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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Butch Black Women Ch. 06

group Samuelx 2018-11-08

The sight of a middle-aged White slut kneeling before a strong Black woman like myself and sucking her toes turned me on a lot. I smacked Mariel in the face, spanked her flabby White ass, spat on her and then fucked her pussy and asshole with my strap-on dildo. Unfortunately, I can't seem to find a woman strong enough to dominate a tall, muscular and dark-skinned Butch Black woman like myself. Face down and ass up, that's the way this dominant Femme fucked me, a strong Butch woman. I am a Butch woman enjoying getting fucked in the ass by a dominant Femme. However, there is a part of me that enjoys getting spanked, flogged and fucked with a strap-on dildo wielded by a sexy woman.


The Adventures of Mar and Kate - Part 2 - Coming Together

group marna69 2018-11-08

We're paired for the night." Kate tugged on her cuffed wrist, bringing my hand to her half undone zipper. John promptly reached over and ran his fingers along Kate's pussy lips, while Jack tested me. Jack pulled down his bikini briefs to his hips and gently pushed his hot, wet cock head into my lips. Suddenly there were new demanding fingers on my pussy, sliding over my wetness, pushing inside me, pulling out, cupping my sex as a fingertip teased my clit. Her free hand was on her ass, pulling herself more open, as John gave her long, deep strokes, lifting her on her toes and bring a grunt from her lips every time he hit bottom.

Mile High Club in a Balloon

group hotairgasm 2018-11-08

What a view!  We were high above the Rio Grande valley over the outskirts of Albuquerque.  Now that we were above the haze, the mountains were so clear they seemed to be right next to us even though they were actually many miles away.  I stole a look at Jack and he still had that sly grin on his face.  He was really enjoying his job.  As he hit the burners again, Sue and I kissed again.  This time, she let go of her death grip on me and moved a hand around to my cock.  Needless to say, I was already hard and my shorts were bulging.

Janie’s Gangbang Fantasy

group Erbanluv 2018-11-08

Yeah, she's a natural redhead" I hear several voices and feel several hands moving over my body, one slides down between my legs and strokes my pussy, "Oh baby, nice pussy." A finger slides between my labia and a male voice says, "Oh, she's so wet. I can feel Bill's huge, hard pumping cock, sliding effortlessly in and out of my completely dilated pussy and the excitement and pleasure of what's happening turns into a mind blowingly fantastic orgasm. Here it cums!" He pushes hard into my ass and I feel his cock shuddering with excitement as he begins pumping thick, heavy, ribbons of pearly jism into my asshole.


A Proud Black Master Ch. 02

group Samuelx 2018-11-08

That's why I'm kneeling before him right now, sucking his twelve-inch, uncircumcised Black dick like the sport of cock sucking is going out of style. I like tall Black men with cute faces, nice bodies and big dicks. Lots of fat White chicks who date sexy Black men and hunky Hispanic men love anal sex. I love the feel of a big Black dick up my ass and if loving it is wrong then I most definitely don't want to be right. I'm a bossy White chick who's fucking a Black dominatrix in the ass with her own strap-on dildo. I'm a Jewish chick who loves uncircumcised men and finds Black folks and Hispanic people to be sexy as hell.


It was a good summer

group mranonymous7 2018-11-08

I shot a load so big in her mouth I just knew she was going to choke, but like a real pro she swallowed ever drop and even licked the last drop of cum off the end of my dick. Knowing that he liked it, when I took him in my mouth and started sucking, I continued to massage his balls. Unable to contain himself, Kevin grabbed my head and started franticly working his hips forward and back, fucking my mouth with his hard cock. As soon as I pulled his cock out of my mouth, Kevin started shooting cum all over my face.


Two Beauties and The Beast

group Soleillalune 2018-11-08

I'd bet she's already soaked her new panties, why don't you check." Samantha turned Juliana around to face her, seeing Juliana's eyes were on Jeremiah, she placed her hand on Juliana's chin bringing Juliana’s eyes to meet hers, before finally sharing their first passionate kiss of the evening. Now Samantha turned Juliana around so that she was facing Jeremiah and began running soft wet kisses down Juliana's very sensitive back, knowing it gave her goose bumps and made her squirm. As Juliana's body responded to the delicious soft tickles of Samantha's mouth, her eyes were locked on Jeremiah, his face expressing his enjoyment as he watched his love; his hand rubbing the bulge locked within his pants.

Driver fucking horny sisters

group bava12 2018-11-08

But as soon as my periods were over I wanted to be with him, so on way to home from school when he asked me to come that night, I went again there and that night he again did twice to me and came inside me.A few days later when s*s was in school and mummy and daddy had gone to attend funeral of daddy's cousin, I was in bathroom taking bath to get ready for school; For a few minutes he continued to move his organ between breasts then pulled my chin up and inserted his hard thing in my mouth, asking me to massage his balls while sucking him.

