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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

wife's night out

group pussyhealer 2018-01-31

I said that I'll compensate that guy by letting him put a condom on and stick his cock in my pussy. -The guy in the shower came out, and I asked him to put a condom too. than one of those 2 came and started to fuck me too bare, while the other took my mouth. He took it out and I told him to put lube on his cock and get my ass ready for the other 2 guys. -After we took a break, I told the guys that I'll be going. -We started by them sticking a cock up my ass, one up my pussy and one in my mouth. both my pussy and my ass got dried, lubed, and I still got sore as fuck.


Poker Game

group Kros0 2018-01-31

Sara interrupted and introduced Brad to Amy, allowing them to shake hands, and then offered to get everyone drinks. Brad was the DD for the evening, so Amy, Luke, and Sara sat down on the couch with drinks in their hands. "Uggh," Amy tossed her shoulder length black hair out of her face as she lost another hand, "so we were making out." She stopped when she saw the boys attention perk up and pass each other glances. Another round of drinks were refilled by Luke and Sara as Amy got up and sat next to Brad. Amy wasn't lying Brad guessed, as she won the next hand and Sara lost. Amy went over, pulled out an opened box of condoms, threw one to Luke and told Brad to stop.


Gail, Tail, and Another Male

group Marvin La Master 2018-01-31

Her legs were opened and Jessie got a view of her panties each time her crotch came around. Jessie's hand went to his face and a sheepish grin let her know that she was now truly exposed! I reached into the water and bubbles and exposed her breast to the eyes of the young man in the window. I moved the bubbles so that Jessie could see that I was slowly slipping the open end into her pussy. I stepped to the end of the bed and took hold of her ankles and gently pulled her legs apart exposing her genitals. I took his right hand and placed it on her left breast and motioned for him to finger the nipple.

Imagine This For Me

group agent5150 2018-01-31

You fill both of your hands with large, hard, throbbing cocks, slowly stroking us both as we continue to take turns sucking your nipples and kissing you. Our hands explore every inch of your body, from running fingers through your hair to stroking the underside of your chin, caressing your breasts, your hips, your thighs. You feel simultaneously the sensations of a tongue flicking across your nipple and another flicking the hard, sensitive bud of your clitoris, while fingers press deep into your clenching cunt and a hand slips underneath you to squeeze your ass. You sit up for a minute, gently rocking on top of me, turning your head to kiss him, reaching out and taking his still hard cock in your hand and stroking it.

Sorority Party 1955 Ch. 02

group highclassic 2018-01-31

Eddie took Betty by the hand and led her to the water and waded in, followed by Frank and Barbara. When he freed himself he dashed down to the water as Doris said "Looks like Joel is the rotten egg!" The six dove, dunked each other and began a chicken fight with Betty on Eddies muscular shoulders, Barbara on Joel, and Doris perched on Frank. Eddie had one arm around Betty and unconsciously caressed one of her breasts while Barbara held Joel's penis while staring at Doris and Frank. Joel and Barbara had been playing around in the water, splashing and diving under the water - she trying to grab his penis and he trying to grab a breast or stick a finger inside her.


How I Met The Guy I Wanted To Marry Ch. 04

group skyeslut 2018-01-31

I sat in the passenger seat, leaned over, exhausted from cumming so hard, messy tits still on display, my skirt shoved so high it was useless for purpose, my shaved gaping slit dripping fluid as I unzipped Dan and began sucking his fat cock. Dan and Nate helpfully filled my ass up with a DP to get the my back door gaping first, plus the loads of spunk to help grease his way in, then he stuck his cock in and really fucked my asshole, putting his whole body into each thrust, one of his big hands slapping my rump as he got into it, his balls slapping up against my oozing cunt as he banged away at my welcoming back door.


group Rassclaut 2018-01-31

Five years after I married Nirmala, we were watching a video of a husband wanking as his wife was being fucked by a stranger. I love to fuck her especially from the back, watching my brown cock sliding into her cunt and her big buttocks wobbling. They hugged and kissed each other Nirmala told Muni she loved him and had always wanted him to fuck her. In the afternoon Muni picked me up and held me upside down, his cock against my face I gobbled his prick while holding his arse, as he sucked me. I kissed my wife as he rammed his cock up her cunt, as he slapped my arse and fingered my bum.

Hot Night at the Club

group nakedskin2000 2018-01-31

She runs her hand around my belly ring and grabs the back of my neck....she pulls me close and kisses me softly on the mouth....she tastes like strawberries and I gasp as she plunges her tongue deep into my mouth. Tracing my pussy with her fingers, she kisses it gently and I can feel her hot breath inside. Mmmmm.....your dick feels SOOOOOOOOO good inside of me, and I hear her gasping and spreading her legs as wide as she can, she cums and her body relaxes...then she looks at us. I'm still grinding you, and you are running your hands up and down my back....ooooh baby, I'm so hot for you, and my pussy is so fucking wet I feel like I'm drowning in you.

