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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Good Morning, A really Good Morning

group Yarhooo 2018-01-30

She drifted off to those times and soon she had one hand down the front of her pants slowly stroking her pussy lips. Hayley works magic and soon you are close to coming without her even touching your pussy. With all of this going on you climb up to your peak and scream out as you squirt a load of pussy juice directly into Hayley's open mouth. You then embrace Hayley while she comes down and then reach over to me and say now it's your turn. Hayley lowers herself over my face and starts to grind her pussy hard into my face. Your final thoughts before going back to sleep are about having Hayley tied and bound as you apply some pleasure/pain to her body as I applied to your body the night before.

Transcontinental Swap Ch. 02

group Romantic1 2018-01-30

We agreed it might be too early to call it 'true love,' but the ingredients and chemistry were there for some kind of lasting relationship with Dirk and Jo. Russ told me he'd had this discussion with Jo, and she felt the same way; I assured him that Dirk did too. We discussed how we'd promised not to have intercourse until everyone agreed, but Jo explained that Dirk was the horniest guy on the planet, besides also being very loving and caring, and she couldn't imagine him wanting to stop at just kissing or petting a little." Jo wants me to talk to Dirk about it because it involves the man doing things in his head and using his body in novel ways; guy stuff she called it.


Pack Ten Club

group lowphat 2018-01-30

Tia reached around Ronnie's thigh with her hand and shoved a finger in her ass and one in her pussy and latched onto her clit with her mouth. She started pulling and thrusting sending Ronnie into a fit of ecstasy, causing her to start fucking Tia hard with the dildo and when Ronnie's mouth covered her clit she exploded. Ronnie started losing control as well and when Tia started sucking hard on her clit and rubbing her tongue on the hard little nub she exploded. She started cumming and Joe started fucking her as fast as he could until he pushed deep and pulled hard on her hips getting every last centimeter of cock up her ass.


He Wants Both Girls

group NoPantiesNoBra 2018-01-30

"Leslie, I'm about to go to the office to pick some papers up so I trust you guys to keep the house from burning down while I'm gone." Caine saw his eyes do a double take as he looked down at Michelle's body. She was shocked to find that she was getting wet watching Caine squeezing Leslie's naked tits while her bikini top was crumpled beneath her body leaving her breast completely bare for the world to see. It turned Caine on even more knowing that Michelle was watching him touching and sucking Leslie's body. Michelle couldn't help but begin to rub her own nipples frantically as she watched as Caine added a third finger in to Leslie's dripping pussy.

Thong Fantasies Ch. 05

group Smooth_Bi_Guy 2018-01-30

The slickness of the menthol gel, the probing of my gentle fingers, the swish of the razor and the coolness of her newly bare skin all succeeded in heightening Gloria's arousal and her exposed pussy started to glisten with her own juices. She wanted to writhe and grind on the dance floor, enjoying the sensation of her panties rubbing against the silky-smooth flesh. Gloria put her silk thong back on and cooed at the sensation of the smooth material against her sleek, freshly shaved pussy. Maria said she wanted to dance, so the two girls went off and left David and I to nurse our drinks at the bar. I looked at Gloria questioningly and she quietly explained that she had just told Maria about her newly shaved pussy.


Sex On The Beach

group sally69er 2018-01-30

He slowly moved his hands up my thighs as I parted my legs even wider letting him see the outline of my pussy against my bikini bottoms, I closed my eyes as I felt his fingers slip inside my bikini bottom running a finger gently against my clit. The white guy licked my nipples as I reached out slipping my hand inside his shorts, feeling his cock I started stroking it feeling little drops of pre-cum leaking from his very hard erect cock. The black guy parted the lips to my pussy with his fingers I held my breath knowing at any moment I would feel his cock inside my pussy, he gently moved his cock forward as I lifted my ass slightly giving him better access to my waiting pussy.

The Gift Ch. 02

group SLCLover 2018-01-30

Her hole had been loosened just the slightest bit by my finger with her pulling her cheeks apart her asshole had the slightest bit of gape to it, just enough that the pulsating jets penetrated deep into it, making her deliciously clean and causing her to moan at the same time. I couldn't believe how good it felt as she slowly worked the shaving cream onto my skin, rubbing her fingers all around inside my crack, teasing me by getting right next to my hole but never actually touching it. Sloppy was the perfect word to describe it, much to my delight, and by the time she started applying a little pressure to my hole with her tongue and darting it inside, the entire area surrounding my asshole was soaking wet with her saliva.


Grand Opening

group greatcameo 2018-01-30

I felt long soft hair brush over my arm and heard Sam gasp. Before the thought had left my mind I felt my pussy fill up with a hot dick. As soon as I was comfortable on him, I gently began riding and went back to work on the tight little ass still in my face. As I came again from the steady fucking in my pussy and ass he kissed me long and hard. I felt her roll away and bent down to lick off the sticky sweet juices she had left on my lover's face. As I raised back up preparing to do my best to fuck them both to a simultaneous orgasm, I felt Sam's dick enter my mouth. I felt him let go hot and hard inside my pussy.

