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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

The Thing We Did Last Summer

group tantricjim 2018-02-05

The hand touches lingered a little longer than necessary, bodies pressed a second when the other two were not looking, lips parted for short hello and goodbye kisses, my eyes wandered to her tits or hers to my crotch area, all indicating a desire for more. I recall rolling off Marg and looking over just as Nels was pulling his cock out of Judy and wishing that it were I. Judy moved one soft warm hand to rest on the inside of my knee while her tit rubbed my upper arm. First Marg and then Judy bent down over Nels and I, with their tits on our chests and began to fuck us as we held still and let them take charge.

New Beginnings Ch. 02.1

group 69plus1 2018-02-05

Call it a sixties burnout that tried to drag then through the nineties, adult ADD, sexual nirvana whatever, I am back to finish my first experience with Steve and Sara set up by Ben. I hadn't even though where they story was going to go, but wanted to get this to my nice supporters, so I stripped naked, got some lube, watched some porn and well, here it is. Someone, Sara I think, takes my cock into their mouth down to the base and a hand continues to caress my balls, pulling them down stretching my sack. Powerfully I feel it start in my anus, it is like a bolt of lightening and moves through my balls and up my cock into Sara's' mouth.

Not So Quiet Night In

group fudgemuir 2018-02-05

Matt's girlfriend, Cassie, was at the third side of the big oak table in an oversized t-shirt and her thong, and Debbie, THE Debbie, girl of his dreams Debbie, was sat in the forth chair in just her lace panties and bra...and she was about to lose the bra! "My deal, I believe?" she questioned "Time to see some cock, I feel!" She swapped her look from Matt to Dave while she took the deck, quickly shuffled and dealt out the four cards. "Gladly," Debbie retorted while crawling her way along the table, she bent down, and while leaning on her right elbow, pulled Dave's head towards hers and their lips met.


The Circle Ch. 03

group SteveWallace 2018-02-05

Despite the possibility of further 'action,' Bob ended the evening early, dropping off Zoey at her home, but sharing several more really hot kisses on her doorstep. "Oh. I don't want to upset Matt, but if that's accurate then sure, I'd love to go out with you." Zoey did like Jim, and the idea of dating both men at this stage had appeal to her. The passion Jim and Zoey shared stopped suddenly when the residents of one of the nearby houses drove down the street towards their house with their high beams on, lighting up the dead end and their car. Matt you'll be calling Zoey, and Jim you'll be dating Sheila. Moreover, I bet Zoey hears from Matt, and Monica, Bob will ask you for a date.

My Family's Nudist Colony? Ch. 13

group regularguy13 2018-02-05

Chloe grabbed Peter and Paul's flaccid dicks. Chloe stood, smiled and because she was unsteady and teetering, she grabbed Piper and Pablo's outstretched hands. Paul smacked Piper on the ass and said, Paul was hard again and he was no longer satisfied with fingering and licking Piper's ass and cunt. Piper moaned into Chloe's pussy and lost her rhythm distracted by the sudden hard dick inside her. Soon, Piper was using the energy and excitement that Paul was giving her to bring Chloe to her first girl-on-girl orgasm. However, as soon as Chloe's eyes opened and Piper moved out of the way, Paul rushed over and thrust his throbbing dick inside her. Pablo had moved off of Chloe when she screamed in orgasm.

The Story of Two Sluts Ch. 02

group dickdanger2005 2018-02-05

I'm desperate to have a cock in my mouth and I want to taste some hot cum so bad right now. Loads and loads of hot thick cum began to coat the hot dog, and Stacy moved it around to make sure the entire thing got covered. "Oh fuck I'm gonna cum!" shouted Gary, and Stacy put the head of his cock into her mouth. After she had milked the last drop out of Gary's softening rod, she stood up, wiped her face off, and grabbed the cum-coated hot dog. Did you do my dare or did you chicken out?" With that Stacy picked up her soda, put the cup very close to her mouth, and began to slowly let the cum she had been holding ooze out into the drink.


group SexyJezebel 2018-02-05

sucking as much of his cock as possible between my lips, looking up into his eyes, watching his expression. I continued to love his cock with my lips and tongue, my fingers playing occasionally over his balls... Sliding my tongue deeply inside her, moving it in a circular motion, making her squirm and moan louder. I moaned louder, my lips vibrating her pussy as I continued to lick, suck, and tease her. Slowly, so slowly and tenderly his tongue moved over my lips, sucking them into his mouth, first one then the other. I closed my eyes, feeling her fingers in my hair, and his cock sliding deeper and faster inside my pussy.

Sweet Revenge: The Final Chapter

group bella26 2018-02-05

As he did this my other co-workers, who up till now had just been standing and staring, came over to me and I soon felt their hands all over my body; probing, pinching, caressing. I felt stroking my clit, working me up to an orgasm and right at the time I would cum, it was pinched so hard it brought tears to my eyes and I screamed loudly. I felt so full that I wanted to scream, but with the dick in my mouth I was unable to do that. I had cum leaking out of my pussy and ass and had swallowed so much that I felt like I was going to be sick.

