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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Linda's Birthday Bash

group dCharlesStuart 2018-11-08

As she did this she pulled the man in front of her to the right and then with his cock still in her hand backed off the cock she was blowing and told me to start sucking the new guy. Another man stepped up beside me presenting his cock to me and she nodded so I started blowing him while watching another guy fuck my wife sprawled on the couch beside me. Another man stepped onto the couch and stood in front of the guy fucking her and furiously jerked off and within a few seconds sent a shower of cum all over her tits. She took her coat off and tossed it on the back of the couch as he started fucking her doggie style and she went back to blowing the guy beside her.

Janice and Jason Visit a Massage Parlor

group scotth 2018-11-08

Jason must have been excited thinking about the possibility because his cock, which had only finished spurting into my mouth a few minutes ago, was becoming hard again in my hands. The next time she moved her hands downward her thumbs did touch my pussy, which felt like an electric shock had passed through it. The owner of the cock I had in my mouth bent over and reached his hands down to play with my pussy, which felt very nice to me. It took my guy a long time to cum, during which time, with various hands playing with my pussy and my ass, I came several more times.

Meeting Jackie and Derek, Part 2

group curiouscplkc 2018-11-08

Shortly later Sheila was ready to leave and so was Jay. He was watching Annie play with the kids and every time her tight body moved he had to look away. Over Jackie's shoulder he could see Sheila's hand reaching back and stroking Derek through his jeans. Jackie began to stroke the head of his cock up and down her lips in time with the finger pleasuring her her hardened nub. Jay and Jackie watched as Sheila began to swallow Derek's tool. Jay moaned in her ear and she saw that Derek had wrapped his hand in Sheila's hair and was slowly fucking her mouth with his huge cock. Jackie heard Derek groan as he looked down at Sheila's head bobbing on his cock.

Helping amy 2

group Tanksdad 2018-11-08

“I want to look into your eyes as you make me cum,” Kim said before kissing me hard and deep. Kim claimed one of Chewy’s huge balls sucking tenderly but getting all of Amy’s juices off of Chewy. Amy lay down on the bed and Kim crawled between Amy’s thin thighs and started licking her way up. Kim slid her hands under Amy’s nice round ass as she sucked and nibbled at her trimmed blond pussy. When Amy finally calmed down and I had licked all of Amy’s cum off of Kim Chewy broke the silence, “Man Pops, you stay hard longer than I do dude.” Kim and I knew why, but I let the youngster think I was “The Man”.

The King's Banquet

group SatedCascade 2018-11-08

Your hands gently travel higher, to rest for a while on the inside of my thighs; further upwards your fingers slide until they reach my dark mound, I feel your fingers gently teasing my lips apart and then the soft texture of your tongue exploring me. The woman who gazed at me earlier is now pouring oil over the shaft of a guard and is pumping him hard and fast, and beside you another elegant lady falls back onto the table, naked, head thrown back over the table edge and starts to receive a man in her mouth. A good looking guard over the other side of the table, fully aroused, begins making his way towards you, I sense my feelings of jealousy, but know that I must release myself from this.

Picture This

group Jaynesmith42 2018-11-08

Cade continued to direct Marcus to hold Lindsay in various erotic poses, up against the wall with his cock pressed against her ass, doggy style with her leather panties off, the tip of his engorged dick touching her pussy lips. Oh fuck yes, tongue my ass Cade, and watch me gobble the hell out of this big juicy cock, Lindsay thought as she opened wide and took the tip in her mouth, running her tongue around the rim and licking the pre cum from his slit. Cade pulled her head back down onto his throbbing cock, making a mental note to watch Marcus next time he got his woman to squirt like that cause he was ready to learn. 

My summer holidays in the US

group Daughter-of-Samurai 2018-11-08

Dave’s father as usual told us when he left for work, and Dave and I jumped into his bed and he put his hot rod into my waiting and itching pussy. I took a quick look at Dave who was sitting in his chair with his eyes wide open, still covering is private parts with his hands. A short glimpse at Dave, and then I closed my eyes and bit my lower lip waiting for the feeling of a hard cock penetrating me. Dave’s dad started moaning and pushing harder and in the same moment I could feel the stream of hot cum entering my pussy – the second time this morning.

Black Muslim Cuckoldress 01

group Samuelx 2018-11-08

My boyfriend, University of Ottawa civil engineering student Rahman Sharif cheated on me with Genevieve Charles, a blonde-haired and blue-eyed fat white chick whom I thought was my best friend. Bilal has shown a lot of interest in me when I was his student and even introduced me to his parents when they visited the college but I always rebuffed the sexy biracial Muslim instructor's advances, until my boyfriend Rahman cheated on me. As Bilal eased his thick dick into my cunt from behind, I watched the angry, hurt look on Rahman's handsome face. I thought of the pain I felt when I came home and found Genevieve sucking on Rahman's magnificent Somali dick, the dick I love, and the sheepish look on his face as I caught them together.



group bava12 2018-11-08

Why he, they all are nice persons before they joined but then everything changed!” Looking at my curious eyes she said, “Look I used to be a very chaste girl and today I feel like a prostitute.” She stood up and lifted her blouse exposing her beautiful round tits with small pink nipples and in the same breath, lifted her skirt to show her neatly shaved pussy between the hairless smooth silky thighs. Girish hugged my wife at the door and kissed on the lips cupping both breasts with his hands and again with his arm around her, playing with her tits, led her to the drawing room where half a dozen men were sitting, enjoying their drinks.

