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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Tales of Dirty Old Man Ch. 10

group Andyhm 2018-02-02

I called to Simone, "Hey love, do I have the owner's permission to moor here?" I took him to the cabin I wanted to redo for Simone's children and explained the alterations that were needed. So I asked George and Simone if it would be alright if I had a storage shed built down by the landing stage and was there any way we could get water and power connected. Simone kissed me and then said, "I love you but Sarah won't if we are late for dinner so we need to move." Sarah was a bit upset, but perked up when Simone told her that she would need to design a new kitchen for the our new home.


sex village III

group chandan0707 2018-02-02

I came and laid down beside Vijaya.Vanaja hugged me, pressing her breasts on my side,spread legs wide and clamped my thigh.I pulled Vijaya to me.She also snuggled close to me.I dropped off into deep sl**p within seconds........ Vanaja asked other boy tostand on the bed and give his dick.She lovingly kissed and licked underside and licked his balls.Slowly she took it into mouth and started sucking.I could not control, my dick was snugly held between Vijaya' thighs and her wetness was flowing on to my dick.I started to fondle and squeeze her nipples.Vijaya was proudly watching her boys'progress. If you find me wet whe your dick becomes hard,suck my breasts and bang me,good night"Vijaya switched off light turned to one side and went to sl**p.

A Birthday Party

group sealawyer 2018-02-02

Anisha abandoned me and turned her attention to Kathy's breasts, touching one with one hand, and licking and kissing the other. Anisha abandoned me and turned her attention to Kathy's breasts, massaging one with her little hand, and sucking on the other. I think she was as surprised as I to discover that Anisha hadn't worn a bra -- a very daring thing for a girl to do in those days, and I was dumbfounded by the delightful contrast between Anisha's small, firm breasts and Kathy's. I was almost out of my mind when pulled one panty leg open and began to lick Anisha's hairy mons, actually spreading her lips with her fingers so she could fuck the girl with her tongue!

Self Destruction

group Dominate1 2018-02-02

When we finally did it, it wasn't all that great, looking back on it, but at the time I was thrilled that he wanted me and we were together for two months after that. The sex was never better than decent, I would later come to find out, but I had the boy I wanted, and every time he pierced me I just melted. After months had gone by and I was doing much better emotionally, Eric told me that he found me attractive and would love to see me on a part time basis and see how things went. We started having problems about a year in because he said I never told him how I feel.

Early Retirement Ch. 08

group Frankly Speaking 2018-02-02

Sue Ann was quickly put to a double penetration like Carol who continued to talk and wail as she was fucked as hard as the two guys could pound their cocks into her pussy and ass. "I wonder if Carol can take you fully in all holes?" As I asked that rhetorical question, both the guys fucking Carol came with her pumping loads of cum into her pussy and ass. I had fucked Carol in all three of her holes as had the rest and Carol had, like Ruth and Sue Ann, sucked cum from asses and pussies. She seemed to particularly enjoy eating out Sue Ann while being fucked as hard as the guy could slam her pussy or ass.

Getting Fucked by Teacher Ch. 01

group hornyhausfrau 2018-02-02

I knew a lot of the boys in my classes thought I was hot because i always caught them trying to look down my shirt and hide their raging, teenage hard-ons. I started to wear my shirts a little tighter so that my giant 40g-sized breasts and tiny waist were even more obvious, and a couple of times I wore button-down tops and no bra, the buttons straining to stay closed against my huge tits. Some of the shyer girls started taking their tops off, and the boys couldn't take it any longer and released their red hot dicks from the confines of their pants and jeans. Soon, all the boys were rubbing their dicks, moaning while the girls started sucking each others tits, taking off each other's pants, and fingering each other's clits.

Was it lust or was is it hot sex CHAPTER 4

group 2018-02-02

start wat i said they stuck me with that d**g latosha gave me before they grade sandys strapon and got naked and candy put it on. yess i said they candy shuved rachille down and started puting the srapon in her mouth saying do you like cock jessie no i said. yes so i layed there she walked over and sat on my face rachille bent over and slided here ass hole on candys cock. THEN LATOSHA TOOK HER PANTS OFF AND STARTED RUBING HER HARD COCK SAY I WANT U JESSIE PLEASE SUCK MY COCK I SAID I WOULD LOVE TO BABY.

My husband has already started planning the next a

group cer_mal 2018-02-02

Debbie is a stunning redhead 30’s slim small firm tits very cute her husband Kyle is late 30’s 5’11 very fit blond fantastic 6 pac abs, short mustache, his cock is THICK the head is smaller than the main shaft and looks like a Titian Missile and is 9 inches with thick veins. Kyle was telling Bret and Fred how good of a fucking cock sucker I am as Jeff turned me and made me swallow his cock. I was naked lying in the back of the Van savoring the flavor of both cocks I just suck and heard my husband planning with Bret and Fred are next dogging adventure.

