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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Ladies Night In Ch. 02

group SexxxyCuriosity 2018-02-02

Manny moved closer to Lydia and as he stood over her looking at Sandy's mouth lick her pussy, Lydia took hold of her husband's dick and pulled him over closer to her. He looked back over at Sandy's mouth work on his wife's pussy as Lydia swallowed as much of his dick as she could. She was looking into Manny's eyes again as her husband pounded her hot twat and his wife licked and sucked on her clit. Meanwhile, as he watched another man cum inside his wife, David grabbed Lydia's hips and slammed into her hard with long deep strokes from underneath her.

Weekend Escape

group Randand 2018-02-02

Your moan turned into a panting, shrill cry of completion as Steve's cock thrust in for the last time and erupted, spewing blast after blast of hot cum into your clutching pussy. I don't know if it was that Sheri had worked him close to orgasm, or if it was the familiarity of his wives round bottom, but Mike began to groan and after just a few moments of thrusting, yanked his cock for it's snug confines and spewed a huge amount of white cum all over his wives' backside. This raised your ass up so that when you spread your legs and reached down and pulled your knees up towards your chest, your pussy gaped open and your asshole shone shiny from Steves cum that drenched you.

Lucky Camper

group SDwake2001 2018-02-02

"No problem." Jack went and got his axe and grabbed a handful of tinder from the bag by his own fire and walked over to the girls. I don't know if I'd ever get the fire going on my own." When Fawn smiled her face lit up and her eyes sparkled, Jack was stunned by how beautiful she was. After a little struggle they got Fawn snuggled between the two of them, his right arm wrapped over them both, resting on the small of Kelly's back. He tried to shift towards the edge to get some separation but Fawn just shifted closer murmuring, "Where you going Jack?" She sidled closer, legs slightly opening, trapping his hard cock between her thighs.


Miranda Makes Three

group ab-2007 2018-02-02

She couldn't pull her eyes away from the sight of Sean's body thrusting up at her s****r's tight little body, watching his enormous cock sinking into and pulling back out of Miranda's slime coated cunt-hole. That thought made Caroline shiver in anticipation as she slowly pushed open the door and stood in the entrance watching Sean lazily fucking her little s****r as they lay side by side. Sean hadn't been able to hold out any longer when he'd seen Miranda giving her s****r a "blowjob" it was so incredibly erotic to watch that he'd lost it and flooded his girlfriend's pussy with his hot come.

The Massage Ch. 01

group maudecardy 2018-02-02

"Yes," smiled Dave, "I think it is just a question of allowing yourself to receive pleasure, with no guilt or questions, and somehow knowing the people giving the massage to you can relax you even more..." I began thinking how I'd feel if this was Julie massaging me, and felt my cock twitch in pleasure, then suddenly shrink as I realised it was Dave. It felt so much more gorgeous to have her attending to me than Dave, and I kept my eyes glued to the smooth curves of her body as her fingers pleasured mine, slipping between them and pulling and stroking them as she massaged and aroused me.


A Day at WJM-TV

group Larry Taylor 2018-02-02

Just when Sue Ann thought she was going to cum, the door swung open and in walked Mary's neighbor Phyllis. When Sue Ann finally stopped moaning and shaking, Phyllis reached for the big cock that was relentlessly pumping Sue Ann. Chuckles pulled it all the way out so she could get a good feel. Phyllis stroked Chuckles' cock for awhile then guided the plum-sized head back into Sue Ann and reached lower to feel his big balls. "Oh, yes, I will, baby, but you had better bend down here and suck this thing to keep it from going soft." Phyllis lay down on Sue Ann's wet body and worked the head of Chuckles' cock into her mouth.


Bisexual 4-Some

group bigtoylvr 2018-02-02

Then I wrapped my hand around it and started jacking it like it was a real cock making sure I got it completely lubed. My wife sat there with a big smile on here face watching me and the reactions of Mike and Julie while playing with her wet pussy. I looked up and saw Julie taking pictures of me with Mikes cock buried halfway down my throat. He went over to where Julie was sucking on Grace’s clit and started to slide his cock in to her dripping pussy. Julie kept licking Grace’s clit and around Mikes cock as he fucked my wife. Grace sucked my cock in to her mouth before pushing it up to Julie’s pussy with her tongue.


Lyn is Donated

group senwood 2018-02-02

'I'm quite a voyeur now,' she said, 'so I expect to be looked at too!' Sarah and I prattled on about our jobs and Ben and Neil talked boys' talk. Sarah moved her hand immediately from my mound to my breast only to be joined there by Neil's fingers. 'I want you to let Neil fuck you, Lyn. Now, while Sarah and I watch, you will give him your cunt.' He pulled my shorts down over my hips and they dropped to the floor. I felt I could easily tell Sarah I fancied her desperately but I was afraid of frightening her away and spoiling things for Ben and Neil too.


