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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Private Goes Public

group Scorpio44 2018-02-02

Frank, Pat's husband said he thought it would be good if he and Pat slept in one RV and in the morning drove over and picked up one of the other couples. After lunch Carl and Ann went to the other RV and Frank and Pat came with us. Pat and Marcie talked on the radio with the women in the other RV while Frank and I sat up front. We were not more that five miles down the road when Carl said, "Why do you suck your own cum out of Marcie?" He made a face as he asked. Carl was watching Ann tending the bacon, Frank was sipping coffee and Sarah was doing eggs and pancakes.


The Business Ch. 10

group Harryandsally 2018-02-02

The man continued to probe her arse with his tongue, and sensing the moment she was about to come, he buried his face in her bum, pushing his tongue in as far as her could while she writhed and came. "Do you want to meet again next weekend?" Pete asked her as she got ready to leave for work on the Sunday morning. It felt so dirty, sucking a cock having never even seen the man's face. Kirsty looked up at Pete, who had a huge smile on his face and a video camera in his hand. This man lasted longer, but she continued to work on him for a good 5 minutes until he too came on her face.

Three is Company Ch. 01

group freeman64 2018-02-02

During the week, Frank asked Lucy out on Saturday; a movie, dinner and later a drink at his house, to which she agreed which meant Joe should make himself scarce when they came home. Joe raised his head and gestured to Frank to hand him the drink and took a gulp and got up from Lucy's face and gave her a sip of the drink. Carnal heat touched a peak for all three and Lucy said she wanted Frank inside her and went on to sit on his erection and asked Joe to stand in front of her so that she could suck him. Joe went to fetch drinks for him and Frank while Lucy said she wanted water.

The Black Scarf

group morph 2018-02-02

The woman took the dildo and held if vertically over her sex and slowly pushed down between her legs, she moved it back up and back down. Finally, the orgasm broke over her like a great wave, her hips thrust up off the bed, she drove the dildo deeper than ever before and her sex clamped down on it. Then she felt movement at the foot of the bed, a hand ran up the inside of her leg and she could feel it grab the end of the dildo. As a last wave of orgasm erupted she could feel the cock in her sex swell and harden even more than it had been and the man beneath her grabbed her hips and pushed her down violently onto his cock.


Old Spark Turns to Flame

group Dave_Loves_Puss 2018-02-02

Mom said, "Last time I talked with Meg, she was moving in with a girl named Paula closer to the campus." Paula said, "I wouldn't mind but I don't want to scare off Ryan when he gets here by having people fucking right here on the couch!" Mary was getting close again while Paula laid there on her side with one hand between her legs watching everything that was going on. At the same time I started to dismount her to penetrate her hot pussy with my cock, she said, "Fuck me, Dave, please! I started moving my cock in and out of Mary's pussy as I reached down and began rubbing Paula's soft inner leg up and down with my hand.


The Test Ch. 02

group phillyinjun 2018-02-02

Suddenly he reached over her, his body right up in her face, and pulled down her arms behind her, twisting the leather strap around her wrists gently. to make things worse, his erection was right under her chin, that shiny, hot cock head just barely touching her. Hector walked in front of Fran who was still kneeling, and who looked like he wanted to complete the job he had started,"No, babe... Fran looked straight at her, smiled again - and licked Hector's cock. Hector groaned and he pulled up Fran's pussy-soaked fingers, licking them clean. Fran's one hand was playing with Hector's testicles, and the other was locked around his own cock. Jenny looked at the lust in Fran's eyes as he eyed her pussy and breasts.

Snow White & the Horny Dwarfs Ch. 02

group Honeymuff 2018-02-02

"But—" Snow didn't get a chance to finish as the dwarf took advantage of her open mouth and shoved his cock in it, gagging the poor girl. The other guys laughed, watching the girl struggle and gag on the meat in her mouth as she lay tied to the bed. And still the cock in her mouth kept fucking her throat as she groaned over it at the lovely sensations those lapping tongues had created in her newly deflowered hot little pussy. We're not done with you yet," said the leader once the men had all been satisfied and she lay still helplessly tied to the bed with gobs and gobs of dwarf cum spilling out of her not-so-sweet smelling pussy.


Meet Janye

group justachicky 2018-02-02

I stayed on top of Janye, kissing her, and loving the taste of another woman, the feel of her soft skin beneath me. After all, I was face first into my best friends pussy, she was face first in mine, and he was fucking my ass like there was no tomorrow. Janye wasted no time, having seen the way he'd fucked me, she turned back around and offered herself to him. Janye wiggled away from him, we both knew that I had no pregnancy worries as my tubes had been tied, but she was not so sure, so she turned around and with almost no effort deep throated him. As the three of us fell together on the bed, utterly exhausted, I knew that Janye thought that the afternoon's tryst was over.

