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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Wife Pays The Price For Flirting

group Sixx_Shooter 2018-02-06

The sudden shock of him filling my pussy again and the sight of four other men, completely naked, standing around the room with hard cocks jutting out from between their legs, drove me over the edge. Mike just laid there with a look of victory on his face as my body thrashed around the couch, impaled on his rigid cock. As I began to come down from my high, I looked around at the smiling faces of Jeff, Phil, Danny, and of course, Kevin, the CEO and owner of the house. It was too much and I pulled Mike down to me and drove my tongue into his mouth as I began to push up against him to meet his thrusts, fucking myself on his beautiful cock.

The Circle Ch. 43

group SteveWallace 2018-02-06

"Oh, I know," Stacy said in a resigned tone, "girls walk up to you all the time and give themselves to you. Matt paused, "Stacy, do you know how many other women have made exactly that same offer over the past few months since the TV show started?" Matt teased, "Stacy, how do you see your life changing if you became a Circle member? Matt smiled, "Yes, and you should know that not too long ago many of us in The Circle also made some adult videos that we sold and that are available on the market. Matt looked happy and said, "I'll invite Stacy for an evening meal, a tour of the house, and maybe a weekend getaway here.


Five Guys and I...

group grad_school_girl 2018-02-06

Stephen began to fuck me harder, incredibly hard, as I turned my attention back to LC’s cock. Stephens flow turned into a trickle, but these events must have been too much for LC, who then positioned his cock over my face, and without saying or muttering anything, began to cum heavily all over my face, with only some landing in mouth. As John then entered my cunt with a furious thrust, the frat boy began jerking himself off, as I licked the pre-cum from the top of his head. Steve then slowed down, and, in reaction, I placed LC’s cock in my mouth and began to suck him furiously.



group rosewall 2018-02-06

Jeri moved forward taking Ken's cock in her mouth. Ken moved like he was going to lick Jeri's pussy. Tim's shock turned to pleasure as Ken started licking his growing cock. Once Tim relaxed to what Ken was doing he leaned close to Jeri's thighs and started licking her thighs. Tim looked up to watch Jeri sucking Ken with vigor, then he took another second to enjoy ken sucking his cock. Enjoying Ken's mouth on his cock, Tim was close to cumming. Tim Started to protest, but was interrupted by Ken saying "I'll go slow and Jeri lowering her pussy on his mouth and tongue. Ken started again his cock slowly entered Tim's tight opening.

On First Impressions: Non-Verbals...

group Mystical Michael 2018-02-06

In any case, she was generally attractive, a little younger than Amy, petite with the type of long dark hair that practically screamed "take me from behind and use this as a bridle!" Dinner conversation was spiced with numerous references to psych class and other academic topics, when out of the blue, Lynne turned to me and asked whether it was the performance of Lisa Ann or Anna Malle that attracted me to the "Air Erotica" video. I don't know which woman was becoming more charged, Amy's euphoria was obvious, but the hunger in Lynne's eyes coupled with the slurping sounds coming from her mouth left little doubt that she was enjoying this equally as well.



group cocked1 2018-02-06


Going Dutch - Krysta

group Jupiter9 2018-02-06

As the café started to clear out John asked me if I'd like to join them at their apartment for a drink. A couple of minutes later I emerged from the café looking for the two of them and finally the flare from a lighter caught my attention and showed me where Krysta was waiting. John poured the brandy and we had just clinked glasses when Krysta re-entered the room dressed in a silk nightie and robe like John's, smoking a small cigar. Finally Krysta gave my cock one last swallow and kissed the head as got to her feet. My imagination went into overdrive as I was envisioning John either enjoying his sloppy seconds or more probably giving Krysta oral as she enjoyed a post-coital cigarette.

Fourplay Ch. 03

group JulesP 2018-02-06

Filing that in the back of his mind for later, Garrett smiled, and then lifted his hand to Shae's cheek, turning her face towards his, then angling them so he could watch the couple next to them as he crushed her mouth under his, kissing her voraciously. After Garrett made the introductions, Kyle reached for Shae's hand, giving her knuckles the same kind of kiss. Letting Kyle and Gina enter The Flat Garden ahead of Shae and himself, he stepped up close behind Gina, letting her feel his half hard cock against her well rounded ass. Every time he lifted his eyes, he couldn't help but notice that either Gina or Kyle were looking at Shae.


All Aboard!

group DeFlowered 2018-02-06

I looked at myself in the mirror and thought, "Good, let them know you want it." After all, there'd be nothing wrong with having some fun if I were out on a date with a new boyfriend, right? "He'll yeah, this bitch wants cock bad," he said, taking his hand from my mouth. I could hear the loud rap music outside of the compartment, and the men fucked my mouth and pussy to the quick beat. "Oh fuck that was good!" I shouted, while the guy behind continued to pound my pussy. "She'll fuck you any way you want," one of the men I'd pleasured informed his friend. "Look here," the guy fucking my ass said. "I want to fuck those big, white titties," he said.

