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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

The Lakehouse Ch. 02

group spiritseeker561 2018-02-04

Once we cleaned up, he grabbed a couple of beers and a couple of chairs and we headed out to the dock to join Roger and Ali. When Jay got a look at Ali in her tiny bikini, he nearly dropped his beer. I smiled and blew him a kiss, then turned to Roger, and wrapped my arms around him, grinding my bikini-covered crotch into his, feeling his hardening penis push against me. I think Ali thought she was "getting" Jay to try something in return for a tit-fuck, but I knew that he would seriously get off eating me out after sex, even if it was another guy's come in me. I felt his hands pushing my legs apart, and he kissed my rosebud and then licked at my pussy, which was still stretched around Roger's softening cock.

Lily and Leslie Milk Me Dry

group puterguy88 2018-02-04

I pulled the red pair over my head with the gusset against my nose, so I could smell her pussy and still have both hands free to rub my cock. Lily leaned forward to offer me a breast, then sat on my lap, rubbing our panties together, mine satin and hers cotton, sliding her pussy against my cock. Leslie reached in between my legs and squeezed my balls hard, like Lily had done, making me cry out and stopping my orgasm again. After 6 or 7 powerful spurts, I was almost spent, but Lily kept stroking my cock to the point of almost being painful, and then Leslie leaned forward and took the head in her mouth, sucking powerfully.

Jenny Gets Hers

group Woody Woodwood 2018-02-04

While they were out at the party, Anna, Dawn, and Kate kept feeding Jenny with enough alcohol to get her tipsy, and slipped a little something extra into each of her drinks to ensure she was hot and bothered by the time they got home. Anna suggested that as they had all bought vibrators it would be a good idea to find out which one of them had the best one, Dawn and Kate immediately joined in suggesting that they all try their purchases out and then decide, and they brought Jenny into the conversation, and it was evident that she was happy to go along.

The Wedding

group Clohi 2018-02-04

While I was thinking, I felt Alex's mouth on my neck and his hand circle my waist and pull me back against him harder. I felt his mouth on my lips and moaned as his tongue forced it's way inside. Alex's hands fell to the back of my head and I pushed my mouth slowly down the length of this cock. I watched as Sally's mouth covered Matt's cock and sucked. I felt my orgasm rip inside me as Sally took all of Matt's cock in her mouth. Matt was watching me as I moaned and bucked back against Alex, working his cock hard. We stood there and watched as Sally brought Matt to a huge orgasm, her mouth filling with his creamy cum.

Weekend in Maine

group sex4u4647 2018-02-04

"Were taking you home for the weekend and I'll feed you and fuck you all you want as long as you don't mind Jack being there too."Sherri said and gave me a deep kiss. She was made for comfort, good size tits with large nipples that stuck out just begging to be sucked on, nice firm ass, but what turned me on most was her bare pussy. I have always liked having my cock sucked but this was the first time a man did me, but since I had just fucked his wife I didn't want to protest too much. We went to the front room for beer and over a light lunch she explained that over the last couple years Jack wasn't fucking her enough so she started going out to get fucked.

Evil stepmom - Evil steps****r 3.

group 2018-02-04

So my steps****r Chrissie had come to stay with us for a few days, and my stepmother Melinda who I had been fucking while my father wasn't about, had warned me not to go near her daughter, and then I come home and find Chrissie naked with my ex girlfriend Hailey having hot lesbian sex and after tossing myself off watching them, Chrissie informs me I could have joined them. Reaching the final door I pushed it open and inside I saw my steps****r completely naked riding a young guys cock while another young girl sat on the lucky guys face. She was pretty tight compared to Melinda's cunt but I was soon getting deeper into her as she bounced away on my lap, and once I had got use to this unknown girl riding my cock I peered round her to watch my steps****r again.

A Patch of Ice

group SmokeEater 2018-02-04

I figured I didn’t want that to happen to soon, so I took their hands in mine and drew them both back down onto the bed with me, this time with pregnant Cathy in the middle. While Sheri bent down to suck on her friend’s turgid nipples, I scooted down between her thighs, held her firm rear end in my hands and put her legs over my shoulders. Soon, Sheri closed her eyes and ground her crotch down onto her friend and started riding her way to her second orgasm of the afternoon. Meanwhile, Cathy started stroking my ass and running her hand between my legs from the back until she could fondle my balls.


Best Girl Friends Ch. 03

group redjules 2018-02-04

She would love to pretend to be a man and thrust her cock into the pink juicy tunnel she was finger fucking right now, feeling her friend cum as she pushed in and out of her with her girl penis...Her hand was now slippery with her juices which were running down her legs and mixing with Suzanne's as both girls moaned and groaned in unison. Rubbing her hand gently over Luis's cock so that he was in no doubt that they wanted to include him this time, Carla then knelt between Suzanne's splayed legs and started to rub her friends sensitive breasts - rolling her hardened nipples between her finger, before slipping her tongue inside her mouth and kissing her longingly - tongues lapping at each other as they moaned gently into each other.


