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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

New Friends

group jmc11 2018-02-05

Bobby pulled me to her and licked just the tip, then took the head into her mouth and ran her tongue around and around, Ted still had the camera hooked to the TV so I could watch my wife giving me a blow job like a real movie. I was still watching the screen when a pair of hands reached around and pulled the straps off my wife’s shoulders and lowered her dress down off her breasts, I knew they had to be Julie’s hand and when they started to rub Bobby’s tit’s that’s all I could take, I started cumming and after all I had seen and been treated to this night it felt like I was pumping a gallon of sperm into Bobby’s mouth.

Classmates: Miami Reunion

group VimBrioni 2018-02-05

Inez ran her hand over his chest, then began furiously kissing Rob. Arthur looked back up at the screen, while he felt his cock getting harder. Arthur stood next to Rob, and Inez began to alternate, sucking first one cock, then the other. Rob turned to him, Arthur and he kissing, tongues meeting, loving the feel of Inez's mouth on their hard cocks. Inez reached down and played with Arthur's balls, while Rob sucked his cock, harder, bringing him to the brink. Arthur began rubbing her clit while he tongue fucked her, and Inez had to stop sucking Rob as she began to moan, loader and louder, coming. Inez kissed Arthur, then Rob, while both men alternately rubbed her breasts, and kissed and licked her nipples.


An Erotic Island Getaway

group duddle146 2018-02-05

Knowing how much her own spouse would enjoy watching her play-wrestle with Pei Ling, she starts exchanging E-mails back and forth with your wife. As the two of you watch your attractive wives wading in the surf, both of you express a determination that before the week is over, you are both going to enjoy having your swollen cocks in the other wife's hot black hairy pussies. After providing you with a sensuous view of their flashing panties and beautiful thighs, the two of you watch intently as Pei Ling playfully pins Angela's slender arms alongside her head on the now rumpled bed. Lying back on the bed, resting on your elbows, you both watch Pei Ling swings her sexy brown thighs off Angela and helps her up to her knees.


Моят първи генг-бенг!

group the-boy0 2018-02-05

Леко се притесних, че го прави пред останалите, а той дори ме хвана за бедрата и започна да ме притиска силно към себе си. Като се замислих, не беше толкова лоша идея – и без това редовно си пускахме порно с останалите медицински сестри. Щом всички жени във филма се бяха съблекли, Кирил натисна пауза и се обърна към мен. Той бе мастурбирал през цялото време, гледайки как гаджето му участва в ганг-банг и се изхвърли на силни струи върху лицето ми, което така или иначе вече беше покрито с доста сперма. Изправих се, а Кирил и Сашо коленичиха пред мен и започнаха да ядат пичката ми, докато останалите двама излизаха спермата от задника ми.


Hung Jury Ch. 01

group jallen944 2018-02-05

"Yesterday a couple of other girls found a guy with a ten incher," Michelle said with wide, excited eyes. "Well, first we have to make sure your, you know, your penis, fits the requirements for the survey," Tanya said. I can't get a good shot with your hand on it," Tanya said, holding the camera up. She turned to Ethan's cock, opened her mouth wide, and closed her lips over the head. Michelle took his cock out of her mouth and held it for Tanya. "Could you help me out, please," Tanya said, looking over her shoulder at her friend. "Yeah, it was nice," Michelle said, and followed Tanya to the door.

Our Girlfriend Ch. 03

group HalElle 2018-02-05

I kissed her on the forehead; it looked like Elle and I were both getting involved in a relationship with a smoking hot little school teacher named Donna, we'd even made plans to see her on Friday night and Elle had been especially fired up all week, I couldn't go starting something up again with Susan. Twenty minutes later the door opened and Elle walked out holding the hand of our date, Donna looked just as good as I thought she would. Donna stood and walked over to where I was sitting on the edge of the bed, "Elle says that since you and I haven't made love yet, she'd like to watch us." Elle whispered to me.

Principal's Harem Ch. 03

group mrnotally67 2018-02-05

Tonisha was looking like she is winning because she grabs Alana by her hair, which she started to scream. Alana pulled her dress down to release those breasts and her mouth on one of them and started to suck as her other hand was playing with her nipple. Tonisha went down where Alana was and started to suck on my balls and insert her fingers into my ass like she did on the first night. Tonisha decided to join in as she kisses Alana on the lips and slid her hand on her chest and twist her nipples. Either from tasting Alana's nectar fill my tongue with sweet bliss, or probing the inside of Tonisha's sweet pussy that has a habit of closing around my dick.

Ms. Marca Ch. 58

group Ms. Marca 2018-02-05

“Your right Marca, but God you got a body!” When he said that he ran his hand up under my skirt and up my leg and felt my ass and 2 of his fingers went up my crack of my ass and the look on his face told me he knew I was wet. He looked up and said “Are you going to put that pussy to work, are you going to fuck baby?“ YES GOD YES, I’LL DO ANYTHING YOU GUYS WANT!“ His hands were under my ass, and I was humping his face furiously, but he kept on gently licking my clit, sending me higher and higher.


