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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

From the Night Porter's Logbook...

group gallowglass 2018-02-03

If those noises had been coming from Flat 83, I wouldn't have been so surprised (Irish hooker who'd been warned several times.) Or the ones who'd just moved into Flat 52 (young newlyweds, God bless 'em). After a year or two as Night Porter in a luxury block, you develop an ear for different kinds of nocturnal life, even hushed voices being easy to hear in the deep silence of the small hours. As I pressed the bell in the corridor, I could hear the alarm buzzing on-and-off, quite loud, and decided to knock at the same time. But there wasn't an eye to be seen, only a huge theatrical mask over the face, and some mighty strange odours coming through from the flat. "Is that Cedric?" came a d**gged male voice from somewhere inside the flat.

Good Girl No More

group BiancaMmmm 2018-02-03

We'd actually only chatted a few times, just regular chat, so no cam, when he told me that his job would take him to my home city and whether I'd like to catch up over a cup of coffee in a public place and well, if we both felt comfortable... As I told you, it had been a long time since I'd actually had a date and in real life I'm a pretty good girl: no one-night-stands, so yes, sex had been so long ago, that I hardly remembered what the real thing felt like. The man withdrew his hands and Hank pulled my skirt down as the doors slid open.


Patricia's Gauntlet Ch. 04

group Stardog Champion 2018-02-03

For whatever reason Tamara was sparked to action, whether it was the normal arousal any healthy person would feel after witnessing such a graphic sexual act, or the long inhibited sense of vague attraction she had felt towards Renee ever since the first time they met, the only thing that was certain was that Tamara was bent down on her knees and her face was diving between her unsuspecting co-workers parted legs. Continuing to openly fixate on the now three way feminine coupling playing out beside him, Will used his left hand to casually molest his sagging balls and semi hard cock at the same time his right hand gently massaged Renee's long blonde hair as she dove face first between Patricia's legs.


Friday Night Fun Ch. 02

group fittytuck 2018-02-03

"But it looks like we need to get your cock ready again!" With that she got on the bed and started licking Alyssa's tits, tasting Colin's cum as she did. Beth continued moaning and started licking her lips as Colin ate her pussy. Colin continued licking but let his eyes wander upwards and could see Beth's tits and Alyssa's ass cheeks. She slowly guided the dildo towards Alyssa's pussy lips and pushed it in at angle, so it hit the back wall of her vagina, right where Colin's dick was hitting from the other direction. "Oh fuck!" Colin grunted as he squeezed the last bit of his cum out of his dick and started rubbing the tip of his prick on Beth's pussy lips.

Orgy at Enigma House

group 2018-02-03

Kay wanted a nice cock in her pussy so she looked up at Rick and said, "Time to fuck the boss of this here establishment." Rick went back to fucking her open and wet hole and Emma began fingering Kay's arsehole at the same time as rubbing her clit. Jake sat down next to Emma and grabbed the back of Mary's head, "Come and suck this you slut," he said pulling her over. She moaned in delight as he continued, "Cocks fucking your pussy all night, with loads of cum spraying everywhere." He grabbed her whole boob and squeezed it, "You love cock, don't you slut?" She pulled the cock from her mouth and looked at him. Lick that up," Rick said as he pulled his cock out and let a string of cum land on Mary's face.

Finnish Lifeguard Ch. 03

group johnnieblue44 2018-02-03

At the same time, almost like a forgotten bit player in their private play, I pushed my cock into Martina' s firm ass cheeks, and was surprised to feel her hand reach back and stroke my huge bulge through my tented bathing suit while she leaned forward to meet Kim's lips with her own. Kim continued, "I think it's time we showed Ms. Martie some good old-fashioned American reciprocation now, though." She lifted down and pulled Martie from my cock, my dick exiting her mouth with another loud 'pop', and bent down in front of the young lifeguard/high jumper/escort. Kim was deprived of this site initially, because her head was wedged deeply between Martina's thighs, but she peeked from underneath Martie's cunt as she heard my moans when Connie's tits surrounded my dick.


Tricked into blackmail....

group d4david 2018-02-03

was silent and out of my range of sight, I thought that they had left the room but after Jimmy pilled his dick from my anus and I was able to lift my head, I saw Willie B. Thomas told me '...come on over here, I want you to lay down on the sofa with your head in Willie's lap, sucking his dick as I get that pussy...' I looked at Thomas dick and saw that it was almost as huge as Daniel's this caused me to fearfully take a step away from him. Thomas' dick was larger then either of them and as it spread open my tender anal sphincter I could not help but open my lips in agony and Willie B.'s cock entered my oral cavity.

Competition: Phase 01

group slightly_innocent 2018-02-03

"Okay, what do you want?" I asked cautiously. "So you know I've been with Heather for a while now, and things are looking good," he said quickly, between drags of his cigarette. I missed the one about what her girlfriends have got her thinking about," I said, coolly. "But I just don't feel comfortable doing this with anybody else, 'cause you know how girls can be. God, I hate her damn friends!" He took a long drag from his cigarette. I was a little nervous, but I wasn't going to let him know that. At first, it was just an interesting idea, one that I couldn't pass up because I didn't want Mark to be vulnerable with two conniving girls in his bed.