Salesman Enjoys Trip Of His Life Ch. 04

group milerdan2 2018-02-04

Cindy was the one wearing black stockings this time and they had a very elegant design on them that made them look Asian I guess while Sara was wearing white silk stockings that were plain but were slightly opaque showing off just enough of her sexy tanned legs underneath. Sara's dress was tight and form fitting with a white lace corset looking material drawing more attention towards her slim figure and her cleavage that was just covered up barely above her nipples. She was still weak in her knees as she got on all fours first, briefly showing her bare tits as her dress hung a bit low and then she brought her head forward holding onto the edge of the table and looking straight at my cock.


Visions Of Things To Cum

group Tidewater323 2018-02-04

There on a day bed was Patty Rouse the pastors wife naked and she was kneeling between the wide spread legs of a tall dark haired girl I recognized as Ann Norris. Ann was naked also lying on her back with the legs high in the air spread wide so that Patty could get her mouth over that young sweet pussy. I was really enjoying the Pastor and his wife but I was getting turning on by watching Burt standing near the wet bar with his daughter holding his cock in her hand. Betty was under Patty licking her pussy as Ken stood in front of his wife getting his cock sucked.

Roomates May Surprise You

group funpharmer 2018-02-04

My reply is take your head in my left hand and kiss your delicious lips and slide my right hand between your thighs separating them and pressing against your moist panties. With that, you stop kissing Kyle and turn your attention toward my throbbing 8" member, taking it in your left hand now. He is now kneel between your legs, grasping my cock and licking you clit, his right hand sliding on your inner thigh. I slide my right hand between his legs and pull myself up beside his cock, ready to share it with you. I pull your right leg closer to the edge of the couch to open your pussy wider then let my tongue, wet with saliva and pussy juices, slide down your slit to your clit.

Late Again

group Phet-ish 2018-02-04

Adam, though he was sensitive to Della's feelings most of the time, had a habit of "forgetting" about their plans once he got to drinking. She had never been in a threesome before, but the feelings Matt and Adam were giving her felt pretty good. Oooh, Adam....Fuck me, baby!" Della, in all the excitement, forgot about Matt for the moment. Matt and Adam soon got a rhythm going, and Della started to get the familiar feeling of an approaching orgasm. Adam's cum shot deep into Della's pussy and Matt's into her ass. After he had shot every ounce of his cum into Della's tight ass, Matt rolled off of her and passed out.

Be Careful What You Wish For Ch. 10-12

group Alexandra 2018-02-04

I had been working on the story I was going to tell Justin in the back of my mind, and now I was trying to concoct a lie for Amy. 'That's the problem for me I guess,' Amy's tone turned serious, 'I know you're not a slut and I know that you wouldn't do anything to deliberately hurt me.' She fell silent and I was trying to think of a response when she spoke again. 'It was amazing, he fucks me like no other.' I looked back at Justin and saw that his gaze was now switching between Amy and the cleaners.


White Mischief

group yorknudecouple 2018-02-04

Greta was amazed at the huge black weapon that Joseph It made Douglas hard thinking about an African's big, Greta looked beautiful that Saturday night as always. of Joseph, their big-cocked African chauffeur and the Greta gasped as her husband touched the giant black bull elephant-sized cock, his lovely wife was tight for Greta was still aroused from the giant black dildo, the took the lovely wife in his strong black arms and they harder for Joseph's huge African cock to enter her banshee-like scream as Joseph's black cock tore into Joseph pounded into the beautiful blonde wife with Douglas watched in horror as his beautiful blonde wife Now, whenever Douglas and Greta met the Happy Valley

Two Women’s Planned Event Ch. 03

group foxylady1954 2018-02-04

Paul entered the room after a few minutes and sat on the bed watching us, when I looked up at him I could see he was hard again, his cock standing fully erect and still shining from when I sucked him. Paul lowered his mouth to my arsehole and flicked it with his tongue a couple of times then moved away, I heard Judy gasp and knew he’d done the same thing to her. We took a few sips of our drinks then Paul said, ”OK girls, watching you just now has certainly made me very hard and I’m sure your pussys have had enough for a while so I think a nice blow job to finish me off.” Paul positioned Judy and I kneeling on the bed, facing each other and told us to kiss.

Motley Crew

group parts guy 2018-02-04

But instead of stopping to gather more drinks, she set the tray down as she walked, and continued all the way to the back where she went into the rest room. Les and Edith couldn't see from where they were sitting, but figured out what was happening when Aggie started to coo. "Let's meet in the rest room!" Aggie said as she reluctantly pushed the man away. Once inside, they ran to the back where Aggie jumped onto the queen sized bed, and Edith fell between her legs, licking her clean. "Well, it looks like even old people can party when they want to!" Les said as he pulled his wig off.

