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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Jim & Sue Ann at New Years

group SuperBill 2018-02-04

Jim was telling me about the things that he tried to do, but that Sue Ann would freeze up and stop playing. Jim rolled Sue Ann over and began licking her breasts with his tongue. When Jim began playing with Sue Ann's pussy, Emmy said to show her what he had learned from her. While I was playing with Emmy's boobs, we looked over and saw Sue Ann climb up onto John's large cock. Emmy called Jim over and said that she wanted his cock deep inside her, now. Sue Ann told me to fuck her hard and fast, just like Jim was doing. Finally, Emmy suggested that Jim and Sue Ann needed their rest and that we should go upstairs to our own bed.

Faye Fellatio Ch. 01-04

group brian358 2018-02-04

"Come in..." the guy pulled the door further open and once Faye had passed through, closed it behind her. The guy found watching Faye's bobbing head remarkably soothing while at the same time the incredible sensations she was producing in his cock were wildly arousing. When she took his shaft back into her mouth, she pushed herself all the way down, without pausing, until she could lick his balls once again - this time with four or five inches of steel hard cock poking down her throat. Faye finally released his cock from her throat and returned the head to her mouth. Each time Faye surged forward, Brad's cock sank to the bottom of her throat and beyond.



group kimbelina 2018-02-04

We all eagerly followed Rob's directions, shifted positions, and I took a cock into each hand, then took turns with my mouth, a few moments on Chucky's big hard cock, a few moments deep-throating Mikey's smaller, thinner cock. "Oh, god, yeah," Mikey said, and Chucky could only nod with enthusiasm, his eyes glued to my tits as I followed Rob's next direction, which was to remove the rest of my clothes. As Mikey climbed on the bed behind me, I could feel the head of his cock press against my ass, which had tightened up again after his fingers left it and with Chucky fucking me harder now.


The Taste of Forbidden Fruits

group jhase 2018-02-04

For now there were four, five or even six hands caressing me, kisses of different mouths were applied to my cheeks and then there was a tender tongue, that definitely wasn't Julia's, licking over my closed lips, moistening them. One woman came on my face, spreading juices over my mouth and chin, while the other one was riding me in a backward position and the third one (that must have been Julia) seemed to take turns licking my balls and her friend's clit. Luckily the girl eagerly squeezing my cock with her tight pussy, rocking up and down unrhythmically, and finally climaxed, probably with the help of Julia's tongue.

College Threesome

group hhart708 2018-02-04

As Michelle laid there trying to recover I started to lick my way up to her breasts and watched as Deb leaned over and started kissing Michelle's face all over, moaning out loud, "I have never been so hot and horny in my whole fucking life," as she continued to kiss Michelle's face and neck. As I continued to fuck and watch, Deb pulled Michelle up onto top of the bed and got Michelle on her back at the head of the bed with her legs spread and started licking and sucking Michelle's pussy.

Angela's Undies

group alexcarr 2018-02-04

"I'd love too," replied Jimmy finding it and pulling it out from the seam of Jason's briefs, teasing back the foreskin to sniff and taste the ripe fresh smell of hot cock, he wanted to taste it to, he opened his mouth wide and took it in as Jason was still sniffing Angela's panties, It was a superb combination and soon the boys would be simultaneously enjoying the best of each other, each taking turns to be over or under each other in the most delightful stance, so that Jimmy and Jason could get their faces smothered in ass, cock and balls - all rubbed up with Angel's undies.

Beach 3-some

group alistairdazzle 2018-02-04

The beach is about 2km long and at the end it is quite narrow and backed by cliffs with a series of small bays separated by rock outcrops which can be reached by walking through the shallow sea. As they walked past the man was further away walking in the sea and said hello in German and the very nice shaped women who was closer on the sand gave me a big grin while looking straight at my cock. After about 20 minutes I noticed the man get up, put on his cap and walk away so I took my camera into the sea so that I could see if the woman was still there by herself.

Kelly's Liberation Ch. 07

group aussie_101 2018-02-04

The broken-nosed Porsche was evidently still in working order; I was not so sure about Tom's 'big bruiser' and neither Libby or I were in much of a state for driving it home with us. so close..." Tom and I picked up that particular note in her voice, and we both looked back to see Libby, in the back seat with nary a stitch on her, legs spread wide and her fingers plunged deeply into herself. "May I have her, Tom?" I asked of him, turning back to him and pausing to run the tip of my tongue, slow and gradually and enticingly along the length of his cock, earning an exquisite little shudder out of my man – as though he needed to be swayed by the action.