Santorini Paradiso Ch. 02

group lamoureuse 2018-02-05

Elena gasped and arched her back, pressing her pelvis up to his exploring mouth as her hands pushed the back of his head down through the fine cotton sheeting. Elena was very close to coming, and started to say "oh god" over and over - her voice rising in an almost musical crescendo until she was nearly screaming from the wave after wave of intense orgasm that rocked her shaking body. What stopped Elena in her tracks was that the two men looked almost exactly like Petros and Adonis. After they'd stepped out of the shower and were drying themselves, Adonis handed Elena a shopping bag containing a small variety of toiletries, hair gel, a new toothbrush, and a new blue cotton jersey dress.


Naughty at School Ch. 10

group ECHoney 2018-02-05

"Well I've always heard that guys have all these pictures of naked woman hanging all over the room and in their lockers and I wanted to see for myself." Don't you guys like looking at naked woman?" I continued walking around and picking up things and bending over in front of him. He had not cum yet and was still fucking me hard when the first guy came back over and I started sucking him. The first guy started pulling my body suit up over my head then straddled my chest to tittie fuck me. When he was all done licking my pussy clean I smiled at them both slipped my body suit back on and went to the girls locker room to shower and clean up.

Fantasy Cum True

group mygr8bzlyf 2018-02-05

N went straight in to start drinking, the girls were totally wasted at this point, and being the wise one I stayed sober to enjoy what was to happen. I thought he was going to freak, instead he leaned over my wife, slipped his hand between her legs, and started making out with her. I could look down at her sucking my cock and smiling, her pointy nipples in her fingers, and my fingers shoved in her wet pussy and ass making her grind and moan. While she was enjoying that, I looked over and watched J and N 69 some more, watching J grind on his face in enjoyment and sucking his dick trying to make him cum.


30th birthday gangbang

group 2018-02-05

the two either side of them on the bed knelt facing them as they groped at her body as she reached down and began to wank their rock hard cocks before without warning the one with the largest cock of them all rose up and as he stood up he put his feet either side of the lover below her he stood right in front of her as one of his hands held her face still his other hand worked vigoursly on his big cock and she knew she wasn't going to get to feel it in her as within a few seconds the tip of his cock was pushed to her open mouth , the first blast missing her mouth all together and as she closed her eyes she felt a combination of squirts into and around her mouth as he groaned out loudly as she felt the last small squirts of cum leave him she again took the tip into her mouth and she stared into his eyes as she sucked him clean before he leant down and kissed her cheek and stepped of the bed only to be greeted by the guy below her reach up and using his fingers he helped guide the excess sperm on her face into her mouth as she sucked on his fingers .

Theater Bliss

group brcrbf 2018-02-05

I was standing, along with a couple of others, by the opening to the theater area wondering what to do next when a man who was maybe in his 30s walked past coming from further down the hallway. I was up and moving over to their sofa immediately, but I was beaten to the mark by a younger, very good looking guy who straddled the arm at the young lady’s right. She grabbed my dick with her left hand as she bent over to start sucking the young stud on her right. She when back to the young guy on her right and I continued to fondle her breasts, back and even slipped a hand in her pants to get a feel of her wonderful ass.

Captured by Pirates

group spankingjenny 2018-02-05

The Pirate grabbed my arm and with one powerful swipe ripped the clothing from my body, all the while shouting for the Captain and telling the others to grab Tanya. While holding hands, Tanya and I crept back out onto the main gun deck and into the middle of about 75 very mean and very horny pirates. For hours the men kept taking turns whipping us and laughing at us but Tanya’s and my mouth were resting against each other and after a while we started to kiss each other, first to comfort each other but then it turned sexual as we actually became aroused.

Small Party Turns Naughty

group 2018-02-05

When the girls got naked they all crawled up the bed towards me (now this is the amazing part, Jamie and Emily Crawled all the way up to me and started kissing my neck and biting my ears whilst Nina and Jess both focused on my dick, licking it and tossing me off, Stacy and Gemma Were on the other side of the bed making out with eachother and Alex sat infront of me and let me rub her pussy!!!

Under The Mistletoe

group Redrosesx 2018-02-05

As my clothing hit the floor followed by his, all three of us sat and looked at each other, smiles like Cheshire cats spread across our faces and a harden on him as large as can be, hmmmmm I licked my lips as did my friend and both of us went to work, as he lay back onto the table I slowly slid my hand up the inside of his leg and my tongue slowly followed, my hair trailing behind all the way up the inside of his thigh, she was already busy sucking and licking on his long hard cock, I could see it throb as she slowly slid it into her mouth, her jaw as wide as she could get it, felt kind of funny watching her suck on him while I just touched, I wanted to join in, my tongue found the base of his cock and licked up the shaft till I met her lips, she pulled back a little allowing me to take him into my mouth, ohh god he tasted so good and as I slid him in and out of my mouth she started to touch my body, her hands starting to run up and down my back.