The Deal

group 1nympholes 2018-11-08

Smiling, I said to Freddie, “Freddie, would you not like to party the night away with me?” I knew his cock would be rock hard, such a young boy with his hormonal needs off the charts. I have a cock in my mouth, sucking it like the end of life was near,, my tits being devoured by someone and my next feeling is a hard, good sized cock slipping into my fucking wet, horny pussy. Once those cocks were in my ass and pussy, I next felt a cock forcing its way between my ruby red slut lip stick, which was now smeared on face like a cheap whore.

Scandalous Behaviors - A Swingers' Party (Part 4 of 4)

group xhardx13 2018-11-08

Delores said that Kim was a very creative party planner. Back in their luxurious living room, Kim brought out two bowls of fortune cookies. Delores was in the Rose room with Warren, and Kimberly was in the Violet room with Stan. Kim said no one was to be with their wife or previous partner, so there were extra cookies to choose a second or third fortune until they got it right. Kimberly eventually sat on Warren's cock, while Tammy had her legs over Ron's shoulders as he banged into her. Seeing Kim's ass being reamed, Tammy made no secret that she wanted Ron's cock again, but this time up her ass.

Black BBW and Bisexual Studs

group Samuelx 2018-11-08

Anthony was a tall, good-looking black man with light brown skin and curly hair. Anthony and James sat on the bed and watched as Rita undressed. Anthony was a good-looking black stud alright, with his muscular body and visibly long and thick cock. James kissed Anthony, and began to caress his sexy body. Rita watched as Anthony gripped his partner's head and began moaning in pleasure. Rita joined in, and licked Anthony's balls while James sucked his cock. Rita watched as Anthony began to fuck James butt hole like there was no tomorrow. A few moments later, James and Rita revived Anthony's dick and got him ready for round two with their spectacular oral skills.

Wanna Swap? with Kelly

group GoodToBeMe 2018-11-08

Kelly and Yvonne popped up without a moment of hesitation, walked around to each other’s position and went to work sucking the new cock in their mouth. About that time, literally just a couple of minutes after the swap, Patrick and Kelly got up and moved to a spot on the floor in front of the TV, kind of behind me, and with Kelly on her back and her knees pulled up, Patrick slid his dick right into Kelly’s sopping wet hole. By now I heard Kelly (with her wet, slippery, horny-as-hell all the time pussy) start her quick build to an orgasm. I got on my knees, moved up in front of Yvonne, she spread her knees far apart and I slid my cock all the way into her cunt in one stroke.

Our Buddy, Jeremy

group jmm90 2018-11-08

Jeremy took hold of Nicole and pulled her on top of him, and Nicole could feel Jeremy’s hard cock in his shorts. Michael watched as Jeremy’s hands traveled over Nicole’s upper body, and Nicole began to gently grind into Jeremy as they kissed more deeply. Michael’s face was inches away as he watched Jeremy’s hard cock penetrate Nicole’s wet pussy deeply. Jeremy gave Nicole a playful slap on this ass, and the surprise sent Nicole’s mouth further down Michael’s cock; the added depth, combined with her deep moan, sent Michael over the edge, and he began to cum into Nicole’s mouth. Jeremy grabbed Nicole’s ass tightly and started guiding her motions on his cock as he began moaning deeply, her tight, wet pussy feeling incredible on his thick, long cock.

Miss American Pornstar

group Buz 2018-11-08

Ida twisted her cute little ass up to the wheel, then turned and gave the audience and the cameras a great big sexy smile. Ida turned toward the audience, smiled, licked her fingers, and cupped a fist, making a dick sucking motion in front of her mouth. Letting go of Devan, Ida pushed Devon back onto the bed and buried her face in his crotch while arching her back and pointing her ass toward the cameras and audience. A massive gasp could be heard in the studio audience as Devin pulled Ida up onto her hands and knees. Ida smiled and gave a cute little finger wave to the audience before blowing a kiss to the lens of the hand held camera positioned about two feet from her face.

New Friends

group seeker4 2018-11-08

When he reached April, my girlfriend took Aaron’s cock in her hand and stroked it. My hand strayed to my cock and I began stroking myself, enjoying the sight of April enjoying herself with our new friends. That seemed to drive Aaron crazy, and he began fucking April fast and hard, holding her steady with his hands on her hips. Oh fuck, that’s so good,” Patty said loudly, her pussy squeezing my cock as she climaxed. “I love riding your cock baby,” April said in a breathless voice, beginning the stream of dirty talk that so turned me on, “You fill my wet, horny pussy up so well.

Somali Couples Can Swing Too!

group Samuelx 2018-11-08

Interracial gay sex between a big and tall, strong Black man and a skinny but well-endowed White guy, now that was the icing on the cake for a voracious fan of queer sexuality like her. While watching the hot action between Abdul Akbar and Carter Wendell, Fatima Kader thrust a slim pink dildo deep inside her pussy. Abdul was really screaming now as Carter fucked his ass real good, mercilessly slamming that thick White cock into the forbidden depths of the big Black man's tight ass. About half an hour later, Carter Wendell left the Akbar household, with the thanks of the lord of the manor, Abdul Mohammed Akbar and his lovely wife, Fatima Kader.


