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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Birthday Bedroom Orgy

group storyxteller 2018-02-04

Bianca leaned over and started licking the head of my growing dick. Tom and Amy stepped into the room and started making out, pressing their naked bodies against each other. Beth and Julie came right up to the bed beside me as Bianca resumed sucking and licking my throbbing cock. Bianca traded places with Julie, who started jerking me off hard, before going down on my stiff erection. Bianca kissed me and my neck and shoulders while Julie ran her hands across my tensing body. Julie and Beth moved over beside me and just watched as Bianca continued her sucking. "Great party, Rob!" Tom said as he took Amy by the hand and left the room.

Thursday Night

group AndrewKXS 2018-02-03

Greg shoved his cock up Steph's relaxed and waiting asshole and she wiggled slightly to adjust for his girth but never stopped her work on Terri's soft breasts. As he thrust forward again, probing her anal regions for the umpteenth time, Greg marveled at the feel of Steph's butt, soft on the outside and yielding but firm on the inside. Steph let Greg do all the work, enjoying the feeling of his rock hard cock slamming into her from behind. Steph convulsed and small mini-orgasms overtook her as Terri's fingers moved in and out of her vagina, rubbing against her sensitive lips. Steph came hard, all her muscles contracting, squeezing Greg tightly and gushing a milky cream into Terri's hand.

A Political Education Ch. 03b

group ILienBagby 2018-02-03

The smell of the governor's wife's cunt juice wafted up to Carla's nose from her still wet lips. "Oh, nothing, your honor," said Carla, quickly recovering, "I was just trying to say that I would be delighted to perform a task for you." She was thinking of his large prick, Bab's glistening, hair-covered hole of a cunt. "The governor," Branchbaum tried to continue, but, his eyes glued to the sight of Carla's panties, he just stared and seemed unable to continue his thought. "Oh, Babs, I am so pleased to hear that," said Carla, "I was afraid you wouldn't be happy with the fact that I didn't get Branchbaum to endorse the governor's platform."


Nikki's Blowjob Cafe

group DetectiveWhite 2018-02-03

The words "cock," "suck," "throat job," "bee-jay," " big penis," "blowjob" and "swallow" seemed to be mentioned continuously, all across the dining area as Kristi panned the room with her ears. Plus cops don't like girls sucking dicks in parking lots and cars, so it's always, like, a fast, furtive blowjob instead of a sloppy, deep, dirty-talking blow-jay. I'm a dirty-talking, dick-sucking, cum-swallowing, blowjob slut!" Kristi laughed and made a giving-a-blowjob gesture with her hand and mouth, bugging her eyes out while sucking the imaginary penis. "For my birthday this year, my mom had her boyfriend, who's like a professional blowjob instructor at RIT, teach me how to properly suck cock, give throat jobs, swallow...everything.


Sandy Ch. 06

group leBonhomme 2018-02-03

I guess I did know that she usually slept in a pajama top and panties, but I was surprised when she stayed and started running the water in the washbasin, still washing when I had finished my shower, turning off the water and wondering if she expected me to dry myself behind that shower curtain, but when I reached for my towel, she said: 'That's all right, I'm half naked too.' "'Really?' she said: 'I sort of wanted to once when the air conditioning didn't work, but it just felt too strange being almost naked in the living room.' When I told her that Wednesday evening was the first time we had kept our clothes on any longer than necessary, she snickered and replied: 'The way it was going, well, you might not have then.' 'Um-hmm,' I agreed: 'that's the way I felt, too, ...


Best-Case Scenario Ch. 04

group Xenolan 2018-02-03

Jayme looked up at me and gave me a wink, then turned her attention to Melisande, whose smile had slowly faded until her lips panted with little sighs. Jayme smiled and turned back to kiss her lover some more, then pulled away and slid down onto her knees between Melisande's legs. Melisande lifted her hips off the seat and Jayme slid her panties off easily, exposing a naked, pink, and glistening wet pussy. "Don't you want to come feel her?" Jayme asked me, offering Melisande's naked tits. Melisande slipped her face between us and caressed one of Jayme's pink nipples with her tongue, licking it softly until it was almost dripping wet.


Mutual pantyhose wank- further adventures.

group tonyhose 2018-02-03

I teased him with my fingers and mouth for several minutes then got over him in a sixty nine and lowered my nylon covered cock onto his mouth and told him to lick and suck me. With that Dave dropped to his knees and began to lick and suck Ray's cock. Dave pulled Ray's cock out of his pantyhose and told her she should try this one. As I pulled out Dave took my place and it was fun watching both their cocks fucking Mandy. As they both slid out of her I lay on the blanket and Mandy got over me in a sixtynine and sucked my cock as I licked all our cum from her cunt.

