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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Graduation Trip: Day 5

group nancyisnaked 2018-02-05

"Hi, remember me from last night?" a woman with long, curly reddish hair said as I waited by the bar for my bottled water. As she continued the upper part of my dress loosened, and I felt Kathy's warm hands on my arms as she pulled the shoulder straps down over them. Then I suddenly felt tingles spiraling down my spine as Kathy's warm, wet lips kissed the back of my neck while her hands roamed the front of my body. I copied Kathy, grabbing the base of his cock with my hand, stroking him as my lips and tongue moved over his sensitive tip. As soon as I pulled off of Al, Kathy kissed me deeply, her tongue digging into my mouth trying to get a taste of Al's cum.

Breast Friend Ch. 06

group RockSteele 2018-02-05

Peter texted Paige, Nicole, Chelsea and Janine first. Paige, Nicole, Chelsea and Janine lined up in front of Peter, their hands at the ready to discard their only articles of clothing. He jiggled them around and gave them three coats of soap before nodding for Paige to be dismissed and eyeing Janine, who stood in the corner of the shower, waiting patiently and reluctantly for her turn. Nicole and Chelsea put body wash on their hands and stepped toward Peter, arms slightly extended. Janine and Paige locked eyes for a moment before taking the body wash from Nicole and pouring it on their enormous tits. When Paige finally released Peter's head from her tits, he opened his eyes to see Chelsea and Nicole standing at the ready, pink liquid soap already on their huge endowments.

A Full House

group BiCurSubCplinFL 2018-02-05

She asked John and Tony to take their fingers and slide them up into her wet pussy while she lightly stroked their cocks. Phyllis told John and Tony to take their fingers out of her hot pussy and instructed them to suck them to taste her juices. She looked at John and said, "I can't wait to taste your cock.' He moaned and opened his legs as she licked her fingers and lightly slid them along his shaft, admiring the length of his muscular cock. John was planting his seed deep inside Phyllis's pussy and Tony was feeding his creamy cum into my mouth, and I ate and I ate. As John removed his cock from my ass, Phyllis asked if I liked having cum in my ass.

Anna & My Friends

group English Bob 2018-02-05

She had the same effect on my little group of friends as she did on the rest of the bar patrons; I watched her with a smile, Nick watched her with a growing excitement and Joe watched her with a look of undeniable lust! She took advantage immediately and Nick and I heard our friend gasp out loud as the sexy brunette opened her mouth and sucked his balls deep inside, rolling her tongue lovingly over the sensitive flesh. And with one movement, Anna had her mouth full of Nick's cock while Joe continued to fuck her heaving breasts. Leaving her continuing to massage her own breasts, Joe pulled his cock from Anna's cleavage and presented it to her face.

Male Man's Delivery Ch. 04

group stoneypoint 2018-02-05

After she left, Jerry got in his car right away, drove to work, parked by the side entrance, wrote a secret note, and went inside inconspicuously to the mailroom. Jerry liked Katie's look on her face and her giggle as well as what she wore. It was all good and why not, she wanted him and she was willing to step in and enjoy it too while showering with Jerry under the warmth of a relaxing and potentially erotic soothing voyage. "Would you just like to stare at me while the water runs Jerry or should we step in, so we can enjoy each other's company", as she interrupted his starving thoughts.

Widening the Circle Ch. 09

group fntsymn 2018-02-05

"Oh, I love that song, dance with me?" She went over to John her hand extended, "Do you mind?" she added turning to Kathy. I've never done that." Kathy stammered trying to postpone the inevitable but nature won, she felt she couldn't hold it in any longer, so she pulled her suit down and sat down on the toilet quickly, she tried to cover her breasts with her arm without being to obvious but she failed miserably, so finally she just dropped her arms, "I mean, I don't have a beautiful body like yours." "Oh, but Kathy, you are beautiful." Pamela said, "You have a fantastic body and I bet John would be glad and excited if you just walked out there naked."


Island Fever Ch. 33

group Jeremydcp 2018-02-05

My right hand still palming the back of her shoulder, Trish rustled around for a moment as my lips caressed her immaculate face with a series of kisses. "I want you to stay." I turned toward Amy, whose denim mini-skirt hung precariously low on her trim waistline, and asked her, "Do you have any problems with Kristanna staying here with us?" Amy stood up and took the initiative by placing her right hand upon the back of Kristanna's neck, then tilting her head to the side and moving her mouth in for a taste so sweet. "How many times do you think you deserve to be spanked?" When Amy did not answer, Kristanna smacked her sweet ass once again.



group slyc_willie 2018-02-05

Steve and Derek both exchanged slightly worried looks; while they had not been drinking, both young men carried fair amounts of marijuana on them. We, the organizers of Zombie Stomp, like to think the spirit of William Adler looks down upon this festival with approval from the Adler Family Mausoleum which can just be seen above the northern face of the quarry.'" He finished with a grin, directing his eyes toward the northern end of the quarry. With the absence of pounding music and the crunch of human bodies, Steve's senses gradually adjusted to normal levels as he followed Vicki and Becky along the rear of the quarry, behind the stages and various band vehicles, to an old iron gate the blocked the way out.