Mark and Andrea: The Affair Ends

group Magnumgrimlocke1977 2018-02-04

She puts her mouth around the tip and starts sucking, sliding down the shaft a little at a time as Mark licks and bits at Andrea's erect nipples. As Andrea slides her pussy up and down Mark's cock, he encourages Maxine to stand on the couch. She is inexperienced and doesn't know how to handle the member in her mouth, so Andrea guides her head up and down the shaft as Mark continues to lap at Maxine's dripping snatch. Jennifer sits on the couch with her shirt on and her pants hanging off one leg, toying with her pussy as she watches Maxine slowly lower her tight, brown little body onto the meaty white shaft pointing skyward.

John and Sharon's New Toy ( chpt.5 )

group MasterBill 2018-02-04

After John had his fun the girls got into the 69 position with Jill on in her ear ' just repeat what Sharon had done to her earlier until she felt more comfortable.' While the girls were busy with each other John got some ing out Jill's ass only this time he added vibe for a little help. just makes the mst sense." answered Sharon as she started kissing Jill again. John got up to get a pint of ice cream the keep on hand. The ice cream covered almost all of the breast.Then Sharon removed the container to replce it with her warm Sharon took a spoon of ice cream and sc****d it off on Jill's out stretched tongue.

Carmen's Fantasies Ch. 7

group nawty48 2018-02-04

Though Sandy is out of it, a part of her knows this isn't kosher--not even for carnies--and she groggily pulls Toni's hand away. "Do you have a nice licker?" Toni asks Sandy, reaching into her mouth like a lesbian dentist. "Shit, she does have an eager beaver!" Toni's ex says, lighting a joint and blowing out a huge smoke ring that encircles Sandy's chest. "Then you'll have to settle for your fucking hand!" Saying that, Toni leads Sandy off toward the haunted house. The bone is still stuck between Sandy's legs, and Toni pulls it out and hands it to her carny pal, shrugging. "You can bring your fucking camera," Gloria says, taking Sandy by the wrist and pulling her inside the trailer.


Castle Of Desire

group CHEWEY 2018-02-04

Scott was still kissing and nibbling on Sierra's lips, so Heather started kissing and licking down her neck and back. Heather was squirming and whimpering as she tried to fuck both of Sierra's hands while deep throating Scott's hard cock, knowing they were all getting close. Just as the girls were riding their way to heaven Heather pulled Sierra to her and kissed her deeply as they started to cum hard. With a warm husky voice Heather said, " Sierra, Welcome to Pitch Roy Lodge, I hope everything has been, umm, satisfactory for you." With a giggle in her voice and still a bit breathless, Sierra said, "Oh yes, everything has been truly satisfactory, I know I will really enjoy this job," as Scott started laughing with the girls joining in with him.

Backseat Hustle

group dempornstories 2018-02-04

He settled into the rhythm of her tongue lapping over the tip of his dick and down to the other side, the short nips, more lip than teeth, followed by her giggle that was somehow so cute yet corrupted, a knowing innocence the likes of which he could never have imagined if not for her. Liz, who was in tune with him enough to know what he was thinking even without his balls in her mouth, saw what was coming and began moving her tongue more enthusiastically, licking up to the bottom of his shaft that the other's mouth was reaching with each tireless thrust of her throat. All guilt vanished when he felt the throat convulse around his dick as she swallowed, sucking the next 4 spurts out of him and sending him into throes of uncontrollable, terrible pleasure.

Wife wants to live a fantasy

group biguy52x 2018-02-04

We drove to a restaurant for dinner in the car she told me she wanted her nipples to be hard. I moved and got down in the floor and was between Marcos' legs I got this cock into my mouth and started sucking him. Phillipe was fucking me his cock was hard and he was telling my wife what a good piece of ass this was. Phillipe pulled out of my ass and my wife sat naked on the couch. Phillipe moved over and pushed his cock into my wife's pussy and started fucking her. We moved again and my wife squatted over me and let Phillipe's cum run out of her pussy into my mouth.

What Happens In Vegas

group Mrbigdick2014 2018-02-04

The redhead looked over at D and grinned as they washed their hands at the vanity, "You want to watch out for Leo, he's got his eye on you." I averted my eyes to D's wide spread thighs as they rolled up against Leo. Between their bodies, I caught glimpse of his thick shaft sliding back and forth between her pussy lips. Placing her hands on Leo's chest and looking down between her thighs, D began to lift herself from his cock and then slide down again. A few seconds later, Leo pushed her flat on the bed and ran his tongue through her puffy wet pussy lips a few times; then raised his body over hers.

New Playmates

group Sweetalker45 2018-02-04

They were the last party we served that evening and about 45 minutes latter they wandered upstairs where I showed them the pool room and suggested they might want to play a little eight ball while I closed the place and saw the help out. Our mouths and tongues intertwined around the head of Steve's cock and he let out a low moan as first her then I took a long deep suck. Returning to share the head with Terry she yielded full control of Steve's cock to me and began sucking his nipples watching as I sucked more intently and began stroking is thick shaft at the same time.

