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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Handyman Chronicles Ch. 01

group whitestream55 2018-02-03

I felt like a bit of a creep, but I was actually getting pretty turned on listening to Brooke's moans while Marco fucked her. My practice was really coming in handy, as I was soon taking almost his entire length, bouncing my head up and down on his cock, taking at least eight inches while Brooke worked his balls with her hands. Brooke stood tall and leaned in next to Marco's ear, and whispered, "I didn't learn, but I found someone who's even better than me at sucking your cock, and looks like he might love it even more than I do too, if that's possible."


Shaving Threesome With The Seducing

group blondwitchh 2018-02-03

Back in 2003, when I was only 20 and about six months into my relationship with Ken, I worked in a London office with a mainly male staff - except for Linda, a beautiful looking girl the same age as myself who could easily have gone into modelling as she had gorgeous sallow skin, lovely large almond eyes, beautiful firm large breasts, perfect taut waist complimented by her long slim shapely legs. As for being shaved, I can't describe how good it felt having Zac remove all my pubic hair - he had Linda hold my ass cheeks apart while the beard trimmer then lady shaver buzzed me clean on my hands and knees, then lay me back on the bed so he could shave all the hair he had previously trimmed off the front.


One Night in the Group Room

group Indianafuncouple 2018-02-03

So when Darryl and Bonnie preceded them into the club and found some friends holding a table for them, they invited Aaron and Renee to join them. Darryl and Bonnie and Charley and Stephanie preceded Aaron and Renee out of the room. Holding hands, walking around and through other couples in the hallway like a maze, Aaron and Renee went back to the group room. "Absolutely," John said, the pleasure obvious in his voice as he pulled away from the group to stand up and kiss and caress Renee as she got naked. No matter how many times she is fucked in any one night, Renee always looked forward to having Aaron's cock spray hot cum into her pussy -- and tonight would be no exception.

Cumming for Karen Ch. 3

group UforMe 2018-02-03

Mike walked in and closed the door and then followed Christy into the house, watching her tight ass sway beneath the towel, which did not fully cover the bottom of her perfect cheeks and revealed legs as amazing as Karen's. Mike just stared as this incredible beauty kneeled before him, her enormous breasts pressed up and together from the seat of the couch, as her hand ran up and down his thighs, getting closer and closer to his throbbing cock which was now oozing pre-cum. She looked down, as did Karen and Mike as the fist blast of cum shot from Mike's cock and hit Christy square on the chin, before dropping back onto her tits.

Jessica's New Job Ch. 01

group SplendidSpunk 2018-02-03

"I'm not sure who you are, I know your not Jim, but lets meet later just continue what you were doing it feels so good." Again I had an obedient lover and they resumed the wonderful job they were doing licking my pussy, nibbling on my engorged clit and lapping cum from my cunt. I felt her hand sliding out of my ass and her tongue leaving my pussy and the weight of her body as she climbed atop me pressing her tits into mine as she leaned in and kissed me. As I was enjoying the shower and my aching tits ass and pussy relaxed the curtain opened and I looked to see the student I knew was in my class.


Our first threesome

group sexymarty 2018-02-03

I sat back on the sofa whilst Rach continued to suck my cock nice and hard and pulled her skirt right up so Tom had easy access. Her body shook a little as her pushed his cock deeper into her et pussy and she started to suck my harder as her began to fuck her with slow hard thrusts. I told Rachel too look me in the eye whilst she sucked on my dick with another guy deep inside her pussy. I got off the sofa and positioned myself behind her whilst Tom stood in front waiting for Rachel to suck her pussy juice off his cock. Rachel liked some nice firm squeezing and gentle nipple play, I duly obliged while she gave Tom another good sucking.

Undercover Ch. 01

group Menderman 2018-02-03

Pritak finished his drink, said he looked forward to doing more business in the future before standing to escort Sandra out, with his heavies forming up around him casually. Pritak lifted his glass in a toast to Danny, "All in good time Mr Evans." He nodded towards the girls, "Would you care to sample any of the merchandise as you know I have a no returns policy once they are shipped?" Despite the wine and the coke Danny knew he needed to be at the top of his game now it was about to get interesting; and he knew Pritak was one of the world's best in this business as many people had found out too late to their ultimate cost.


Haven't You Heard of Knocking?

group jsheppy 2018-02-03

Jake lifted Trish's thigh up a little and Nashana could see his tongue dart out and flick Trish's hard clit. Nashana arched her back to Trish's mouth, wanting her sister's tongue buried in her. Jake moved to the head of the bed and pulled his rock hard cock out for Nashana to see. She quickly straddled her sister's face as she watched her boyfriend push his throbbing cock deep into her sister's hot bush. She flicked at Trish's clit as she felt Jake ram his hard cock into her. Her pussy was drowning her poor sister but Nashana was working Trish's clit like a master. She pushed down onto Nashana's face a little bit more and felt the tongue probe inside her.