Melissa & I Call on Chari

group Boxlicker101 2018-02-03

I wrapped my lips around one of Melissa's lovely mammaries and started sucking on it while my tongue was licking her nipple and tracing her areola. "Generally speaking", said Melissa, in her professorial way, "it is a good idea to lick and suck the girl's boobs until her pussy starts lubricating, like yours and mine are. Chari murmurred delightedly as Melissa sucked all the juices out of her pussy and started licking at the outer pussy lip. After licking all the fresh juices out of Chari's pussy, Melissa wrapped her lips around the waiting clit and sucked on it. Chari held one luscious titty in both hands and started to use quick licks with her tongue like I do, then she changed to broad strokes, like Melissa favors.


Threeway Pleasure in the Mountains

group atmosphere861234 2018-02-03

She paused from licking his balls and breathed, "You want to feel her tongue on your balls as you fuck me?" He tried to pull her body up so as to kiss her mouth and eventually arrange access to lick her pussy. Alister licked his fingers and slid two fingers inside Michelle's pussy. He pressed his fingers against the roof of her pussy while she finally tasted Eva. Michelle couldn't believe how light and sweet she tasted. This gave Alister an opportunity to wet the end of his cock and press it against Michelle's waiting pussy. This time he could feel her tighten as Eva's tongue licked sloppily at her clit. "Give us that cum, baby." Michelle said as Eva kissed her neck.

Background Research Ch. 03

group wdelander 2018-02-03

In the past few days she had watched him having sex with two different prostitutes, and even – after a few too many drinks - sucked his cock and let him cum in her mouth. Kendra, the small blonde girl, was having trouble reaching her rope, so Lisa quietly slipped over to reach under the bed and get it for her. At the same time, Nikki and April began to kiss and lick his chest and nipples, running their hands over his abs, while Kendra lightly flicked her tongue over his throbbing cock. Each time the girls would arouse him again, bringing his cock to hardness with their hands, mouths, tits and pussies.

Sweet Sue

group sex4u 2018-02-03

As Sue started to suck on his cock Sue II moved to cover Roy's face with her pussy pressing it to his lips and allowing his tongue access to her sweet cunt. Sue II said that Moms new rule was great and couldn't wait to tell some of her girl friends about it and invite them over, they will love it. After Sue and Roy were naked, Sue II introduced the others, Ted was the boy she was with, Mike and Mary who were twins and Jo with her big brother Jim. Big was the right name for him, he was big, his cock was soft but about six inches long.


My Wife's Friends Ch. 02

group Rock1968 2018-02-03

The women finished showering together, and I just sat back and watched them finger fuck my wife to a massive orgasm. Jackeline let my wife guide her hand over her body starting at her beautiful tits. She sat back down and opened her legs wide so she could finger fuck herself and rub her clit while she watched Jackeline slowly getting more comfortable with what was happening. My wife and Mariah both leaned over, and each took one of Jackeline's nipples in their mouths. Mariah leaned over to my wife, and they started making out and played with each other's tits sucking and pinching hard nipples. I fucked Jackeline hard pushing her face into my wife's pussy.

A Beautiful Wife's First Gangbang

group jasonluvsit8 2018-02-03

Maria was lying on her back, completely nude, with her long, gorgeous legs spread wide for me while I teased her clit with my tongue, one finger gently massaging the g-spot inside her clean-shaved pussy, and the other hand rubbing, teasing and entering her hot, tight asshole, all while 5 other hot men watched closely, waiting for their own turns with my beautiful wife. Maria was always a loud slut, and the sounds of her moaning and telling us to "Fuck that hot pussy and tight ass harder and deeper." brought the other two in that room to the door, and then out into the hallway as they all carressed and rubbed this beautiful hat lady all over.

Janie's Summer at Camp

group divergirlxoxo 2018-02-03

Jeb told us that they were close friends with the bartender, Evan, and offered to pick up our bar tab for the night. As the night wore on, we all got to know each other, but Matt and Jeb talked mostly to Karen. Jeb and Matt helped us up onto the bar after a positive nod from Evan. Meanwhile, Jeb and Matt pawed at Karen's ass, rubbed their cocks through their jeans, and leered at us. I glanced down my body and saw that Karen's ass was in the air, her panties were gone, and Jeb had moved behind her. Jeb pulled out and moved Karen's body closer to the bar surface.


The Violation Of Lena Giovanni Ch. 7

group kiya4men 2018-02-03

After a few moments of being bent over, her ass & pussy open, waiting to be fucked, he slid his enormous cock in her snatch & began pumping wildly, each thrust hitting the back of her pussy hard, his breathing pace increased. They all took turns fucking her ass & snatch, driving their dicks into her mouth to drink load after load of cum while one of them pumped her. Lenny rammed his dick up her ass & came hard as Lena screamed at the strength & force of his cock going deep & suddenly into her asshole. Lena whaled as he started pumping vigorously, he leaned down & sucked hard on her large tits & nipples, making her cum once again.

