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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Super Sex

group jim313 2018-01-29

My wife kept feeding me her cunt to suck and the combination of his fucking and stroking had me ready to cum and, when he suddenly shuddered and cried out and started pumping his hot cum into me, that put me over the edge, and I moaned with my tongue buried deep in her vagina, as my penis stiffened and began shooting jets of cum on the bed which continued until his last spasm squeezed out the last drops from his beautiful penis. While she was sucking me, she was playing with Bill's erection and when she had both of us hard and ready, she asked Bill if he would like to get fucked while she sucked his organ and he agreed immediately and got down on all fours and presented his ass to me while Tyko got comfortable underneath him and began licking and sucking his cock and balls.


Sex With A...

group ANNON 2018-01-29

It had been some time since Karma and I adopted the retarded Girl Elaine from my sister and introduced her to sex. "Before you loose your nuts into a pussy I want you to make my daughter pregnant." I said to the men. A black man called Charly who was a doctor rammed his big dick into my adopted daughters slimy hole. "I love to fuck and I think what you and your wife are doing for your daughter is wonderful." She said. He took his large limp black dick out of Elaine after emptying his potent sperm in her pussy and pissed all over my daughter spraying pee into her mouth and over her tits.

St Mary's Girls: Housewarming Party

group Celtic_Heart 2018-01-29

With Connor's cock in her mouth and Lars' fingers in her cunt, Jane felt her body begin to stiffen. With her cunt stretched tightly around Connor's thick shaft and Lars' cock sliding over her tongue as he thrust between her lips, Jane reached back between her legs to play with her clit. "Hmmmm," murmured Amanda in reply, "now you come to mention it, that seems like a bloody good idea." She smiled at Shona, running her fingers further up the inside of her friend's thigh. "No you don't!" replied Shona, tilting her head in the direction of Jane's bedroom door, "You know exactly what's keeping Jane," she added, rocking her hips suggestively, to accompany the sound of the loud moaning that could be heard coming from inside her room.


School of Sex 2

group anita8003 2018-01-29

"Yes I have told her." The lady turned to Rose and said, "Look here, I have already told you, this is a boys' school and you have to work as a maid here and you will have to do all those jobs the boy would ask you to do" "Oh, No. Not Robert." Mary said, in a low voice, "He is a maniac and this one is new, he would destroy her" I would like to send her to Martin the new boy" He will be mild" He was having an hard on and he was fondling his cock when Mary opened the door and came in with Rose." "Come here" Martha took the hand of Rose and put it strait on his cock over the pajamas.

Caribbean Holiday Ch. 02

group B. Beattie 2018-01-29

Irina looked at me and then reached over and placed her hand around Allen's cock above Sam's. Sam moved her hand upward taking Irina's with her and soon both the girls were playing with his huge cock. Sam moved Allen's cock till it was rubbing against Irina's tits and nipples every time they stroked it. Sam took her hand away and Irina kept stroking Allen's cock. Irina and Sam started stroking Allen's cock again as I watched. She faced Allen and Irina and sat on my cock and started fucking me like a possessed demon. After about 30 minutes we went back to the beach and I changed places with Allen for some photos and really enjoyed touching Sam's tits.

Sabrina, Insurance Office Ch. 06

group Silvertuch 2018-01-29

Mark threw a doubting look at Sheri and turned to follow Sabrina back to the file room. "It's just that these three files look like they are missing papers." Sabrina said and handed three of Mark's customer files to him. "Let me explain it on the way home okay?" Sabrina said now knowing she and Sheri had been caught. "So what are your plans for the evening?" Mark asked as he watched Sabrina's bare feet rub against the material of the couch and his eye moved up to watch the bottom of her skirt let her shaved pussy peak out now and then. After Mark stroked himself a few times he moved his right foot back over Sabrina's leg and put his big toe up against her pussy.


A trip to the Beach Pt 1 - by SBarak1

group sbarak1 2018-01-29

Immediately I shifted my towel to provide some cover, however my cocks attempt to escape my board shorts had not gone unnoticed by Susan by the look on her face. All of this immediately meant nothing as Susan gave an imperceptible wink to Samantha and said “Hey Alan can you please rub some of this suntan lotion on my back”. Before I could make a move Samantha slipped her hand up my board short leg, grabbed my hard cock and eased it into a more comfortable down my trouser leg. Susan was certainly aware of it and as I stood up she deftly untied the cord at the top of my board shorts, reached her hand down and readjusted my cock so it was now pointing up.

Adventures in Babysitting

group Clohi 2018-01-29

As Mike's lips closed around my nipple, sucking me deeper and deeper into his mouth, I could feel his cock getting hard in his jeans. Without saying a word, Courtney leaned over and took Mike's still spewing cock in her mouth and sucked, tasting Cathy. She watched as Courtney's head bounced up and down in Mike's lap, sucking his semi-limp cock. Mike looked over and watched as Mr. Black ate Cathy's pussy, licking her lips up and down. Greg slipped his cock away from Cathy's sweet mouth and turned her around, leaning her over the couch. Cathy watched as Courtney sucked Greg to an orgasm, his cock erupting in her mouth. Mike moved and pushed his cock between Courtney's pussy lips, stroking her cunt with his rod.