Maid for Nude Day

group lovecraft68 2018-02-02

Getting out of my BMW and approaching the beautiful Colonial we had bought ten years ago, I figured maybe it wasn't a bad thing Jack hadn't beat me home. While I was on my knees behind her, Katie's blond head would be buried in Jack's lap, moaning around his cock while I worked her clit. Back in the day Jack and I had played with women pretty much our own age, but as we'd gotten older had begun to think about enjoying a young less experienced girl. Jack was a good looking guy and hell bent on making his way through the sorority's one or occasionally two girls at a time.


For Sale by Owner Ch. 01

group GASlipLover 2018-02-02

Ken hadn’t been that concerned about it, and he even said that it aroused him a little bit thinking that Cindy had turned on some guy so much. Joe had started talking about something as Randy entered the house, and Al was clanking his tea glass, but Cindy thought she made out the sound of the deadbolt being engaged as Randy closed the door behind him. This time, she was more prepared, and was able to swallow all the cum that Joe spurted into her mouth, but before he was finished he pulled his cock from her mouth and shot the last few bits on her face.


A fantasy shared..

group fotisampini 2018-02-02

As Michael slid down my body to bury his face in my aching pussy, Chris Kneeling beside me on the sofa with his cock in his hand Chris began Stroking Chris’s smooth balls I sucked on his cock like I was starving, mouth and Michael sucked on my pulsing bud I started to cum. on mine, sharing my sweet cunt juices with me, Chris f***ed his cock tongue against his friend’s cock made my juices flow and pussy twitch. fucked my mouth and I wondered what their cocks felt like as they he was probably sucking Chris’s balls and licking his cock as it pumped juices, Michael reached for his own cock and pumped it until his own

A Day in Oxford

group madeira 2018-02-02

Meanwhile Steve had worked his way down Jane's body with his tongue and had taken her black panties off from under her short skirt, he found her pussy already wet under the thatch of black hair, which he spread open and started licking her clit. Andrew then started working his tongue and kisses down Susan's body, sucking her pink nipples one at a time into his mouth, they stood to attention, at the same time he rubbed her clit quite vigorously throu her panties, then slid his finger under them and rubbed her wet pussy and clit so hard and fast, she orgasmed immediately.

My Bar Adventure

group kat4funn 2018-02-02

As I sat between Tito and Javier, I felt them begin touching my legs and gently spreading them apart. When I finished and began pulling up my panty, he stopped me with his hand and said, "Oh why don't you just take that off and spread your lovely legs apart so I can see that hot little cunt of yours!" It felt so good, but I didn't want it to stop and I know Tito didn't either. As I was now sitting on the toilet dripping the last of Tito's huge load out of me, Angel watched me and then ordered, "So it's now my turn fuck you and I know you'll going to enjoy it."


A Divorce for Christmas Ch. 01

group babygirl50 2018-02-02

I have a pretty good buzz going and Bob can see I am starting to loosen up a lot, so he leaves for a few minutes and comes back with a bag then says, "for the second part of our evening, why don't you go change into what is in this bag?" the way he looks in my eyes when he talks to me is a real turn on for me, I can't say no to him. I decided it was time to have a little fun, I start giving Craig a lap dance, which quickly gets Bob and Jeff's attention.

The Divorcee and the Yard Boy Ch. 09

group SpartanWitherby 2018-02-02

We're going to fuck her hard today." Stan, Greg, and Brian let out a cheer. "Don't worry, Stan," she said, "under the sweater and skirt, I'm wearing a pink lace bra and thong that I think everyone will like." "We're going me, Brian, Stan, and Greg for turn order," said Danny. "Fuck yeah," said Stan as she slid his dick back and forth between her lips. Danny called time, and Gloria slid her lips off of Stan's dick. And you're going to suck my dick when the tip gets through them." She pushed her breasts together, and Brian slid his long cock between them. "For this round," said Danny, "we're going to change things up a bit." She raised her eyebrows and looked at him.


A New Beginning

group JulieGillman 2018-02-02

Haley was now moaning and he knew that she wanted to be fucked, but the sweet nectar on his lips was something he wanted to explore more, and he didn't have a second thought as Harry moved in to take over for him. God, all of this is so weird, Harry thought, but it didn't last long, because Haley was now attacking his cock with her mouth, teasing the head of his penis with her tongue and playing with balls. The orgasm was too much for Jaylynne to bear, she was going to fall if she didn't get off her feet, so finally she turned around and caught sight of Jonah's long thick cock for the first time.


group coregone 2018-02-02

Lei mora, occhi verdi, un poco a mandorla, bella al naturale, un seno proporzionato con due capezzoli che dietro al costume erano sempre turgidi, fianchi perfetti, alti e stretti, ginocchia esili ed ossute, caviglie sottili, glutei da bralilera, ballerina ed atletica... La strada era ingombra di gente a piedi e di auto, che probabilmente avevano avuto la nostra stessa idea di un posto tranquillo fuori porta. Arrivati al gaucho, chiacchierando della vita da spiaggia e dei vari personaggi più o meno strani che la popolavano, con nostro stupore appuriamo che per entrare v'è una coda che è già li da -almeno mezzora! che cavolo tocchi, non sono mica tue ste tette- e con fare borioso ed esibizionista abbassa la Tshort mostrando due capezzoloni fuori misura su due tette grandi quanto il suo viso.