The Enforcer Ch. 14

group OmegaZone 2018-02-03

Mandy replied shyly as she hugged me: "I owe my life to Vinny and his Dad. His Father pulled me from the wreckage of the plane my family crashed in." A single tear escaped her as she continued: "My father and mother were not lucky enough to survive the catastrophe." She paused as she smiled at me, and then continued with a distant look in her eyes: "I was gravely injured. You look sad." I held him close and with tears in my eyes said: "I am going to lose you soon aren't I?" Vinny replied in a loving tone: "I don't want to leave your side, and since you have nobody left, when we get back we will have to seen what will happen to you." I replied tearfully: "I have grandparents and no doubt my father will have left me in their care.


His Slut Act 02

group HotHunty 2018-02-03

"Take that fucking cock, you little whore." He growls, and there is a hand yanking at the tie on my bikini bottom, pulling it open and baring my shaved cunt. "Fuck this little skank like she deserves boys." He sighs, and his associates comply, all of them ramming into me, fucking my mouth, cunt, and ass as hard and deep as they can. "Fuck the little whore like she deserves," he says, "bang her slut ass so she knows what a cheap, nasty twat she is." "You look good like this, cunt, with your mouth full of cock and drool, getting your slut ass pounded."

Rebecca series training Mary and Linda continued

group yin4yang 2018-02-03

Linda got the idea after a few minutes of me tightly holding her hair forcing her mouth down hard and fast on my cock. When you are good you are rewarded and punished equally when you are not." I started moaning along with them as I felt the tingling in my balls letting me know that I was going to cum soon. With that I instructed 2 to suck the tip of my cock and hold it with her tongue against 1's puckered asshole. Slapping 1 on the ass hard I said "What did I say about your attire around the house?" "Naked master" Slapping 2 on the ass I asked "What did I say about your wearing of clothing?" "Only what you give us sir" she responded.

Game 3 - Post Game

group carrteun 2018-02-03

When one persisted and got a bit too close for her comfort, Sully, who had been watching from his post at the quiet end of the bar, approached. I headed home, watched a movie and went to bed, knowing Mel would wake me when she got in. The weight on my right hip went away and I felt the hand flutter across my leg, sending chills up my spine. Fingernails began caressing my balls while hot breath continued to stimulate my cock head. This time, I felt lips on the head and then a hot, wet mouth slid down my cock toward my balls. A hand grasped the base of my cock as the mouth quickly withdrew, stopping just long enough to swirl a slippery tongue around the head before releasing me completely.


My wife and Ronnie

group 2018-02-03

"Fuck me!" Leslie moaned loudly, releasing Ronnie's hard cock from her gaping mouth. I moaned into Leslie's cunt as a warm, wet mouth engulfed my hard, throbbing cock. Ronnie knelt behind my wife's round, sexy ass and rubbed his uncut cock across her red, swollen labia as she moaned wantonly. I watched as his uncut cock slowly split my wife's pussy and pushed deep inside her as she moaned softly. I licked her clit and sucked it into my mouth as Ronnie's hard, pussy-glazed cock touched my lips. Ronnie fucked my mouth as I thrust my cock into my wife hard and fast. My climax shook my body furiously and cum spewed from my cock so hard, it felt as though the head came off with it.

Psychologist Self-Examination Ch. 01

group ILCHANTILLY 2018-02-03

This is what I was thinking about while sitting on my deck watching the mountain change color from hazy beige to watermelon, when my best friend from college called and said he was coming to town with his girlfriend for a week and wondered if I could take off and spend some time with them. "Here is to a beautiful lady, and a great friend who make this place all the more special to be in, and to getting to know each other better." Veronica blushed, Greg smiled, and I felt very happy and content, as we swallowed our champagne and watched the sunset change the colors on the mountain.

Voyeuristic Pleasure Ch. 02

group eroticriter 2018-02-03

The night was still young, 11:30pm and Ray said he enjoyed watching his girlfriend suck my cock and pleasured me and that there was more to come. Ray started to fuck her deeply and Kaz continued to suck on my cock with muffled groans and moans in between. Ray held her waist tightly and continued pounding his long rod into Kaz. In between sucking my cock Kaz would shout out “FUCK ME HARDER” or “FASTER” “FASTER”, Ray complied. Ray kept on with his pussy pounding and soon could not hold back as he shot his load deep into Kaz. This sent me into overdrive and I continued to pound her sweet arse until I shot my load deep inside her butt.

A Married Couple and Another Guy Pt. 02

group squishandswallow 2018-02-03

I heard him grunt hard, and right as he started to thrust deep and really hard, Cindie whispered to me, "it's going to hurt." I instinctively began to kiss her deep to console her, to help her. As my own cock was collapsing inside her ass, Cindie got off my cock, turned towards me and asked, "do you love me honey?" I had cum on me, I was sweaty, I had the lube from Cindie's ass dripping off my cock, I smelled like hard sex, and here was this beautiful woman I had been telling Cindie about an hour before, the one I had a crush on, dressed elegantly 6 feet in front of me.

