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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

A Friend For Us Ch. 04: All In

group jondegwa 2018-01-30

He loved the way he looked, his fat cock pulsing and leading the way as he walked to fuck his fiancée's naked best friend. Just before Jana came, she swiftly withdrew her fingers, and pulling John's hot cock from her mouth, pulled it in close to her friend's wet pussy. John screwed his way deep inside so his girlfriend's fingers were pressed tight against Jana's clit and all round her slick pussy. The hot girl continued coming as John rocked his pelvis up, down and around, fucking her deep and taking full advantage of the additional stimulation from Dawn's fingers. His eyes widened when he saw Blue mini's fingers dance their way down her friend's thighs and slowly pull up the ribbon of material.


A Kitten's Tail Ch. 20

group wolfdragon76 2018-01-30

"Our other new housekeeper, Gianna, was a bit more open about her desire to play, and Vivianna was coming down the stairs just in time to see her shoving her tongue down Master's throat. Zara asked me to let everyone know that dinner will be ready in about ten minutes, so you have time to get cleaned up and dressed if you need to." Knowing dinner was almost ready, and not wanting to chance Vivianna walking in on another scene like earlier, I only took a minute to work the lube into my pet's bottoms before slipping their tails into place.


My Husband Sucking Off Another Man

group jeri_lickwet 2018-01-30

At lunch, I told Jackie about how my husband had expressed an interest in watching me fuck another man, one with a large cock. Jackie giggled and said that that was OK, because several times when they were with couples, the other man expressed the same interest in Tim's big equipment. I was so wet at watching my husband play with another man's cock, that I couldn't help but bring my hand down to rub my burning pussy. Jackie continued jerking up and down on David's cock as we watched Tim's cock sliding faster and faster in and out of my husband's mouth. But, I think the best part and what kept me so turned on all night, had been watching my husband sucking off Tim with such a thirst quenching blow job.

Kristen and Kelly Ch. 05

group Timeris 2018-01-30

Kristen and Kelly walked into their apartment, closed the door, and dropped their shopping bags. Dana and Kristen pulled her legs apart and the both took a nipple in their mouths. Dana kissed her way down Kelly's body, and soon took the end of the Feeldoe in her mouth. Kelly and Kristen both inserted their surrogate cocks, while Dana looked on, feeling both horny and a little apprehensive. Kelly climbed on the bed behind her, and while Kristen thrust into Dana's vagina, she quickly but carefully removed the princess plug. She got into position behind Dana and said "slow down a second." When Kristen stopped, she placed the head of the Feeldoe to Dana's sphincter and began to slowly pushed.

84% nip

The Waitress

group tk5555 2018-01-30

"Well," Frank said with a sigh, "without getting into too much psychological mumbo jumbo, Misty needs a little encouragement to try new things with men." "When you two were here with Fiona, I overhead her ask if Chance was going to be her fuck buddy and I saw her rubbing her foot on your is, um..." her voice trailed off again. Chance started thrusting his hips back and forth, but Mindy's hand kept him from going too far into her mouth. A current of pleasure flowed from Chance's hands on her breasts to Frank's cock teasing her vagina. Misty felt Frank push her forward until she ran into the bed. The next thing Misty felt was Frank's penis entering her mouth.


After Dinner

group sandymonroe 2018-01-30

I just wouldn't be able to shake off the thought of watching John fucked Claire while getting laid by Adam. Claire's intimate touching in the restroom, the sexy dinner and the hot face fucking in the elevator had all combined to get me wet and when his tongue probed my back entrance I knew my orgasm wasn't far away. Adam was really giving me a good going over and my body began its familiar tingling, but it was the sight of John sodomizing Claire that was really making me cream. "I think your girlfriend is ready for a proper DP now, man," John said calmly to Adam, who was staring at Claire anxiously.


Best Friend Ever! Christmas Ch. 02

group Tomcatfive 2018-01-30

We all snuggled together, and I whispered to her, "We love having you with us, and I hope you feel comfortable enough to stay tonight." Kelly already had her arms around Marie, and covered her lips with a long, tender kiss. I could tell the hand came from Marie's side and realized she had claimed me first, but the next moment she lifted from my cock and they ran their mouths and tongues together up and down opposite sides of my shaft. Kelly moved her lips to the breast she had been pressing against and sucked in the tiny point, and for a moment we were each nursing on a rock hard little nipple.


An Appealing Proposition

group RelentlessPerversion 2018-01-30

We had been driving for nearly a half hour, Laura in the passenger seat and looking incredibly sexy, a black, silky dress draped over her body like a second layer of skin. Laura walked that runway with a confidence and sensuality I had never seen before in any woman, and though I had recognized her features instantly, I did a double take, sure that my eyes had deceived me. I had truly believed, for a long time up to that point, that women like that existed only in porn and on the internet, but here was a flesh a blood woman that I knew, who had just shown her sexuality to more than two dozen strangers, and was probably soaking wet from doing so, if the look on her face during that kiss was any indication.


