my sore butt hole and looked over at Jarvis and said 'I do good for you, yes, I do good', Jarvis said 'yes you do real good. Carlos laid beside me and stroked my head as Jarvis entered my juicy, sperm filled butt hole. Jarvis sexed me while Carlos rested, I heard him as he snored softly and Jarvis said in my ear 'luckily my friend is exhausted from working.

Male Man's Delivery Ch. 02

group stoneypoint 2018-02-06

The girls giggled eagerly and they all turned around, walked back, and Jerry held Lou's hand for a little bit. As she did, she looked Jerry's way, winked at him, and sat down next to Cherise and they started kissing and feeling each other up. "Heck no, I like sharing, said Lou, feel free to spend some face time with Sherry, if Sherry wants to." Sherry, at first turned and looked, but she quickly went back and resumed kissing Jerry. Quickly Jerry said, "Wow, sweet, nice", as he went back to kissing her, but his hands wanted to grope Sherry's boobs and cleavage. Cherise and Katie were amused and wanted time with Jerry as Sherry had his attention now.


Jassy's Story Ch. 1

group Jassy 2018-02-06

As Katie was slightly out of control from her almost orgasm she did not pull her skirt down as she sat and consequently her dress rode up displaying her stocking tops and pale thighs to Adrian and myself, the table hid the view from anyone else around. Katie took a deep drink and as if finally waking from her stupor she turned and dropped her soaking wet G into Adrian's lap, before leaning over and kissing him deeply. "No Katie," Adrian cut her off, "You owe me a forfeit" he then pushed the speaker to the driver and said "Driver if you don't mind we'd like to go to the park instead of straight home.


Circle Ch. 04

group wordsinthedust 2018-02-06

"Here's an idea," Becca said, looking at Carl somewhat crossly and folding her arms, "she can sleep with us in our bed, and if it gets crowded, you can go to the rollaway, or the couch." "Three and a half years of college, actually," Becca said, stepping back into the room and dropping onto the sofa while continuing to stare at her husband. "In fact," Kate said, looking at me, her eyes lighting up, "you remember the first night you slept with her, she was talking on the phone when the two of you started flirting and kissing and groping..."


Afternoon at a Love Hotel

group ZzyzyxRoad 2018-02-06

John and I chatted for a while about the last time we'd met: nine months past a middle-aged Japanese guy wanted to watch from the corner of a hotel room while his younger wife got tag-teamed and cream-pied by a black guy and a white guy. To the right of the vanity was a sliding glass door to the shower/bath, which was much larger than in a regular hotel: the bathtub could accommodate 2 people, had jets and even mood lighting inside the tub! Junko's head was still leaning on John's shoulder, but then she turned her head to look up over at Phil. "Fuck!" John said as Junko's mouth took in the dark purple head of his cock first.


Dinner at Tawny's Ch. 01

group anaconda 2018-02-06

She pulled my cock out with a slurp and said, "You want me to stop?" She looked me in the eyes and licked the underside of my shaft while she waited for an answer. "Ooh, is she sucking it good?" Tawny whispered roughly in my ear, her breath was hot and moist. "Aaron, do you think Theresa will let me suck your cock?" Her pussy was hot and wet, and Tawny was going to town on my cock. Theresa started that little whimper that signaled her orgasm, and Tawny started sucking ever harder, and I could see that she was fingering her pussy with her free hand and I shouted, "I'm cumming again."

Prankster Ch. 09

group Paris Waterman 2018-02-06

Tori looked up at Butch, then took his cock from her mouth and still staring into his eyes, squeezing it tightly and began rubbing it over her lips, across her cheeks, and then over the side of her jaw. Bev-o remained on Mavis' face, which revealed her pleasure as Charlie manipulated her breasts, squeezing them, pinching them, and chewing ferociously on her long-tipped nipples. On the other side of the partition, Essence had her hand buried between her legs, her long fingers dipping inside her vagina, the middle one finding the "G" spot and rubbing it absent-mindedly as she continued kissing Barely's penis, licking it clean.


A Week with the Randalls Pt. 04

group clemence_rose 2018-02-06

I started screaming as the orgasm shook through me and when I thought I couldn't even take anymore, Britt and Brad kept on going, prolonging this sweet agony that they inflicted on me. Britt finally managed to catch her breath, so she got next to us and started sucking Brad's dick while I massaged his balls with my tongue. Brad was moaning and watching me and Britt sucking his dick and kissing while interlocking our tongues around the tip of his cock. "Well that sounds good, I think you've earned for me to make you cum," I said with a smile and took his dick all in once again and started sucking hard.


The Ice Maiden Cummith...

group *Snatch 2018-02-06

"You know Jax, I hope you win the bet, I would really love to fuck that woman, at least once." she told her husband while her hand wandered under the blanket to touch her, now wet, pussy. "I teased Jax about his asking Gina to join us in a threesome, actually, I never expected him to follow through with it since she was so stand-off-ish...but he did do it in the end." Gayle said, then continued explaining the events that took place. "Jax was really close to having an orgasm and I wanted him to cum in my mouth for the first one that night." she stated, then said, "and he came like a freight train down the track!" "I sucked until he finished cumming, then licked him clean."


Love in an Elevator

group mongoose78 2018-02-06

All of a sudden the the lights went out and the elevator jerked to a stop, causing Olivia to stumble against the dark haired man, catching him off guard. Behind her, the blonde man had stepped closer and rested his hands on her hips, rubbing his thumbs against her skirt. Both men let out small groans, and she could feel how excited the blonde man was, his hardness nestling between her cheeks. They removed their hands, and took turns letting Olivia lick their fingers clean. "Me, too" replied the dark haired man, and he let his warm load burst from inside of him, pouring down the back of Olivia's throat.

My Favorite Teacher Part 4 Trouble

group lirror 2018-02-06

Michelle kissed me and moved her hand to fingerfuck Miss Peters pussy. "OH I like that please don't stop!", said Miss Peters while playing with her own boobs. Miss Peters grabbed Michelle's boobs and ordered me:"Fuck that slut's mouth!" Michelle was not gagging at all and Miss Peters kissed her neck and twisted her nipples. I pulled my softened cock out and Miss Peters sucked the last drops of cum from it and licked Michelle's chin clean. "Lick me Michelle my pussy is wet!", ordered Miss Peters. Miss Peters laid back on the desk and Michelle bent over to lick her pussy. I increased the Michelle's moans were louder and she crooked her fingers into Miss Peter's thighs.

The Burglars

group rockgoddessuk 2018-02-06

The house was so quiet when he was away, she heard the backdoor rattle a little on its hinges, and thought that she would have to get David to look at it when he came back as it was not locking properly sometimes. Billy moaned and sighed as he was pulled deep, and gripped tightly by her muscles, until he came in her pussy, at the same time that Johnny shot his load deep into her mouth. At about 11 am that morning they returned to fix the door that they had broken into, and she knew that whenever David was away again, she could get her two young burglars to come back and satisfy her sexual needs.

Open letter from your once conservative squeeze...

group watcher73 2018-02-06

The thought of it sends me in a sex crazed frenzy where although I try to controlled the urge, it takes over and I fuck myself with our red thick dildo and make myself cum sometimes up to 4 times. You stated you wanted to watch me suck a stranger's cock while you fucked me? I know you only wanted to watch me suck a strangers cock, but not only do I want to suck it, I also want to fuck it for you. They will take turns pounding my wet pussy in various positions, then I think I'll surprise you by mounting one and telling another to fuck my ass while i try to milk the 3rd.