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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Pumping Ass

group adultflame 2018-01-31

I told him that he couldn’t just show up and fuck me any time he wanted but he said that he heard about my cum orgy and saw my new website and said that I was a slut and was going to be treated like one and told me to shut the fuck up.He rammed me so hard against the wall that my body lifted of the ground with every thrust. Our bodies were drenched with sweat and I was so fucking dizzy I felt like passing out. I must have blacked out because when I woke up lying there drenched in sweat and cum and a group of guys undressing getting ready for they fuck session.

Gulf Coast Welcome Ch. 03

group oldhippie1949 2018-01-31

As they got up and came over, Candace said, "Ray, I heard that you brought Caren flowers yesterday and that you came over to her house and gave her a massage and a good-night orgasm. "I think it needs a star right on the tippy-tip." Candace began to hum and Caren quickly joined her as the two stoned women happily painted my now hardening and creaseless shank. "Those need eyes," said Candace, " Liz Taylor's..." as she began to paint little eyes on Caren's breasts. "Let's do this," offered Candace, "I really want to eat Caren, I haven't tasted pussy since college. Caren turned to Candace, licked the cum from her cheek and then kissed her friend, sharing the treat.


My Lucky Night

group luckycollegeguy 2018-01-31

oh shit, I think there's two people in this shower, maybe they realized the bathroom was the only place they could get some privacy? "well, now that you've seen what we've been doing, we cant let you leave here and tell the whole party.." Ashley pulled Monica's hand out of her cunt, and bent over to lick each finger. "Mon, mind continuing where you left off?" Ashely lifted her long legs leaving her as in the air, and Monica walked up behind her, kneeling down, and began licking Ashley's cunt from bottom to top. Ashley locked her thighs around Monica's head, lifted her mouth from my cock and let out a moan

Last Woman at the Party

group SecretHowl 2018-01-31

The guys from the kitchen must have suspected that something was going on, because when I looked up, Danny, John, Grayson were standing in front of us staring with their mouths hanging open. I felt a cock pressing at the opening of my pussy, and I groaned around the cock in my mouth as the guy behind me slammed all the way into my dripping pussy in one violent stroke. My head was held tightly in place as the guy fucking my mouth shuddered, his cock spasming as he started to cum along with me. He pulled out with a loud pop, but I didn't a chance to catch my breath as Grayson shoved his own thick cock up my ass as soon as Danny moved out of the way.

The Chair Ch. 34

group Rickd_1960 2018-01-31

Her guy looked on as another man held his naked redhead tightly against him as they danced. As they danced, he saw the man's hands slowly make their way down her back until they came to rest on her naked ass. The man behind her was clearly rubbing his erection against her ass while the woman, presumably his date, was pressing her breasts tightly against those of the painted redhead. It was only 30 seconds before he saw his redhead climax on the dance floor below with a stranger's cock inside her. Quickly the man returned his softening dick to the confines of his pants while the brunette kissed the redhead goodbye.


Life After Love Ch. 01

group bluedragonauthor 2018-01-31

The news had spread throughout the office (only hours after I told the first "trusted friend") that I was getting divorced. The car had just gotten underway when I felt a cool hand touch my cheek and turn my head. When the driver opened the door, I followed Lauren into the house like a lost puppy. I felt a tugging against my hair, so I pulled myself up to stretch my body over hers, my hips naturally nestling between Lauren's legs as she reached out to taste herself on my lips. Lauren said nothing, but closed her eyes and planted a fresh, passionate kiss on me that went a long way to stoking the fire in my loins and washing away my fear.


The First Time

group vickiandnorm 2018-01-31

Vicki went upstairs and Dave and I shot some pool while she was getting beers. I followed suit, Vicki was in heaven, I could see it in her face, she had four hands all over her, one of which was now inserting a middle finger into her soaking wet pussy as far as it could in this position, while I kissed her deeply between gasps and moans. I watched Vicki sucking my cock as Dave lapped at her cum filled pussy. It doesn't take long for me to cum in a morning sex session so in no time at all I was having an orgasm while watching Vicki give Dave another blowjob.

Joshua and Us

group nkdoldman 2018-01-31

I watched as they accomplished a‭ '‬repeat performance‭' ‬of what Stacy and I had done.‭ ‬As soon as they calmed down,‭ ‬Joshua pulled out and flopped onto his back just past Stacy's feet.‭ ‬I moved over,‭ ‬kneeled between his spread knees,‭ ‬and gobbled his cock into my mouth so I could suck all of the‭ '‬pudding‭' ‬off of it.‭ ‬Just as I let his cock flop onto his balls,‭ ‬I saw a bubble of cum ooze out of the top.‭ ‬I immediately leaned over and sucked it off,‭ ‬flicking my tongue around his head,‭ ‬making him gasp,‭ ‬then moan with pleasure.