Los Cinco Hermanos Ch. 09

group eidetic 2018-01-29

We switched around a bit, but mostly it lined up with me and Dave, Molly and Paul, Essie and Ron, with Sandra and Ginger sharing Jackson – and the pairings stayed mostly like that after we got back to the house. "Well, bitch or vixen, it's going to be just us ladies tonight and I'm counting on Ginger and Molly to bring their huge amount of expertise in dealing with sexy women to the table," I told her. I'm Ginger Hawke, I know Vicki because I work with Jerry Sterling, and I'm here at the invite of Beth and Sandra." Turning to us she continued, "this is Beth Stoner, I guess a friend of both Dr. Pam and Jerry, and Sandra Milton, also apparently friends of both.


A Teacher, His Girl, & Me Ch. 3

group ladybugirl 2018-01-29

One day when Pat came home Alex and Katie were sitting at the dining room table with tear-stained faces. In the car on the way home the tears vanished and Pat turned to Alex and said, Alex had to go back to campus because she had a sorority meeting so when they got to the apartment she made Pat a late lunch before she left. Alex pulled her pussy apart for Pat so he could clean her with his rough wash cloth. She sucked on him harder and harder, faster and faster until he grabbed her head and forced it all the way down onto his cock and shot his load of cum deep down her throat.

Strip For Your Love

group hrshie40 2018-01-29

The thought of seeing you strip naked and exposing your perfectly shaped 36C breast with their long and sensitive nipples, while you were thrusting your hips to the pounding music, had given me more then one sleepless night. Combine this with the thought of my friends seeing my goddess on stage, my cock would twitch at the very thought. You could never dance on stage during amateur night at the local strip club and if you did very few would watch. If you did win, I would dance on stage but the owner would not have me removed by the bouncers. How moist you were getting from the thought of dancing and watching the men craw to you. HANDS, ASS, PUSSY , COCKS.

Creating a Redheaded Monster Ch. 01

group WokeUpOneDay 2018-01-29

"Mona Kelly," Scot answered for her, handing her student ID to the paramedic with the clipboard. Scot and the paramedic looked at Mona, who was nodding vigorously and almost begging with her eyes. The ER docs weren't going to let Scot in but Mona's death grip on his hand convinced them. Some doctors worked on her skin while nurses got out bags of fluid and IVs. One of them removed what was left of her clothing, thankfully blocking Scot's view while they worked. Mona's struggle was immense, and eventually she shook her head and looked away from Scot for the first time. Mona looked at the man and then back at Scot, gripping his hand tighter.


Cocky Guy Gets What He Wants Ch. 03

group SexySentences 2018-01-29

"Paul, your fucking hot tongue is about to make me cum...Peter, please put your cock into my mouth. I'm crying out and my tits are bouncing, Paul is breathing hard beneath me and Peter starts his commentary "fucking hell, you fucking hot bitch, did you think you'd take two cocks when you saw me today and get your ass fucked this hard, my god, I'm still gonna have another go at those tits and drink you fucking dry again. Peter's cock comes out of my ass and although I'm spent and half in orgasm afterglow, I start bucking my hips on Paul to bring him with us.

Ester Comes to Visit

group Bakeboss 2018-01-29

I remember it started with Ester talking about them playing truth or dare in Leah's bedroom. I would have had an erection just looking at my wife dressed like that but with Ester too, my dick was throbbing. After that it just became a blur, I think next Leah instructed Ester to kiss her pussy and then I was dared to kiss Ester's who first stood to take off her panties saying she wanted to feel my lips on hers. I noticed she had a bottle of olive oil in her hand, she told me it was to lube up Ester rear end. As they both cried, I suggested that we visit Ester next and Leah called me a horny old man but then said it was a good idea.

New Horizons for Nick Ch. 03

group Lion24655 2018-01-29

The following Wednesday Mandy, the receptionist had tried to "domme" him, dressing him in girls clothes, tricking him into meeting her daughter Lindsay, until Nick had instinctively realised that she wasn't domme, and he suddenly had the confidence to turn the tables on her. Nick was shocked: he lay over Mrs Wheeton's lap, and suddenly felt a hand cupping his balls through his shorts. And yet the moment Nick's cock brushed against her thigh it felt like a bolt had shot into her pussy, and she knew she was wet, her panties soaking up her juices. Mandy leant over and kissed Susie hard on the lips, then let her hand rest on Nick's ass. Nick felt his mother squirm under him, as much as the sensations in his cock by the hand of Lindsay were overwhelming him.


Betraying Clark

group JayLikestoRead 2018-01-29

Lacy turned around and said, "Come and get this ass, if you like it so much." She ran away from me. "You're giving me the best blow job I've ever had." She'd barely taken the head back when I said, "I know I told you this before, but Clark's an idiot." That got her bobbing up and down even faster than before. I handed her the phone, and she told him, "Clark came over and we watched the first disc in that set you gave me the other night." I didn't hear what he said next, but Lacy said, "Yeah, we're fine. Clark said, "Lacy's not the only one with a nice ass." He moved back and forth slowly.


