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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Kissing The Bride: Rehearsal 02

group sirhugs 2018-02-01

As Wendy spoke, Ruth was scanning the banquet room, pretending to look for Kimmy or me, but actually looking for Hank, or Henrietta as her parents named her. Standing watching Hank’s enticing mix of tomboy and girlishness, Ruth thought she might start by unwrapping the bridesmaid like a Christmas present, careful not to tear the paper, or damage anything fragile. I looked down at her huge grin, knowing she loved telling me as much as I loved listening, and that, like Ruth and Kimmy, Wendy also loved a little light discipline. I don’t know what it was like when you were in high school, Jeff, but, guys today are always pretending to accidentally bump into girls to cop a feel.


About me

group JoeyMars 2018-02-01

I found a new insight when I realized that gals who are horney and the real thing!Sex I beleave is a two way street and people should admit that women should have equal rights to enjoy it too!People who put down women who are into it..are just plain hypocrical! Rialey!But for the guys...we must not miss use the privelge or miss handle or abuse women who are willingly giving and open to it!WE must love our precious gals cause thats the way it should be and it its rightious to do so!I love and respect all women who are cool! And I love it when a gal takes me to heights of pleasure in this new way of openess that I see happening alot these days.

Meet Diane Ch. 02

group walterio 2018-02-01

Diane could feel movement around the bed and her body and when she finally regained her senses she realized that Vince was now fucking her in the ass, Suki was eating her pussy, Rhonda was playing with her tits and Barb was presenting her pussy to Diane to eat. After the men came the women were back at Diane with Rhonda kissing her deeply and sucking all remaining cum from her mouth, Suki took care of Diane's pussy and Barb sucked Diane's asshole dry. Diane presented her pussy to Verna's mouth so that she could eat Diane while she was getting double fucked by Rhonda and Barb. After Diane and Verna came they switched positions this time with Barb getting her pussy eaten by Verna and Diane fucking Verna's ass.


Three Days at a Cottage

group Cherkasov 2018-02-01

When we packed our stuff Natty asked Sveta, "Shall we play cards again?" Waiting for Natty Sveta stood with slightly spread legs so that I saw the inviting, adoring slit going somewhere deep. Sveta found the way out swiftly and embraced the cock with lips and drank the rest of cum. I wanted to jerk off as I heard a creak on the stairs and Natty and Sveta entered my room. Natty, it was her arm that stroked my cock through the pants, got up on the bed and knelt down, spreading her legs above me. Moving aside he noticed Sveta sat near and watched the action with envy and caressed herself between the legs.


Rebecca part 3

group yin4yang 2018-02-01

I felt the couch move as Becca's hips started gyrating with the rhythm of Mary's tongue. I backed slowly away and started licking Becca's nipples first the right then the left. Looking down her body I see my wife still licking her pussy as she came hard, legs locked tight to the sides of her head. I leaned over and kissed my wife, tasting the wonderful juices of our daughter on her tongue and lips. Fuck daughters tight little pussy." She started slowly raising her body and back down again falling into a steady rhythm. Without a word I moved to the floor stroking my wife’s wet pussy as her tongue slowly darted into her daughters pussy again for a second time tonight.

A Couple to Enjoy

group CandleLit 2018-02-01

Her smell and her closeness was intoxicating alone; when our lips touched we immediately went to a passionate open-mouthed kiss and she moved the brandy into my mouth with her tongue. Her body flowed against mine and my hands caressed her, then moved quickly around her and I picked her up and began carrying her up the stairs and towards the bedroom where her husband awaited us. Come here, that's it." He reached out and wrapped his hand around my cock, pulling me closer to her mouth. Looking up she was the picture of lust; her cheeks flushed, her hair mussed, her nipples hard, a cock in her hand and a smile on her face.


Threesome with Friend's Mother

group guy4ucool 2018-02-01

He had also fucked Rekha few times when I was out of home once Vishal came to me and ask me to make some plan so that he could fuck his mom. I get down from bed and take charge on her pussy and he came close to her face and start pressing her boobs. Seema mourning in pleasure and asking to fuck her hard as deep as he can and she holds my waist tightly but even my cock goes deeper in her mouth at every jerk. He is mourning and saying Seema my sweet heart I will fuck you as hard as you want and keep on his strokes after some time he tremble and he shot his load in her pussy.


Wedding Night

group Jett_73 2018-02-01

She stayed like that, kissing me softly and gently, licking my fingers and my palm as she started to slowly move. My mouth must have been hanging open because Angelica walked back, closed it gently and kissed me. She kissed Angelica and I realised she was sucking my cum out of Chrissie's mouth. Chrissie moved Trent aside and helped Angelica turn to face the bedhead, rotating on Josh's shaft. She pushed me up on the bed as Angelica arched her back, giving me a wonderful view of her ass. I laughed like a maniac -- I told myself later it was the drugs -- and plunged myself as deep as I could into Angelica's ass.


