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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Terri Lynn and the Train

group Marlene 2018-01-31

The guy I was blowing gave an 'oh shit' as he watched Terri Lynn suck the life out of Jeff and emptied his dick into my mouth for my first load of the night. Our bodies glistened in the dim light and the blonde moaned as I squeezed his cock while my hand slid up and down it, The dark haired one bent over and took my dick into his hot mouth and swirled his tongue all over the head. With his cock deep in her mouth and throat he'd look down at her and pull his big dick out just to slap her face with it.

The Girl Who Couldn't Say No Ch. 01

group Lionheart72 2018-01-31

"Anything," Ally sighed, eyes closed, luxuriating in the feeling of Dan's strong hands on her back, ignorant of the sudden, hungry look in the four other pairs of watching eyes. The guy grinned and dropped onto the couch next to Dan. With another deep breath, Ally crawled over to him and took his hard cock in her hand. The guy's hands held Ally's head close to his cock, but otherwise she found herself free to suck and lick it as she choose. The cock in her pussy still thrusting, Ally's head continued to bob up and down on the cock in her mouth, sparking louder groans until the cock, still oozing cum, was pulled from between her lips.

The Maze

group Girl Friend 2018-01-31

Yet other men preferred to orally service Meghan and they would just spread her legs as they started to lick and flick her very sensitive clitoris with the tips of their tongues. As Meghan made her way through the maze of men with the long and thick cocks, she thought that she should advance to another stage as she was quite the expert at sucking cock and swallowing cum and having her pussy eaten out too. "O.K." she replied as she got on her back, spread her legs, wide, as Mr. Hardgrove began to lick and flick her clit then delved his tongue into her pussy.

Reunion Ch. 05

group beltman70 2018-01-31

"Stop spitting in my face," Kyle said, but his voice cracked a little and I knew he wasn't as sure of himself as he was trying to sound. She knew what Kyle wanted and Alexis reached for Elsie's hair and pulled her face down to her tits. "Don't, please," Elsie said, but her lips were already sucking at one of Alexis's nipples. I thought it was the most erotic thing I'd ever seen as Alexis kept grinding her pussy onto Elsie's face and then took Spencer's cock into her mouth. I didn't know what else Alexis and Elsie had in mind for Spencer but I knew he was going to enjoy it.


Recollections Ch. 13

group Kaadorix 2018-01-31

Alexa wanted to spend all of our free time with Merissa, helping her and giving her whatever moral support we could as she went through the recovery process in the hospital. "You opted to stay in Kansas and build a life for yourself in 2012 when your mom was transferred in her job, and moved with your two brothers to Georgia," Alexa said to Merissa. "If you and Jeremy continue to make out like that at such random times and locations, you're eventually going to burn holes through each other." Merissa chuckled gently as she prepared her own breakfast plate and then walked over to the nearby table. I was probably overreacting like normal; Merissa was Alexa's best friend, and she simply did not want to be lonely today.


Come Together, Over Me

group Beaverhausen 2018-01-31

"Fine," Alex said stepping closer to me and taking my face in his hands he pressed his lips to mine. Just as I could feel myself tingle and my pussy lips start to swell Jack ran his hand up my thigh and trailed his fingertips on the outside of my lips teasing me open. As Alex's lips finally kissed my swollen pussy my eyes popped open with delight. "No. This is punishment for leaving without a good bye four years ago," Jack said pulling my pussy to his mouth. Tracing little circles around my hardened clit he moved slowly down and stuck his finger in my pussy once again rubbing the little spot inside me that made me want to take a huge cock thrusting in and out of me.

Slut born to Tease (Part Four)

group neilmc123 2018-01-31

“It looks fucking awesome!” said hubby as he flicked on the huge TV screen in our lounge, as my ass sliding back and forth on Steve’s lap came on the screen. A cock in each of my tight holes, whilst wearing sexy Shocking Pink PVC Waspie, quarter cup bra exposing my erect pierced nipples and my cum stained seamed black stockings with my husband’s cock deep in my ass and his friend Steve deliciously stretching my shaved pussy with his big veined cock. I fucked my husband like I’ve never fucked him before as Steve gently slid his cock inside my tight ring to double penetrate me for the second time tonight.

The Dinner Guest

group Kum_Kitten 2018-01-31

He spreads my legs wide and settles himself between my legs, you lean down and start licking my pussy, and Adam comes over and puts his cock in front of my face and tells me to suck it again. My boyfriend lies down and tells me to straddle him, as I am sliding down over his cock Adam comes up behind me and puts his cock in my ass. Right off Adam starts thrusting deep and hard, I try to hold myself up so that my boyfriend can play with my tits, but I'm soon overcome with such emotions that I can't even hold my head up.