Gloryhole Sally

group 2018-02-02

knew if I dressed Sally up for a video shop visit, the As Sally rubbed and jerked on the stranger's cock, I a sudden Sally pulled the cock from her mouth and Sally obediently got to her feet and walked into the booth next door closing and soon a hard cock pushed "Pull your shirt down, I have an idea," I told Sally. Sally dropped to her knees and started suck on one, guy grabbed her capri pants and pulled them off, and he plunged his hard cock into her wet cunt. shoving his own hard cock into my wife's cum-filled Sally's eyes closed as she concentrated on the feelings She pulled away from my cock, looked me in the eyes and

New Secretary: Trade Show Orgy

group callmejack 2018-02-02

"See" Marie said, "I told you it was big!" James was going to be a big hit for the girls who quickly crowded around him and started fondling his dick and balls. Mike had three fingers of one hand and his tongue in Annette's pussy and the other hand squeezing Jamie's tits. Annette grabbed one of Jamie's tits and started hard squeezing along with Mike. "Looks like fun" Veronica said as she sat on the edge of the bed and spread her legs. Veronica screamed she was cuming and her ass clamped down on my dick and her pussy started pulsing. Melissa had cum dripping out of her pussy and down her leg and Jamie looked like she came out of the shower.

New Nudist Friends

group horntreeman 2018-02-02

Before I knew it, Frank said "Amy, I think he likes you!"I looked down, and my shorts were tight against me! As I handed Frank his beer, he said "you just never lose that, do you?" I laughed and told him that it was almost constant, and Amy told me to let it breathe- they were enjoying it. Frank was semi- hard, and every couple of minutes he would reach down and touch his cock slightly- not blatantly, but enough so that I couldn't help but notice. As we sat there, with them across from me, I was still hard, and Amy looked at my cock, and told me to relieve the tension if I wanted to.


group Betrayer 2018-02-02

Steve started to talk with her, and in a moment girl was near him on the couch, looking TV and laughing at his jokes. She started slowly, licking a sensitive head of Steve's dick, then her mouth opened wide and she swallowed his entire member inside. Sveta kneeled in front of Steve, her head bobbing on his cock, her hands caressing his legs. I entered her, causing girl to moan loudly, and started to fuck her wet hot snatch. Steve grinned to me, grabbed Sveta's head and started to fuck her throat, as I pounded her pussy. Girl moaned, her back sweating, her hands clutching Steve's legs, as we used her like a slut she was.

Daddy's Naughty Secret

group freakbecca 2018-02-02

His girlfriend, Brittany was the typical California girl, tall, long blonde hair, great tits and a tight ass. When Brittany decided it was time to go to bed she leaned over and kissed Jessica on the lips, giving Steve a glimpse of her bare pussy under her skirt. Brittany went first, not looking in Steve's direction, she started rubbing oil on Jessica. Both girls looked at each other then dropped to their knees and started licking and sucking Steve's cock. Steve got down on his knees and rubbed the head of his cock against Brittany's wet pussy. He was trying to focus on licking Brittany's soaking cunt but Jessica was grinding so hard on his cock and cumming so hard he could feel the vibrations of her pussy.


group LitEroCat 2018-02-02

When my fingers brushed her loose, lacy nipple covers against then away from her hardening nubs, teasing them to attention, my eyes opened and saw three men and one woman had clustered around my moaning wife. The three men were furtively rubbing their rods as the obviously horny woman discretely palmed her pussy and pulled her nipples thru her long, full, button-down yellow dress. She slid her open hand along my cock and onto Sue's hand, then waited for us to look at her and devilishly licked her finger clean. As if getting final permission, she licked Sue's tiny tit on her way down to sucking my cock into her mouth. Sue grabbed a second dick in her right hand and took the big cock on her tit into her mouth.

A Wife's Day Off - Part 2

group Filthymind 2018-02-02

"Fuck her deep Paula, let her hubby see what a slut she is." Janet continued to work her fingers deep in Angela's cunt and whispered in here ear, "are you going to watch Alan wank over his fantasy while we make you come hard?" "How about this Alan", Angela smiled at me, "I let them keep fucking me like this until you come.", Angela looked deep into my eyes and moaned as the 2 fake cocks worked her towards another orgasm. "Oh god here it comes, please don't stop, oh god, oh", Paula's voice trailed off into a long moan and at that moment Janet pulled her hand away and a huge jet of liquid shot up from Paula's cunt.

Anniversary Surprise Pt. 02

group ceris01 2018-02-02

"Well, it looks like you're with me," she said, putting her arm through mine and resting her other hand on top of my arm as we headed off after Mark and my wife. As I approached the bar, Mark was talking to the barmaid, presumably ordering drinks, while Jade was chatting with Tabitha at a table in the corner, each of them making occasional touches to either hands or knees. So your wife tells me you enjoying giving head," she stated, causing me to nearly spray my drink over Mark opposite me, and laughter to break out among the girls as Mark and I looked at each other, slightly bemused.