Billionaire and the Sisters Ch. 84

group SteveWallace 2018-02-03

After kissing she said, "You and I are going to have a wonderful dinner with your colleagues starting with team-building cocktails in the bar downstairs in about thirty minutes, and then we are going to come back here, change into really sexy clothes, and take a short walk to a club called Checkmate on Fifty-Sixth Street in Midtown. But watching Cindy and then fucking Wendy had wound me up to a new height where I was fully with the sexual agenda and horny to a fault. Matt and I had been in the Club Infinity's sex room about fifteen minutes, and finally I had his cock plunge into my well-loved pussy.


My Friend's Wish

group tupster 2018-02-03

On a few occasions, my friend and I would meet for breakfast after an overnight liaison so I could smell the fragrance of her recently fucked pussy, often with the semen still leaking out. My friend was at first very surprised then very excited each of the couple of times that I would want to and ultimately would taste her creampied pussy. Often, I would get her so worked up and myself to so I would whirl the head of my penis in her cum filled vagina and add a load of mine to her internal package. We played with her amply tits, taking turns liicking and sucking them, kissing her and fingering her pussy. It oozed around my penis and I could feel his semen dripping from my balls.

Billionaire and the Sisters Ch. 51

group SteveWallace 2018-02-03

The guests were treated like royalty, especially since some new people I had only heard about and hadn't really met would be joining us, although I'd seen some of them in videos that Elsa and Cindy had made months earlier, specifically Troy and Dan, two hunky males they'd picked up in a club at my insistence. While I was in the room, Elsa talked to Cindy about asking Wes and Scott, their two fearless aviators who spent a lot of time with them teaching them to fly. When Cindy and I showed up Wednesday afternoon for our flight lessons, Wes and Scott explained that Vanessa and Anna were going to come by the airport at five thirty to see us and talk about the party and some other issues.

Cock Sucker

group 2018-02-03

This was followed by a slight laugh, as Michael looked down at Chase and said "If I had known you liked dick, I would have had you suck mine years ago." Keith slowed down his thrusts and eventually withdrew his fat cock from my mouth. He took his fingers out and asked "As sweet as mine?" I laughed and said "That's impossible, yours is the best Michael." Forcing my head back onto his dick, he says "Then you better start working for it." It wasn't long before his cock exploded, and filled my mouth with the best tasting cum on this earth. Moments later I watched as the monster cock that ripped it's way through Chase's lips had projected hundreds of long sloppy streams of cum all over my sons face.


group mib14 2018-02-03

Marlene looked up and saw a tall mature Asian woman dressed in a Western skirt and blouse. Marlene turned around and joined Dao in a wet kiss, their face covered in shiny cunt juice. Louise just had time to take her hand out of Agnes’s panties to grab the Asian girl who had plans to leave in a hurry. Louise straddled the Asian woman, kneeling on her shoulders, while looking towards Agnes who mounted the new girl. Louise moved her hips back and forth slowly as she bent forward and kissed Agnes who was rubbing cunts with her prey. Dao was kissing another woman, much younger, as Marlene and Long (that was her name) walked by them to go to another room.

Living With a Goddess Ch. 03

group WellHungNerd1 2018-02-03

Then I saw the woman's face - and my dick, still exposed to the air, immediately leapt to its full hardness, Asta's gifts causing it to swell well past the eight-inch mark. A cute little nose, big, almond shaped eyes of the palest blue, and a pair of lips just made for kissing, curved in a smile that lit up the room. I breathed deeply, tucked my cock back into the tight confines of my jeans, and turned round to open the door. I wasn't sure why kissing Melissa's nose made me feel the way it did, but I felt a pleasant rush in my gut. Melissa's eyes were screwed tight shut by this point, and I figured that was enough of my cock in her for now.


Fucking Handyman!

group thiggs 2018-02-03

He eyes scanned the room and stop at the bed where he noticed Amon large half nude body. Having his cock rub against my ass and the thought of Amon even attempting it, made me blow my load in his belly button. The bugle was right in the handyman face he finally divert eyes away from Amon cock to mines. The handyman moans caused Amon to grab my head to f***e more of his cock down my throat. Amon removed his cock from my mouth and flopped on the bed causing the handyman and I to topple. Amon got out of the bed and started nudging the handyman towards the door. Amon opened the door and the handyman stepped outside.


group brig01 2018-02-02

I knew it just by the way she said it, and by the fact that she was holding my cock in her hand at the time. Just in case, I tested her, plunged my tongue deep inside her, felt her contract around me as I went in, and then, a little more gently, tentatively, I moved the hand cupping her ass lower, slid a finger between her cheeks, down, let the tip come to rest on the hard ring of her asshole. Wet with precum, I slid my cock down the furrow of her ass until I felt her sweet, strong little ring against the head.

