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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Dressing Room Dream

group thesillypanda 2018-01-29

Before I can even start daydreaming again another girl just as cute wearing shorts and a tank asks me, "did my friend come in here?" She begins to describe the girl I have been lusting over who is currently in room five. Her friend holds my gaze as the dream girl saunters over placing her hands on her hips and pulls in to plant those luscious lips on hers. Right around the time I am internally debating on whether I should finish myself off or not my dream girl pushes her friend away, stands up, and motions for me to sit down. All of a sudden my dream girl sits straight up and let's out the loudest moan yet, shudders, and slowly gyrates her hips in a circle before raising herself off of me.

School Reunion

group 2018-01-29

We both looked up at Carl and he smiled, gently my hand moved to his bulging trousers and I rubbed his cock as did Ericka both looking up at him. Ericka reached over and lifted my skirt to show my toned arse, Carl slapped it hard and started to grab at it with his free hand spreading the cheeks of my arse apart making my school girl panties ride up. She stood and swapped places with Carl who now knelt in front of me, he kissed my thighs and then without hesitation pushed his tongue straight into me, no foreplay no teasing just in me and he started to lick me out fast and deep as his finger played with my clit.

Beach Games

group spicules 2018-01-29

Occasionally Jack cast a sidelong glance at Debbie's cute profile, but the girl appeared not to notice as she gazed fixedly ahead towards the rocky headland that marked the far perimeter of the beach. Jack's pulse quickened, for he'd noticed that the lady had worn no bra or bikini top underneath, and within seconds he and Debbie would pass behind the rocks and emerge at the rear of the little cove. Debbie, on the other hand, was consumed with lust, and in a instant had stripped off her bikini, top and bottom, to reveal full swinging boobs and (in contrast to Eva) a fully shaven crotch, which Jack found even more sexy.


group TamLin01 2018-01-29

"You know a story about Haroun al-Rashid?" said the man sitting across from him, a merchant with a great black beard and an eye patch. "Haroun al-Rashid, ruler of the city of Baghdad, Caliph of the Empire and Defender of the Faithful, May He Live for a Thousand Years, that Haroun al-Rashid?" said their host, a bald man who had once been a mamluk. For example, one night our beloved caliph, Haroun al-Rashid, Defender of the Faithful, May He Live For a Thousand Years, was traveling in disguise through the market along with his bodyguard, Masrur, and heard the tale of how a misunderstanding over a mere apple caused a man to most unjustly murder his wife..."


Will You Love Me 'Til I Die? Ch. 12

group mountaincat4 2018-01-29

"Suvarna, you and Mitra can do whatever you want to on this long drive but Janelle and I are going to act like a couple of horny teenagers for most of the trip so just deal with it." When Mitra started undoing the button on Suvarna's shorts she turned her head toward Janelle and said, "It looks like we're both going to get our pussies eaten. "Janelle get ready baby, you're about to get what you asked for." I pulled back until only the very tip of my cock was touching her pursed lips, which were open just enough to allow passage of the thick fluid into her waiting mouth.


Cyberslut Becomes Real Time Slut

group deepemerald 2018-01-29

She spread her legs wide and then used her fingers to pull her pussy lips apart, showing off how shiny she was for Tom. She licked her lips and he knew that he had to shove his swollen cock right up that cunt so hard she'd be begging for mercy. The squishy fuck noises got louder and Tom kept pumping her hard, ramming his shaft into the contracting pussy and grinding his balls onto her ass, which by now was soaking wet from her cum. Tom motioned for Jessie to get down on her hands and knees on the bed and the minute her naked cunt was showing he pulled her lips apart and rammed his hard cock inside her.

Teachers Work Well Together

group hogjack 2018-01-29

Jon - that "boring" math teacher with the nice body - was working his fingers in-and-out of her pussy. He had rolled the office chair to the side and was leaning over her head, his hips moving ever so slightly, her right hand gripped around the base of his nicely sized tool. Finally, hearing my throat-clearing announcement, Jon turned his head to the hallway as his hips worked his member into Cass. Damn it bang me hard you fucking bastard!," she screamed, "I think I'm going to cum again!" Cass was completely into it and I couldn't imagine her even saying those words.


Our Little Fuck Club

group ThomasWaller 2018-01-29

Well, since Helen introduced our friend Peter and his and my creation of a fuck club, I may as well tell you some of the details. In order to understand this story and Helen and my current sexual relationship, you must know more about Peter. Peter and I formed the “Do Everything” club in grade school. I am so used to eyeing anyone I meet as a potential sex partner or as an object of future fantasies that I immediately discerned that the lovely dark haired Willa would look spectacular on the end of my cock. Ted obviously visited the gym daily and I wouldn’t mind a little cock sucking, bum fucking session with him.