The Challenge Ch. 01

group newbiemikey 2018-01-31

Mikey watched as his wife closed her eyes and her mouth formed a small "o" as Suzie's fingers stroked and caressed her breasts. Missy pushed Mikey's pants down and took the tip of his cock in her mouth. As Missy's mouth closed over Mikey's cock and sucked him, getting him nice and wet, Suzie was covering Ken's cock with her lips, pulling him into her mouth. As the men collapsed on the lounge chairs, Suzie crawled over to Missy and gently licked Mikey's cum from her nipples. Mikey can't wait to get his cock between Suzie's tits and Ken has promised to give Missy the pussy licking of her life.

All in the Fucked-Up Family

group MisterReason 2018-01-31

"She's got to be a lesbian," Eileen always insisted, and Ken could see why she might think that, but if it was a choice between some horny guy spending all that time up in Candy's room, or this very butch looking young woman - well, that was a no brain-er. "Like what you see, Mr. Whitten?" Fran asked, breathing heavier as she slipped one hand down between her legs, raking her fingers through the lush forest, which had been fluffed dry since she had emerged from the pool and now looked even hairier than before. "You look plenty hot yourself," Ken said, coming up behind Eileen and sliding his hands around her and cupping her breasts, squeezing the pendulous globes that were, in his mind at least, too well hidden by the modest bathing suit she wore.


Joe in Oak Valley Ch. 1

group JackFlash1959 2018-01-31

The look of surprise showed on Joe's face and Cynthia smiled a quick smile at her effect on men. Joe didn't know what happened but in a moment, this petite woman had his face on the oriental runner with his hand behind his back and his fingers in serious pain. The next morning, Cynthia found herself working closely with Joe at the Oak Valley Meeting House. Cynthia ripped Joe's shirt and pressed it against the gash in his leg. In the center … he felt his mind fade a bit … in the center were thick, long brown nipples … and then his eyes closed as he thought how nice it would be to suck those nipples … and he faded away and passed out.


Purple Drank 2

group 2018-01-31

We need to stop being silly and get him on the couch!" My left eye creeped up slightly as Nancy stood up and I could then see my Mother on her knees bent over by Tye, and his hard cock in her hand!! And dont act all modest, you just told me over wine about walking in on Tye masturbating!" My mother quickly got off the rant as Nancy put her head in her hand. I then hear my mother say, "ohhh I think he is close!" As I creep an eye open and see her lift her head slightly off of Tye as his cock gets tight and shoots a large load onto his stomach, and on my Mother's face, lips and mouth!

Sharon's Surprise Ch. 06

group SharonMWF 2018-01-31

Tom and my husband finally looked back to see me with my hand inside Bob's shorts and my top laying on the bottom of the boat. "Here is what you have to do," Bob said with a determined look o his face, "I want you to fuck Tom." "Slow down Tom, she'll suck your balls dry if you get too excited," Bob said, "save some for that nice tight, smooth pussy." I slowed my pace on sucking Tom's dick, knowing full well that Bob didn't want him coming in my mouth. I played along with Bob's lead and said, "Oh yes Tom, I am so ready." "Bring your dick over here and fuck my cunt.


High School: Zero to Hero Ch. 05

group yoursilentknight 2018-01-31

The story so far: Shortly after his eighteenth birthday, Ben heads off to spend the summer before his senior year in high school lifeguarding at a rustic yet upscale country club in the mountains. "I ran into Summer, and she doesn't have any plans tonight," I said not sure if Jenn was in any condition to answer. "I don't really have a type," I said as I mentally compared Sarah, Jenn, Ashley, and Heather. "Have an four way orgy and experience two girls at the same time," he said while he gave Ben another fist-bump. The Myers twins helped Ben and Doug up, and Alex and Heather made sure to drag me into the house.


The Black Room

group oiyabugger 2018-01-31

As I work his shaft with my lips, I wonder if I'm going to make him cum, I feel a cock push my labia apart and enter me deeply in one long thrust. I feel pressure to my tight bum hole as I feel the large cock in my pussy start to push up hard to fuck me. I'm just about to say no to the man who's trying to enter my ass to stop when my hair is pulled from behind forcing my head back and another cock is slid into my mouth. the cock in my mouth pulsates with every stroke as I feel my tight ass being forced open.

An Alabama Experience

group hednacloud 2018-01-31

"Now tell me, Calista, how do you like living in that big house all alone?" His left hand, under the table, had found its way to my knee, and I moved my hand to his to remove it. "Gray," London called from across the table, and Gray's hand immediately left my thigh and his body turned toward his brother, who began talking about some vacation the two of them had taken the year before. "Come, Calista, I want to introduce you to my partner before you leave." I followed him out the door, glancing back at London, who grinned and waved as I left. "Oh, yeah," he said, his hands moving to take the clip out of my hair, then cradling the back of my head as I sucked him deep into my mouth.


