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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

A Very Close Shave

group Roopmati2000 2018-02-04

"I think you're in trouble Debra!" Kay's laughing voice came through the door. Debra looked down and ran her long fingers over her upper mons where the suit showed off her smooth skin. "Well, it took a little shaving to be able to wear it." Debra said softly. Kay looked on while I placed a warm washcloth over Debra's mons. I shifted again, this time turning around to lay under Debra's pussy, and tongue her newly shaved mons. I used my hands to massage her slippery ass cheeks, and from the corner of my eye saw Kay's hand under her swim suit, moving rapidly. She took hold of Debra's ass cheek and pushed her tongue in her back hole.


Excellent Service

group Vas 2018-02-04

Staring directly into Jon’s eyes, she brought the finger up to her mouth, and reveled in the taste of her own sex, watching his cock twitch in Amy’s hands. After a few minutes of Amy being slowly fucked from behind, her head being pushed deeper into Jon’s lap, she opened her eyes and pulled her mouth from his now glistening cock. Amy made sure Nicole was looking right at her, and then mouthed two words: “Watch this.” She slid her pussy off of the younger man’s prick, and stood up, whispering something into Jon’s ear. Nicole continued to push her finger in and out of her sex, and occasionally pulled away from the Asian cock to watch Amy lean back and kiss Jon as she continued to ride him.

Summer Heat Ch. 05

group marriedheat 2018-02-04

Nick and Jeanie just finished a satisfying fuck and are ready for sleep with Nick's semi-hard cock still in her cum soaked pussy. "I fucked Rob again in the middle of the night, watching you sleep with your cock in Jeanie. Jeanie pulled away from the kiss, looked Heather in the eyes, and said, "I've been wanting something else for a while too." While Heather licked and sucked Jeanie's clit, Rob slid his cock in his wife. "A good hot shower, no matter who joined in, would be great right now," Jeanie said, "but sharing it with you two will just make it better." Heather agreed. Heather pulled her fingers out of my ass, turned to Rob and stroked his semi-hard cock as she kissed him.

guest cums for a visits

group irisandsteve 2018-02-04

She picked out a hot pink teddy with some clear cfm heels and just looking at her as she radiated anticipation I felt my cock began to stir and that oh so familiar tingling begin to build in my loins. He apparently had once again had his buttons pushed as he pulled his cock out of her mouth and positioning himself above her boobs began stroking out his second wad all over her titties. Through the sliding glass shower doors I could see they had both soaped each other up and were embracing each other rubbing their lathered torsos together- mouths again pressing with their tongues flicking… They were obviously enjoying each other and having a blast.

Poker Night with Friends

group literalvirgin 2018-02-04

He also said he knows that Stephanie has told me about their new sexual adventures and that he was relieved to hear that he is not the only straight man to have attractions to other men. While Bill was continuing to eat Stephanie's pussy, she looked across the bed at me and said, "Come closer." My long time buddy was now gripping my cock with his right hand while he continued to perform oral on Stephanie. Stephanie and I watched in amazement as Bill stuck his tongue out and began licking the shaft of my cock, up and down. Bill began to softly move his head up and down, sucking my cock as he held the base of my shaft with his right hand.

Catching Up for Lost Time

group stress_relief 2018-02-04

Troy's tongue suddenly flicked my clit, and it was enough to send me into an intense orgasm, my body going flushed and rigid as cum leaked from my pussy. Troy took Jake's cock in his hands and rubbed it against my clit, sliding it over my pussy, coating it with my juices. Every once and a while, Troy would pull the cock away from me to spend a moment lapping up my juices with his tongue, sending me into one intense orgasm after another when he focused on my clit. This vision of Troy sucking Jake's cock while between my pussy lips, and Jake being pleasured by a man for the first time, sent me into yet another orgasm, shuddering and screaming loudly.

Pleasure Three Times

group VelvetTipper 2018-02-04

"Tina, you look gorgeous, and if you don't mind I’d like to eat you out right here on the couch." Tina's eyes narrowed, her lips pouted softly, and slowly she spread her pale, creamy thighs as she leaned over and whispered quietly in my ear. "Oh god I’m coming I’m coming fuck me oh yes!" I cried through gritted teeth as I clenched my fingers tightly against Tina's thighs and thrashed my bottom against Dave's cock, rocking back and forth crazily as my body tensed and a powerful orgasm imploded from my pussy and outward. My hand caressed her breasts as we kissed, making the nipples hard like bullets, then moved down her body touching her belly, groin and thighs, and when my palm brushed her cunt hairs I felt Tina open herself to me at her centre.


My Little Tramp

group English Bob 2018-02-04

Libby would dress in the most revealing clothes that she could find; short skirts that flared around her slim hips and showed off her legs, low-cut tops that promised sneaking glimpses of her tanned breasts and open sandals that exposed her pretty ankles and feet with brightly painted toes. I was too far away to hear sounds but from the way that Libby's mouth hung open and her lips moved in silent words of encouragement, it was clear that the two men had already brought my wife very close to climax. An older, slightly overweight man, that I recognised as the factory foreman – Libby's boss – sat inside and held a short, squat looking penis in his grubby hand.

