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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Jesse's Story: A Woman's View Ch. 08

group boo_dreaux 2018-11-08

Leaning on the railing of our balcony suite, glasses of champagne in our hands, Ray and I watched as South Miami and the ship channel slipped behind us in the bright, tropical sun, it's warmth a blessed relief from the winter we left behind us at home. "That's who you saw with me the other night, his secretary," Jen said, matter-of-factly, her strong hands and fingers now working the inside of my legs, my thighs, her finger tips barely brushing my 'honey spot' as she did so.


Twin Marcus strikes back for more

group Anitaslut44 2018-11-08

He squeezed my hip hard and thrust his hips into my body so I could feel his long, hard cock against my wet pussy lips. He stepped into the bathroom, shut the door and then Marcus shoved his big cock into my gripping cunt in one hard thrust. “She is too tight for my black dick” Marcus grunted out as he slammed his cock in and out of my wet hot cunt. Marcus gripped my hips tighter and started slamming his black cock harder and harder into my wet cunt. Casper grabbed a chair and sat down, turning my back to him and placing my wet cunt over his long and thick black cock.

Butterscotch Part 4

group Piquet 2018-11-08

I nodded in reply and as we both fucked we watched each other; I looked at his technique and I saw that he and his girl were obviously enjoying the spectacle that Tamsin and I were putting on. We said our goodbyes to Alex and Carl and they left us in the centre of a room full of people fucking, sucking, licking and sounding like they were loving every minute of it.   Further along the wall other couples were enjoying the same act and at one point a girl with her face painted in peacock hues wandered past, paused and ran her hand slowly down my back and across my butt, 

Memoirs, Chapter Five

group xhardx13 2018-11-08

Millie turned to leave, then came back and said, "Spencer, I have to ask you a question that I've had on my mind for years." Darrell and I watched as Ursula licked up and down Millie's slit stopping at her clit every so often. When the girls were through, Millie jumped on my cock and Ursula did the same with Darrell, right there on the living room sofa. She pushed Darrell out of the way and started sucking on Ursula like a new born baby. "Darrell you go fuck Ursula while we watch this time. Ursula said two cocks at the same time was distracting just like blowing a guy and being fucked at the same time.

Weekend cottage with friends - Pt 2 – The Kitchen

group Mister_E 2018-11-08

After the Bolero orgy, Mark, me and Anna thought we’d play the good guys and clear up in the kitchen. I reached down to the cleft of her pussy and felt the wetness and stroked a finger either side of the erect nub of her clit a few times. I stroked my fingers back and forth a few more times and then pushed forward into her hole. My cock was hard inside Anna and then I felt the pressure of Mark’s cock through the thin wall between Anna’s cunt and anal passages. A loud groan and “Oh Fuck Yes” came from Anna Yes, Yes, Yes” she screamed as I felt her juices ooze out of her cunt and mix with the four or five shots of my cum pumping inside her.

Bisexual Black Group Sex

group Samuelx 2018-11-08

He told me that a good-looking young Black man like myself could make a lot of money. The stud in question was a tall, good-looking, light-skinned Black man named George Kellogg. His wife Lola Suarez Kellogg was a pretty, somewhat plump yet still sexy lady with short Black hair, dark brown eyes and light bronze skin. His wife Lola was a sexually adventurous nymph who totally got off watching her husband with other men, and occasionally women. As George began sucking my cock, I winked at Lola. Lola told me that she had never been with a Black man before and couldn't wait to have her way with me. Lola lay on the bed, and I began kissing her voluptuous, sexy body.


Secret Fantasy Fulfilled

group SecretlySinful 2018-11-08

I feel hands caressing my breast, stomach, going down, finding my clit, rubbing me hard and from nowhere I cum again moaning. "Fucking loves having her hungry wet cunt pounded." At that I feel the cock in my pussy spasming and filling me with cum. I feel my head being grabbed and my face pushed into someone's groin being rubbed against a hard cock. I try to speak, but can't and he pulls the gag from my mouth so I can cry out, "Yes, fill me with your cocks, fuck all my holes, use me as the filthy cum bucket I am." Then my mouth is filled with his dick fucking my mouth.

Not traveling for a change

group thomas61 2018-11-08

She wanted it hard it seems as she had put her hand up my ass and pulled me closer each time I pushed my dick in her ass. The guy next to me, let’s call him Paul, stood up from his bar stool, moved closer and started to kiss me. His hand had moved underneath my towel mini skirt and was holding my hard cock, pulling it slowly. I did not want to be left out of the game so I moved forward to Mark’s head and still on my knees pointed my dick in his face. Mark must have felt Paul's dick getting softer, because after maybe half a minute he slowly started fucking me again.