Bored Wife Part 1

group petercee 2018-01-29

The f****y group suddenly started packing up a glance at the sky told us why the weather was going to change in a big way, it looked like our plan to pick up the guy was going to fall in a heap. After he got into the car Anne wrapped the towel round her boobs again it appears the guy was between fruit picking and was heading back to a property near Renmark to pick up his back pack before heading to Berri for another job our offer of a night out of the weather after another towel slip was gratefully accepted.

Camp Fun Ch. 2

group Tepin 2018-01-29

Before I could say anything, Frank said, "Dianne and I talked this morning, and I think that would be a good idea" I could see the concern on John's face, and I'm sure there was a look of confusion on mine. I quickly remembered that he was bigger than Frank and wondered if this was going to work, but even as I thought about it I could feel my ass stretching to accomodate him. Having cum just a bit ago, I knew Frank would be good for a while, but I wasn't sure how long John would be able to last. I'm not sure how John managed to stay with us, but he did, and was just starting to soften in my ass when I felt Franks whole body stiffen as he came in me.

Caught in the Act! Ch. 03

group MadeForOneStory 2018-01-29

She was starting to gyrate and thrust her hips rythmically, her eyes closed in pleasure, and letting out a long, low moan of ecstasy as the vibrator continued to go about its work deep inside her tight cunt, causing her legs to spasm and lock, and shock her stomach muscles as her pussy walls contracted around the intruding object as it continued its assault on her senses. "Yes," Natalie answered, "You are going to sit here, and watch while your girlfriend and I fuck right in front of you." She started to undo my jeans, and Alex pulled my shirt up and over my head and down so it was dangling on the tie between my hands.


One Special Spring Day Pt. 10

group Connie_Ann 2018-01-29

Amanda says, "Yes I do," as she is totally stunned at the sight of Bonnie's Master, along with several jail guards sitting there enjoying the show, and Nurse Diane sitting in a corner masturbating. Their new friends from the cruise are standing there taking it all in as they become erect at the sight of Connie bent over with Dave giving her sexy ass a good pounding and spanking. He then takes her head in his hands turning her face which forces her to look into his eyes and her Master says, "Tell me how sorry you are for disappointing me, and you better say it like you mean it.

My wife a seat cover store owner

group jcomerford 2018-01-29

One day I observed the owner feeling up one of the ladies customers we were good friends I said nothing to him. He wanted to give us a tour the downstairs anyone of us to go see his bedroom my wife one of first he followed behind I told him to take my wife so she could hear it I stayed downstairs they came down about two hours later. But the next day and work he came over to our shop told me I had one hell of a hot wife which I already knew I told him he can have her any time he wanted and to let his friends know about her.

The Trade Show

group TurboTits 2018-01-29

Then Rafael said: "Oh, pardon me, gentlemen, let me introduce Suzie Slut, our demonstration cunt. Rafael calmly said that Suzie was very experienced at double cock sucking because she likes to watch two cocks spray their cum over her tits. Her 44 EEEs are great fun to tit fuck." said Rafael. Rafael pressed another button and the swing turned so that Suzie's tits were hanging away from her body. "Now this is a great tit fucking position." Rafael said as he dropped his pants and briefs and stuck his monster cock between her tits. Remember, we want to cover this slut with cum so make sure you pull out in time to shoot it in her mouth, on her tits and on top of her snatch.

The Office Toy

group ptsteve 2018-01-29

They all laughed and he got between her legs and as his tongue touched her pussy lips she moaned and pushed to his face. She was then withering on the bed, 2 men holding her legs apart and high, a finger in her ass, her hands reaching for a cock which she found for each hand. He suddenly stopped his fingering and got between her legs and placed his cock at her asshole and pushed it easily inside. She grabbed the shaft and not caring if all the men watched she took the head of his cock and began to take it in her mouth sucking as she did.

Mf Couple Meet F in a Pub

group doomwolf123 2018-01-29

My cock is hard, you then reach over to Ash. She spreads her thighs as you slide your hand between her legs. As soon as we enter, Ash pushes you against the wall, pinning you with her body, she grabs you by the back of the head and kisses you hard. "Lay on the floor between his legs and spread your legs and play," she asks you and you do, dropping straight to your knees, Ashes pussy inches from your face. Ash moves under you, into a 69 position, alternating sucking my balls and your clit, drinking your juices flooding out of you, her pussy inches from your face as you bury your face between her thighs to muffle your cries of pleasure.