An Old Head Ch. 34

group Colintall 2018-01-31

Whilst Nina had been fucking Pete, Suzie had been chatting to his friends and they had told her all about Molly and her friends on the hen do in Benidorm. "That looks like them," said Nina pointing to four young women sat at a table by the wall. "You sit here with Nina," Suzie said to Molly and Josie, "Ashley, Pats and me will get the drinks." Josie sat on Si's lap, her arm around his neck, Molly sat beside Billy and let him put his hand on her thigh, just below where her very short dress ended and her bare flesh began. "I think you should all lose your virginity," said Suzie, "get on your knees in a line and let's get a cock in each of those tight little ass holes."


Great Neighbors Ch. 02

group vrt123 2018-01-31

"How did it feel when she pushed you onto the coach and pulled your panties down and started fingering you?" asked John. I could feel that she was doing it for you, to turn you on and make you want her, and when she said 'let's suck your husband's cock' I knew we were going where she wanted to go and where I wanted her to take me. "Oh God, Linda, no need to be sorry about anything, it was something I never imagined even happening, it was the most incredible experience of my life!" exclaimed Jon. The hot talk had Jon ready to blow within seconds but Linda slowed the pace a bit and started licking the base of his cock.

The Birthday Wish

group wet_princess69 2018-01-31

He wondered who the stranger was making noise in his kitchen, and quickly got up and hurried down the stairs in the tacky "Happy Birthday!" boxers which his aunt had given him the previous afternoon. Still hard, Shawn watched his girlfriend walk down the stairs and heard the front door close. Pumping his cock until cum shot between his fingers, Shawn wondered what Jenna had planned for him. He turned quickly to see Katie standing at the door, wearing a white miniskirt and a black bra. Feeling close to an orgasm, she quickly stood up and unzipped Shawn's jeans and pulled down his boxers, revealing his unbelievably hard cock. Katie continued rocking Shawn's cock as Jenna licked his chest and balls.

She Was Addicted

group explore69plus1 2018-01-31

After a second she gave Ted's' cock a few quick sucks as it was starting to rebound and turned around and slowly sat her tight little ass hole on my cock. Jane started to cum again and let my cock slip from her ass hole. Jane was looking between her still raised legs saying how hot this was to see Ted with my cock in his mouth and had another orgasm without any contact from any of us. After a while of this Jane said "Hey Mark I think it only fair since Ted sucked you off that you return the favor, plus I really want to see you with your first cock in your beautiful mouth, so how about it?"

Bathhouse snapshots

group mugrunch 2018-01-31

Laying on the lower bench, I reach out under towels and touch cocks, pull them in, suck them while they stand in the heat. Laying on the lower bench, he climbs down and we wrap into a steamy sidewise 69, my cock long and hard in his mouth and hands, his thick slick dick fucking in and out of my mouth and hands so you can't tell the difference. In the dark of the maze, mouth on my cock, I'm hard, slip on a condom, he turns around to face the wall away from me. I slide onto his ass fucking for a long time, flesh slapping, other shapes in the dark. It's a long lazy fuck moving faster with flesh slapping and me moaning when I cum.

My Lost Shaker of Salt

group oldhippie1949 2018-01-31

I had a cooler with me, snacks, beach gear, some weed and everything I would need for a few days in case a search party came looking. I wended my way south taking all the roads closest to the water and the barrier islands, occasionally driving parallel. Melissa was talking, "One bedroom, King-size bed, lots of pillows, cable and wi-fi, kitchen (there are coffee set-ups there), bathroom suite, screened in porch...", but I noticed something on the kitchen table. Good morning." Melissa sat in the electric cart not twenty feet away and staring at my soft cock hanging down between my legs. I looked at Melissa and said, "We've been here before." I raced away.


Neighbor Ann's Graduation Party

group uncledickme 2018-01-31

Roni, is dark skinned maybe Indian, dark straight waist length hair, about 5'5" tall well built like Amie at least a C cup, a little heavy I'd say 150# but looks very good on her. "Fat chance of that." Amie says going under and pulls my swim trunks almost off. Ann surfaces and says "Fuck that's the biggest cock I've ever sucked. Amie says, pulling down her top revealing her huge tits The rest of the girls remove their's also. "I want my pussy sucked." Ann says and sits on my face. Amie and Ann like kissing each other around my cock head. "Now go for it" she says Amie repositions her self and pushed hard onto my cock.


Slutty Wife 83 - Vacation Day 2

group 2018-01-31

Sarah probably didn't know how much of a slut my wife could be when she got going, and she cleaned my dick off everytime we were done having sex. By this time, Sarah had crawled along side me on the couch and took over my balls into her mouth like earlier as my wife started sucking on the head of my cock. Sarah spread her doggystyle body and arched her back instinctively as my wife started slowly licking from the top of her asscrack, straight down across her hole and down to her dripping pussy and back up. Because you said you want it, I'm going to make Eric feel so good." I was rapidly approaching a monster climax, and Sarah knew it.