The Taming of Amy II - Submission

group mooremike 2018-02-04

Fuck I will give you a gag ball!” he said as he looked at Amy who was now on her knees as the group men looked at her. “Fuck she sure can suck cock!” the manager said as his hands gripped her head and he started to fuck her face. “That slut will probably want to pull the gag out so use these and if the lights flash that means the cops are here so push her in a booth and keep her mouth shut.” He said as he smiled. The next man was white and young and he handed me cash as he pushed into Amy. He fucked her with his considerably smaller cock but it only took a few minutes for him to blow his nut.

A Gift for His Mistress

group justboycrazy 2018-02-04

Mike kissed her lips and neck as Nick stood feeling her hand stoking his bulge under his jeans and underwear. While Nick was still on his back, Mike and Jana licked and sucked his cock. While riding Nick's cock, Mike stimultaneously sucked both of Jana's breasts. As Jana got off of Nick, Mike tasted and licked up all of Nick's cum in her pussy. He took his cock out of Jana's pussy and came on her breasts and on Nick's abs. After their orgasms were spent, Mike and Jana licked his cum off of Nick's body. "Mike, I enjoyed our tall, blonde, hot gift." Jana said as she smiled at Nick and kissed both men.

A Political Education Ch. 08

group ILienBagby 2018-02-04

On her knees and still on the floor between Victor's legs, sucking his prick, Carla was too busy to say anything. He asked Tom, "You want some of this?" Carla sucked on the prick even harder. Victor sitting on his chair, She on her knees, sucking his big prick, and, behind her, Tom's cock fucking away at her cunt. Carla felt Victor take his hands away from her head and felt him slowly slide his cock out of her mouth. "Slut," Victor whispered and began to fuck her tight ass with his huge prick as hard as he could, Carla savored the tang from his prick's recent visit to her ass as she swirled her tongue around his cock's long, thick shaft.


Sunday Afternoon

group brbrbr 2018-02-04

As I release your clit you start to slide down, her taking the hint and moving everything but her hand as she holds me in place, slowly stroking my cock. My hands grip your thighs as I move your body back and forth on my cock, you slightly pulling up each time I push you back feeling the base of my cock run across the front of your pussy and your clit. You feel her hands on the back of your neck as she moves your hair and leans to whisper in your ear, "Fuck my husband's hard dick till you cum."

The Double Team Ch. 02: Final Preparations

group asdfman 2018-02-04

"You know bro, we've gotten comfortable masturbating together but I feel that both of us are going to get freaked out by our cocks touching if Jenny agrees to this." Cole stressed. Frank was reminded of the first MMF video that he and Cole had watched together in which the girl sucking the dicks needed to change positions in order to fit the guys deeper into her mouth. "No, for this work, I need you to pull out your cock so that only the tip of your dick is inside the fleshlight." Frank said. Like a soldier prepares for war through rigorous training, Cole and Frank pumped away at the fleshlight pretending that it was Jenny.

After Hours Alicia Ch. 01

group NewAgeErotica 2018-02-04

Alicia was not like all the other girls and her father knew it. After classes got out in the afternoon, Alicia would walk from campus to her father's bar. She walked inside and said hello to three old men sitting at the bar - Ralph, Manny, and Roger. She knocked on the door, "Daddy?" Her father said, "Come in!" Alicia turned the knob and walked into his office. The girl who was supposed to be here tonight wasn't going to tend bar or bus. "The girls strip, but there's more to their job than just that." He said, trailing off, hoping his daughter would end this embarrassing conversation, take the keys, and storm out of the bar. Her father couldn't make that in an entire night without having a girl come in and fuck his customers!

The Gift

group dawoolef 2018-02-04

"That sure looks like fun," Beth said, "She really likes sucking cock." I took a deep breadth and pushed my head down, with all my strength, letting the crown of Steve's cock slip into my throat, gagging me. I groaned against Steve's cock and my body shuttered as Beth pushed her tongue deeper into my ass. "Yeah, I do," I answered, "I love it in the ass." Looking back between my legs, I saw Steve pull away far enough for Beth to get her head between us. As Steve's cock pushed into my ass hole, pulled back to the head and pushed in again, Beth lay on her back next to me and worked her head between my legs.

Tiffany's of Papakura

group Red Hugh 2018-02-04

Angel stood in with us and watched as Tania played her usual trick and sucked me to hardness kneeling with her hands on my buttocks as her mouth ran along my cock. Angel knelt by my head as Tania asked me to lie back and let her take care of me. As Tania began to work her way up my cock with little kisses I saw her look at Angel, smile and wink. I felt hands trying to loosen my grip and looked up to see Tania with a strap-on poised to enter Angel from behind. Angel did not last long and came on my face and Tania's 'cock' with a shudder and a little whimper almost like a giggle.