One Little Fantasy

group lonelyforyou 2018-01-31

He held me down and bit gently at my lower lip, then took my nipple into his mouth and sucked it until I moaned and started to feel those liquid pulls between my legs. I weakly tried to push away, but he grabbed both of my wrists in one of his hands and pulled me closer, kissing me deep and hard, searching my mouth with his tongue. It's exciting to talk about, but I wouldn't ever really want to do it," I said quietly, but I could feel myself getting a little hot again already just thinking about it. "Do you guys want anything?" "Bring us a couple of beers," Randy said, and Bob nodded his agreement.


Big Easy Romp Ch. 01

group screwpunch 2018-01-31

After you both watch Julie's first orgasm, Carl pushes you back on the bed, sliding off your soaked panties. You watch Julie and I rocking the bed violently with an enormous mutual orgasm, and begin your ascent to climax. I tell you how much I loved fucking you and what it feels like to have your tight ass gripping my cock, the way his prick feels sliding along the underside of mine as he pulls you close. You are enjoying an incredible view of this woman sucking your husband's cock as I'm pulling your pussy into my mouth and sliding my tongue through its folds to find your swollen clit.

Walking Dead Carl fucks maggie and beth

group XXXNoBounds 2018-01-31

Carl groans in protest as Beth pulls away from his mouth but then sighs in pleasure as she kisses and tongues her way down his neck before stopping to suck lightly on his pulse point. Beth grins breathlessly at him as Maggie tweaks her nipples with one hand and cruises the other down to her groin, flicking and fluttering over her clit causing her to clench on Carl again. Beth sits up and Carl looks at her, "Sit on me like Maggie did, I want to taste you too." Beth smiles sweetly at him as she moves to do so. Maggie leaned down as she moved on Carl taking Beth's head in her hands.

Wet Wednesday

group bookers 2018-01-31

The third guy knelt above my head and pushed his cock in and out deep throat, I was having screaming orgasms when my work colleague turned up and she was so turned on by what was happening she joined them licking my nipples and squeezing them, she then lifted her skirt and bent over the table , the guys asked me to get her wet for them so I knelt down and gently stimulated her clit with my tongue she tasted so sweet and screamed out to be fucked , I got a wine bottle from the bar and started to insert it in her now wet pussy, I pulled it out quick and she squirted on the floor , one of the guys bent her over and fucked her from behind , i sat on the table so she could lick me as she got fucked and I held the other two's cocks in my hands and wanked them hard towards her face, she took in turns giving them a quick suck and me a lick , then the guys came all over her face and I came in her mouth, then she let out a cry and orgasmed, at the same time the guy fucking her pulled out and came all over her little tight arse.

The Substitute

group blondehoney5670 2018-01-30

The woman I followed in turned to me and said "you must be new here." I told her " this is my first day here." She asked me if I would like a personal tour and I nodded yes. I grabbed Laura's head again forcing her face harder onto my pussy as I came and squirted my juices into her waiting mouth. Tina began to grind her muff faster and harder onto my waiting mouth as she groaned loudly and I felt my mouth fill with her sweet cum as I sucked harder and swallowed every drop. He felt my pussy cumming all over him and this sent him to his own climax but he pulled his cock out of my pussy and shoved it in my mouth and told me to suck every last drop.


Poker and My Girl

group erotic_star 2018-01-30

I make my way over to her breast and she says in a devilish voice, "Don't start something you can't finish." Of course, me being a guy, that goes in one ear and out the other. I'm sucking her nipples when I hear a knock at my door and the guys yelling to come finish our game. I bet you'd give Derrick a blow job." Punkin sharply sits up, slaps the hell out of me, and then tells me to get the hell out of the room! This goes on for a while when Punkin stands up, takes my hand to sit me on the couch. While sitting at the table, Eric walks in and says, "Good Morning how was your poker game?"

Learning to Swap Ch. 05

group Heironymous 2018-01-30

The other two men took off their pants and started rubbing their cocks as they watched the brunette suck off their friend and the blonde standing in front of the bed fucking the redhead's face as she kneeled in front of her. I looked over with a touch of embarrassment, but I saw David stroking Brooke's breasts through her blouse while she lightly rubbed his cock through his pants and watched the screen with rapt attention. As Susan took my cock in her mouth and started licking and sucking me with loud slurps, I watched as the two black guys got the girl on the couch, one behind her running his long dick in and out of her cunt doggie-style as she sucked hungrily on the other man's cock.


Billionaire and the Sisters Ch. 44

group SteveWallace 2018-01-30

She said, "To do me, you take this yummy shaft that I'm going to suck on until it's rock hard, and then you put it in the pleasure opening between my legs, and then we move around a lot – especially back and forth so we generate a lot of friction and heat, and then you inject me with some of your white glossy man fluid until I say thank you, and then Elsa or someone comes, sucks you clean, and then cleans me up so I'm ready to fuck someone else. I think Sean and Pam got a huge charge out of making love with new people right next to each other on the same sofa.