I Just Had to Know PART 3

group allennine 2018-02-04

Geraldine stopped fucking Cheryl long enough to give my dick a nice wet kiss and before guiding it into Brenda's throbbing pussy. "What did you do??!!" "Damn, you motherfucker, you done fucked this poor white girl to death or what???!!" Brenda began to stir around. She looked up at Cheryl and said,"Girl you got to get some of that dick." "He was so far up in my pussy, I felt him in my stomach." "You ok girl?", Cheryl asked. "Oh yea, only my pussy is so fuckin sore, I won't be able to fuck or have it licked or nothing for a while." Brenda turned to me and gave me a nice long sensual kiss and stroked my dick, feeling the creamy wetness her pussy had deposited on it.

Holli Runs the Red Light

group blondefungirl2 2018-02-04

As the first cop approached her car Holli's mood changed, amazing what a cute guy in uniform can do to calm a girl down. As the cop's hand moved up the inside of her leg Holli began to sense what was going on and when his hand failed to stop at her skirt, passed the top of her stockings and flicked at her panties she knew the score. Holli could not stop the first cop from grabbing her head and forcing it onto the cock of his partner. Needing no more encouragement the two men changed places, and with a pair of pricks at either end Holli was now in complete paradise sucking and fucking like a whore.

Deidre Ch. 06

group Paris Waterman 2018-02-04

I start masturbating, letting Eugene's wonderful cock slip out of my mouth so I can concentrate on getting my hands between my legs to play with my swollen, aching clit. We all cum at about the same time: Eugene growls like an animal and splashes a relatively small amount of sticky white come onto my face; Weasel-Face buries himself in my ass, filling me to overflowing with what seems like a pint of hot semen; my girl, Una comes silently, her face screwed up in an ecstatic mask; and I go off bucking and screaming, wracked with pleasure that breaks over me again and again like storm-churned surf, until I am left a limp, sweaty, sticky mass on the floor.


Cassie's Surprise

group AuroraSilence 2018-02-04

She turned to see Mark in the doorway holding a birthday cake with twenty-eight candles burning on top, and her best friend, Shawna, just behind him holding a bottle of champagne and three glasses. "Okay you two, let's see something sexy." Mark and Cassie kissed quickly and then stared back into the camera. Come on, let's make some steam." Mark and Cassie looked at each other and then became engaged in a deep kiss. Cassie then pulled his underwear free as she took his cock in one hand and ran her tongue down the length of his shaft, from the head all the way down to his balls. Cassie hand managed to move herself from beneath Mark and Shawna stopped at this movement.

Another nice day at the nudist beach

group sixincher 2018-02-04

It was a nice day so I put some cream on and dozed off I woke up from a heavy sl**p and there not more than two or three yards away on the semi crowed beach, was Sharon and another girl who she later introduced as her s****r. I asked her if she liked it and she said “yes, nice” she said and gently reached over cupped my balls in full view of her s****r who giggled. I said I wanted to see her “down there” too and after some gentle teasing from me and her s****r she dropped her pants. I suspect Sharon wanted a look but was too shy to go on her own hence I was her “security”.

New Friends

group graynsam 2018-02-04

On returning home later in the day I told Sue how I had joined our nudist friends naked around the pool, but she already knew. Sue told me that over coffee the other day she had, had a long chat with Joan and Jean and apparently got of her chest a lot of things that she had kept hidden for years. Towards the end of the afternoon Sue turned to Joan and Jean and said "It has been intriguing me all day and I hope you don't mind but I have just got to ask.


Wife's Modelling Career Ch. 03

group MrsCanyon 2018-02-04

While I watched the last tape, I got my wife off of her hands and knees, bent her over the couch, and fucked my cock in and out of her cunt until I dumped a good sized load of cum into her cunt. He didn't last to long since he had been fucking her cunt, but when he came, he pulled his dick out so that the guys could get a shot of his cum shooting into her gapping ass and then jet after jet of cum flew from her cock across her back even hitting the back of her head.

Ace in the Hole

group miss_apple_tart 2018-02-04

"I'll go grab our table before someone else takes it." Said Julia as she walked away, glaring at Ace with a hateful look in her eyes. One thing that comforted me was that I knew how Ace's sick mind worked and I knew that he most likely didn't want Oliver to know much about the nature of our relationship either. Oliver looked up at me, "Tori, you didn't tell me that your old friend was going to be in town." Within a half an hour Oliver and I were completely wasted and Ace was only merely drunk, and I hated him more than ever because he still stared at me with that look on his face.