Hailee Makes Three

group LK213 2018-11-08

 I laid my head back and closed my eyes, not being able to stop picturing Hailee naked with her big belly and breasts.  My cock was aching and I couldn’t wait to get home and fuck Emily hard. My cock sprung to complete attention as I saw Hailee laid back on the bed, her legs bent up and spread wide, my Emily positioned between her legs, ass in the air, feasting on Hailee’s sweet pussy. She finished with a big lick and smiled up at me.  I took her chin in my hand, lifted her head to meet my eyes and smiled back at her and said, “I think you have some more cleaning to do,” as I glanced over at Hailee.

Leanne. Cum slut

group styxx 2018-11-08

Leanne yelped as the first slap struck home on her bare arse cheek, leaving a red hand mark and a stinging sensation she hadn’t felt since she was very young. She felt her arse cheeks being pulled apart and suddenly, a hard cock was pushing against her rose bud anus. Leanne had never been so massively filled, it felt like a rod had been pushed up her cunt and was now fucking her hard, driving the breath out of her lungs at the force of his thrusts. She pulled him out, took a deep breath and then shoved him all the way into her throat quickly, knowing that he was going to blast his load straight into her guts and knowing that was exactly what she wanted.

Campground Wildlife - Part One

group stockingsandgarters 2018-11-08

She had unpacked now and so had a pair of wedge-soled slip-on sandals available that gave her another four inches of height, so she was able to give me the full power-ride on both nights, upper body supported by straight arms on the picnic table edge, tits dangling and swinging wildly as her legs pumped from side to side, her hips gyrating in circles and her ass slamming repeatedly down on my iron-hard cock, then circling slowly up again. Before going back down on her I looked over to my left, to see Mel sat astride Jim's face with him munching enthusiastically on her pussy as she sucked on that monster dick, working the first few inches energetically with her lips, tongue and teeth.

Hot Indian Mother And Daughter

group bava12 2018-11-08

This hot Indian teen saw her mom sucking Rohit’s cock. Rita was sucking Rohit’s cock tip and Sobha took control of the balls and the lower dick shaft. Sobha moved Rita aside and she took Rohit’s huge dick in his hand. He kept on fucking Sobha from beneath by jerking his dick in her pussy and at the same time he licked Rita like hell. Now this hot Indian teen Rita also wanted to have some dick in her sweet pussy. Rohit took out his cock from Sobha’s old pussy and she made Rita ready for penetration. Rohit did not stop at all and he started to move his hot dick in and out of Rita’s young Indian pussy.

Revenge is best served three-ways

group Forbiddenwriter 2018-11-08

The tattooed man brought his stiff cock to the slender woman’s opening, shoving it inside her, and Bethany heard the woman let out a moan of pure ecstasy. Bethany was beginning to feel her face turn a bit red, Claire knew she hated to be called ‘sweetie’, “Well, I think we all know what you do when you find ‘nice guys’.” She instructed Nathan and Brad to come around and stand by the back of the couch, so she could suck them off while she rode Joe. Doing as she asked, Bethany had two beautiful, hard dicks in her face.  Bethany sensed his coming orgasm, and switched over, taking Brad’s dick out of her mouth, and began blowing Nathan aggressively.

One Life 2 Live Pt. 05

group kimberlykitten 2018-11-08

Looks like you have a monster down there," Bree said and winked as she unzipped Jordan's pants and slipped her hand inside. Jordan's body felt a tingling rush and his cock grew harder and expanded from Bree's one hand. Jordan and Bree sat on Toby's small but fuckable size bed and faced each other. Jordan's eyes kept drifting from Bree's cheeky face to her unbelievable monstrous tits slightly swaying back and forth, naked under her shirt. The sounds of Jordan sucking and slurping the big tit filled Toby's room and could barely be heard from outside the door. Bree gripped the bed sheets, tossed and trashed her body and head as Jordan eats her pussy.


Maja's Student Bodies - Part V

group TheTravellingMan 2018-11-08

Maja turned in the front seat to see me pushing my cock into Sasa’s cunt. Nina wasted no time, offering up the strap-on cock to Sasa’s needy cunt, her gasps relayed to us that she was getting purposefully fucked. We watched as Nina bucked her hips into Sasa and her evocative gasps and moans drove me to give Maja the same. I looked to Nina, she was remorseless as Sasa’s face with contorted in ecstasy, her slight hips writhing to take her cock inside her. Each hard strong convulsion from my cock made Maja gasp as another hot injection of cum shot inside her. I turned to see Nina easing herself onto her knees, with a desperate gasp of pleasure and still sensitive from my heavy orgasm, she licked and sucked the cum off my cock.

Shopping for her - Part 6

group seansxxy 2018-11-08

Vicky put her arms around Monica from behind and pulled her close while Sean put a hand on each side of her face and gently, so gently, kissed her on the lips, more a breath than a kiss. "Good girl." Sean nodded at Vicky, who led Monica dressed only in her knickers, gently by her hand to the shower in the master suite, turning on the shower so that warm water splashed down. I want to see you lost in that same passion." She turned him around, pulled him close and kissed him deeply, slipping her tongue into his mouth and her hands dropped to trace his hard dick through his trousers.