Beach Weekend

group Maxpower2469 2018-02-06

"I figured we'd save it all for this weekend, tonight after saying goodnight to Tom and Heather I'm gonna make you cum so hard they're going to feel it next door." As I said this I returned the teasing by running my finger up and down her newly hairless pussy. We continued to look on as the girls seemed to be getting more into the making out, with Heather cupping the back of Jes's head and pulling her even closer to her. "Ohhhh, I can feel your fingers in me and your tongue pulsating across my clit at the same time Heather." As Jes said this I noticed that one of Heather's hands were busy with Tom's dick, and the other was reaching towards me.


Sisters, Friends, and Lovers Ch. 05

group SteveWallace 2018-02-06

Each went to one of the men with a sexy wiggle of their hips, and without a word ended up sitting in their lap: Fran with Lyle, Sheila with Chip, and Ally with Aidan. Gale came right on cue, arching into my downward thrusts the same way Nancy had, feeling a tremendous peak of pleasure, and then blacking out. Aidan was with Fran, Chip with Nancy and Ally, and Lyle with Gale. Part way through she allowed as how Lyle and Chip had wound up her erotic feelings earlier in the night, plus she liked being an exhibitionist and having people watch her fucking.


Wild Oats - Spring Break Jr. Year Day 02

group twistedgraygoat 2018-02-06

This time I shared a bed with the other two guys (Jim and Pete). Jimmy was circumcised like the other two white guys, Pete is black, but the helmet is out of proportion to the rest of his cock. We got in rhythm and I have to admit that as much as I tried to keep quiet, he felt so good inside me that I was pretty loud as I said, "JIMMY, FUCK ME! While Jimmy was still inserted in my vagina, I began stroking and sucking Pete's cock to get him ready. The other guys were up now and as Pete pleasured my pussy, Trent offered his semi-erect cock to my mouth.

Gangbanged In The Country

group kezza6969 2018-02-06

Pleasure seared and surged through Becky’s belly, through her womb, down the tunnel of her cunt, along her labia, completely engulfing her clit, arse and thighs. The woman’s gash was a long deep red slash of dripping flesh, Becky noted, surrounded by thick swollen wrinkled brown labia butterflied open around the red throat of her cunt, tipped by a fat throbbing clitoris. Nevertheless the situation in which she found herself, the fires that inexplicably burned sensuously through her body and the hard prick energetically sliding in and out of her cunt all caused Becky to experience a sexual high. Becky felt his knob and shaft caress that inner pleasure spot deep inside her.

The Trio Ch. 03

group LeoDavis 2018-02-06

It took several months, but Terri and I managed to spice up our sex lives by including everything I had done with Kim - other than including another man in our bed. I was lustfully staring at Kim's behind as she moved away from me, vividly remembering how it looked when she was naked with streaks of cum on her legs, and I almost screamed when Terri unexpectedly took hold of my arm. Then everything came apart when Rick filed for divorce, accurately claiming that Bill and I had both had sex with Kim. I tried to explain everything to Terri, but she refused to listen.


Second 3some with our best friend

group hubbymelissa 2018-02-06

Once in the bedroom the clothes started coming off with him striping her completely, loving that she didn’t have any panties on as he had asked and sucking her tits and rubbing her pussy the entire time. She was going crazy and came very quickly, as I had already cum I usually take a long time for my second cum so I continued to fuck her nice and slow like she likes it after an orgasm. We both looked at his cock as it went in and out of her pussy and then he came again flooding her completely, she was close but still needed more to get there so were traded places and I pounded her like there was no tomorrow, she cleaned him up again while we were fucking.

Always Say Yes Ch. 01

group erossmantic 2018-02-06

"Carly has her 'girl's party' over here tonight," Stephanie reminded Tony as they each headed out the door to go to work Wednesday morning. "The last thing Carly is going to want is a man in the house when she is trying to sell oil and lotion to women," he said. "That'll do," Carly said approvingly as she met Stephanie at the door to welcome Tiffany. "Damn," Tiffany said, "he looks fine after a workout." Tony stood in front of the women wearing a sweat-soaked white tank top and short black Adidas shorts. Tiffany and Carly each took in bold long views of Tony's body, imagining what a night with his sexual skills might be like.


Life Changes Ch. 09

group deadeye_76 2018-02-06

John, 5' 11", 175 lbs, brown hair, blue eyes, 32 years old, married to Cindy. Ruby (Miss R), 5' 8", 155, red/auburn hair, blue eyes, 40 years old, Exec VP at Bills' company. Jessica, 5' 3", 105 lbs, black hair, blue eyes, 25 years old, Ruby's admin asst and slave. Kimiko, 5' 1", 95 lbs, Asian, black hair, brown eyes, 29 years old, Ruby's friend, does Brazilian waxes Julie, 5' 8", 140 lbs, blonde hair, green eyes, 40 years old, Ruby's friend. Jeri, 5' 1", 120 lbs, brown hair, brown eyes, 30 years old, Ruby's friend. We finished plugging Jessica and Sam. Ruby turned to Kimiko. Kimiko stood up, took the butt plug out of Cindy's mouth and put it back into her ass.