Elizabeth goes Swinging

group amberspice88 2018-02-04

The other wives were kept busy with sucking cocks to keep us hard and ready for fucking and they were having lesbian sex with each other while we fucked the pair of posh cunts of Karen and Elizabeth. Sarah and Alice were amazing sucking on my cock and Stephanie worked at holding Karen's and Elizabeth's stocking clad legs spread apart for the camera to capture all the shagging action onto the video tape. I began to ride her roughly and really enjoyed myself with her, Karen and Elizabeth were also getting a good hard shagging by Mark and Peter, they were getting doggy banged up their cunts like a pair of fucking posh tarts in their stockings and suspenders and squealing like pigs.

Valentine's Day Surprise

group gab365 2018-02-04

And my pussy was slowly becoming lathered in my own juices as I thought about how Seth's cock would ram in and out of me tonight. "This is Jessie hon," Seth began, "she's your surprise for tonight." The sensation of both Jessie and Seth stroking my skin was beginning to send little jolts of electricity through my body. Jessie, less than a second later, held my head in her hands and kissed me deeply. Instead of pulling away, I leant down further, slowly lowering myself into more of a squatting position, and began kissing her body-- starting at her neck and moving downwards. Jessie was unrelenting in her grasp on my head and held my nose close to her pussy the until Seth and I finished off.

The Party and The Play

group Penisleeve12 2018-02-04

Miss Lilo, dressed to the nines was lolling in her private leather crib watching the Sling-room activities of her slut and for tonight, gay gang-bang queen through the two way mirror that made up one wall of her comfortable hide-away. She let it be known throughout the sauna complex that an anything goes slut was in the main sling-room, the one with the big mirror and that he'd be taking bare-back fucks, fists, toys, deep-throating any cock and swallowing and was generally available until closing time for any perversion anyone wanted to experience. This evening Miss Lilo lay back and with a pump expanding her clit she watch as Penisleeve opened his mouth and chased a thick dribbling cock that was being slapped about his face.

Quality Time

group misspandp 2018-02-04

He tightened his grip on my hair and started pumping his dick in my mouth, the head forcing its way down my throat, I gagged at the force and my abuser just laughed. He moved his left hand to my breast and teased my nipple, at the same time he pushed three fingers inside me stretching my slippery pussy and sucked down on my clit. My hair was pulled suddenly as the cock in my mouth tensed, he pushed as far as he could and I felt the creamy liquid shoot down my throat. As the cock in my mouth finished coming he let go of my hair and slid off the bed.

Jacuzzi Ch. 07

group SteveLee1146 2018-02-04

Then, I deliberately sucked just beside her right nipple and, as I did the last time, made a hickey, saying, 'There, all week when you look in the mirror or go to school, my mark will be on your breast.' She obviously liked that and promised to do the same thing to me, calling it a 'love mark!' She definitely was startled when Jan stood up and made a pirouette, saying, "I guess I don't need to climb out to expose my pussy – you both know exactly what it looks like!" She leaned down and kissed Marianne with real intensity while putting her hand on her breast through her suit and squeezing it. Marianne, still shocked, did what she desperately wanted to do – kiss and suck Jan's tits and nipples while, at the same time, feeling and finger-fucking her cunt.


What a Night!

group Hullo_nurse 2018-02-04

The guys look at me curiously & I tell them that Ned is a very close friend of the family, kinda like a foster-father to me & lets me come here from time to time if the room isn't already rented out or in use. There is precum at the tip of all three dicks & I go to each of them, starting with Jason, and take the head in my mouth & suck the precum up, twirling my tongue in & out & around the hole from which the nectar flows. Jason starts moving again & Tom works his way into my ass, finally getting himself all the way in.


Our First Threesome Experience

group OfWhatsToBe 2018-02-04

I pictured the disappointment continuing through the years to come, Ethan always wondering what it would have been like to be intimate with another woman. I felt concerned that Ethan was so nervous and I hoped that things would go the way he wanted. "So, how do you feel that you've talked to us in person a bit?" Ethan said haltingly. What do you think about us?" I asked in hopes that she'd say something like, "I think that someday this might work out." Instead, she smiled and nodded and said, "Yes." There was a kind of awkward pause, and Michelle said, "Well, want to come over to our house?"



group AnonAndAnon 2018-02-04

Diffuse city light through large windows to her right and some distance in front lets her make out an expansive room, morphing to a kitchen on her left. She goes to the closet, opens it's dark wood door and drops to her knees. She is so attractive, leaning there, eyes dark and still sleep and travel crazed, eyebrows and hair dark brown, hair snaking all over, lips red and full, chin, perhaps too large, dimpled and strong, a few freckles scatter about her shoulders. Behind and to her left, next to the floor to ceiling windows facing the city, a wicker couch and pair of chairs circle a wicker coffee table with a mirrored top. A croissant flake drops onto her breast, she looks at the empty chair, smiles and bends her head.