The Italian Stallion Ch. 08

group sexynursechef 2018-02-01

Mario came up behind me and cradled my big tits, kissing my neck and lips as she continued to eat my pussy. I glanced over at Mario and one of the women had freed his giant cock from his pants and was sucking on it as her friend licked his balls. Mario was watching me the whole time and getting harder and harder at the sexy sight of my holes getting filled as Tommy started fucking me with even strokes and the other man was fucking my full lips. Mario laid both the women down and alternated plunging his rock hard dick in one and putting it in the mouth of the other.


group Daniellekitten 2018-02-01

He bent and before my disbelieving eyes, smelled the flower he was playing with, his head so close to my body I could feel a silky brush as his hair touched me. I heard a wet sound, turning my head from watching the hand job I was giving to see another man, his hands covered with strawberry pulp, rubbing it over his hard cock. My hand moved over the other cock, jerking him off even as another man pushed my legs further apart, his head coming between and his tongue stroking over my clit. It set off some kind of signal and I glanced around, finding myself surrounded by all these men, cocks in hand, jerking off over my naked juice and chocolate covered body.


Amy's Big Blast

group 738thurber 2018-02-01

So Amy slid off the love-seat, and moved over on all fours to the couch where Julie was sitting up with Jeff's cock in her mouth. As I sucked Amy's tit and worked over Julie's puss, she reached over and started jacking my wrought-iron cock, and then she bent down and took me in her mouth. As Julie was delirious with her orgasm I looked up over her shoulder and saw Amy now rubbing Jeff's balls while her tongue flitted about the swollen mushroom cap head of his cock. Fuck!" she howled as her body shook like a seizure, and her pussy exploded in a waterfall of girl-cum, spraying all over my balls and Jeff's hands as he continued to rub her out.

As They All Watched

group Cum_To_Me 2018-02-01

Dave took to thinking of a way to end this hellacious gallery opening, and he planned to go out with a bang. "You could spice up this gallery opening, and probably end being featured for the rest of your life if you sucked and fucked me right here right now, in front of all these people." He hoped she thought it was a good plan too. At this point Dave shut his eyes, leaned his head back against the wall, and took hold of a handful of her hair. Zara now was sucking and fucking two different guys, only to have someone take her right hand and wrap it around their prick.

Back to School: Incentive Ch. 03

group JohnEvans 2018-02-01

Sarah knew that Principal Schwartz did not like her and tried to get her fired by filming her having sex with a student. "What did you come to see me about?" Cindy asked Sarah as she began her examination, starting with John's right foot. "Well, I don't think we can talk about it here," stated Sarah as Cindy's fingers slid and caressed up John's calf. "Cindy, I told you I need to have a more professional attitude with my students," said Sarah as her hands jacked up and down on John's hard, hot shaft. At the same time that Sarah and Cindy were administering aid to John, Principal Schwartz was meeting with an unexpected visitor. "Miss Stevens...Nurse Brown, I would like you to meet Principal Eversol," said Schwartz.


Pamela's Secrets

group Flynn77 2018-02-01

It was on the third day that Pamela – sunning herself in a gorgeous little white bikini that showed off her tanned figure to maximum erectile effect - was approached by a couple of lads while I was up at the pool bar. The girls were a bonus for me – Sally who was twenty, all white smiles, brown hair tied back, lovely little proportioned figure on her enhanced by a yellow bikini, and Morena, a local Spaniard who exhibited all the qualities single guys go to Spain for – full, ruby lips, sparkling eyes and smile, sweeping dark locks that curled around her elegant long neck and shoulders.


Fitting Room Surprise

group 2018-02-01

‘In fact’, added her blonde lover, eyeing my school uniform, ‘the last black bitch to drop her panties for us was wearing the same uniform you are – I’ll bet you know her, she was hot stuff.’ I gasped in wet arousal at the prospect that any of the girls at my school, black or white, was an active promiscuous lesbian. The security guard took over the duty of holding up her skirt, as the blonde woman transferred her attention to her partner’s uniform shirt, unbuttoning it and pulling it back to hang from the shoulders.

Imported Pie Ch. 2

group mufdvr5 2018-02-01

She had been preparing me for this for quite some time now, by going into graphic detail about having two hard cocks to work with, and of course, getting her twat filled with hot cum for me to lick clean. I know that she came at lest a few times during this, but as he started picking up the pace, she knew that he was about ready to unload, so she told him to give it all to her, and he did, still pumping her as he filled her twat, with me right there licking both of their juices as they leaked from around his thrusting cock.

Dinner is Served

group BareBackRider2 2018-02-01

"For you Hannah" I began "Breast of Woman." With that I moved a portion of the top silk aside, revealing my wife's naked right breast, nipple erect with anticipation, and chest heaving up and down in deep breaths of fear and excitement. Staring hard at her naked top and then up to her blue eyes I took her hands and placed them on the cloth and without a word, I assisted her, neither of us breaking the gaze, as we revealed my wife's other leg also secured with rope. Wicked fallen angle Marie stared at her husband Mike across the table as she drank my cum from my wifes pussy, and groaned with wanton lust without breaking her gaze when Simon pushed his gym instructors body against her and began mating with her like an animal.

