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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

A Childhood Game Ch. 02

group babyred99 2018-02-01

She flinched, "Please, babe stop teasing me!" She grabbed by face and pushed me against her. Maddie was giving him head, while Mr. Williams played with my pussy. Mr. Williams stopped Maddie and turned his attention back to me. "Go get your toy!" he snapped at Maddie, who soon came back with the vibrater. I moaned at the increasing pleasure from my pussy and ass and the scent and taste of Maddie. "OHHHH god!" I screamed but was muffled by Maddie's pussy. "Maddie you slut, get over here." Mr. Williams grunted. Mr. Williams put a hand over my mouth to muffle my sounds, since Maddie was no longer in front of me. Maddie pulled the vibrator out and turned it off.

The Meeting Ch. 02

group SoNaughty 2018-02-01

So I hung up and called Robin and he answered on the first ring and I told him that my husband was going out of town for a few days and would it be ok if I stayed with him for a few days so we could get to know each other better and have more time together and he said yes. Robin screamed, "OH FUCK YES Dawn, lick my ass and stroke my cock! All of a sudden I squirted cum out so much that it looked like I was peeing and Robin leaned over and started licking my pussy clean as he was fingering my ass.


Wife Turns Slut For Husband Ch. 02

group Dirty Slut 2018-02-01

“It looks like everything is a go for the gang bang next weekend,” Jamul smiled down at me as he continued to pump his big black cock deeply in and out of my well oiled fuck funnel with Billy jerking off next to us in his maid’s outfit. And as my eye lids slowly closed the last thing I saw was Jamul bending Billy roughly over the end of the bed, and lining his still hard cock up with my husband’s tight white puckered little asshole. I had never really thought of myself as being a voyeur, but watching my lovely, recently converted, She/male husband getting fucked as Jimmy slipped his big black dick into my pussy once again was a real turn on.


Ed & Joan Ch. 02

group mtnman2003 2018-02-01

Ed grabbed Joan's head, shoving her mouth down into Chris's cunt as his cock pulled back. As he plunged in, Joan grabbed Chris's clit, nipping, tugging, and as he pulled back, her tongue slid along his cock, licking her juices. Chris grabbed Joan's ass, pulling her mouth deep into Joan's cunt. Ed grabbed Joan's hip bones, his fingers digging into her flesh as he pulled her savagely to him, pounding her butt repeatedly, slamming his body forward, his hips smacking against her hard. Fucking her mouth wildly, I thrust hard to her ass, driving my cock deep. Grabbing her head, I humped my hips upwards, pushing my semi-rigid cock into her open, waiting mouth.


A Great Day!

group OrdinaryAverageGuy 2018-02-01

Jamie slid closer to me and began to rub my cock through my jean shorts. I inhaled deeply as Jamie slid down slowly taking my cock into her mouth. Jamie had her hand on my right thigh and Jennifer's was getting closer and closer to touching it as she tickled my cock. Jennifer looked into my eyes and said that sounded great! She smells great, she said, and then put my entire cock into her mouth and sucked all of Jamie's and mine juices from my cock, bringing it to full erection again. My eyes rolled back into my head as Jennifer began to suck on my cock with expertise I moaned softly.

Angie's Adventure

group mitchawa 2018-02-01

She groaned continuously when he probed her mouth with his cock until she accepted it while at the same time he moved to her body pushing his head between her legs and his tongue, like a snake, sought and found her clit. Looking in their direction, he saw Ned's mouth clamped on the end of her breast and his arm and hand between her legs. They sat in a booth, Ned and Angie played kneesie and Rick rubbed his arm along the side of her breasts as they ate. "Rick, you're really good at living on other guy's money," Ned said, picking up the check, patting Angie on the butt and punching Rick on the arm.


Meet Cute

group empty_coffee_cup 2018-02-01

Rachel tried not to get caught up in competitiveness at things like this, but she couldn't help that her confidence took a little knock when she saw the guy she wanted heading off with someone that cute. John's hand was on her head and Rachel knew she had no choice but to keep mouth-fucking his member, but her heart pounded to know that the two women, young and old, were kneeling behind her examining her cunt and her asshole. "Hey, I'll fuck you later," John grunted, making no move to stop Rachel even though she could feel him twitching, and knew he couldn't be far from loosing his thick load into her mouth.


Cousin Audrey

group BigKahunaCat21 2018-02-01

"Well, Linda began with a deep breath; she's coming to stay with us for 3-4 months." As she got the last words out, she recoiled, expecting a blast from me. Once we settled in and relaxed and got generalities done about home, Linda and I had decided that she should take the lead in stating the guidelines of Audrey stay. The older woman lit up and smiled and said, "Oh, Audrey, she's in the back trying some provocative under wear on." Christ I thought, she's been in here so long they already know her name. Sylvie wanted me to try on some of her new arrivals, aren't they cute?" Audrey turned her body and then bent at the waist and waved her ass at me.