All Three Holes

group CandiNyse 2018-02-02

I mean, I really love to suck on a fat cock, but no sooner do I get my lips wrapped around it and start to get it down my throat, than I want to feel it in my pussy. The pleasure and pain of his big cock fucking me up the ass consumes me; I yelp and almost cum every time he pulls it out of me, then hover in trembling, passionate anticipation until the moment his fat dick comes inside me again. He takes my head in both hands and starts slow-fucking my mouth, thrusting with his hips, pulling his cock back until the tip is just outside my lips, then sliding it deep down my throat, making me gag and swallow.


My Best Friend's Wife Ch. 3

group oddone 2018-02-02

Paul and Sue were really ramming into each other hard, Linda was rubbing her cunt all over Paul's face and, with them playing with their tits, it wasn't long before all three of them came. We watched TV for a while and I thought all of us were pretty sleepy, but after an hour or so I looked over and saw that Sue and Linda were locked in a deep embrace kissing and rubbing their hands all over each other's body. It didn't take long before Sue moved up on her hands and knees, lowering her face into Linda's cunt, and started to tongue her sweet shaved slit. Sue went back to eating Linda's cunt as Paul started to fuck her ass hard.

Outside Her Comfort Zone

group Brainiacxiii 2018-02-02

I felt naked already and I called Becky on my cell to cancel but she wouldn't let me. My heart slammed against my throat when I opened the door and saw Mike Cassidy with a towel around his waist. When we got to the door to the pool room he turned to face me and he looked up and down my shaking body. Following him in the humidity of the room hit my body like a bolt of lightning, I took one nervous step into the room and my eyes were drawn to Becky on her knees in front of the other soccer player. Where Mike seemed perfectly proportioned this guy was enormous and I couldn't take my eyes off of Becky's bobbing head.

My ex and her boarder

group jamgod1 2018-02-02

"I'm gonna fuck your ass while you fuck Tabby's tight little pussy." I said. " I want my assfucked too." she said to me and she kissed my cock, then put her head to the floor and continued to take the big rubber cock in her tight little pussy. I pound into her ass, she isn't fucking Tabby anymore just taking this hard assfucking, and Tabby's little pussy is being abused from my thrusts. I gripped her by the hips, and fucked and spanked her ass as hard as I could,Tabby's hot breath on my balls, she occasionally ignored my ex's pussy and licked my cock as it stroked in and out of her ass.

Going Up

group Hornyman69WithU 2018-02-02

She was a gorgeous tower, almost as tall as me, so my now fully turgid cock nestled right between her firm, muscular buns as I inhaled the sweet odor and felt the exquisite softness of her long blonde hair. With only a couple more floors until mine, and with tall blondie giving me a "crack-job," boobs in my back, hands squeezing chest, arms, and buns, and sharp nails dancing about my scrotum, I felt my seed rising. The elevator door opened, and thank God, no one was waiting on my floor, for the front of my shorts was drenched in cum. As the doors began to close, the tall blonde, presumably the captain, said, "So, who'd like to fuck his brains out?"

Sex Ed Class Turns Wild

group daisy 2018-02-02

I looked around the room quickly seeing one male student still playing with his cock under his desk, Emily still having her hand down her shorts, Kaila watching intently while Princess was looking at the clock and then back at the action. I looked back at the front of the room where I saw one guy start to make a face and soon I could tell he was cumming up Laura's ass with the spasms he was making with his waist. Princess and Kaila were still watching the action with their mouths open as the guy fucking her ass pulled out and started cumming all over her back.


What Goes Around Comes Around

group SweetVibes 2018-02-02

When I saw Dennis for the first time that day, he commented how incredible Marsha's ass looked in those shorts and that he would love to tap that. Knowing that Marsha may be thinking that Sean might be the one with the largest cock (you know that black thing), I started to interrupt, when she said "I don't need any advice from you tiny. Dennis pulled his face out of his pussy and said he was ready to fuck her, but that she'd need to be stretched out more before he did, so he told Sean to go ahead and fuck the bitch, while he looks for something to spread her out more.


Extending the MILF List Ch. 04

group Contrasting 2018-02-01

I recognized Alissa's voice instantly and that reminded me of last night, of switching sisters, falling asleep in my own bed, waking when Georgia, nude, snuggled in beside me and waking again later when she un-snuggled to Dalia's prodding and urging her to rise and get showered so they could go to work. "Sonny, Sid is ready for you to start making good on some of his promises to this firm, specifically to Mr. Kline and Mr. Bickerstaff who have pissed him off." She was going to say more I could tell but the door of her office swung open and into it walked a little woman.