Kisses in the Pool

group Scott_M 2018-01-30

Many hands make light work." It was Jen. She grabbed the waist band and pulled it toward the front where Brenda was working. "Bren is also a virgin...She's never had a real man inside her either." Then Jen kissed me gently and gave me a slightly anxious look. Brenda kissed her cheek and Jen turned to her, grabbed her hair, and kissed her deeply. I was looking into Jen's eyes and was surprised again when Brenda moved her kisses to me. Jen's hands went to my cheeks and she pulled me into a deep kiss, her tongue probing me. Jen took my hand and placed it on one of the side knots on Brenda's bikini bottom. "Open it Jen. Let's see what's inside." Brenda said.

Cookies and Cream

group 2018-01-30

His roommate looks at us and he grabs my other hand placing it on his hard cock. I hear his roommate spit and feel a warm fluid sliding between my ass cheeks down to my all ready moist cunt, he spits on my backside again taking his fingers and rubbing it around my asshole and inside my pussy. I let myself relax and give in to the pain as I squirt again, my juices dripping around the cock inside of me and onto the floor. The dick inside of me pulls out and I watch him as he grabs his clothes and leaves the room. My ex lets go of my head and I take his cock out of my mouth, which I then realize is covered with his cum.

Weekend with Connie and Dave Ch. 05

group Ebolaone 2018-01-30

"Do you feel his finger fucking me in my ass?" she asked me as she pressed her big boobs into my face. When I turned to wash the soap off, Dave stepped behind me, reached around my stomach and stroked my hard soapy cock. He would pause on the head, just like Connie, do a small twist then plunge my cock back deep in his mouth. I knelt in front of him, reached out and slowly stroked his rock hard cock, finally taking some time to really look at it. From the way his breathing quickened and his cock throbbed in my mouth, I had to guess he liked that little trick as much as I did when it was done to me.

All Day Long Ch. 02

group tall_texan54 2018-01-30

Her body began to buck as she pushed Melissa's head into her pussy flooding her mouth with more sweet juices. Since I had been with Krista twice that morning I wanted to feel the warmth of Melissa's tight pussy. Krista wanted to be able to lick my tight ball sack as I fucked Melissa. Melissa stopped licking Krista as her moans got louder and louder. Krista moved her head down to Melissa's tits and began sucking on them as the vibrator moved in and out. Melissa's hands ran through Krista's long blonde hair as she felt the slow vibrations move through her body. Krista slowly slid it in and out as it stretched Melissa's freshly fucked pussy even more.

Suzette’s Pizza Dare

group 2018-01-30

Nick took off to find a liquor store near the hotel and Suzette ordered the pizza. Nick said it was up to her but liked the idea of her just opening the door naked without a towel. The delivery guy almost tripped over a chair as he came into the room, never taking his eyes off the Suzette riding Nick’s huge cock. Suzette then asked him if he would like to feel her tits and the poor guy almost swallowed his tongue and started choking. When she wrapped her tiny hand around his shaft, he looked down in surprise and whispered ‘oh wow.’ Suzette pulled him closer and began sucking his cock while he fingered her clit as she rode Nick.

Last Orders

group tamol 2018-01-30

As I turned the first corner with the hill laid out before me I could see two guys up ahead standing on the doorstep to John's flat. Then the thought of what had crossed my mind brought a frown to my face, I didn't mean it that way, well I don't think so, no definitely no. "Would you like a game of something?" said John ,as a short length of silence filled the room. The cards were dealt into three packs and as if to assure me that no skullduggery was going on John let me select the pack I wanted. Finally Jon turned his card over, relief crossed my face it was a two.

Irkutsk Ch. 16

group Wanda_5 2018-01-30

Romanova told me that she wanted to make arrangements for her ladies to spend time with me. I told them this idea was cheating, that they seemed to want to fulfil my fantasies, not theirs, but Three pointed out that last time a lady had been forceful about exactly what she had wanted I had ended up with a broken arm. I thought perhaps a little nasty talk might fit the image, so I told them, or rather it, that these were just some left over orifices that I was going to have to use because there were no ladies around and because I hadn't had a woman for far too long.


The Poker Game

group MightyWurm 2018-01-30

It all started with a game of poker; two girls and a guy sitting around a small table. I gulped, and then the shorter girl put down her cards, four of a kind (aces), queen high. Then the tall girl took of her bottoms, he blushed, and looked down at his pants. Fully naked and smug as can be, she walked back and started shuffling the cards for the next hand. She let out a gasp of surprise as the tall girl came over and started unzipping his pants. The tall girl began sucking his cock like some kind of drug. He started to groan as he moved on to the thighs of the shorter girl.