Slutty Wife in the Back of a Van

group yurato 2018-02-05

I saw my wife dancing a few times with a couple of guys and she seemed John's hand was resting on my wife's ass cheek, rubbing it slowly through her eight years said, "No he doesn't so just fuck me with your big cock John, what John told Lisa to get over here and suck his cock and she John then told Lisa that Matt was going to fuck her ass while he John then told her that he had a surprise, Lisa again smiled and said she John told me that his cock was not hard yet and pulled my head towards his as John's cock slid in and out of my sweet wife's pussy and I could see his

A Night at the Chalet

group Taltos1667(a) 2018-02-05

Across the tub, Nickie and Tyler turned to watch as Paul continued fingering Carole and alternately sucking her nipples. Carole reached up and squeezed Paul's balls while she concentrated her attentions on the swollen purple head of his cock and it wasn't long before the excess cum was squeezing out around her lips and flowing down her chin. Nickie watched in amazement as her friend licked the excess cum off Paul's balls and cock then, turning towards her and looking her straight in the eye, wiped the cum on her chin with her fingers and cleaned them off in her mouth. As Tyler leaned over Nickie's face, she took his cock deep into her mouth and started to slowly clean him of their combined juices.

Sharing Kate

group damonX 2018-02-05

"Oh yeah?" I responded, glancing over at Kate, who avoided eye contact by turning away and taking a sip of her diluted drink. "You actually went out dressed like that?" I asked, as Kate stepped over and reached down to pick up Ryan's drink from the coffee table. Kate let out soft, quick laugh as she handed the drink back to Ryan and walked over to me. Her soft lips worked their way back to mine and she continued kissing me as my hands explored her body, moving down to feel her thin, well muscled legs through the sheer, smooth material of her white stockings. I nodded although Ryan hardly noticed as he was now too enamoured with Kate, kissing her neck as his hands roamed her tight, slender body.


Maurice Mario and Me

group Peccato 2018-02-05

Mario kept moving his head this way and that, while Maurice pumped his cock quickly and then slowed. Maurice jerked Mario's head back and turned his face around to kiss him. Can't you see men at work, here?" Maurice said jokingly and he kept kissing Mario. Maurice's hands moving in a blur over Mario's cock as it sprayed it's love juice over my breast and neck, nearly reaching my face. Maurice just looked at me but kept thrusting into Mario's ass. "Are you sure?" Maurice said, moving to get a better look at Mario's face. Because I am sick and tired of her talking about how boring her relationship is going with you." Maurice watched as Mario kept his head in my lap.

Lucky Cable Guy

group Megamuffin 2018-02-05

"I want to suck your cock." Tina was standing in front of me, wrapped in a white towel; her damp hair hung over her bare shoulders. She pulled herself off my cock and Stacy immediately turned around and began cleaning my and Tina's cum off my slowly receding cock. Tina was fingering Stacy's pussy and occasionally licking her fingers clean, while I just lay there and breathed in deep gasps. Stacy happily dove into Tina's pussy, licking and sucking her clit and fucking her cunt hole with her tongue. Our juices mixed together inside her and Tina was there to slurp my cock clean before she and Stacy sucked each other's pussies clean, both of then cumming one more time for their troubles.

Spring Break

group mdiver 2018-02-05

Like so many others we thought it would be a good time away from the cold and snow, to just kickback and spend time enjoying a relaxing time at our favorite resort and to have fun with each other, especially sex. She looked up at me and said with a grin, "I love the way you taste with my cum." She took me into her mouth and did her wonderful magic of bringing me off. "Well," Cathy said with a grin, "The guy who won was so much larger physically than his girl that all he could do was just hang the thong from a nice size dick that stuck straight out.

House Remodel

group zimabean 2018-02-05

Connie was hitting the bottle pretty hard and was starting to slur her words. I told Connie that I thought she was pretty hot and that I would give her fifty dollars to see her naked and threw my money on the counter. I told her not to worry and pushed my cock half way into her tight wet pussy and pulled all the way out and then slammed it all the way into her. Then out of nowhere Tom flew in and planted his hard cock in Connie's pussy. The sloppy sound made by Tom's cock thrusting into Connie's cum filled pussy was so cool. Tom lasted only a minute or two then drained his balls deep inside Connie's pussy also.

The Camping Trip Pt. 02

group Tetris07828 2018-02-05

Ann lubed up her hand and started stroking my dick slowly and gently. Ann was working the thing in my ass like an expert and jacking me with her other hand. When Ann came out I said, "I can't believe you got that huge thing in me. Ann answered, "Fine, now I'm going to suck and fuck my brains out some more and when I'm done I'll be back at the site like I said I would. I had serious doubts about getting an erection much less dropping another load so soon after the major explosion I experienced earlier but I did want Ann to leave satisfied. Ann turned the seat slightly and then laid across my lap with her ample ass by my right hand.