Morning Delights.

group sexyrabbit1963 2018-02-03

Oh baby, Miranda said as she worked her hot lips up and down my chest and stomach. I worked my magic all over Karen's trimmed pussy as Miranda took my eight inch love gun deep down into her mouth. I then moved my cock away from Miranda's mouth and placed Karen's legs up against my body and guided my love gun deep into her juicy love hole. Miranda moved up to Karen and gave her a loving kiss on the lips as I began to pound Karen's hot cunt. I could feel myself about to cum, Miranda saddled Karen's face and licked and kissed my sweating chest. Miranda let out a loud moan, I felt her cum hitting my cock.

The Good, the Bad, and the Nasty

group egyptfrazier 2018-02-03

"Now if you, ladies, want to live, you will give me all of your money and let me leave," the gunman ordered the sisters. The gunman pointed one gun at Pamela and the other at Stacy. Pamela began to touch the gunman's cock with her tongue first, letting it go completely in her mouth. The gunman enjoyed teasing Pamela's breast with his tongue while feeling the warm wetness of Stacy's mouth on his cock. He started to touch them with his cock till his slide it into Pamela who was underneath Stacy. Soon, the gunman followed Pamela by slapping Stacy's ass. The two sisters kissed the gunman while they rubbed the leftover cum on his cock.


group Sateema Lunasi 2018-02-03

I bent over a bit as graceful as I could, to slip the dress off and as I bent over, I felt Carol's hands on my ass, moving my bikini bottoms to the side to dip a finger into my pussy. I wanted to suck them for hours, but she gave me a better idea when she dipped down suddenly to lick my pussy, then came back up quickly to share the taste with me in a long and savory kiss. She came again in just minutes as Mike fucked her with that big cock, and I sucked at her nipples while fingering my own pussy.

Christine's Big Interview

group Tamzarian 2018-02-03

She removed the pen from her mouth, looked away to the ground, and sighed as she said "Well, maybe we could talk about this in private?" Christine thought the guy was kinda cute in a way. When Christine finally did show, she was radiating just a little more sexuality than usual due to her excitement from the interview she hoped would be a success and a little nervousness about facing a the Center who she blew only a few days ago. "You guys got something going on we don't know about?" He said jovially looking at the Center and Christine. Christine looked at the Cameraman and said, "I told you to turn that thing off." She put her hands on her bare hips in frustration as she finished speaking flashing her trimmed pubic hair tilting her hips.

Walk Up Sex

group Stoney Beach 2018-02-03

The guy getting the blowjob is looking up the trail for rangers, but instead he sees a couple coming down from the parking lot. As the first guy leaves two more guys come down the trail and they stop to watch as the guy being stroked off moves around to start fucking Cari. Meanwhile the guy getting the blowjob has moved to the top of the table and Cari is leaning on her elbows with her head thrown all the way back so she can still suck his cock. One of the guys getting his cock stroked moves to the top of the table, straddles Cari's mid section pushes her tits together and proceeds to tit fuck her.

The Idea Ch. 02

group niteowl2003 2018-02-03

"Well looks like my birthdays have all come at once" replied Susan, "tell you what why don't we start with the smallest and work my way up, after all that will give my cunt the chance to stretch to fit these handsome specimens!" "Besides that way my Cunt will feel just as tight for each of you, there's no need to worry about condoms as I am on the pill and I love bareback riding, besides I love licking the cum off a freshly fucked prick" she added.

Stacy and Alison

group Deview 2018-02-03

I watched as Stacy's fingers found Alison's pussy and started rubbing causing Alison to lean forward against the wall to steady herself. Stacy continued rubbing her friends pussy for a minute and watching me beat off at the same time, she was obviously enjoying the effect the situation was having on me. Alison nodded and turned to watch me slowly stroking my cock, while Stacy jumped out of the shower. Stacy beckoned me over behind Alison, taking my cock in her hands she gave it a few light strokes then guided it to her friends asshole. I leant forward just a little and felt the amazing sensation of Alison's ass opening to allow my cock to slide deep into her.

My first swingerclub visit

group KevinK 2018-02-03

After some drinks and seeing some attractive women leave towards the playrooms upstairs, it was time for me to check what was going on there. As finally my eyes had adjusted to the darkness, I noticed two women getting fucked by multiple men. As the guy next to me stopped moving, I saw one of the hottest women in the club kneeling in front of my gloryhole, and the hand on my cock was soon being replaced by her mouth. In the playrooms upstairs there was plenty of action, but as it was my first time there, I was a bit unsure on how to approach a woman and if I was allowed to join.

Island Fever 2: Eternity Ch. 04

group Jeremydcp 2018-02-03

When it comes to a lap dance, Pamela has a wonderful sultry look in her eyes that makes you want even more of her time. "They are a lot different," Pamela offered, referring to my marriage with Kristanna, and the special relationships I had with Devon, Trish, Lindsay and Amy. Although she spends a lot of time with Trish each day, that does not mean Devon or Amy cannot pull Lindsay away for an entire afternoon or evening to do whatever." "Then Kristanna finally makes her feelings for you be known," Pamela grumbled, "you fall in love with her, and she starts planting seeds in your head about the idea of a three-way marriage with Devon.