Handsome Ch. 32

group Paris Waterman 2018-02-05

"Now me," Julie chirped, "Compare mine with Jane's." She closed her eyes and smiled as she slowly worked two fingers of her right hand in and out, while massaging her clit with her left thumb. I could only guess who these hands belonged to; but then Jane's head appeared, leaning over my hip to somewhat awkwardly take my cock in her mouth, and I knew then that it must be Julie's fingers that were now pinching Sigourney's nipples. I was surprised at how quickly she reached her climax, until I opened my eyes and saw her kissing Jane while Julie had her tongue up Sigourney's ass.


Night Nurse Ch. 02

group Clansmansco 2018-02-05

I stopped kissing her and drew my face back, then slowly moved my hand onto her breast, and caressed and squeezed her, letting my fingers play across her nipple. I pulled away a little and started to stroke her belly all the time nearing her pubic area but as I started to brush her hair I moved out and caressed her hip and slid down the outside of her thigh to her knee. Then she started to rub quicker and she was squeezing and pulling her nipples at the same time till at last she came gasping and panting and I could feel the juice running out past my cock.


Three Chicken Burritos

group Flashlight7.5 2018-02-05

I had a beautiful naked woman so close to me that I could feel her hip bone against my stomach, she gave me a line from nearly any porno script, and all I could say was "Three chicken burritos." I made a mental note to kick my own ass later that evening. "It's the Paco's guy!" Naked Girl said, and gave my ass a squeeze. I cast a glance down my body to see Hourglass Girl pumping and sucking my cock like she meant business. Naked Girl's eyes were almost rolled back into her head as a huge orgasm welled up inside her like a tectonic plate ready to shift.

Bi MMF Chance Encounter Ch. 01

group Kayden 2018-02-05

He was having his cock stroked by the guy fucking his ass. I turned back to the screen in time to watch the guy cum in the other guys mouth and all over his face. The guy on screen who had just cum was now bend over on the bed having his ass licked out by the other guy, who was stroking his cock. “I guess not,” I said, as the guy bend down and grabbed my cock and guided it into his mouth right away! “Don’t worry hun,” said the girl,” he swallows!” She then grabbed my hand and guided it down between her legs, where I found she had no panties and a very moist pussy. I started rubbing her clit as the guy sucked on my cock.

Sun, Sand & Seduction Ch. 03

group orie 2018-02-05

I moved my head from Alice, and we both looked down to see Sharon licking, kissing and sucking my hard member. Sharon moved up on the bed, keeping her hand on my erection, but now watching as Alice ground her pussy hard against my face. Alice put her arms around Sharon, and kissed the top of her head as her sister-in-law lifted her pelvis higher and pushed it harder into my face. As I continued to use my tongue on Sharon's clit and extend it deep inside her canal, Alice moved her lips to a nipple and planted a soft kiss. Alice had been playing with herself watching us, and when she saw the liquid shooting from Sharon she reached over and touched her sister-in-law's pussy feeling the warmth move across her fingers.


The Special Project

group mikey_5055 2018-02-05

She let Sabrina suck my cock deep while she watched, then went into the kitchen and returned with an ice bucket with her cold metal dildo hidden inside of it. Tammy slid the cold dildo out of the bucket and rubbed it up and down Sabrina's wet lips, she watched her closely as she pushed it deep inside. She moaned on my cock as she sucked it deep inside her mouth, oh John your tongue feels so good in my pussy I am gonna cumm all over your hot tongue. As she came hard all over my tongue Tammy had pulled the dildo out of her ass quickly, her cumm squirted hard inside my mouth as I sucked it all down and licked her lips all clean.


Sarah's Story Ch. 03: New Job

group SarahsHooters 2018-02-05

Rob planted the palms of his hands flat on the table top, pinning her legs, and pushed his thick, veiny dick a few inches into her tight arsehole. Sarah moaned softly and whispered, "Rob, will you rub my clit?" He spat on his fingers and reached down between their bodies, stroking and pinching her nub. Half an hour later, Sarah was poring over helpdesk performance indicators when Calum took a seat in her office. When the door creaked open fifteen minutes later, Sarah, naked as the day she was born, was straddling Calum, his fat dick stretching the walls of her snatch as she rose and fell rhythmically on trembling legs.

A Christmas Makeover

group leilore 2018-02-05

"Yes. It wouldn't kill you to get out of your black goth clothes for once!" I felt a little greedy for demanding this, but I was tired of Tara embarrassing me by showing up looking like she was 12 years old, to black tie events. Eric had told him of Tara, and her transformation, and Shawn couldn't believe his eyes. Shawn and Eric stood next to the bed and watched as me and Tara kissed passionately. Shawn was kneeling in front of Tara on the bed feeling her breasts as she was stroking his 7 inch thick cock with her hands. Shawn started moving his dick deeper into Tara's mouth, his strokes got faster and faster as he held the back of her head.