Car Pool Ch. 01

group volumes76 2018-02-03

Jenny was sick and Alfred had taken his own car because he had a late meeting, so Mike only had to pick Lisa up, and she was on the way to the Interstate. They both stared forward, watching the road as Lisa's hand slipped over and began to work his cock out of his underwear. "Somebody's been ready since this morning when you dropped that bomb about needing cock," said Mike. "Oh my, what treasures have you been hiding," said Lisa as Mike's manhood sprung free of its restraints. Mike's hips bucked and with lightning speed, Lisa's head was down in his lap, her pouty lips wrapped around his cock as the spunk began to erupt. Mike groaned and Lisa hummed with pleasure at the taste of a man's seed hitting her tongue.

in the train

group 2018-02-03

Helen stood up, she wanted to take something from her bag that was on one of the upper berths, the train was moving fast so she couldn’t hold herself and fell on Kevin’s knees, she apologized and was going to stand up when she felt his strong hands on her, with one hand he was touching her nipple and it got hard very quickly, she didn’t even try to get out of his hands now. With her hand Helen groped for his big dick, she started stroking it enjoying its hardness, she already wanted to direct it to her vagina when he stopped her, he turned her over to him, she was standing on her knees looking at his phallus right between her.

Confessions Of A Facilitator Ch. 02

group tinman69s 2018-02-03

But she only sucked and licked on it for a minute, before she raised up and said "Ok you taste fantastic, now fuck me Jason, Like I am the last girl you will ever have!" After a minute of that, she pulled my head down and kissed me again and said "OK Jason baby, it's time to hurt me, hurt my pussy! When we got into bed, she came over to me and laid her head on my shoulder and said, "Jason, I have never spent the night with a man before. Finally I raised up and got between her legs and she again reached down and took my cock and placed it at her opening and said "Please be gentle this time, it is for love now"

Getting Adventurous

group MissRose18 2018-02-03

"I want you to fuck me with that big cock, Officer!" I blurted out as I got off of Tim's face. Tim got on his knees in front of me and began kissing me while his fingers worked their way up to Isabela's snatch. Every so often Cameron would take his dick out of me so Isabela could take it in her mouth, then they would rub it against my clit and shove it right back in my cunt for more. At that point I felt Cameron's cum fill my asshole and drip down my pussy onto Isabela's face who sucked it all up.

No Tricks, But Here Cum the Treats

group stockcarchick 2018-02-03

I bet we can get some candy with these outfits!" Tanya said as they went into the house and started heading back to her bedroom where the costumes were. Laura put her hands of Tanya's back, and slowly started to unzip the back of Tanya's maid costume. Laura slid her hand inside the dress and around the front to Tanya's nice round tits. She gently moved her hand to Laura's tit and started to massage it gently. A slight moan came from Laura, as Tanya's other hand started to rub against the inside of her thigh. Tanya raised her head from Laura, and started to moan from the pleasure. As Laura lay under Tanya and Dominic, she started to lick Tanya's clit.

Billionaire and the Sisters Ch. 55

group SteveWallace 2018-02-03

She fainted from too much pleasure, awoke about two minutes later, pledged her undying love to me, and then had me fuck her into oblivion as she continued to have little orgasmic aftershocks. I knew, of course, that it wasn't the fuck we ended our session with; it had been The Experience that brought them a peak pleasure experience so intense it made them briefly lose consciousness and probably gave them an immense dose of oxytocin into their brains – the cuddle hormone – that made them wake up and pledge their love to me. "Right now, your wives are feeling sexually sated, but they are wondering if you went off and fell in love with somebody else because you had better sex with them.

Charlie Avoids Being Fired

group Wightstuff 2018-02-03

I moved a hand onto her leg and started to caress her stockinged thighs as Charlie kissed her again and eased Jane's left breast over the top of her corset. Charlie and I took it in turns to kiss Jane and nibble on her neck and breasts, whilst she kept up a steady rhythm on our cocks. Charlie stood at the end of the bed whilst Jane went down on her knees and took his cock into her mouth. I looked up at Jane and realised that I had been aiming Charlie's cock at her as she had two glistening trails of spunk on her face. Jane was starting to look very flushed, she was grunting in time with Charlie's thrusts and her eyes were glazing over.

Heavy Co-Worker Fun

group hhart708 2018-02-03

"I know I am up for it, the better question is can we get Larry "up" for it, said Kathy as they both got to Lisa's room and burst out laughing. "Hey Lar, its still to early to got to sleep, Kathy and I are bored, we want to come hang out with you, we really never get the chance to hang out casually and talk to you, are you up for some company and make a drink or two from the bar in your room," asked Lisa over the phone. Larry, I dare you to crawl over to Lisa and pull her shorts off and lick her pussy until she cums," said Kathy