Our Little Fantasy For Three

group pussygalore 2018-11-08

Tye is now slowly pumping his cock in and out of her pussy, pushing just a couple of inches at first and then ever so often he slides his entire eight inches all the way in, driving Leah new levels of pleasure every time. As his cock starts to jerk and spurt inside Leah’s hot pussy, she starts to cum again which then takes me over the edge too. A few minutes later, Leah reminds us now would be a good time to remove her blindfold and those silk ties from her wrists. As she did this, she reached over with her other hand and slowly started stroking my now very hard cock in rhythm with her mouth.

Photographer's Fantasy

group Louise41545 2018-11-08

I could feel my thongs getting wetter my the second but I stopped myself as I thought it was wrong, then suddenly I felt something touch my waist I turned to see my boyfriend, James, with a huge smile on his face. I moved down so my head was level with his cock and swiftly undid his buttons with my mouth; the look on James' face was as if he was saying "I'm yours, do what the hell you want with me." I'd happily lay there for an hour while she gave me head, but James all too quickly had decided in was time to come and he pulled out his cock from Fi and blew his entire load onto her back.

Proactive Interview

group realoldbill 2018-11-08

“Great interview,” she said with a smile. While she filled them in, I told her what we did and when she was done, I said, “There’s just one more thing you ought to know.” An hour later, when I got back to my office, she was sitting where she had been, dressed and looking amused I guess. She smiled, came around my desk, bent to unzip me and then hiked up her short skirt to show me that she had somehow lost her panties and hose. I’m going to love working here.” And then she fucked me, bouncing on my thighs, my chair rocking to and fro, and while she did it she opened her jacket to show that she had also lost her blouse and bra.

Brother Samuel's Epitaph

group Samuelx 2018-11-08

I also liked another website featuring a ship's captain and the young men who worked for him picking up hot women in the harbor and then dumping them after having sex with them. Like chicks with dicks having sex with supposedly straight men. I mean, I considered myself straight and everything yet I got hard watching a sexy woman with a big dick surprising the hell out of some guy by fucking him. Any woman or any man willing to let me fuck them in the ass got the treatment from my long and thick, uncircumcised black cock. I mean, Veronique loved it when I fucked her ass but Karl wouldn't let me anywhere near his ass.


My Affair His Roommate

group TheDevilsWeakness 2018-11-08

I'm getting horny thinking about it, when 30secs later, the shower curtain slides back, Marco climbs in, grabs my ass and pulls me forwards and grinds his semi-hard cock against me. Not to be outdone or forgotten, Marco rubs my tits and ass, pinching, pulling and tweaking me all over until I feel another orgasm approaching. Using my tits as leverage, Marco grabs them rolling my hard nipples in his fingers, he pushes into my ass while you slow down and let me get acclimated to two large cocks in my holes. My vision is sparking, my toes are curling, my fingers are tingling and my ass and pussy feels like its on fire while the two of you fuck me stupid.

My Husband Opens My Sexual Mind

group GoddessGermanika 2018-11-08

Before the man return, my husband said," You can let him in, follow him into the bath, and make sure you touch him at any opportunity you get." I thought after my session with the masseurs that I was completely sexually satisfied, but discovered I was now very aroused at the idea I'm kneeling down I'm taking this very shy, young man in my mouth. Here I was naked in a room with a group of men all sporting very hard cocks and I felt for the first time what it was like to be the love goddess my husband have been speaking to me for a year and a half about.

Monica's Birthday Turns Into An Unexpected Orgy

group Naughty_Nurse 2018-11-08

I was grateful that she did, because I was certain that my husband would be very shocked to see his wife fucking her best friend while taking her boyfriend's cock in her mouth. He was jerking off in front of us, watching my big jiggling boobs and hips going back and forth to fuck Amy. Her boyfriend's cock sliding in and out of my throat. “You must fuck me after I give Amy her orgasm!” I grunted to him, in between each thrust of the cock into my friends cunt. Kate started to suck my husband's cock harder while he pounded her mouth. “Oooh, you are so nasty, I want you to suck every last drop of my cum out of my cock like Monica always does so well,” my husband said.