Another Encounter Backstage. Part 2

group ThePhantom 2018-11-08

At the last second Shawna turned and approached Kathy and the two actresses embraced each other and began to gently but passionately kiss. Kathy stepped behind me and slowly pulled my silk boxers down allowing my hard cock to spring free. She then pressed her lush, full breasts, still covered in her silky bra, against my back and began to gently rub them against my warm flesh. Kathy stepped back and I placed both hands on Shawna's waist and began to thrust myself upward into her tight cave. We gently kissed for the longest time until a movement on stage left caught my eye and I saw Kathy dressed in her French maid costume again.

Back Into the Swing

group 3rings 2018-11-08

Lifting her head from Sorrell’s right breast, Jessie said, “Fuck me with your hand Sorrell, push your hand into my hot dribbly cunt.” She opened her legs wider as she bent her head to Sorrells other breast and started suckling, her left hand gripping the breast forcing milk into her mouth, with her other hand she pushed down Sorrell’s pink panties and began pulling roughly at her clit until Sorrell was gasping from the dual ministrations of lips and fingers.


group cmt 2018-11-08

He was getting so close that I could feel his balls tightening up in my hand, His friend was getting hard watching this as he was massaging and sucking my breast. Suddenly Mike grabbed the back of my head and started thrusting deep in my throat, shooting his cum straight down. Mike started massaging my breast and saying, “That’s daddy’s girl, ride his big cock. Mike was sucking and biting my nipples as his friend was getting close to cumming. As his friend left the room Mike climbed between my legs and lifted them up over his shoulders and shoved in hard and fast. Suddenly Mike shoved in hard and started to moan, I could feel his cum filling me.

Trust Your Senses

group pixiedust65 2018-11-08

At first he had been appalled by the idea of strangers fucking her raw, yet as the weeks went by he found himself hard at the prospect of watching her be taken by the men. The combined sensations of the man pulling roughly at her nipples,and the stroking of her own hand on her clit were making her head cloudy. The stranger playing with her nipples grabbed her right hand, placing it on his fully erect shaft, and she moved it up and down, jerking him off. Her moan was muffled, the man at her head still roughly fucking her mouth and causing her to gag. The men had left, after gathering their things and thanking Justin for letting them 'Have a go at his wife' and 'Letting them fuck that tight little pussy'.

Black Man's Paradise: Now

group Samuelx 2018-11-08

What's not to like about a tall, good-looking and sexy black man? My girlfriends and I live with men we love and respect, but we also want some sexual thrills outside of the marriage bed. Jonathan, Luther and Jerry were three good-looking black men who were successful in their own right. Our black male guests were good-looking, successful men whose home lives were unfulfilling. I've had anal sex before but I'd never been taken by a well-endowed Black stud like Jonathan. Laughing, Jonathan smacked my ass and continued to bury his big black cock deeper into my asshole. Jerry had Sappho on all fours, her sexy butt cheeks spread wide open and his cock buried in her asshole.

Michelle's Morning Surprise

group Janey79 2018-11-08

There’s only so long a girl can hold out under this sort of pressure and Michelle soon felt the blood cursing though the lips of her pussy, her orgasm within reach. Mrs Gray said to pop round and collect some money this morning, you must be Michelle?” Gary asked. Gary increased his pace and Michelle’s body was being shook to its core, the thick cock was deep inside her, probing her hard, her small breasts bouncing on her chest in time with his thrusts. Gary had moved round and had ducked his head under her arms, squeezing her furthest breast roughly while tonguing at the centre of the one nearest to him.


Three Leather Jacket Tassels Ch. 03

group RichardDickensAlcock 2018-11-08

When my wife refused to open the door one night to let me get one of my jackets for spring, Paulette offered me Paul's favorite leather tasseled jacket to wear. Paulette's body looked like it was dying to get fucked under a cornflower silk cami set with lace trim satin French knicker shorts. "My best friend's wife is gonna' play house with me," I said peeling her cami up over her head, letting her chestnut-honey locks cascade onto her naked womanly back. She liked me poking her with my cock, prodding in different directions with my soaked hand behind her, feeling Paulette's cunt waters break, her walls getting slicker as my member caressed them, her sweet pussy soothing my raging erection with her water, feeling her body melting, holding me safely inside her, spooning against me as we stood, as we, fucked.


The Wife and the Magician 4

group LeanAngle 2018-11-08

“My jaws are sore, my nipples are tender, my butt is ruined and I can’t even feel my pussy,” Char wasn’t actually complaining, “I think cum is still running out of me, want to check it out?” Char raised her short skirt and Len ran his finger up her slit. Emily added, “I think I can help with that,” her short legs straddled Len, her thick lips met his and Red guided his re-surging cock into Emily’s pussy. Char rubbed her face, “My jaws are sore, my nipples are tender, my butt is ruined and I can’t even feel my pussy,” she wasn’t really complaining, “I think cum is still running out of me, want to check it out?” Char raised her short skirt and Len ran his finger up her panty-less slit.