The Sororities New Man Ch. 03

group lonelytexandude 2018-01-29

Rolling her eyes at me she started for the door then right before she went out she said looking back at me, "Hey you won't be complaining later when you are feeling like you are walking on a cloud or when you are buried balls deep in my wet tight pussy later this afternoon," then she winked at me and walked through the door. Just then I heard something come from the other door and then giggling on the other side of it, great now someone saw us I wonder how long it will be before everyone in the house knows I thought shaking my head while I left to go back to my room.


Sinnndy Goes To A Bachelor Party

group sinnndy 2018-01-29

After that last session, we had a group kiss, tongues everywhere, Laura reached into the gym bag, and placed a blindfold over my eyes, and told me to get on my knees, I did so, and a pussy was placed in my face, I knew it was Mia's, it was a different feel and taste, it was yummmy, I really wanted her bad too, I was very attracted to her, I felt a body going under me, I could tell by the large tits, that it was Laura, and then, I felt something hard at the door of my pussy, it had to be a strap on that she was wearing, and with a slow sliding shove, I knew it was, it felt great.

Saphirra Ch. 04

group odette-odile 2018-01-29

He was now driving his shaft into Kailyn's pussy while Saphirra's lips found her Mistresse's clit and sucked hard. Kailyn's sweet lips circled around another man's cock mimicking the motions of her asshole against Julius, while she fingered a different pussy in each hand. While Kailyn gathered coats and gave her thanks and goodbyes to the other guests at the door, Julius gathered the orgy participants in a comfortable pile on the lovesac where Saphirra lay, blinded and out of breath, but still shining pink with arousal. Soon Saphirra found herself entering into the dark, dizzy, head of a true slave again; blinded, with her hands and feet bound, mouth gagged, nipples clamped, and her warm ass pushing against a cold plug. Saphirra licked the Master's come from her Mistresse's ass, grinning the whole time.


The Group

group 2018-01-29

I realized the whole situation is far more complex than just “fun.” There is Randy and me, and Dave and his wife, Rhonda, Then there are Thea and Sharon. Randy is totally freaked knowing I want to fuck Dave, but I know that in his heart of hearts, he would like to fuck both Sharon and Thea. “If you’ll relax and not think about dumb stuff, I will make you cum.” I realized I really wanted to watch Randy fuck Sharon or Thea. I will admit that I had one of my more intense orgasms when he was fucking me in the hot tub and you discovered his cock was inside me,” Thea said to Sharon.

It Started with a Game

group seaspirit 2018-01-29

"From what you described over the phone sir, it sounds as if your wife may have a burst appendix." said the nurse as they picked Betty up and gently laid her on the stretcher, "But don't worry, Dave is a very good driver and we'll soon have her in hospital." As Pat and Dave got up to leave, Betty said, "Thank you for coming. After a few minutes soaking up the sun, Betty said "I think our evening with Pat and Dave helped to spice up our sex last night, what do you think?" "Good shot darling," she said with a smile, "now come on Dave, let's see if you can do the same to Pat."


Dorm Room Strip Poker

group slushpuppy 2018-01-29

The next hand saw Kara lose, again she put on a bit of a show slowly sliding off her jeans to reveal a matching yellow thong and a magnificent ass. The next hand was lost by Lanna again, almost overcome with embarrassment she slid her white cotton panties off and sat back down quickly crossing her legs and concealing her unshaven pussy. The muffled moans of Lanna with Cory’s dick in her mouth really got Kara hot she sat on the corner of the bed and began to finger her pussy slowly. After Kara had stopped screaming from her orgasm Cam began to scream as he came deep into Lanna's pussy.

The Legend of Ruby's Place

group Green_Gem 2018-01-29

"Ruby's Place!" I exclaimed, "Oh my God, that's why the invitation said I should dress like a lady of the night." "My love, the only thing that exists tonight is the amount of fun that you and I are going to have," Cray said as he ran his hand over my ass. Of course, in the subdued light of the dining room and with the masks on it was not easy to glean too much, but Dave had nice hands with long pianist fingers that made me think of all the places I liked getting stroked. I jumped up to get a closer look at the photo while Beth continued, "Ruby kept herself locked up here like a hermit, never going out but surrounded by all her memories until it all got too much..."


Carrie's Threeway Ch. 1

group DeeJay 2018-01-29

Carl, was equally impressed by Carrie, and I felt like Frank had already filled him in on the hot looking fox in his office. Carrie was going wild now, her head bobbing up and down on Frank's cock, her hip arching wildly to match Carl's thrusts. I thought Carrie also would end it here, but I watched as she crawled over to Carl's lap and began to clean his remaining cum from his cock and balls. I looked back into the living room to see Frank pumping my wife's ass even faster now, Carrie's face contorted in a combination of pain and crazed lust while Carl sipped his drink and stared in amazement at the sight I couldn't see.


