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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

My Journey To Perversion Ch. 2

group Linda Jean 2018-01-30

We started to walk to the elevator when I stopped the man I said “I’ll make you a deal, you can have me for free just as long as you can find a place to fuck me down here rather than going upstairs to your room.” He looked at me and said, “Are you serious, what is going on here, no hooker I ever knew would say that, aren’t you a hooker baby?” I smiled and said “No, I am not a hooker, I’m a whore, I give it away to deserving men, and right now you are the most deserving man I know.

The Pool Sitter Ch. 05

group Loveitinwater 2018-01-30

"Yippeee," said Alyssa, kissing me as we reclined. But I know where he lives now," said Diana as she pulled me close. I looked over my shoulder to see Diana at the bedroom door, her dress pulled up high. She pulled off her dress as she came, then knelt beside Alyssa, sucking her nipples as I started fucking again. A freight train of orgasms hit Alyssa as my cock filled her and Diana sucked her breasts. Diana aimed the rest at Alyssa's body until the last streams splattered her soaked bikini. "Oh God, now I'm really going to be late," said Diana as she pulled her dress on again. Diana leaned down and licked a spot of cum of Alyssa's stomach.

Common Ground Ch. 3

group Ginger 2018-01-30

Cammie turned to Alec with a grin and said, "I hope you're not having any second thoughts baby, because it's definitely too late now!" What Alec and Mike didn't know was that Cammie and Terry had been making plans for the big "swap meet" for several weeks now. Cammie was to tell Alec about their plans tonight and see if he agreed, and likewise Terry would talk with Mike. When her fingers grazed his cock through his jeans, Alec's eyes snapped open and fixed on Cammie's face. Keeping her eyes locked on his, Cammie rubbed his cock harder, relishing the feeling of it's growing hardness beneath her fingers. By the time Cammie unbuttoned his jeans and carefully pulled the zipper down, Alec's cock was already fully erect.


Daisy Price Ch. 02

group sjmhmttep 2018-01-30

When Daisy had returned back to the living room, she found that Mr. and Mrs. Fieldsman were sitting on the couch, leaned back with Thelma's right hand resting on Fred's left knee. Thelma eagerly began to lick up the flowing juices of Daisy's juicy cunt, savoring the mixed flavor of both Daisy's watering pussy, and Fred's mouth. Fred moaned in excitement as he laid there on the bed with the two women sucking his cock, each now taking a turn to plunge his hard dick all the way in their mouths. "Okay," Daisy said, as she gently rubbed her forefingers across Thelma's face, "but you get the second ride, and I want to taste your juices on your husband's cock."

Weekend Fun Ch. 02

group selvamu 2018-01-30

He started moving his hand, until he felt the swelling of her right breast. Especially the girls, Malliga and Radha couldn't keep their hands off Selvam and Ram. Underwater, they literally pulled down the shorts of Ram and took him in their mouths. He let his hand slip down to her cute little ass, and a couple of times he pushed his fingers in to the crack making her squirm on his lap. Selvam held both of Aruna’s breasts in his hands now, and started a rough, pressure-filled rhythm going on her cuntlips and clitoris. Putting both hands on her shoulders, he started pulling her body down onto his erection every time he pushed up.


Born to Tease Ch. 1

group J 2018-01-30

I looked around just as old Bob took hold of my high heels and used them to turn me around so that I lay spread-eagled before him. Not to miss out on a good thing, Bob also bent his head down to my face and I lay there, trapped, as both old men struggled to get their tongues in my mouth. Bob had only just rolled off me and I was starting to get my breath back when Bill took hold of me and turned me over so that I lay face down. I lay back as their old, fat bodies moved up to my head and they pointed their things at my face.


My First FFM

group morgan_69 2018-01-30

I'd never felt anything like it and, between the sopping cunt that was working my face and the hand, lips and tongue working my cock, I thought I was going to come there and then. Right above me, they kissed, their tongues working each other, saliva mixing with the pussy juice and dripping onto me as I sucked and nibbled and licked R's gorgeous tits. As I gave her a toe-job, she leaned forward and began to tongue the head of my cock, working in and around my japs eye. R got into it, moving her body as best she could to push herself onto P's face, each movement tugging on my balls and making me groan.


My Perfect Day

group VonGreenback 2018-01-30

"Pleased to meet you, Marion, fancy a welcome to the office drink after work?" I couldn't believe the words came out of my mouth, but before I had a chance to retract them she had replied "Sure, that would be fun." I bought two bottles of Champagne and one bottle of single malt whisky, if I was going to be sat with Marion and a boyfriend; I wanted to make sure I had something decent to drink. I reached out to guide Marion's head further forward, wanting to feel my cock hit the back of her throat before I exploded into her mouth, only to feel another hand already there. "Ooh look, he's ready for more!" said Marion, as Jenny's body went rigid and she let out a strangled cry, gushing pussy juice across my hand.