Finding It with Tim: Second Helping

group alexcarr 2018-02-01

"The nearest Tim had experienced was with his nurse who was so nice to let him have just a bit of her, even if it was not the full thing, because she thought it not right and fair on her husband." In fact it was the first thing he wanted of me that day, that to slowly strip me, he loved that, give me a real rough rub up through my boxer shorts before taking them down and sniffing them. And later, when Mike wasn't spending the night with me, when he was away on business I enjoyed a nice slow and gentle wank with Tim in mind and all the wonderful things we did together, and fantasies of things we could do yet to come.


Returning Home is a Furry Experience Ch. 02

group FurLove 2018-02-01

They are discussing her future course work while sitting in the furs of the couch when Paul quite unexpectedly pulls up some of the Lynx throw and begins fondling Ashley's breasts with it looking like he has no idea what his hands are doing. fuck me like I know you want to." He looks up from her pussy with his wet smile and lunges up on her in a passionate wet kiss as he thrusts his substantial cock deep into her wet twat. Ashley and Paul have emerged from their energetic lovemaking followed closely by Bridgett and Reggie who has a very big smile. Neither Mary or Nina want Ashley or Bridgett to feel bad about it but they do go to their respective roommates and hug them.


Heaven on New Years

group Dkwild 2018-02-01

Once seated, the other man begins kissing the back of my neck, and sucking on my earlobes. I lean over and kiss you hard on the mouth, as you take one of my firm breasts in your hand and give my nipple a small tweak. The man slides up and starts to brush my lips with his cock. You feel the warm head of his cock and you start to pick up the pace. He is bouncing his cock off of my lips, when he is done he moves a little bit and you lick my lips and cheeks and then kiss me deep so that we can share his cum. Its warm, the man leans down and licks some of it up and kisses me.

Bourbon, Scotch & Beer

group Salvor-Hardon 2018-02-01

"Oh dear god, what are you planning Sheila?" David took another sip of his scotch as he looked at me. No other two men do I know that I trust enough to do this, so before you two go, I want the three of us to try it." I knew I was standing like a schoolgirl. Teddy took another long draw from his bottle, then looked over at David. As he proceeded, Teddy matched him, thrusting in, as David would come out. I bit my lip, clutching at the towel beneath Teddy, holding back my orgasm, not wanting to come, so that it would never end. David knelt over to kiss my cheek, and Teddy did the same on the other side.

What If? Ch. 11

group PaulStevens 2018-02-01

"Beautiful," Ella said, before smiling and then turning to her friend, "That's what I want right there Carly, that's the way I want my husband to love me someday, just like that, and see, it is possible." Carly got the shower first, but it seemed Katy wasn't ready to end the fun with Ella just yet and Ella gladly accepted one more fuck from Brandon while eating out the busty blonde once more. Jack found it the other day and he's been holding onto it and well, I think its about time I give it to you, on one condition that is," Brandon said with a smile as Katy emerged bewildered.

The Conference

group Celtic_Heart 2018-02-01

Dawn gave a soft sigh then began gently nibbling on my neck as my lips and tongue continued to explore her breasts. Occasionally my finger slid between her lips, lightly teasing her clit, feeling the wet warmth of Dawn's pussy. With Mike's cock inside her and my tongue working on her clit, it wasn't long before Dawn was cumming again. As she licked and sucked at my clit and cunt Mike withdrew his cock from Dawn's pussy. We leant against each other, kissing and caressing as Mike's tongue explored Dawn's pussy and his cock was buried to the hilt in mine. Dawn turned to kiss me, one hand playing with my tits as Mike fucked me with long, slow, powerful thrusts.


A Whole New Experience

group budsrus 2018-02-01

Let me fill you in on some of the plan devised by husband and Ami. He had openly admitted to Ami how much he wanted to watch me with another woman as she went down on me and vise versa, plus any other adventures we chose to take. The rest of the plan came from Ami. She had told him exactly what to do such as leave a note saying he went out and since golfing can be a long activity, it would sound as if he would be gone for quite some time. Ami got my hole good and wet then slowly started pushing one of her fingers in.

Nympho Wife Ch. 02

group Sam1888 2018-02-01

He explained that Jane would get on her knees and then starting from number 1 would suck each cock until it was erect. Elaine led Jane to the first guy in the line and kneeled her down in front of him while all the other guests looked on excitedly. "Well pledge Jane, which cock was Sam's?" Eric asked. Elaine explained that each guy would have 30 seconds to rub Jane's clit and pussy lips using only his cock, no penetration was allowed. Jane had to guess which cock was mine or we would face the forfeit, which Elaine called the "Wagon Wheel". As the last guy finished I looked down the line and could see every cock was hard and wet with my wife's juices.