Threesome with Wife

group mikejg 2018-02-02

John crawled over to where Sue was sitting and gave her a kiss on the lips and then began to nibble at her neck, moving downward. I won the next hand as well and suggested that Sue suck my cock while John licked her pussy. John won the next hand and said "that last one looked nice, how about you suck on me while he goes down on you." Sue looked over at John and said "Now it's time for me to feel that cock of your inside of me." John needed very little encouragement and laid Sue down on the floor and pushed the head of his cock inside her juicy tunnel and held still for a moment.

Girls' Night In

group aspiringromantic 2018-02-02

Mandy was already hopelessly in love with Brian when I came home after my freshman year. "I don't know how else to say this, so I'm just going to blurt it out," Mandy said. I pushed Mandy back on the couch and buried my face between her muscular thighs. I opened up in time to see Brian expelling the last of his cum all over my naked body. When my orgasm finished, Mandy took a seat next to me on the couch. Brian sat smiling, stroking his dick, watching his wife cum on my face. Mandy took it in her hand and gave a few hard tugs.

No Room at the Hotel Ch. 01

group TexRiffraff 2018-02-02

When we finally reached the front of the line, a clerk said, "I can help the next guest." Shannon checked us in -- we were sharing a single room with two queen beds. By the time we finished our shower, Shannon and Jason were ready for theirs, so Holly and I had the bed to ourselves. She responded eagerly to my touch, and I began to think maybe things would be fine when Shannon and Jason got out of the shower and joined us in bed. We started out doing missionary like Holly and Mark, and that was fine, but if I know Shannon -- and I do -- if we were going to be that primal, she would want to do it doggie.


Number One Slut Wife

group Girl Friend 2018-02-02

All of a sudden the two cocks inside my wife's pussy start spurting and spasming as they release their cum load deep within her pussy. "Make way guys, I want to cum in this SLUT's pussy as well," I demand and I dump my whole load deep into her cervix. After my friends leave, Georgia scoops out the residual cum still in her cunt and spreads it all over her pussy lips. I want you to cum again in my wife's pussy, but this time fuck her on the floor, like the bitch in heat that she is," I instruct Julio. Julio guides Georgia onto her back on the kitchen floor and plunges his firm cock into her pussy.

It Happened One Night

group GMB 2018-02-02

Jimmy said it was fine and Brad moved his way past me to Jenn's mouth where she quickly took it into her mouth and began sucking on it. I then moved around to Kathy and told Jimmy I wanted a turn, and put my cock into my baby's mouth making her suck on me. Jenn was quickly building up to explosion so to help it along, as Kathy was sucking on my cock, I leaned over to Jenn's tits and began to lick her hard nipples up the sides. Jimmy and Brad stood on opposite sides of the bed and began licking Kathy's erect nipples as they played with their rock hard cocks.

An Old Flame

group Maxine MACD 2018-02-02

I went over to Bruce with the intention of dancing with him, but he was quite drunk from all the beer he had consumed, so I changed my mind and sat next to him and watched Kevin and Vivienne. Her hand came up between us and she undid the remaining buttons and moved my shirt to one side and her fingers stroked the top of my breasts above my half-cup bra. Kevin released my breasts and his hands moved down my body, over my protruding mound and between my thighs. Vivienne moved up and lay on top of me, her warm, soft body snuggling between my thighs, her full breasts pressing against mine.


One Way or Another

group emisweetie 2018-02-02

"No, no girlfriend." He leaned close to her face, hand on her waist, smiling inanely, "I only have eyes for you." Their lips brushed, but she moved aside, smiling quickly. Daryl's eyes were drawn to those lips now, he thought about his cock passing between them, even as the softness of Catalina's breasts oozed in his palms. Daryl sat stunned as Pete's other hand reached around slowly, began to caress Lucy's lower back. Layla and Catalina took the strawberries with their mouths, sucking greedily on his fingertips as Lucy let champagner dribble between her breasts, eyes locked on Pete. Pete kissed Layla passionately as Catalina stroked the raven's breasts and Lucy climbed up his body.


Nights of Paralysis

group oggbashan 2018-02-02

From what I have heard on the radio, his intention had been to kill as many passers-by as possible and divert the security forces from the real threat in Parliament Square where his co-conspirators aimed to bomb the assembled Heads of State attending the funeral of a minor elderly Royal. I told the security people but I didn't think Martin would appreciate me telling the Press. "I was his girlfriend -- once, some time ago," Carol said. "Once upon a time -- you know that all good fairy stories start that way -- there was a princess who lived in a palace waiting for her prince to come. That statue was of a tall slim man with curly hair -- just like yours, Martin."