Getting Serviced

group Tide_Couple 2018-01-30

As I set my purse on the nearest chair, I felt his hand slide up my skirt, running his fingertips along the lace of my thigh high stockings and up my ass cheeks, and then back down along my thong to my pussy which was getting noticeably wetter by the second. Her hand ran down my body and began rubbing my clit, occasionally dipping her middle finger into my cum filled pussy. I grabbed her ponytail, holding her mouth on my clit while her fingers fucked my pussy. Instead, he removed every finger and his face from my swollen, throbbing pussy, helping me, still mostly dressed with my ripped thong and skirt lifted up in a bundle around my waist, off the desk as he laid down.


group carrteun 2018-01-30

My wife groaned as Erin used her tongue to push the cum into Susan's pussy. Then Erin pulled the vibrator out and began licking and sucking my wife's pussy. If Susan liked eating fresh-fucked pussy, I wanted her to have ready access to every bit of cum I pumped into Erin. She sucked and tongue-fucked until Erin began to shake and pushed her cunt down onto my wife's face. When Susan looked up at me, her mouth open, cum she had sucked out of Erin's cunt was still in her mouth. Erin leaned forward and sucked up the cum I had dumped into my wife's pussy hair and licked Susan's clit while still working the vibrator in and out until Susan collapsed from exhaustion.


Mum, Me and a Stranger at the Nudist Beach

group yorknudecouple 2018-01-30

just then as neil was sitting up he started to slowing wank his 8 inch hard cock, whilst mum was sat right infront of him naked staring at him wanking. I couldn’t believe it: here I was sitting totally naked in front of my Mum, my cock rock hard – and me wanking like crazy as she was fucked by a total stranger in public. just as i thought neil had shot his load right in mums mouth, just as she was sucking the last bit dry i stood up walked round behind her and wanked as fast as i could shooting my hot spunk on her back.

Charlie Avoids Being Fired (bi-male, MMF, DP)

group pure_lust 2018-01-30

I moved a hand onto her leg and started to caress her stockinged thighs as Charlie kissed her again and eased Jane's left breast over the top of her corset. Charlie and I took it in turns to kiss Jane and nibble on her neck and breasts, whilst she kept up a steady rhythm on our cocks. Charlie stood at the end of the bed whilst Jane went down on her knees and took his cock into her mouth. I looked up at Jane and realised that I had been aiming Charlie's cock at her as she had two glistening trails of spunk on her face. Jane was starting to look very flushed, she was grunting in time with Charlie's thrusts and her eyes were glazing over.

Sky High Interview

group Storygal 2018-01-30

“Mr Greaves these are my colleagues Miss Handsworth(the blonde) and Mrs Smith (the brunette)” matt nodded in acknowledgment to the both of them memorising their names. Wondering what they were up to Matt turned his head and was shocked to see that Mrs Smith had removed her waistcoat and blouse exposing a lacey black bra whilst Miss Handsworth was laying flat on the desk. Frustrated with Matt Mrs Smith explained to him that this was the final test in the interview and unless he done what they said he wouldn’t pass and wouldn’t het s job at this particular organisation and that she would also make sure that he never got a job in New York.

Threesome Therapy Ch. 01

group insatiablerob8 2018-01-30

Laura joined in, "Fuck me...Rob, fuck meeeeee...mmmmm...yesssss...fuck meeeee...want all that big cock!" He needed little encouragement, but Laura loved what she was seeing, "Oh Eric...fuck hot...fuck'm...makes me so wet!" While Eric and Laura enjoy their sexual memories, I grind my lips into hers with deep penetrating kisses; then I licked over her body, biting at those nipples...they're so hot, raised off those firm, mounded tits...puffies, fucking love'em! He needed little encouragement, but Laura loved what she saw and wanted more, "Oh Eric...fuck hot...fuck'm with that big cock...makes me so fuckin' wet!" Spurred by the sensation of his man's cum, Eric screamed, "I'm gonna cummmm...Lar...gonna shoot in your mouth...can't hold it...fuckkkkkk...cummmmming...cummmmmming...fuck!" She swallows every drop licks her lips and declares, "Honey, you still taste the same!"


A Night of Theater

group Egyptian Spy 2018-01-30

We walked to your car and you opened the door for me, took my hand as I got in, and went around to your door. I grabbed your shoulders and pushed you back, once again thinking "This is his night, not mine." Your bottom lip pouted as I pulled my skirt down and got out of the car. I stood halfway and stepped over you, sitting down on your lap as you pushed my skirt around my hips and sneaked your cock inside me. I winked at Pat as he grabbed your head, thrust his hips forward, and shoved his dick down your throat. You opened my car door and took my hand, asking me to come inside.

my girlfriend is a whore and I love it

group warrenmcneil 2018-01-30

That night she started talking about doing threesomes with me and and other guys and ask me what I would think if she fucked other men while I watched. One older man probably in his 60's was eating and fingering her pussy like it was his last meal and another guy was sucking on one of her tits while another was grabbing at her other breast and playing with her nipple. The men knew exactlly what to do as some young dude took his position behind her and started fucking the hell out of her pussy. One of the stories that Cathy had told me when we first started dating was one where she was gang banged by seven guys at a party.