Jenifer Comes of Age Ch. 03

group LustyWolf 2018-02-01

Ellen sensing the younger girl's trauma, touched her leg under the table and said, "It's all right Trish, you can be anything you want to be, let yourself go, you're safe here." Ellen loved being eaten and knew how to milk it before cumming, she just let her ecstasy slowly build as Jen's tongue worked her pussy from below. Jen let her go on lapping like a dog, knowing she needed a little instruction, but she could not do it right now, her face was buried by Ellen's snatch. John said to Steve, "Last week, when we both had sex with Jen, you touched my balls and put my cock in your mouth, are you gay?"


Lucy's Party Ch. 02

group mjar65 2018-01-31

So I went back to the lounge with Master with a woman's pussy juice all over my face while the guys took turns kneeling in front of Tash and shoving their cocks into her tight little hole. I know that Master took a turn fucking me for a while because I heard his voice and I could just feel it was his cock sliding into my abused pussy and that was better because I strongly felt my love for him. Tash must have had the same thought because I clearly heard her tell the men to 'fill the bitch with cock juice.' That made me feel dirty and low and really it made me excited enough that I wanted all the guys to blast their cum all over me.


Summer Ch. 06 Pt. 09

group TheTyke 2018-01-31

Roy reached over and taking hold of Sue's hands said to Jackie, "May I help?' and he pinned Sue's arms above her head. "I've never seen you like this before," she said to Sue who suddenly lay quiet, looking up at her "I've seen you naked of course, thousands of times," she continued to stroke her breast, "but not like this" she said "never like this." She looked down the length of her sisters near naked body and then at the eager faces of the boys who were holding her down. "Not like this," she said again and took one of Sue's already erect nipples in her fingers, "You look different today, sexy," Jackie shook her head, "not the same at all."


Making a Whore Pt. 04

group dna27fog 2018-01-31

Katie's house was only a couple of miles from my wife's, so I would sleep with Heather, and fuck Heather and then get up at 5 am and drive over to let my wife go to her job and get my kids up and ready for school. But, I knew what she looked like, long strawberry hair down in ringlets and pale skin with perfect tits kissing a very dark black man. Heather knew how much I loved to see her fucked and how much I wanted her to be a whore. I heard her moving on the bed and let out a loud moan as I knew Brian's large cock was entering her pussy.

An Unexpected Orgy

group CurlyWurly 2018-01-31

I pulled away from the rock hard cock in my mouth to stare upon the sight of this collection of fun. Sure enough, in addition to the rock hard saliva covered cock hovering inches from my face there was a mixture of sizes. For a brief moment I thought I might get a rest, looking around I saw mainly soft cocks, but they weren't going to stay like that long. I thought he was going to finger me, but a few moments later I felt a very thick head trying to push inside me. He was so big, he pushed some more and I finally felt my lips give and his cock roughly slid inside me.

Brit & Lori Go Clubbing Ch. 01

group EroticaSeanStyle 2018-01-31

Jim flipped on a light and saw the reason why the room was dark: Tony, the head bouncer, was leaning against the back wall of the room with his hand placed on the head of a girl who was on her knees, sucking his cock into her mouth. Show me how much you want into the club tonight," Tony said at the girl, who was driving her head back and forth on his cock in a sawing motion. Looking over at Lori sucking on Jim's cock and then to the young girl sucking Tony, Brittany became jealous: not jealous that she didn't have a cock to suck, but jealous because she was slow in sucking on Steve's!

My Birthday Bash Ch. 2

group rocketman96 2018-01-31

For the first scenario, Andrea was going to suck my cock while Di lay underneath her and eat Andrea's pussy. As I stood in front of her, she couldn't wait to start sucking the precum from the head of my cock. Your to fuck my mouth and fill me with your cum and I will be the obedient slave girl who drinks the nectar from your cock." As Diane and Tammi smiled that I had finished my first filling, they decided to do a little 69 as me and Andrea recovered from our orgasms. The ladies lasted about 5 more minutes before both of them came and as Tammi came, I had Andrea pull the anal beads out slowly. "Andrea, while I am gone, give Diane's and Tammi's pussy a good clean-up.

The Lake House Lessons 03

group JayDavid 2018-01-31

Ariel looked around to make sure that Sarah wasn't there and whispered, "Look, she is happy that this weekend she planned has been great for you—she really loves you and wants the best for you—but she is jealous. I came close to her and said quietly, "Sarah apparently is annoyed that all of us are having sex and she feels left out, so she went to her room. Ariel and Beth shrugged and went back to working over Sarah's breasts, and she started to writhe on the bed again. I dropped off Ariel, who gave me a peck on the cheek before she went to her house, then Cara, who shot me an incredibly sexy look before kissing me good bye on the lips, and finally Beth, who also kissed me on the lips.