The new neighbors wife - Nikki Cuckold

group PussyInjector 2018-02-01

As I was almost to my door, Nikki came running up and said that Rich wanted her to get my phone number so we could get together soon. Nikki turned down the volume and asked me to sit on one side of her on the couch while Rich sat on the other side. After telling them about the game, Nikki said that sounded like fun and Rich added she always did make a good slut. After a little while of caressing Nikki said her pussy was getting wet needed fingering. With my hands on her ass I started to stick one finger up her ass Nikki said, I am about ready to cum.

Their New Toy

group DaisiesInWinter 2018-02-01

"I would love to see that pussy get pounded and feel you gag on my cock while he drives inside you." She moaned again and shuddered as he turned up the vibration again. Then she felt a hand pull her panties to the side, her heart started to pound as she realized both of her husband's hands were still on her head. She buried her face in her husband's groin, arched her hips back and shuddered in ecstasy as the unknown man behind her slid all the way into her, stretching her pussy open and delving into her depths. She pressed her face into the mattress and screamed, he let out a guttural moan and she could feel his cock pulse inside her as he shot hot cum deep into her pussy.

Her Party

group eluckenbach 2018-02-01

Even though each week I looked forward to Thursday night, I just didn't think much about it other than there would be a fair meal and some straight sex that was a hell of a lot better than jacking off at home after a can of chili. Asking questions was not part of my deal with old Delores, but I couldn't just let this request slide by without knowing more, so I just asked, "Why would you want to do something like that?" She didn't answer for a moment, then she took a deep shaky breath and said, "You have been a dear boy to give your time coming here to make an old woman feel needed.


Bi-Jingle, Bi-Jack

group SlyFox 2018-02-01

Sitting alone in his dreary hotel room, with nothing but a bottle of bourbon for company, Jack began to reminisce about Christmases past and how much he and Jennie had loved the holidays when they were young and so very crazy in love. But before he could fully grasp the scene developing before his incredulous eyes, the "dream" faded and again he saw his wife on the screen in the throes of an extremely intense orgasm as she continued to masturbate there in the bed beside him as he slumbered on; completely oblivious to Jenny's self pleasuring. Jack now recalled that incident from his childhood and could still feel the intensely sexual excitement that he had felt at the sight of his parents making love on the living room floor in front of the Christmas tree.


Amy's Invitation

group vulpes32 2018-02-01

Open-mouthed they kissed passionately and wantonly, Amy's body pressed against Chris with undisguised lust out there in the parking lot. Amy had recently talked to me a lot about her problems with men who did not appreciate her, and I decided, with her hands gliding over my back, that I was going to take a masculine lead and treat her to a night of love and ecstasy centered on her own pleasure. Chris watched in amazement as I tongued her ass, saying first, "I assume that's her pussy you're licking?" followed closely by, "Damn, most men have to pay for a show this good".


Masseuse Has A Sister Ch. 01

group dutchdelight 2018-02-01

I felt Marian's fingers touching my left side and she said gently: 'Push yourself up a little.' As I did what she asked, she took hold of my rock-hard pole and bent it so that it pointed towards my feet. Helen came and stood close to my head and massaged the front side of my shoulders so that I got a good look at Marian. Why don't you use that nasty cock of yours to fuck my sister's brains out and then do the same to me?' Having said that she got up from the massage table and grabbed Helen's arm. Marian took my place, that is to say, she stood before Helen's widespread legs, bent forward and placed her delicious lips on the vagina of her sister.


The Saga Begins: First Threesome

group oldjohnny 2018-02-01

Linda, lips slide off my cock, she looks up at Sue and replies, "Well, c'mon in and get your stuff". "Yes, I'm serious", Linda replied, using her hand patting the bed hinting at Sue sitting down. Linda went right back at my cock, sliding my fat hard prick back between her lips. Sue pulled her lips off, Linda went back on my prick. I sit up some, my mouth anxious to suck Sue's hard pink nipples. I stop licking her, I grab Linda by the arm, pulling her in between Sue's legs. In no time, Linda like a hungry little whore, starts eating Sue's cunt. Sue grabbing at my ball sac, fucking Linda makes me cum again.

Playing Truant - 1

group 2018-02-01

" But Mary look at the little bitch in her sweey uniform, such a turn on!" Dave laughed as he turned to me, "Go give Harry a hand A.J. or even better a mouth!" I edged nearer to the old man as he wanked faster, I knelt infront of his chair and moved my mouth to his cock, he let it go and as it jumped up I caught it in my mouth and began to slowly lick the bell end and sucked it deep into my mouth, feeling it grow with every suck, I caught sight of the other guys watching every movement I made whilst the woman spoke again, " Look at her go lads, she is certainly no novice at that!