Opening Mindy

group Yogakay 2018-01-30

I mean I want to share you, you know at the same time." His eyes bright like a child filling out a Christmas list he began to tell me his deepest fantasies. As he fucked me he never took his eyes off mine and his hands remained around my throat as he continued chasing relief, Ben's thrusts became more aggressive. And as my husband pulled away and looked down at my sated face he spoke, "You were made for this, you know it and so do I. The look on my husband's face as he stepped into the kitchen told me he was up to something. As my mind played with images of my husband handing me over to another naval officer I began to cook.


I Was The Third

group _Lynn_ 2018-01-30

His cock was still inside her pussy. His tongue slid deep inside my pussy, mouth sucking hard on my clit. I felt his cock now ready to enter my pussy, above me, throbbing, drooling. One thrust and that massive cock was pumping deep inside me. I felt her body then, squatting over me, that hot box open and begging for my tongue. Moans and gasps, my pussy tightening around his cock, while I nibbled and sucked her clit. Her body was thrashing around, all the while he was pumping his seed deep inside me. Her final moans, the convulsions I felt in my mouth, the hot cum dripping out around his cock, set me off.

By Return Ch. 2

group oldbondguy 2018-01-30

As we got around the coffee table and stood facing each other, Amy reached up, undid the front clasp of my bra and slid her hands inside, cupping my breasts. I love sucking on the head of a hard cock, first like a lollipop, then pulling back and then using my tongue to toy with the underside, till the guy starts pushing toward my face. I started sucking the come from her pussy, taking time every now and then to nibble on her clit with my lips, and then returning to clean her up. Finally, after I got Amy pretty well cleaned up, I concentrated on her clit – I just wanted to see if I could make her come this way.

Menage a Trois

group mississippikat 2018-01-30

David gently placed Karen on the bed and the next thing she felt was Mandy's hands beginning to tie more silk scarves around her wrists and ankles. Again Karen felt his mouth fasten on her nipple and as she arched her back to bring her breast closer to his mouth she felt Mandy's tongue begin to lick her gleaming wet lips. Suddenly everything was removed, David's cock, Mandy's finger and tongue. As Karen slid her tongue into Mandy she felt David's cock push against her wet, eager pussy. After a few moments in the afterglow of complete satisfaction Mandy and David moved away from Karen and quietly dressed.


Little Did My Wife Know Ch. 02

group 46204_zipper 2018-01-30

I want to see you fuck her." He started to get into the good old missionary position when Chris said to me, "Why don't you guide Daddy's cock into me, son. Now be a good boy and clean Daddy's cock." I stared at Kevin and again thought, why not? I spent so much time "cleaning" Kevin's cock he started to get hard again. Chris brought me back to reality when she said, "Now be a good boy and put another load of cream in mommy's tummy." I climbed back on and came faster than Kevin did. While I was getting a handle on that thought, Kevin began to pat my ass and motion for me to roll off Chris.

Fijian Fantasies

group ifitsfundoit 2018-01-30

She blushed for a second or two, but as we sat there looking at her pinching her nipples, and generally having a good time, we began to comment on how lucky Dan was, and that she should be proud of her body. Naomi began to tell us how she used a finger in her arse when she masturbated, but, Dan had a very thick cock, and its too big for her to take. Dan had his arms around two topless women and a grin like the Cheshire Cat. They both began to kiss him on the cheek and rub his chest, so I just sat down on the couch and watched.

The Party

group Willow_ 2018-01-30

Lara's excitement seemed to reverberate off her skin, growing with each step so that she was practically humming with energy as Jonathan let go of our arms to open to double doors wide for our entrance. Momentarily adrift, I was glad to hear Lara's soft whisper as she grabbed my hand "Come here honey, I need your opinion." She led me over to one of the couches, I stepped carefully over pillows as we got closer, worried that there may be someone ensconced in them on the floor. I looked up and realized that Lara had leaned forward enough to brace herself against his chest with her arm, her fingers caressing his nipples.


Briget Ch. 01

group velvethammer 2018-01-30

We passed the joint back and forth and she looked at me and softly said, "I hate to be forward, Denny, but would you like to fuck?" I wasn't sure I had heard her right. "Right there, ohh, yeah, fuck Denny suck my clit ohh god, that's it right there..." I looked up and she had her jaw clenched and then her thighs clamped around my head and she started bucking wildly, mewling like a kitten. "Oh yeah just fuck me Denny, you made me cum now you gotta cum too, just fill me with your cum, just fuck me baby fuck me, oh you feel so good in me, you got such a nice cock, oh fuck me baby fuck me..." And on and on like that.