It's Good To Share

group Woody Woodwood 2018-01-30

In my drunken state, all I could think about was my lovely little wife taking four dicks, just like Paul' wife Anna had done after the poker game "We've all been talking about us fucking another of the wives, so tonight we can all have Kate" I replied. As I started to pump my cock in and out of Kate's mouth, I looked down between her legs to see Paul's tongue darting in and out of her pussy. When he finished shooting his load he pulled his dick out of her mouth and joined me a Paul for a beer as we watched Carl continue to fuck Kate.

Jim's Fishing Trip

group dirty-old-man 2018-01-30

'You silly old fart, two nice looking girls ask you to join them in a warm springs and you get all messed up in the head and don't know what to say, boy you need a tree to fall on you. Ann picked up his clothes and headed down the trail shouting over her shoulder, "I'll be back shortly so you kids play nice or else." It was getting dark and Jim was getting cold, so he started to get into the pool of warm water. Then he began to draw his fingers down from her shoulders across her breasts, letting the hard nipples drag across his palms as the fingers slowly drew down and onto her rib cage, belly and then down her legs to her toes, taking all the tension and stress with them.

The Model Sells For Her Uncle

group The Big Bopper 2018-01-30

She came to a stop and pirouetted right in front of Liz's chair … Lindsay heard the older woman's impressed gasp coupled with "David, you don't hold anything back, do you? It was when Lindsay heard Liz gasp, "Oh my God, somebody call an ambulance!" that she dropped the bra and ran back out into the showroom, clad only in the black lace panties, her perfect C cup breasts bare and jiggling as she ran. Lindsay was so worried for her uncle that Liz had to bend over and take a hold of the near naked young woman, pulling her to her feet so that the paramedics could take over the treatment of David.


An Evening With Marie & Simon

group leedscpl 2018-01-30

The sensation of being fucked this way by another woman made me gorge on Richard's cock harder still, his wife now with one hand stroking my breasts watching attentively as I brought her husband exploding to climax inside my mouth. Neither had this escaped Georgina's attention; she placed her wine glass down on the nearby table and looking directly at Andy she raised her hands and began to play with her own nipples, pulling them out and pinching them between her fore finger and thumb. Marie joined us and as Andy began fucking Georgina harder Marie and I went to work on her tits whilst she took it in turns to suck Richard and Simon's cocks.

Best of Friends Ch. 02

group newwitch07 2018-01-30

Debbie throws her head back as she can feel her own orgasm building, the sensations from the strap on and Lorrie's bucking ass against her, it was too much for her to take. Steve's cock started getting hard again, he kneeled behind Debbie and feeling her wet hot pussy. Lorrie takes Sam's cock in to her mouth, sliding her tongue over the head of it, as if she was licking a lollipop. Her eyes big as saucers as this turns her on listening to the sounds of the lapping and slapping of skin, Slowly rolling her tongue over Sam's cock, over the head along the underside of his huge cock, feeling it quiver from her touch.


The Last Toy Ch. 02

group midnightfalcon 2018-01-30

Oh sure, in the beginning it was just that need to be sexually satisfied, but when he had fucked me and driven me nearly out of my mind, and Kelly began to tell him what to do, I suddenly found myself jealous and a bit possessive. I don't know if Kelly wanted to stop or not but suddenly Blake was between my legs and it was his mouth on my throbbing pussy. For one of the few times in my life I saw tears fill Kelly's eyes as she nodded and dropped to her knees and put Blake's shaft in her mouth. My pussy began to weep its own, syrupy fluid each time his cock pulled back, and Kelly watched as his pistoning cock worked the slippery fluid into a milky cream.

Gavin Screws Up Ch. 04

group GemmaRaphael 2018-01-30

We didn’t want to scare you off.” Bob smiled his twinkling smile again and Ellie suddenly realized that the ecstasy was doing its job. But one finger wasn’t enough for Ellie, so she ground two fingers inside of Liz while she simultaneously went back to firmly sweeping her tongue around and around her clit. Ellie couldn’t think now about what she was doing to Liz, it just became a mash of thrusting fingers and moaning pressure as they all came at once. Gavin was immediately sorry that he’d elicited that crushed look from her again, but a kiss like the one she’d given him a couple of weeks ago would have shattered his heart.

A Lesson Learned

group minerva69 2018-01-30

Drinks with Steve and Jeff were hardly what I had in mind but half an hour had already passed since Jenny and I were supposed to meet and here I was killing time with two hairy-arsed metal heads. "Are you feeling down that your Mum isn't going to be around?" I took a stab, knowing that Jenny's Mother and Father had ways shortly before she had started at Uni. The split was to be permanent and her Mother was now living and working in Vancouver. As such by the time we had a little supper and got a few beers in the place was getting pretty lively with a combination of locals, all of who seemed to know each other and a good handful of visitors, like myself.