Vacation to Mexico Ch. 04

group msm865 2018-01-31

We decide it must be time to roll over and my wife rubs the lotion on my back, neck and the back of my legs. We finish our drinks as the heat starts to overwhelm us and head back to our place. I start to think it is taking my wife a long time, but I realize how long the wait can be at the women's restroom. I hear the engines slow as my wife returns to the table and takes a large gulp of her drink. He gives her a quick kiss, thanks her with "I hope we can do this again", dresses, shakes my hand and heads out the door.


Cunt Eater

group rxstories 2018-01-31

"Ellie may cum in her panties before your tongue ever finds her clit when she sees that cock of yours, so luscious, snuggled safely in that harness where she cannot get to it." She attached it o the D-ring on my cock harness, and then led me to Ellie's end of the table where I helped her from her chair as well. "Ellie, I think it's time for you to have your cunt well eaten." Nikki handed the leash to her. I gave Ellie's cunt one last kiss, and then was led back to the foot of the bed by Nikki who once again tied me to the bedpost.



group DreamerKitty 2018-01-31

You reached off the edge of the bed, traced the inside of her leg and teased her lips. Suddenly, with a blast of energy you grabbed her around the waist pulling her so close to you that she could feel your cock press through her abdomen. While you were getting your tease up above, the other woman was sitting on the edge of the tub with a handful of fingers wrapped tenderly around your cock. Calie's toes were placed just right to feel the heated moisture of Kitty's pussy. Your cock was pressed into Kitty's breast for a most unique and unexpected feeling. One of your hands lowered to feel Kitty as Calie placed her foot down. When you reached down to massage Calie's clit, Kitty's hand was already there.

Meet an' Eat

group Timaaahhh 2018-01-31

Following her husbands cue, Brenda rested her hand on Ashley’s other thigh and proceeded to describe their last adventure involving meeting 2 other couples in which she was fucking another man who then came inside her, then a woman licked the cum from her pussy giving her the hardest orgasm ever. John and Steve stared as Brenda leaned Ashley back, deftly removing her cute soaked panties and driving her long tongue up inside Ashley’s tight pussy. “Kiss her” Brenda told Steve who broke his focus on Johns teasing cock to kiss his girl deeply and passionately… Ashley kissed him hard and deep, suddenly VERY hard as he felt her grab his head and moan through their locked lips.

Ebb Tide Ch. 02

group FinalStand 2018-01-31

My knife was half way across the room, still busy ending someone else's existence, all three of my guns were empty and I needed to kill the son anyway. I was 33 years old without any biological relations I cared about, without a regular job I could talk about with...well, anybody; and I realized that from that point forward, I'd be doing the same thing over and over again until my luck ran out, or my warranty expired at age 45. I had now found a regular job that I knew I would be good at and, after living half my life out of a suitcase, I had a physical location to call home once more.


Just Teasing

group Tommi 2018-01-31

"I..I..I’m sor..." I stammered and Cathy smiled at me in a wicked way and said "Kim you better take Brian in and get him a soda to cool off...and some ice to pack in his shorts." Kim giggled again and grabbed my arm and pulled me back through the doors and into the kitchen. "It looks like that," she pointed at his cock visible through his pants, "could grow into a man sized tool with careful feeding." Kim giggled, and then both women started to laugh. Kim will have a life of broken relationships and misery if we don’t get her away from her mothers influence." Bill looked into Julie’s eyes and felt the warmth and love she had for him, and even for his daughter, and thought for the thousandth time how lucky he was that he hadn’t given up on women after Cathy.


Our Neighbor My Thoughts

group WillyB30 2018-01-31

Knowing me and how easily I get turned on, I’m standing there and you see her looking at my cock trying to push its way out of my jeans. With all that’s going on she sure didn’t seem to hesitate to step right in and give me a little “You’re a bad boy” smack in the face with her new cock. So you place yourself over the kitchen counter legs wide open, “Come and show me what we need to do with our cocks.” Looking at the two of you I walk my way to you and push my rock hard, heart beat of a dick right inside of you.

Cabin #84

group tinybitotrouble 2018-01-31

With one hand he reaches around my waist, fingers moving toward my already wet pussy and spreads apart the smooth skin, working expertly on my clit which causes a gasp of pleasure, momentarily interrupting my concentration on Rob. Releasing Rob's wet cock from my mouth I throw my head back and beg for Noah to take me 'Please baby, I want you inside me now'. Looking up at Rob still on the bed in front of me, barely a breath away in distance his eyes meet mine and he says 'Let me watch you while you cum for Noah, let me see him fuck you' and moves in to kiss me hard, demanding my tongue in his mouth as he sucks on it.