Truth Or Dare - Chapter One

group TeilaWolfe 2018-11-08

Corey, Fred, Gary, Lucy and Samantha are sitting in a circle on the floor in Corey’s lounge room. “I’ll take it,” Fred says, putting his finger on his nose and turning to Gary with a grin. “So that means… that in this room, two people haven’t had sex yet… and that’s Gary, and Lucy?” asks Corey in amazement. We’re not gonna force them to have sex.” Corey gives Fred a warning look and he shrugs but backs off. “Right,” says Samantha looking away from Lucy, all business. The other three group members watch in silence, all feeling a little turned on by what Lucy and Gary are doing. “Lucy, truth or dare,” Gary asks, staring deep into Lucy’s eyes.

Beginning My Swinger Life - Part One

group perverse_cowboy 2018-11-08

It had only been six weeks and her friend called me asking me to meet them in a town where we all used to "cruise" in our cars. She sat on the bed, took a deep pull straight from the bottle and said, "I couldn't help it, there's just something about you that says, 'sex'." She would call my pager and talk to me on the phone while her husband was home, telling him that I was her best friend. After three years of being promised by Laura she would get divorced, and the sometimes intense mood swings, I felt liberated not having to worry about the hubby catching us and the constant confusion and heartbreak.

cuckold lifestyle 30

group woreout 2018-11-08

At about three o clock my wife came over and told me that she was going back to our house to get another bottle of Rum. I told her she didn't need to be driving due to she had already had a few. I stood a waited for her to finish, as she reached for the toilet paper I stopped her and said NO, I'll clean that up. We went back out to the party and as soon as it got dark we started shooting off our fireworks. She pulled up her bottoms real tight and as I finished cleaning up all the paper from the fireworks show she sat in the truck and waited on me.

Swinging Spa Part 2

group Lushlucy 2018-11-08

As he watched me I slipped a finger inside my soaking wet pussy and I took it and put it in his mouth, he sucked my juices off my finger moaning at how good I tasted, I then resumed touching myself, circling my clit with some vigour, it didn't take long before I felt my orgasm begin to build, I made Jake watch as I came hard right by his face. As soon as I felt he was getting carried away I quickly stopped and gave the tip of his cock a squeeze to delay his orgasm, I then moved away to give him a chance to calm down and straddled his face, his tongue immediately reached out and lapped at my pussy, tasting my juices, he then moved to my clit and began flicking his tongue over it with just the right amount of pressure and speed to make me lose control.

He Was A Good Teacher (Chapter Three)

group Madison_F 2018-11-08

I began to suck and stroke Mr. Devon's cock until spit was running down my chin and onto my breasts and over my hard nipples. I spread my legs a little farther to get my pussy closer to his face while still sucking and stroking Mr. Devon's thick cock. I rubbed my clit as I continued to fuck Mr. Devon's cock with my pussy and as Mr. Patterson kept his cock pressing into my ass. He slid his cock into me and began to pump his hips slowly, relishing the feeling of my tight wet pussy. I continued sucking Mr. Patterson's cock, stroking him with every mouthful. Ever," said Mr. Devon, locking eyes with Mr. Patterson as he pulled his clothes on and headed towards the door.

Movie Theatre Guard

group wardsteadman 2018-11-08

The brown haired girl's partner threw his head back as his dick touched tonsils. The brown haired girl gagged and Shelia gasped and her hand shot to her mouth. The brown haired girl became more intense as she spread Shelia's lips with her fingers and tongued her clit. He freed her breasts from her bra, the touch of his cool hands immediately called her nipples to attention.The brown haired girl arose from her feet and Shelia gently pushed her down on the seat. Shelia looked down to the brown haired girl and she immediately felt a warm slightly sticky substance beneath her hands. Shelia removed the dick from the pussy and offered it to the brown haired girl.

The Neighbor

group peachesncream5670 2018-11-08

I took Bert’s big cock into my mouth, licking, sucking and teasing his balls, with my tongue. Steve felt so good inside of me, as his cock kept ramming me hard, and deep. I felt the cock in my mouth begin to swell as it started exploding hot sticky cum into my mouth, I kept trying to swallow every last drop. I took Steve’s cock into my mouth, just as he shot another load of cum down my throat. As the cock in my mouth began to swell, I started sucking harder, until it emptied its load into my mouth. I felt the cock in my ass swell, and dump his load of hot cum, deep in my ass.

Seduction, Plus Two: Part Two

group mrenvader 2018-11-08

Jenny most likely knew from the laptop screen that Sharon was no longer downstairs, yet here she was in the dining room, her legs spread wide with one finger rubbing hard on her clit and one probing her pussy, moaning louder and louder at the sight of Enis being jerked off by Amy. Sharon opened her robe a bit, ensuring that the blonde would get a glimpse of her pussy and some of the curves of her tits when she saw her. Sharon eyed Jenny, watching the blonde writhing with pleasure on the table, her mouth engulfing Enis’s long, hard cock while Amy sucked on her clit.