Jon & Meg - It Gets Darker

group pjd103 2018-02-04

This was different, Jon had argued that through all their adventures Meg had always still retained a measure of control, Meg, on the other hand hand felt she had given up ownership of herself in all the situations they had faced; the escort Jackie, the stud Mark, the stranger voyeur that they had allowed to watch. John moved away from the argument, left Meg to work out the realities, let her raise some righteous indignity, allowed her to come back to Jon some time later to insist that he takes her to a scenario that she has no influence or design over . The red-head straddled the lower leg of the cross holding her body tight against Meg's side without ever leaving off the insistent rubbing of the fingers of her left hand.

81% club

The Runaway

group tinman69s 2018-02-04

So, being the nice guy that I am, raised in the country, I said to her "That ain't much nourishment for a young lady carrying a load like you are honey." She turned and looked at me and I could see the distress in her eyes, and on her face. I opened the door and walked in, looked around, went to the living room, looked around and said to myself, "Damn her fine little ass! And evidently you do too!" She pulled her tee-shirt up and slid her butt to the edge of the chair and looked at me and said "Please Jeremy, make me feel good about being a woman again.


It Starts With Ice Cream

group onlyinadream 2018-02-04

“Hi Karen, I’m sorry about that guy, we aren’t all like that.” Mark said. “No, I’m sorry now, come on, let’s go get ice cream.” Karen said. “Of course, have as much as you want.” Karen said, and made to hand her the container of ice cream. Gina sucked her spoon clean and then took a small scoop and extended her hand out towards Karen. “Ok, I’ll be right back.” Gina said, again smiling at Karen. Gina had already turned and Karen looked at Mark. “I don’t want to go home anytime soon.” She said and looked at Mark for reassurance. Karen felt a flush of excitement run through her body as Gina stared at the ice cream, and at her chest.


Sharing Rachel

group Eosphorus 2018-02-04

She began sucking me quickly right from the start, her head bobbing up and down rapidly on my cock. Rachel stopped and looked back at the screen, her hand still jerking my cock. Rachel glanced behind her at the screen and started riding me faster and moaning as she watched the DP scene. I looked down and imagined her head turned to the side sucking off some guy and started to get even more aroused by the thought. She got on all fours and started sucking my cock as I stood next to the bed. Rachel's hand reached down into my shorts and grabbed hold of my growing cock as her mouth started licking my ear.


Mom's Neighborhood Studs Ch. 1

group The Devils Advocate 2018-02-04

I truly enjoy stripping a handsome young man, and lying him down on my bed; taking his large erection in my hand and then placing it in my mouth; sucking his cock and putting him in ecstasy until his cream flows down my throat. Only a sexually-starved, thirty-eight year-old woman like me could truly appreciate what kind of compliment it was to have those two young men, and their cocks, leaking pre-cum in their shorts! "Come on," I said playfully, parting my legs to give their wide-open eyes another look at my wet pussy as I once again began playing with my clit. Looking at their hard cocks, jutting out so proudly, (and so much bigger than my own husband's!) I licked my lips and said "Oh, am I going to enjoy this.

The Superbowl

group pandys 2018-02-04

I started to suck on the head of Bob’s dick when he pushes deep down my throat again His balls pressed hard on my chin and as I gagged he pulls back and thrusts again and again pounding my face agenst his stomach. This seemed to be working well when suddenly while sucking Bob he grabbed my head and jammed his cock down my throat again but as I started to gag I felt what seemed like a quart of his hot spunk shoot into my throat. Just as my load starts he bends my cock back toward my own ass and feel my own cum run down my crack to my hole full of Phil.


Summer Employment Ch. 07

group REGade 2018-02-04

"I'll be watching to see if Sarah comes tonight," she said as we got out of the car. I told Elizabeth that Sarah wanted me to come to her mother's house that night. I don't know if it was the sister's intention to trick me, but I took what Sarah had said about Caroline having a stubborn clit as a challenge. Eric and Sarah got out of their chairs, and came around the table to see if Caroline was telling the truth. "We got tired of waiting on you," Sarah said as she watched Eric eat her pussy. As I told Elizabeth on the way to work the next morning, "I must have gone to sleep before Sarah and Eric finished."


Adagio For Strings

group PlayfulLittle1 2018-02-04

As the tip of my cock is engulfed, my whole body tenses, and nearly lifts from the bed because at that same time another pair of lips again brushes against my mouth. Four soft hands stroke over my body, pressing against my stomach, my chest, stroking over my arms as I lay there, trying to keep still under their attentions. A rhythm begins, the hips over my face rocking and grinding against my mouth as I flick my tongue, moving in time with the lips on my shaft which press and glide over my skin. At times my face is buried so deeply that I'm left gasping for air when the pressure finally lifts, and at just those moments I can feel the head of my shaft sliding into the entrance of that tight wet throat.