Two Weeks in Texas preview

group RobinAmourous 2018-02-05

Sammy turned her back to Jim and looked me in the eyes. Back and forth we alternated as Sammy and I kissed Jim. We would take the chance to kiss each other making sure we showed we still loved the other. Sammy grabbed my head and pulled me up off of Jim. She tugged at my shirt and had it off and tossed to the floor. Sammy popped Jim's cock from her mouth and climbed off of me. Sammy broke the kiss and we both swallowed our share of Jim. We smiled and giggled. Very slowly Jim began to lift Sammy's body. He lowered his head and began to suck on Sammy's breasts as he fucked her.


Erotic Adventures of Brandon & Cheryl Ch. 05

group timewarp69 2018-02-05

She then got up with the cig held in her lips and done a sexy lap dance, all the while occasionally dragging and exhaling very erotically, a she shimmied seductively up his body with the smoke curling out of her dirty mouth. After teasing a couple of times, she took the cigarette from her mouth and exhaled a large cloud around the head of his cock going down once and right back up, then reminding him not to touch. Brandon felt and heard her orgasm a couple of times and then screamed "Ohhh god, I'm about to cum!" With this, she got up, tits flopping so wildly that she almost tripped, and fell to her knees, violently pushing him back.

rock and a hard place

group manwifegirlfreind 2018-02-05

dont know how i did it when i was young having sex all the time. in my last real life story iwasnt getting any sex from the wife, hence the fire down below made me visit my 300 pound neighbor who was more than willing to get laid. got caught wife is now a nympho but my ex neighbor wont give me up, now i think i got both of them agreeing that all three of us go to ahotel and have a threesome to my surprise they both agreed now i am waiting to see what happensm check back next week i will let every one know if we had a good time or if i got my dick cut off.

Fantastic Fulfillment Ch. 01

group wildest1 2018-02-05

Ken's hand took my wrist and raised it slowly to his mouth, looking in my eyes. I leaned back against him as Ken opened his mouth and sucked at the salt, licking my wrist, eyes locked on mine. Reid positioned his thick, hard cock at my wet pussy and slid in even as I backed against him, wanting him in me, and whimpering, groaning as his fiery thickness spread me open, stretching, filling me. Reid's free hand steadied and held my hips, then slid his forearm under me for I was starting to slip down, a victim of the intensity of sensations rippling through my belly. I kissed both, and Reid stepped back a little, his cock slipping free of my cum-filled pussy.


group 2018-02-05

So, I respond and ask if they would mind sharing me with a few other guys who would be there - you know at least half wont show up, so you invite everyone right? Guy from email number one is an older black fella, big cut cock and his bud is white and about 7 inches it seemed. They all know they've got a genuine fuck pig to use and I'm workin my ass into his cock like a good anal slut should. Anyway, my door is always open to those guys and many, many more studs who love cock whores like me!

I Was the Neighborhood Nympho at 20

group crazy_girl 2018-02-05

Dick moved quickly to fuck my ass, I could sense his lust as he grabbed my ass cheeks spreading them further as he watched his wife Kathy eat my cunt and ram her fingers up my ass. As Dick reamed my ass Kathy rammed two fingers up my sopping cunt and licked and sucked my clit. I had two more orgasms before Dick pumped his last load of sperm up my asshole and collapsed on the bed next to Kathy and I watching her lick and suck his cum from my anus as I fingered her cunt an asshole in our 69 position for the next 15 minutes.

Wife And I Get A Roommate Ch. 03

group naughty_bi_interest 2018-02-05

She pulled my head close to her mouth and started to whisper in my ear "Your little cock feels so good in my pussy, fill me up with your cum and eat it out baby." Carol turned my head so that we could look into each other's eyes, "See baby, you don't have to hide it, go slip on your panties rather than these gym shorts, be comfortable, pretty please." She was slurring her words a bit and was acting like an innocent little girl rather than the bad ass Dominatrix. Oh god the pressure on my prostate and her taunting me was too much, "Yes, god I want a real cock to fuck me, I want David's cock in me, feel him grab my hips and shove his big hard cock in my sissy pussy." My head slumped forward in defeat.

Broke to Ride Filly, Cheap

group Tzah 2018-02-05

Raul and Julio had been flirting with me and Melanie all night long, but now, instead of just sitting propped up on the bed shoulder-to-shoulder, Raul's arm was around me, and his hand began tracing titillating little circles and patterns on my bare shoulder. "OhMYGOD!" I moaned as he divided his tongue and time between my breasts, his hands getting all tangled up in my long red hair- I know it was my own hair, but when his hands roved my back possessively, it felt so sexy and soft brushing my skin like that. Then, I felt his smooth, wet cock nudge against it, press harder, and I groaned into Melanie's quivering snatch as Raul drove his nail right into my ass, taking my anal virginity.