A Handyman's Memoir Ch. 33

group riverboy 2018-01-30

"Guy's like you?" Becka said with a little smile. Hanna and Megan looked good too — their traveling clothes the day before hadn't done them justice — cute girls with sparkling eyes, nice smiles, and easy laughs. "Well, since you were kind enough to share, I guess we should too, right Becka?" I said, glancing at her smiling face. Becka was standing thigh deep in the calm water when I got there, and I was just in time, as two young guys were already moving her way. My hands went around her and cupped her tits, and the two young guys stood a little ways away, transfixed by the sight of Becka, lost in her sexuality once again.


Wedding Night

group nobarriers 2018-01-30

The sensation of her nipples being sucked and fondled by two men began to turn Sandy into a sexual frenzy, the drink had lowered her inhibitions to the point that she now wanted to be penetrated. She closed her eyes again and re-imagined the curved cock of Darren inside her, whether or not it was that shape was immaterial, it was the thoughts in her mind that mattered right now as her hand reached down and rested upon her gender. The gush from Mike's cock shot into her mouth at the same time as she saw Gary cream over Darrens face. Gary's tongue was now slowly licking down her body, over her breasts and tummy, his intent; to seek out and drink Darren's cum from within.

Master's Thesis Continues

group mikec1010 2018-01-30

She kissed Mike and said, "Nice to meet you." As she kissed him again Mike felt John's hand on his erection, stroking it to greater firmness. Then John and Jean kissed as the two of them then jointly kissed Mike's cock. He lowered his head and kissed the sweet lips as Jean's mouth close around Mike's cock. He thought about John for a moment and felt bad for him but he went back to work on Jean's clit. He heard John say, "Relax, and push back like you are trying to take a shit." Mike did and as he did he felt John's cock pressing into him. His rectum became full of John's cum and then Mike came, bathing Jean's mouth with his sticky white cum.


group BananaAnn 2018-01-30

He turned his head back, his face barely centimeters away and Kelly caught herself gazing into his eyes as he whispered, "It sounds like it." Like, I've had a ton of stress since my house burned down but the more time I've spent with Mike tonight, the more I was looking forward to just not giving a fuck anymore. Kelly moaned and spread her legs for Jack while Anthony lowered his head to her breasts, sucking one round nipple into his mouth. Mike watched as Anthony moved from one breast to the other, pressing his cheek against it then pulling it into his mouth. Mike lay on the ottoman face-up and slid his hands up Kelly's arms as she settled back on the ottoman, over him.


Triad Ch. 03

group BogartsBoss 2018-01-30

Aurora glanced up at Brie's face; the brown eyes held a look of uncertainty, and she chewed on a lower lip while she waited for an answer. Soon, however, Aurora rolled them over, and as she kissed her way down Brie's throat to her tits and beyond she asked; "So, what happened after you guys moved away from us?" Phil fed his large, hard cock to Aurora's lips; teasing the head from side to side, then up under her nose where she inhaled the man-scent deeply. Rising behind Brie, his cock hard as steel; he quickly placed his cock at the open, dripping slit and pushed in; not stopping until he was braced against her ass.

Pleasure & Business

group HeyAll 2018-01-30

Frankly, like many women in this day and age, Jenny looked at porn on a semi-regular basis; she enjoyed erotic stories, porn clips, and sex pictures. Rather, this group of people looked like they worked corporate or middle class jobs. After sending Dave a quick reply email, Jenny picked up her phone and called a friend, taking this situation to a whole new level. Jenny quickly thought of all those hardcore bondage pictures she had browsed the night before, and wondered if Cassandra was truly ready for this. In the course of Jenny's short legal life, things rarely worked out this seamlessly. A few days later, Dave informed Jenny that Lady Laura would be expecting her call.


Primal Lust

group mstwistedangel 2018-01-30

Kacey slipped a finger into Lara's wet pussy and then back out as Lara let Luke's cock slide from her mouth and began sucking his balls and licking them. Lara's whole body twitching while she was taking Luke's cock deep into the back of her throat, nearly gagging herself as Kasey continued working her pussy. Kasey began licking Lara's clit as she finger fucked her, her fingers buried deep inside Lara; she sucked Lara's clit into her mouth, rolling her hard little nub between her teeth. Luke groaned in pleasure, feeling her ass tighten as Kasey began finger fucking Lara's pussy. Luke was close to coming; Lara could feel his cock hardening in her tight ass, so she pulled away just a little, trying to slow him.

The Circle Ch. 32

group SteveWallace 2018-01-30

The two had an hour-long talk with Rene about what Ellen had told Jim, learning even more about the mental and physical abuse she'd endured during college. In the spirit of love in the house, Renee and Jim agreed to put Ellen in counseling, as well as to gently abide by her needs for a dom, but without taking advantage of her, abusing her, or putting her in jeopardy. On the way home, Ellen rode with Renee and Jim. They stopped and got a snack, and then drove by a professional building pulling into the parking lot. Dr. S said, "I'd wait on moving her in for a week or so; I'll let you know when I think it's a good time; and I will count on you, Rene and your friends taking care of her.