College Swingers Ch. 02

group Lionheart72 2018-02-01

I let my eyes wander down her eighteen-year-old body and contemplated all the interesting options that left open, ranging from her long black hair, her pretty face and full lips, her lovely cone shaped breasts (I smiled at the kinesthetic memory of those perky little cones in my mouth), further down to her firm round ass and long legs. Glancing in the rear-view mirror, I saw Julie kissing Ann rather thoroughly, one hand in the younger woman's hair and the other caressing her belly. Julie was half-laying at the head of the bed kissing Ann. Scott knelt beside the ladies, one hand caressing each of their backs. With a start, I realized that while I had been eating Ann's pussy, Julie had sucked Scott's dick and he had come in her mouth.

Miranda, Wanton Parole Officer Ch. 04

group Yogakay 2018-02-01

The older woman had wanted Miranda and hadn't been above using a little coercion to get her way. Miranda loved to please and so far all the young parole officer wanted was for more sexual demands to be made. Violent crimes checkered the forty year old man's past and Miranda wasn't excited about the impending home visit. Coconut oil was warmed by hand and massaged into every inch of Miranda as she continued preparing her body for the big game. By two o'clock the young parole officer resembled a high class prostitute and as unnatural desire rose in Miranda she thought she might explode. Heat flared in Miranda's chest and face as she allowed the big man to slip her tweed coat off of her shoulders.


Evening of Cum Fun

group JohnMav 2018-02-01

Jan glanced back, as the sexy young, 25ish, barman who had been serving them all night asked the other table to drink up; catching his eye, as he moved towards her table, she crossed her legs once more and gave him a perfect sighting of her firm stocking clad thighs. "Mmm, you are a cheeky young thing aren't you, but OK." She indicated to John and Jim to slide round the table so they could see, and as all three men watched her she stretched out her legs and slid forwards on her seat, her dress rode higher and higher until her sheer, nearly black, seamed stocking tops with the six strap black suspender belt were clearly visible.


Night Workout

group Ghostwriter 2018-02-01

He took her breast into his mouth and swirled his tongue around, teasing the nipple and then nibbled softly causing shocks of pleasure to course straight between Natalie's legs. Andrew watched, as Kay reached between her legs and began playing with her own clit, pulling and stoking in a rhythm that matched the stroking of her tongue in Natalie's pussy. Wanting desperately to feel the wetness between her legs, Andrew replaced her hand with his own, stroking her clit firmly with his thumb while probing his finger up into her warm pussy. Kay, sensing Natalie's impending orgasm, left Andrews cock to lean back between Natalie's legs and began rimming her anus, poking the tip of her tongue in as far as the tight little hole would allow.

The It-Girl's Assistant

group zoelrain 2018-02-01

Venus had a black bandage dress tangled around her tanned body, her arms in the air. Venus sat down on the bench in the dressing room, and watched me undress. Venus let go of my hand and hugged the brunette, then kissed each of her rosy cheeks. "She's a big fan of Keaton's..." Venus said obnoxiously. Marlee and Venus lead me over to Keaton. Marlee and Venus left me alone with Keaton so they could catch up. Venus knew tons of people, so I thought working with her would help me out in the long run. Marlee's long brown hair cascaded over Keaton's face. Marlee lifted Keaton's white t-shirt, exposing his smooth, washboard abs. "I like that" said Keaton, leaning back and biting his lip.


The Couple; Part 3

group redhelm 2018-02-01

Tammy was holding my ankles over my head, watching, with a slight grin on her face as Jake delivered more blows to my exposed ass hole. As the flogger found its mark, again and again, Jake's blows getting harder, and harder, Tammy pissed on my face, "open your mouth. She stood, as I gasped, and choked on her piss, she spat on my face, and said "you filthy pain slut!" Grabbing my chest and digging her nails into my skin. Finally I felt Jake tighten up, and this time I got the cum I so desperately wanted, he pulled out of my ass and shot hot cum into my mouth, and on my face.

Tell Me About Dick Ch. 04

group KenJames 2018-02-01

When I'd stimulated myself almost to orgasm, Fred suddenly pulled his cock out of Billy's mouth. "I've got a big load of cum, but I don't want you to feel it shooting into your mouth," Fred continued. Finally, I dragged Billy into the bedroom and surprised him by greasing his cock, getting on the bed on my hands and knees and ordering him to fuck my butt. All the time I was sucking Billy, I was thinking about how he'd looked with his lips wrapped around Fred's swollen shaft. Later, when he was fucking me, I couldn't escape the memory of watching Fred thrusting his giant cock up Billy's asshole. Fred finally pulled his mouth away from mine and placed his huge hands on my breasts, completely covering them.