A Second Chance at a First Time Ch. 02

group Confidential 2018-01-29

Lauren screamed into Lisa's pussy, which gave Lisa an extra thrill and began riding her face. Travis began pumping harder when he felt Lisa grazing both Lauren's clit and the base of his dick with her tongue. When Lauren felt Lisa's soft, warm tongue on her clit she immediately dove her face back into Lisa's pussy as she wrapped her legs around her head. With a loud moan, almost a scream, Travis pulled out of Lauren's pussy and jacked his cumming dick all over Lisa's face. Travis reached around to grope and hold down Lauren's ass as he began lapping at her clit and impaling her pussy with his tongue. Lauren immediately began cumming all over Travis's face, leaning over to give him better access to her clit.


Stripper Story Part 1

group 2018-01-29

Max stands on the couch above her and squats down and you take his cock in your hand like a giant dildo and begin working it into her ass. You fall to your knees with your ass in the air, his hands on your shoulders, pulling you into him harder now, your wet pussy taking all of his cock now and you feel the orgasm coming. Eventually he falls on the couch quivering while Ronny is standing behind you both, running his hands over your bodies and you notice that his limp cock is still 7 inches long and a long trail of cum hangs from the head.

On Set With Axis Ch. 02

group iconisclass 2018-01-29

"What's up Lilith?" she asked as the director came back to reclaim her seat behind the main camera and I got up to stand behind Axis and rub her shoulders. I want it natural and realistic, but sexy, like me." And she sat down in her director's chair and began rubbing her breasts and pussy. "Well, I was thinking,"I said, suddenly inspired, "that if there's a waitress and customers, then there must be a short order cook, or a manager that can watch from a different room. "What d'you say, Sandra?" Lilith asked a young black girl with short straight hair and a full breast. Axis hadn't been too far away and seemed to know what Sandra wanted as she suddenly appeared with a rubber sex toy designed to penetrate her ass.


Visiting Youth

group Shale 2018-01-29

The tempo of our thrusting increased as we slid up and down in the beads of sweat that rolled off us, until the moment that our bodies tensed and we gripped each other's hand tightly and filled the space between us with cum. Michelle, who had been watching from the side stroked Jean's sweaty hair then ran her other hand gently down my back as the three of us lay there serene and quiet and satiated. She threw back the sheet exposing their beautiful young bodies as Jean opened his eyes groggily while Michelle stroked his very stiff cock. Soon Michelle straddled Jean and slid herself over his cock, holding for just a moment before lifting up and down in rhythmic fluid motion.

Three Guys, A Girl, & A Fuckfest

group dangerousdave81 2018-01-29

At first there was a long awkward silence, which was eventually broken when Kumar looked at me and said, "I heard Sunil interrupted you rather rudely last night." The sudden mention of the awkward event from the previous night made me feel a little uncomfortable. "Ooohhhhh yes Kumar, play with my pussy," Anu said before receiving a hard slap across her ass. "Well since you like this position so much, we'll start with it," said Sunil before entering Anu's pussy with one thrust. "I bet you do, you little slut," Kumar said before unloading his thick semen into Anu's pussy. Fortunately for Kumar, Sunil did not last long inside Anu's ass and started cumming within moments.

adult theater suprise

group njfunguy 2018-01-29

while hes fucking her she see 9 men waiting for a turn and she says 2 down 9 to go hun so am i slutty enough now hun she asks and i tell her no not til u walk out with 5 loads of cum in ur face and she laughs and says no problem and tell 3 men to cum on her slut face and before she can finish saying it a guy starts shooting all over her and the guy next to him also shoots right between her eyes then she gets up bends over and say all the the rest better use my ass it wants attention too and the guys go nuts and start running a train on her ass as i sit and watch her being a complete whore and cant beleive she decided to do it and after they use her ass for an hr they all cum on her face and she says lets go home and ill let u have a turn..


Wild Oats - The Party

group twistedgraygoat 2018-01-29

It seemed like I was having a continuous orgasm as Tom's dick kept rubbing my G spot until he finally came. I looked at the naked guys with their beautiful cocks standing out proudly and said, I need to clean myself up. I had a twin on each breast, Jason by my head, Tom licking my pussy, and Roger rubbing my belly. I love to feel your warm spunk in my vagina, but I do not like cum on my face, in my hair, or on my body. Jason began with some deep kisses and then presented his cock to me and I loved him orally. After Tom loved me orally, all the other guys fucked me when it was their turn in my pussy.

Mr,Mrs & Me...Our Second Encounter

group 2018-01-29

Davinas cock bulged against a soft pair of cotton panties while Sarah wore nothing underneath, pointing out that as she looked like a naughty schoolgirl she had acted like one by leaving her knickers off. This wasn't punishment for Sarah because she just loves her ass being fucked and filled with hot cum. I felt the hard cock pressing against my entrance and my resistance easily gave way as Davinas hot cock entered me,filling me as i was filling Sarah. This was too much for Davina and i felt her hot stream of spunk begin to fill my own ass as she took me hard, her cock twitching and pumping more and more inside me.