A knock on the door

group mattguize 2018-11-08

Grinning at each other, Harry and Matt both slid their hands down to Lisa's pussy, marveling in it's wetness and heat. Lisa sat watching, as Matt's head bobbed up and down on Harry's cock. She watched Harry's face, eyes closed in lust, his hands on Matt's head. At the same time, Lisa's hand snaked out, wrapped itself around Matt's hard cock, and began to pump furiously, her hand flying up and down his shaft. Desperately Matt tried to swallow it all, hands gripping Harry's arse, pulling him deeper as he savored the feeling of cum pouring into his virgin mouth. And as his mouth, throat and stomach began to fill with Harry's cum, his own orgasm, helped by Lisa's hand, hit hard.

The Best Conference Ever

group OldGeezer 2018-11-08

Well, what a penance, so I set to with fervour, my hands gripping her round bum cheeks as I licked her up and down and concentrating on her clit realised that she was highly excited, and just as she was starting her second orgasm of the night, I slid my finger into her asshole, sending her right over, into another hard, shuddering orgasm. It was then that I saw a pair of hands slide round Maria’s body and start to caress her, a finger finding its way onto her clit, as Sara climbed up off the bed to press her body tight against Marias.

Great Hotel Service

group BraveNewWorld 2018-11-08

The combination of my licking and Marie’s love juices meant I was also able to lubricate her arse to the point where I had actually inserted two fingers and slowly pumped them in and out with a moan of approval from. As she continued to suck me off, Anto stood behind Marie and wanked himself off furiously, and he was now completely naked, a pile of clothes on the floor next to the bed. Getting sore legs in the position, Marie couldn’t last too long and so slowly lifted off me, my cock slipping out followed by a sizeable amount of spunk that had run off of her back, which I had subsequently then pumped into her pussy.

A Middle Earth Odyssey - Chapter 2

group JessLuvzSara 2018-11-08

Astriel and Kirien's lips and tongues work on Gorfuk's cock, sucking and licking the sides or his shaft. Gorfuk now has Kirien and Astriel's mouths together and is sliding his cock between them, fucking their lips while they lick his shaft. Astriel and Kirien continue to orally pleasure Mogash's huge cock as Yanina and Starial squeeze each other's tits and taste their juice. He lifts Kirien off of Mogash's cock, slides his own cock out of her ass and deep into her pussy, slam-fucking her stretched hole as hard as he can. Gorfuk aims his cock, still glistening from Astriel's sopping pussy, and in one stroke he buries himself deep in Kirien's ass. Yanina watches the tiny Astriel ride Balzak's cock while Starial licks his balls and shaft.

A Threesome in Somalia

group Samuelx 2018-11-08

Christopher Henderson is a big and tall young Black man built like a football player. Anyhow, I started hanging out with the Black American guy and his Aboriginal Australian buddy because nearly all the Black guys at Carleton University are into fat White chicks. The mixed guys with Black fathers and White mothers tend to like Black women. Too bad most of the Somali studs in the City of Ottawa chase White pussy like their lives depended on it. Christopher moaned and ran his hands over my Hijab-covered head as I sucked his cock and licked his big hairy Black balls. Two sexy studs with cute faces, hot bodies and big Black dicks to choose from.


The House Of Empress Toya PT6

group BiUKSwinger 2018-11-08

  “Do you like that belle?” I asked confused   Pulling her mouth off my cock she looked up “Oh yes, it feels so hot I want you to do that same when I have swallowed your seed, please”   The finger in my ass was working wonders and I was soon exploding in belle’s throat, she continued to suck even after I had finished cumin, the man continued to finger my ass then I felt a little strange in a nice was as I felt the desire to pee, before I had chance to warn belle I started to piss in her mouth she pulled back and let my piss hit her breast’s and over the chest on the man under her, he moaned how hot is was and said he was cumin, I did not enjoy being pissed on but somehow I did enjoy pissing on others.

The Math of A Three-Way

group SonataSex6 2018-11-08

If I couldn’t make her cum I didn’t feel like trying. The thought of Denise cumming had gave me a hard-on that I struggled with all day. I could see a tussle of blonde hair exposed that Denise was clutching, guiding the head around her clit like a surf board. In an instant she was taking in the entire length of my cock, still playing with my balls, and began to suck relentlessly on my dick. Her asshole was so tight, so small that I felt like my cock would turn into a diamond from all the pressure. I became like a little dictator of the nation of Denise Pussy. However, it felt good to see Denises little slut body being fucked so hard.

The Arranger

group citizenjohn 2018-11-08

You are to ask those men to come to the bar, at 15 minute intervals. I asked the men to wear suits, and be in the bar to meet me at intervals. He suggested that when we get to the room, I strip down to my lingerie and heels, while the men all retained their suits. He asked me if I had ever been with more than one man, whether I had enjoyed men in my anus. He asked me if I wanted the men two or three at a time, whether I wanted them to come in me, and where. I knew that I wanted all these men, and that this would be a night when my femaleness found new heights of expression.