Hog Wild Ch. 01

group Peter Duncan 2018-01-29

This here's Riff." indicating the big picture over the bar with his chin, "We're the Wreckers." Back over his shoulder he scanned the room and admonished, "Let's cool it boys." To Katie he asked, "What's your name honey?" Joan, who had either been imagining or actually feeling Riff's breaths wafting from his nostrils onto the back of her neck, took offense that Concho didn't consider her "durable." She turned her head and looked up at him. Joan, feeling her alcohol, turned to Katie and said loudly enough for everybody to hear, "I don't think I would like that cork-screwy thing between my legs." What in the world made me say that?


Getting Into Character

group Lost-Boy 2018-01-29

There were a mixture of whoops and hollers as well as a few 'oh god damn!' The brunette took the first shot glass and placed it between the firm breasts of the red head. Red lapped in nice long motions at the perfect pussy lips sending wave after wave of pleasure through the brunette. She felt the other's body start to tense and knew she was very close to the edge; so she lowered her mouth again and began to suckle the delicate button of flesh and there came a howl of pleasure as the brunette rammed her hips forward and arched her back as the orgasm crashed over her. Then there came a naughty sensation as one of the brunette slick fingers eased itself into Red's tight ass.


My Girl's a Rugby Fan!

group dsoul 2018-01-29

The thought fired up my imagination and that night while we slept, I dreamed of her getting all three holes of her filled by a pair of eleven muscle-bound hunks, all of them fucking her either one at a time or DP-ing her, shooting their cum inside her pussy or over her face and body. They laid Sarah on the towel on the floor and the boys elbowed and shoved and cursed at each other before another point man jack-knifed between her legs and first beat the head of his prick against her pussy walls before inserting it into her wetness. When it came time for the crowning moment, they laid Sarah on the towel and surrounding her, each man stroked his cock like cowboys loading their guns, getting ready to a frenzied showdown and then unloaded their laden ammo all over her.

Summer Break

group Julien 2018-01-29

Kim just shook her head, and said, “I can’t believe you guys.” But inside she was feeling very horny and knew that her pussy was sopping wet in her bikini bottoms. As Dylan timed him with his watch, Jon complied, and Kim got a real eyeful of Jon’s swollen cock, just a few feet from her staring eyes. As Kim took the watch and monitored the slowly moving second hand, Dylan starting licking the beer off of Jon’s tanned chest. Kim couldn’t believe she was witnessing this, and felt so aroused at seeing Dylan licking Jon’s hard cock she moaned out loud. Kim won again, and this time she said she wanted to see Jon suck Dylan’s cock for one minute.


historia de fim de ano (real)

group porranasfotosbrasil 2018-01-29

So, so hot.Then we sent them msg for them to come to our room, they arrived already hard and soon they were catching me one by the front and another by behind, one kissed me from the nuva to my bundo the other the mouth, breasts, pussy over the panties and much Tesao rolling our they were hungry saw !! the gifted took the stick and the condom and he enjoyed my back, I went to take a bath but the other guy came behind and was sucking me and kissing me our looked like he was possessed !!

the 3 way fun.

group samsamtheplasterman 2018-01-29

The time Erika called another guy who used to promise to come over and take me, no matter how I tried to explain that I had plans for the evening. The fourth finger got in– now it was much easier to get deeper (I was about to start feeling what she felt). I had never met a guy lying naked on the bed with a toy in my snatch, fingering myself. He entered my pussy with his finger (balls were still there!) he started playing with them inside me. I called Erika and the give-head guy who tried to explain he was a bit passive cause of double cumming in lunch time with his wife.

After Darts

group mtman269u 2018-01-29

Finally Erica took her mouth from Fred's cock and breathily said, "oh, god, fuck me!"...and went back to sucking Fred. I am not sure how long we were went on like this but when I heard Fred say, "I'm gonna cum!" and Erica slammed her mouth all the way down on his cock, I couldn't take anymore and I unleashed spurt after spurt of hot cum into her soaked pussy. I don't know how long I had been out but when I woke up Erica was riding Fred and stroking my cock. I took one of Erica's nipples into my mouth as my hand slid down her taught stomach to her pussy.

Man Addict

group EnglishEm 2018-01-29

I know the last criteria may seem a little odd, but I have a really good sense of smell and enjoy savouring the individual aromas of a man, working backwards to peel away the layers of cologne, deodorant and soap, until I'm rewarded by his natural scent. He bent down to whisper a greeting in my ear and my fingers found his crotch, brushing tantalisingly over his rapidly hardening shaft, as I caressed his lower lip with my tongue. Along the way I could feel hands on my body; caressing my back and hair, my bottom and the tops of my thighs, but I didn't stop.