Letters to Purvi Ch. 01

group Lalitha Mehta 2018-01-29

Uday moves a hand down my body and cups a breast, rubbing the nipple with his fingers till it is hard and erect. As you feel me next to you, you raise your head from Uday's groin and his fat prick, wet with your saliva and hard as steel bar slips from your lips with a soft 'plop' sound. We kiss, long and deep, while you continue to stroke Uday's prick with one hand so as to keep it stiff. Like, all about Uday's prick - is it long or short, thick or thin, does he have a fat cockhead that rubs in your cunt when you fuck?

The Erotic Destiny of Lady Perstone

group JaneX 2018-01-29

It wasn't very long after I could say my own name that I realised an advantageous marriage was in fact only the beginning of my duty - I would also need to produce a satisfactory clutch of heirs to continue my well-born husband's lineage. I liked to slide my fingers between my legs and stroke gently the warm wetness there, thinking of her sitting at her dressing table, tying a silk blindfold around her own eyes then calling out imperiously for three waiting footmen to enter her room. Trent had entered the breakfast room, and was approaching the table with a silver coffee jug to pour Lord Perstone's morning beverage. Lord Perstone would not like it, I knew, but he must be made to see that if he wanted heirs we would have to work together to make it happen.


Awakening Sexually Ch. 02

group sangovese 2018-01-29

As we walked out to the hot tub, Amy hung back with me and said, don't be intimidated by Tim's big cock, I am so looking forward to having you inside me, it will be the first time in 18 years fucking won't hurt and I will be able to enjoy every inch of you inside me. Molly and Amy both said it looks like Tim needs some attention and they both moved over to him and started sucking his cock together. I said to Amy; sounds like Tim is giving Molly's pussy a tongue lashing and serious finger fuck right now.


Rite of Passage

group LadyLyle 2018-01-29

And Valerie wanted to be ready when Nathan arrived; he didn't like it when people were late. Valerie grabbed her purse, house keys and a woolen shawl -nights could be cool this time of year and the spaghetti strap dress didn't offer much warmth- and followed him to his car. Valerie wanted to ask about his plans for the rest of the evening but Nathan had put the car in motion and was carefully winding his way through the busy downtown traffic. Valerie followed Nathan on his heels, pressing herself closer against him as they shifted past Bob. She had half expected the beefy bouncer to cop a feel off her ass and was surprised when he didn't.


Movies Ch. 1

group Robn 2018-01-29

Shortly after the first cum shot, Jack turned to me and said "I need to have a cock in my mouth right now. Jack was sitting on a low chair, so I turned to face him, straddled his legs, grabbed the back of his head, and pulled his hot mouth onto my rod. Dee pulled off her t-shirt to reveal a white soft cup bra holding back 2 nice-sized breasts. Jack pulled me back around to the task at hand and stuffed my steel-hard cock into his hot, wet mouth. "Jack, it looks like you may need to relieve some pressure in your balls. I think Jack felt my body stiffen, because he put his hands on my ass and pulled me deep inside his mouth.

جلنار جردلي Jilnar Jardaly Hot Buttered Buns

group JilnarJardalyLustCum 2018-01-29

In fact, she was looking either way at both of them and telling them how good my cock felt inside her and how much she loves fucking complete strangers on the train. They both got up and starting walking straight towards us from their opposite ends of the carriage, their unblinking eyes mesmerized by the sexy sight of a hot TV celebrity unashamedly humping a complete stranger's cock on a public train, right in front of them! The biker, not wanting to waste any valuable face-fucking time, once again grabbed a handful of her beautiful, long hair, yanked her head up and plunged his big, ugly cock back into her hungry mouth.

Good neighbors

group rockhard4uc 2018-01-29

"Don't worry, sweetie," she consoled me, "I was world champ too, for five years." With her gorgeous naked body right up close to me and her lovely firm breasts heaving with her heavy breathing, water sparkling on her skin, she looked wonderful. Here I was completely naked after orgasming from a beautiful naked woman's tongue, yet I was staring with unbridled lust at the huge erection of someone she called her brother Jim. And it was clear that looking at me and maybe his lovely sister too was having quite an effect on him. After first not imagining I could get any of him inside my mouth, I was now pushing my head along his fat shaft further and further, watching his belly getting closer to me all the time.


Backstage Party

group Mag58 2018-01-29

I nodded my head, just as Corky pulled his cock out of Chrissie's mouth and, laughing, sprayed his spunk all over her face. As I got on my knees, I turned to see Emma lying on her back with Matt fucking her while a man with a ponytail stood beside her face with his cock in her mouth. At one stage Emma even licked spunk out of Sally's cunt while she sucked a roadies' cock, as Chrissie was trying to suck two cocks at once while a third man fucked her from behind. Chrissie got fucked at both ends at least three times, with completely different men, but Emma turned out to be the dirtiest of us all.