Buns Ch. 02

group Monsoon2003 2018-01-31

She finally pulled back, nuzzling my cheeks and allowed Paul to place his cum covered tip on my lips. Keeping my eyes locked on Sandy’s, I parted my lips and allowed Paul to slide the cum covered head of his thick cock across my tongue. Only when I felt hands on my ass, opening my cheeks and warm breath on my hole did I consciously become aware of Paul’s efforts. “Lay back and spread your legs babe, I want to suck the cum from your pussy,” Paul instructed Sandy. Sandy was on her back, her eyes closed and her legs spread as Paul buried his head in her crotch.

A Job Well Done Ch. 04

group WhatIKnow 2018-01-31

"Oh shit, I love how that feels." I opened my eyes at that point and she was just looking down at me, her tits hanging down as she slowly rode me. "She's so wet it's just pouring out of her." Then her fingers moved away and Shelly let out another long moan. My thrusting must have been hitting the right spot because all of a sudden she got flush again and started moaning loudly. She must have been really enjoying my finger on her clit because she didn't even notice till I placed the head of my dick against her ass and pushed. JC was looking up at me during this whole thing and the sight of her licking Shelly's pussy while I fucked her ass put me over the edge.


Black Football Stud For Hire

group PredatorSmile 2018-01-31

A lot of middle-aged, married white women with busy husbands would love to get their hands on a handsome black athlete with a gorgeous body and a ten-inch long, uncircumcised black dick. Melinda lived in a house with her lover Samantha, a tall and somewhat chubby black woman. Samantha's asshole was a lot tighter than Melinda's butt hole but I worked my cock into it. I was fucking Samantha's asshole, plunging my stick deep inside of her while she fucked both Melinda's pussy and ass with her dildos. Now, Melinda wore a strap on dildo and shoved the greased sex toy into Samantha's ass while I drove my cock in and out of Samantha's hot pussy.


Sometimes It's Best To Just Watch

group ShiningAndShannon 2018-01-31

Rejoining you on the couch, Sophie turns it on and runs it over your tits causing your nipples to get hard all over again and then sucks one into her mouth. I don't know about Sophie, but I begin licking my lips, my hand still slowly stroking my silk shrouded cock. Sophie now kisses her way back up your thigh and finally gives a hint as to the pleasure to come by running her tongue slowly up your sweet shaved pussy lips. Sophie kisses the back of my neck, her hand running down to grab my cock, causing it to again rise to the occasion, "Not at all, my Shining Knight, I was just keeping her ready for you.

Nikki Ch. 2

group Patrick 2018-01-31

A feeling of elation swept through me, but quickly disappeared when I looked at the frowning expression on Patrick’s face, I knew I had to get in quick, “Oh Patrick, I’m sorry, I couldn’t keep it to myself entirely, it was too special for me I just had to share it with someone, and Heather’s my best friend and she wont tell anyone, honest, will you Heather?” I said, turning to her. Then Patrick was speaking, “Hello Nikki, it’s delightful to see you again, and to see your friend Heather too” he said, and I saw his eyes sweep over Heather’s naked body, stopping on her firm breasts and on her trimmed pussy, “Why don’t you both come in and I’ll get you a towel” and he turned and walked inside.


Melanie's Memoirs - A Married Slut 11

group NonStopFunGuy 2018-01-31

That kind of event doesn't happen out of nowhere, most women -- married, single, whatever -- probably don't let themselves get taken into the back storage room of the local gym club to get stripped and fucked by four buddies working out together. He didn't care, he hushed his voice and we practically had phone sex, talking about how horny I was to fuck Nick, and how badly I wanted Michael to stuff his tongue in my married twat and suck out my new boyfriend's sperm. Standing around the free-weights area with Hector, wearing my tight Lycra workout shorts and super-tight t-shirt, my stiff nipples making bumps on my tits, I was attracting the attention of other men.


First DP of my mature girl friend

group kukulkan66 2018-01-31

When she come back to pool her hard and dark nipples can be seen easly by her bikini top. Number 2 also come closer to her and he dancing just 10-20cm away from her bouncing boobs. Other guy already take her big boobs out of the bikini and start to suck them her nipples. Number 2 start to slide his cock on her ass when she make circle slowly. Then he push his cock inside her asshole she start to scream but he did not stop to pumping her ass. He start to get hard again and take off his cock out then fuck her pussy again. She come and unzip my pant and take my cock out and start to suck and I fucked her again.

Aunt Celia's Birthday: Kim's Story

group Friskee_cpl 2018-01-31

"And if we look over towards the pool we will see Celia enjoying the company of three men." He looked me in the eyes "Everyone has different desires Kim and we can either deny them and let them eat away at us, which could result in either the person cheating on their partner or going a bit mental, or coming to an understanding where both parties can enjoy what life has to offer." They were smiling and pointing up and when I looked over to the pool I could see that Celia was now standing naked in the shallow end of the pool and was certainly pulling on the cocks of two of the men as the third fingered her pussy.