The Full Force of the Law Ch. 02

group make_some_noise 2018-02-06

She wrapped a satin dressing gown around her body, turned off the lights, lay on the bed and closed her eyes, allowing the room to swim slightly from the alcohol and desperately hoping the creeping embarrassment that she was feeling would soon disappear. this time for providing a positive breath test, resisting arrest, and being dressed like THIS" and he pulled back her satin wrap which had come undone on the stairs and ran his hand across the fabric of the suspender belt around her waist. Matt lay back on Kate's bed and between them they fumbled and stretched, each with one free hand, to remove his shoes, socks, trousers and shorts.


Some of Sam

group flat5ive 2018-02-06

They look at each other, Jimmy says, "Sweet." Sam nods, lets her eyes graze down my body a bit before turning back to the movie. Sam leans back harder against Jimmy, clearly looks over at the front of my jeans, stares for a moment, takes another deep breath. She sits me up against the back of the couch and sucks my cock again, still planting some teeth at the bottom of each stroke, but stroking me perfectly, pulling the skin tight like the woman in the movie. He grabs the back of her head, and they slip into a familiar motion, him fucking her mouth in a way I wouldn't have anticipated when they were the nice young couple from the video store: both his hands on the back of her head.

Mommy isn't Kissing Santa This Year

group sexiskye 2018-02-06

How many of you fuck my husband Christmas eve?" Mrs. Clause hand her fingers deep in Mandy's cunt rubbing her g-spot, Mandy couldn't stop herself cumming she was oddly aroused being taken by a woman, well by Mrs. Clause so roughly and she wasn't fighting her off. "I don't think you understood me," she said looking at Mandy "you liked eating my pussy too much; I need to teach you a lesson." she hit a button on the remote in her hand and the panties Mandy had put on started vibrating on her clit."What's your husband's name?" It was a stream Mandy had never came so hard, Adam seen his wife having her pussy being licked my Mrs. Clause and cumming so hard it sent him wild and his cock throbbed as he slammed it hard in Mrs. Clause's ass.

Aunty Tick Tock Ch. 03

group Guitarseaman 2018-02-06

Cliff could not believe his ears but his penis lifted slowly and began to grow with a mind of its own, the image of Aunty lying on her back having Miss Palmer licking away while he fucked the life out of her was too powerful to ignore. Squeeze harder.." Aunty urged Anita as Cliff mashing her butt tight to his crotch, twerked her pelvis up and pushed Anita so her mouth pressed up tight to the boobs in her face and clasping her hips strongly, fucked to and fro, back and forth so the three of them connected cock to cunt, mouth to nipple swayed in bliss moaning and sighing with pleasure.


Summer Ch. 19

group TheTyke 2018-02-06

With his arm around her waist keeping her sex firmly centred on his fingers and his mouth on her breast Chris took Sue up to her climax; and her whole body shook as she tried to quietly crest the wave he had brought her to, her thighs and sex tightly gripping his hand, squeezing the circulation from his fingers. Seeing the opportunity, still holding his crutch where Jackie had kicked him, John quickly scuttled across to kneel by Sue and without waiting to be asked and passed caring about Chris of the Vicar, he began to pull Sue's t-shirt up and over her head; determined that he was at least going to get something from this debacle.


Hidden desires finally exposed

group ptsteve 2018-02-06

Jane laughed and said "Look, just enjoy yourself and remember nothing is expected of you okay?" My wife sort of relaxed at this and the activities began. I heard a woman ask my wife if she could suck the cum from her just fucked pussy. Another man got on the bed beside my wife and was sucking her nipples and massaging her breasts. He placed his cock at her mouth and she eagerly began sucking this new cock, The woman ate her pussy like a pro and my wife suddenly emitted a yelp as she came another time. The man my wife was sucking pulled his cock from her mouth and came on the sheets.

A Knock At The Door

group BigDocMojo 2018-02-06

Because here's where I want to put your cock," you told me, as you turned to Brian and slipped his hard dick into your mouth. As Brian turned his mouth to your other nipple, Casey spread your legs open and pressed two fingers on your clit, gently circling it. You approached as well, then Brian stopped you, reaching under you to circle one finger against your soaking wet clit, then spreading your pussy lips while pushing behind your knee with his other hand. "AAAAHHHH!!!" you screamed, and as your orgasm was at its peak, as your insides tightened against the two cocks and your body strained, you felt Brian's cum flowing inside you as well.