Old Friends, New Fun

group jimjim123 2018-02-05

Sliding my hands over her slim supple thigh I eased her left leg up over Cathy's body, then leaning down I gently allowed my tongue to lick across her pussy from behind, eliciting a deep moan of pleasure from Vicky. I paused briefly savouring the feeling of her hot pussy wrapped tightly around me and then I slid almost all the way out, causing Vicky to moan loudly as I felt Cathy's fingers return to between Vicky thighs. Suddenly it hit her, Vicky pushed back against me one last time and screamed loudly as she ground her ass against me pushing me deeper inside her than I would have thought possible, the muscles of her pussy tightened around me gripping my cock like a vice as her orgasm ripped through her body causing her to shudder uncontrollably.


The Interns- Jason, Rachel, and Max

group PurringPussy 2018-02-05

Sandy was one of the first to leave while Rachel, Jason, and Max were staying for an extra week. At the end of the night, they headed to Jason & Max’s place, Jason didn’t give Rachel the perfunctory hug and kiss that she had grown frustrated by. Soon, Jason ran his hands through her hair and began kissing on her neck and earlobes. But the resistance was short-lived and Rachel ran her hands across Jason’s strong arms and upper torso. Rachel nonchalantly pulled down Max’s pants and resumed rubbing Max, but this time it was direct contact... Rachel so taken by Jason’s intensity lost sense of control and near savagely stroked and mouthed Max’s member.

My Best Halloween Ch. 02

group kandie 2018-02-05

I licked my lips hungrily, flashed Jim a seductive come-fuck-me look, and suggested, "I for one cannot wait to see what kind of action lay ahead for the four of us." John stretched, winked at me, and confessed, "Wow, I do not know about you, but I had one hell of a time at your party, Jim. We'd love to stay and fuck all night!" I looked at her breasts, they were not as big as mine, but the hard nipples were very tempting because I loved to suck on a woman's tit as my fingers do the walking all over her hot cunt. I opened my mouth, licked my lips and said, "Uh-uh, you will have to wait a bit, because I want your cock in my cunt when I eat Kathy."

A Stripper Used

group Sean Renaud 2018-02-05

I mean I barely have enough for the bills for coming her, I'll have to work a lot more parties if I want to really take care of her." She turned her back to Bret and dropped into a squat so his face and her ass were almost perfectly level. Lita bit down on her lower lip to suppress a grin that otherwise would have given her away and pulled the dress the last few inches over her breasts. Lita twisted her hips back against Bret who'd started slapping her ass as the guys took turns using every bit of degrading language they'd ever heard about her.


A Fantastic Night

group KirstenSpringer 2018-02-05

David sucked Matt's balls into his mouth one at a time and then began to lick Matt's cock from the bottom to the sensitive area right under the tip. Anyway, back to our evening, Julie and I gave the guys a great show and then after they recovered their erections we took turns going down on each of them in tandem, two girls on one cock, kissing and licking their cocks and balls, before finally letting the guys take each of us from behind, pumping their hard cocks into our warm, willing pussies, going back and forth from one pussy to the other, while Julie and I engaged in some deep tongue kisses.

Quickies Ch. 05

group Lady Malachite 2018-02-05

The time was 4:15 a.m. The place was the little well-kept one-bedroom apartment that the young swinger couple, Greg and Sarah, shared. Andy was not sure whether he was imagining it, but it seemed Sarah was showing a lot more cleavage than she was last time he looked at her. He would love to pull her legs apart and push his cock into her right there in his friend's living room. What would Sarah's lips look like wrapped around Meagan's swollen pussy, licking up his sticky cum from her friend's wet hole. Andy remembered Sarah saying once that it was hard for women not to feel good when Greg put the moves on them, and if Greg wasn't putting the moves on Meagan, Andy didn't know what he was doing.

David Wilde Returns Home Ch. 07

group wildehafer 2018-02-05

"Jeez Mike, you make it sound like I've got a harem at my disposal!" I immediately thought it probably wasn't far off the truth, the way things had been going. They held like that for longer than normal and I noticed Anne's tongue come out slightly and lick her bottom lip before they let go of each other. Guiding Alex ahead of me she turned her head and gave me a strange look then smiled at the corner of her mouth before walking inside. I looked back to Anne as she stood there empty glass in hand, eyes closed. I clicked off the shots of this goddess whilst Alex guided Anne through various poses and positions around the pool deck.


The Wife's Alternatives

group phil_gabriel73 2018-02-05

Laila is a 25 year old office secretary who got married a few months ago to Vinnie, a young, energetic, driven businessman who is of the same age as hers. And just like every other businessman, Vinnie is a frequent traveler as he always go to places and conduct his seminars and business deals that usually take weeks to accomplish. They fucked me for about fifteen minutes doing many positions -- doggy, cowgirl, missionary but they never double penetrated me because they like the vibrator do its job so when they fuck me vaginally the vibrator is always placed on my anus while I suck a cock.