The Bun Collector

group Erlikkhan 2018-02-02

In one swift motion Frank pulled his cock out of Marcy's pussy and slid it between her cheeks until the head pressed against the tight knot of her asshole. He could practically feel Sheri rotating her ass against his thrusting cock and looking over her shoulder to let him know how much she enjoyed it. Marcy decided that she was going to surprise Frank on their six month anniversary by letting him fuck her in the ass. She practiced every day with Susan's rubber cock and spent many hours watching Frank's collection of ass fucking videos. Paul held his cock deep in her pussy while he fucked her ass with his fingers. While Marcy was getting ass fucked by Paul, Sheri was at her first day of work.


An Unexpected Foursome

group Sanomiya 2018-02-02

As the movie started, Fiona snuggled up close to Ali under their blanket, putting his arm around her shoulder and laying her head on his chest. I squeezed Victoria's arm and leaned in to whisper quietly in her ear "check out Ali and Fiona." I watched Victoria's face as she looked over and slowly processed what she was seeing. I had already been a little turned on by the combination of the movie and the realization of what Fiona was doing, but the touch of Victoria's hand, even through my shorts, sent what felt like an electric shock through my body. Victoria looked over and noticed for the first time that Fiona's head was under the blanket.


The Strip Club

group rosewall 2018-02-02

Tim moved towards her, but before he could get on the bed Debbie went to her knees and started sucking Tim's cock. I started to move towards Pam, but we were both watching Debbie suck Tim's cock. Pam and I moved to the other bed as we watched Tim position his cock at Debbie's pussy. While enjoying her mouth, I looked over to the other bed to see Debbie and Tim had moved to the doggie position. When I thought about when Tim was undressing I started thinking about what went through my mind and looked over at Tim. I wondered if I really could touch another man's cock.

Summer at Home Ch. 03

group Reindeer58 2018-02-02

Susie had dark curly hair, long, and down on her shoulders, about five-seven, very shapely legs, a little fuller in the calf then Virginia, shapely ass, narrow hips and smaller breasts. Janet said, "Take off the skirt Mom, I'm sure Jack would like to get the full effect of your legs, perhaps a rear view too." She did, I did, Virginia did. As I walked back into my bedroom, Virginia was standing there wearing a short grey skirt that was at least ten inches above her knees, light grey stockings with the bottom edge of the stocking welt showing below the skirt hem, grey pumps, and a grey quarter cup bra.


Surprise Surprise III final part

group heyheymymy1984 2018-02-02

"I've loved having all your cum in my arse tonight" Christine said "but I want more. Once again Nicole began to moan and groan with sheer pleasure as each of her holes was fucked by young cock. Moments later Christine and Nicole were knelt on the sofa resting against the backrest, their arses pointed towards us and begging to be fucked. At one point both my friend and I had our cocks in Nicole's pussy when she squirted all over us again. There would undoubtedly be more fucking and whilst my cock was now soft I knew being in the same bed as these two sluts it would soon be hard again.

Lucky Cable Guy Ch. 04

group Megamuffin 2018-02-02

Tina said sure and gave my cock one more squeeze before going to work getting Mindy's shirt and bra off. My cock stood out, big and proud in front of me, and I decided to see if I could jump in with Tina and Mindy, who were still sucking and grunting into each other's pussies. Stacy was riding Frank's cock and Ryan was fucking Sara's pussy hard. Matt's cock was hard again, and he was easing the massive thing into Mindy's pussy, soaking wet from Tina's sucking. Tina came over and knelt beside Jenny and licked up the cum that Jenny hadn't swallowed and sucked my softening cock until it was raging hard again.


Third Party

group pandsal 2018-02-02

Monique told me later that when they set off, Nils asked her if she would feel comfortable to turn back her skirt and partially open her legs. She pirouetted slowly, offering to Nils an arms length view: an oval face framed by short wavy hair, brown eyes, a broad mouth; ample breasts supported by a bra that did them justice; a rounded but not oversized bottom, flattered by silk French knickers; long and shapely legs in sheer stockings. Monique took my hand, looked hard into my eyes and said, "And thank you - for everything." Then she led me back to a bed of rumpled sheets and we turned back the years.

Letters to Purvi Ch. 09

group Lalitha Mehta 2018-02-02

I went back to my room, very aware of the sensation of the cloth of the lungi moving across the circumcised head of my cock (I wore no underwear), maintaining my semi-erection. I could feel her long black hair falling silkily over my bare thighs as she bent her head forward and put her full, hot lips against my now very hard and throbbing dick. With a harsh groan I shoved my entire cock all the way inside my aunt’s mouth and began to shoot my hot cum into her throat. My hand went for one of her big tits and she turned and moved into my arms, kissing me with those red, cock-sucking lips.