Jeff Thousandaire Ch. 01

group bluedragonauthor 2018-02-02

In the past several hours, I'd gotten over my initial shock and managed to concentrate on my research, putting together a few preliminary concepts that I thought would fit the property and what I knew of Taylor's design sense. "Ah, Jeffrey!" Taylor turned to me, dropping Sheldon's hand and walking directly for me. "You should have seen the look on Sheldon's face!" Melody was laughing uproariously, tears actually dribbling out the corners of her eyes as she re-lived the moment of Taylor slamming the door in his face, metaphorically speaking. "When Sheldon tried to say goodbye in the lobby, Taylor just held up her hand in his face, rolling her eyes, and she actually muttered, 'Do you have a tiny dick or something?'"


Swinging turned me bi

group 1moreguy4me 2018-02-02

Like I said we were all very d***k and some things are a blur, but Me and Erica sucked and fucked all over the house, I came in her mouth, fucked her in the ass and also shot a huge second load of cum deep in her pussy. He seemed to be enjoying it so I came up behind her and with my dick still dripping a mixture or Erica's pussy juice and my cum, I stuffed my cock into her pussy and started to fuck her doggy style. The girls were kissing again and Erica went down on Mary and was licking and sucking on her pussy as Mary suck my cock and Peter fucked Erica from behind.

My first time :) The s****r3some

group andreu20 2018-02-02

She then took off my underwear and spit on her finger and started to rub my asshole to my cock and back. In my head i said "this shit is fun!!!" When they switched Ariel sits on my face but her asshole was in my mouth and i was grossed out but i kinda lost my thoughts cause Jasmine was trying to suck the color of my cock. They then told me lay down again and put the rag back over my mouth and i said no lol so Ariel put her hand in her skirt and started to finger touch herself and then i saw her fingers were really wet.


group johndstories 2018-02-02

"They want their end away," Amy said with a grin, rubbing the bosom of Helen and then scratching her legs. Helen nodded, watching Aaron impale his mouth on Fabien's shaft, his tongue sliding over the glistening head, and rubbing the underside of cock. "I think so," Helen replied, her eyes glazed and watched as her boyfriend was practically face-fucked by the other boy on top, his bucking rhythm jabbing the rigid member in and out of his lips. Amy sensed it and they watched as Aaron raised his rump, his cock dripping with cum onto Fabien's lips. "Dya like sucking cock?" Helen teased and giggled when Fabien shook his head.

Not a Third Wheel Afterall

group SecretHowl 2018-02-02

Melissa continued caressing and licking my tits as Jordan's fingers worked slowly in and out of my aching pussy. Melissa grabbed Jordan's cock, and licked his shaft a few times before helping insert it back into my pussy. Jordan began fucking me with steady strokes as Melissa caressed my inner thighs. Melissa moved her tongue higher up my pussy, and started lightly flicking it against my clit causing me to gasp. Melissa moved up, and pulled me over as her mouth locked onto Jordan's cock. I looked over at Melissa who was smiling at me, then back to Jordan ."I might need another round to be sure, but I think that this clearly has possibilities."

They Came Back Too

group toomuchinmyhead 2018-02-02

"You too, fuck my pussy!" They both did as they were told, and I watched her mouth open and his cock pushed into her mouth, and she took it, deep, until she gagged a little and pulled her head back. The guy at her face was fighting her gag reflex, and she was resisting, so I grabbed her hair and pulled her head back, forcing her mouth open, and on his next thrust I watched him push slowly all the way into her throat. I didn't care, I just wanted her, like this; my cock pistoning into her tight anal passage, feeling another guy in her cunt, and watching her get face-fucked.

The Naked Zone Ch. 03

group Dr. Bull 2018-02-02

So I invited Laura over that Saturday for the afternoon, "If we don't answer, just come around back we will be in the yard some where." I had told her about the naked zone once and she had laughed it off, sure I was kidding and I think she may have forgotten about it. Still wearing my sleeveless T Shirt and a pair of shorts I grabbed a chair and set it down in front of the girls, "Before you sit you had best take care of that gate," Karen half growled at me, "Laura scared the piss out of me." Off I jogged into the trees and I locked the gate and headed back, I could hear the girls giggling as I came back into the Zone.