Rainy Day Changes

group txbiker 2018-02-04

I looked over at Sherry, and she was working her tits together and rubbing her nipples for Rob. Laurie was letting Jake nuzzle her breasts, as his hands were grabbing her ass. Susie grabbed my hard dick, and started stroking it while we watched Laurie fuck herself crazy on Jake's pole. Susie left me hanging, and dropped to her knees, and got a close up look at Jake sliding in and out of Laurie's ass. Sherry and Susie lost no time in diving down on Laurie, gobbling up all the cum they could from their friend's ass and cunt. Sherry and Jake came back a few days later to pick up her stuff, and Susie and I went over to get her things and stayed together for a long time.

Looks Are Not Everything

group walterio 2018-02-04

Cathleen loved to suck my cock and she was a great fuck who also loved it in the ass. A business day did not go by that I didn't have my cock in Cathleen's mouth, pussy or ass. I slipped my cock out of her pussy and told the girls in was time to get their asses ready to be fucked. Cathleen looked up at me with those big eyes and nodded her head, letting me know she wanted to taste my seed and then covered my cock with her mouth just as I lost it. Cathleen loved to fuck and feel my cock in her pussy so we did it anytime my lunch schedule permitted.


Christian College Sex Comedy Ch. 30

group FinalStand 2018-02-04

"If Jill wants me to move them she will ask me," Belle chuckled. Right as we heard Jill coming down the hallway, Belle grabbed a throw pillow off the sofa and bit down on it to muffle her scream. "It's not like I have to psyche myself into wanting to be with you, Belle." This is usually when I have to explain my love and attentiveness theory to women. You'll have to break it because I'm not letting you get away with comparing that dog Q to Reign of Fire." Then I rolled my head and screamed into the comforter because I've had my nuts ground into a puree and that didn't hold a candle to this level of pain.


Debbie gets Halloween'd

group snakebyte 2018-02-04

Debbie pulled his cock out of his pants and gave the purple head a small lick before sucking it into her mouth. The pirate, cowboy and Robin Hood all quickly pulled off the rest of their clothes and came over and stuck their cocks in Debbie's face. The guys then switched places with the pirate moving to fuck her well used cunt, Robin Hood moved to her gaping asshole, while the cowboy went from her ass to her mouth. Meanwhile, while Debbie was getting pounded in every hole, Lisa started blowing Daryl as he watched the shorter girl get fucked. Lisa stood up and turned, facing the other three guys having their way with the handcuffed girl, and lowered herself onto his hard cock.

Wishes do come true!

group adel5000 2018-02-04

Then I felt a finger slip up, into my hot wet cunt, as a thumb found and lightly fondled my clit, my knees were weakening and I started to tremble; I wrapped my arms around Anthony’s dark shoulders to steady myself, his hand increased its speed, I began to move my hips in time with him, I could take no more like this, I pulled his hand away, and walked over and laid back on the king sized bed, spreading my legs apart, exposing my hungry wet pussy.

Bloody Salesmen

group Ashson 2018-02-04

It also means that we tend to stay in our little office come the lunch break so that we don't get suckered into buying something we don't need but really, really want. Naturally I thought that would be the end of it, the two guys would turn and go about their business, but like I said, the sales guys just can't help flirting, even if they're not trying to entice a customer. I flicked a glance at Kate at the same time she looked over at me and her beau was playing at the same sort of antics. I suppose in a way it was, but it wasn't the sort of thing that was supposed to happen at work, in your office, and in front of a workmate.

Where the Dark Road Leads

group angelove_2001 2018-02-04

Sela took more of the nipple in her mouth, sucking gently, then harder, increasing the intensity and tempo until Delia's hips were thrusting towards her in a rhythm known before time began. Delia gasped her approval at Sela's tight toned body, running her hands over the soft curves. As Delia's fingers reached her nipples, Sela gasped and shook with the overwhelming pleasure of another woman's soft touch. "A pleasure, Delia," Trev kissed her hand lightly and then turned to the other woman. She tasted the sweetness, could feel the wet softness, and soon both women were fucking with their tongues, moaning, rubbing bare breasts against each other's bodies.


Tag Team

group Eagle1 2018-02-04

Marc groaned as he slowly slipped his hard cock in my wife's wet and waiting pussy. I tried to concentrate instead on the twin pleasures of the taste of his wife's pussy, and the feeling of her mouth and tongue wrapped around my cock, as I pumped it into her face. The touch of Marc's hard cock against my finger inside my wife's pussy was sending her into another orgasm. As I had done earlier, Chris got up and pulled his wife to the edge of the bed so that he could stick his fat cock up her tight pussy. I didn't know what turned me on more, the warmth of my wife's tight pussy around my dick or his hard cock wedged against my ass.