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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.


group encountersxxx 2018-01-29

Then, when I met Anna's husband, Tom, I was sure that these two people were going to enter my life. I moved close against Anna and let my head rest upon her shoulder, aware of the smell of her perfume; citrus and spice, light but exotic. Tom was still kneeling at the end of the bed, still hard and strong, and I realized that he hadn't cum - I guessed he hadn't had anything like enough time with me. Anna flipped over on to her knees and elbows so that she was astride my thighs with her head on my breasts and Tom moved in behind her, also straddling my legs.

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group PantyhoseFan 2018-01-29

Apparently, Angela decided to help out by putting her hand down the pantyhose and inserting a finger for me. When I got it off and onto the floor, I took Angela’s hand out and pulled her pantyhose down a bit. Pulling her pantyhose a bit further down, I slipped on the first condom, and decided to give Rachel a good fucking. As I began to insert, her hands gripped the bed, getting a good hold while pausing in her licking of Angela. I decided to push it a bit further and slowly began inserting my index and ring finger into Angela’s ass as well. As I began to finger fuck them, I noticed that they each pulled the pantyhose down so that their heads were each in a leg.

Where Do We Go From Here

group 69plus1 2018-01-29

In the afterglow of a good "sex in the afternoon" session which she loved we had talked a lot about our fantasies and the subject of me watching her suck someone else's cock had come up and I did admit it would be hot. Has anyone ever sucked you so fucking nice?" I ask Tom but he has Jane's head in his hands and his head thrown back with his eyes closed. As Jane returns to pleasing our friend I open the lube and covering the first two fingers of my hand I run them over her ass hole. But I figured fuck it, there was no turning back now so I reached over with my other hand and stroked his cock as Jane sucked on the crown.

Tina & Tina Share Cock

group 1hotAKguy 2018-01-28

She reached up the leg of my shorts and grabbed a hold of my bare rock hard cock, while telling me how bad she wanted to feel it in her hot, wet pussy. Tina was playing with her clit while I had my face buried in her pussy and a finger in her ass. My face and fingers soaked from Tina, I decided I had better put the juices on my fingers for something good so I slid one right down to her ass. I went back to work on Tina(new) I slid another finger in her ass while I was fucking her pussy with my tounge, It took all of about 1 minute before she lost it.


group Louise Brown 2018-01-28

It didn't take long before one night when Doug had taken the kids to a basketball game at school, Kate and I started with a relaxing soak in their hot tub, and ended up in their bed. My right hand gripped about the large cock between my legs, my left around hip and fucking my ass from around and behind my thigh... He has muscular legs, still keeping in shape from his days of playing lacrosse and running, and his arms, though not beefy with muscles, are delightfully long that once I'm inside them I know I'm as safe as a girl can feel. His pace grew to the point I knew he liked best, and with my legs spread and pulled apart widely, I felt his balls slapping against my ass with each stroke of his cock.


Seriously Inconvenienced Ch. 04

group WifeWatchman 2018-01-28

"When the FBI guys said Fred Dixon had been called, I realized that they would only send him here if I, Your Iron Crowbar, was not in the County to intercept him and make good on my promise to him. It was now 9:30pm and in the main conference room were Chief Griswold, myself, Cindy Ross, Martin Nash, Jack Muscone and his FBI Team, my wife Laura, and her assistant and fellow CIA agent, Gayle Roberts. "As everyone in here knows," said Laura, "I received information that led me to believe that the remaining criminals from the late Jody Corrigan's rogue CIA team was going to try to kill Jack Muscone and his FBI team, by planting a bomb on an FBI plane.


Sex Surprise Ch. 1

group La Shram 2018-01-28

Tiny tight pink panties that I noticed cupped her butt, oh so nice, as she walked by me to the left side of the bed, and a matching pink bra over her small but nicely rounded and (at that moment at least) perky breasts. Standing at the left corner of the bed at my left leg in super tight jeans and an even tighter (at least it looked that way) tank top that was tied in a little knot above her beautiful belly button. I took my hand under Mattie's left bra cup and squeezed in a counter pumping motion. As I sucked violently on Meagan's large breasts and rocked her into a dry hump motion, and at the same time pleasured Mattie like never before.

Teasing Terri Ch. 5

group Mark Singer 2018-01-28

Terri grinned at Wayne and stepped closer to him, letting her hand brush against the front of his sweats. "I could really use that shower..." Wayne grinned at her and slipped his hand inside her blouse, cupping her firm breast and tweaking her nipple lightly with his fingers. Taking a final look through the louvered doors, and comfortable that Jenny and Jason were getting along, they both slipped silently away, down the steps, through the kitchen and into the master suite. "That why I want Jenny to teach me how to suck cock like she does..." Terri continued, Someday I'll do it...but right now I'm happy getting boys off with...other...ways..."


Color Guard Ch. 2

group checkeringstat 2018-01-28

I had assumed that she had gone down to her room for something, but she had, as I later learned, in fact gone down one step and told her mother that her darling little Beth was now a woman, having been fucked by my almost ten-inch, when fully extended, cock. But what surprised me was that there was Mrs. P, standing there next to Beth, all naked as well, and I was right, from the looks of things, she wanted a fucking badly. While Beth was the tightest girl I have ever fucked to date, Mrs. P is the tightest mother I ever had. Beth knew she had to do something, so she started to lick my cock as it went in and out of Mrs. P.

My Wife and Her Friend

group gen_man69 2018-01-28

Mali started to caress Jasmine's hand during the emotional bits of the movie. Mali shuddered as she licked her lips, her eyes going between my hand, Jasmines' breast and my face. I felt Jasmines' hand snake across my chest and pull Mali's face down. Jasmine saw what she was trying to do and she started to nibble Mali's lips, sucking on them slowly as both hands started caressing my cock harder. Jasmine stopped kissing Mali for a few seconds and moved closer to my hand she pulled my palm towards her and made it wet with a generous coating of saliva. My wife moved closer to my mouth and started to kiss me hard, totally ignoring Mali.


Older Neighbors Win The Bet Ch. 02

group wildp 2018-01-28

I was sitting on my couch a couple of days after losing the bet with Sarah and Kim. I was still amazed at how great the sex was that night with them. A lady that looked about the same age and size as Sarah and Kim came out. I had to serve Sarah, Kim, Shelby, and their other friend Lacey. When I came up Kim and Sarah had joined Shelby beside the tank. As they reset the seat Kim said yes he likes it as she noticed my cock begin to swell. Sarah then told me to hurry because she was ready for my cock and was not sure she could wait until we got home.

Naked Woman in the Forest Ch. 6

group blackdarth 2018-01-28

Fish Man wanted to stay at the pond a while longer and Judy, who by now knew the path back to the camp, decided to return on her own. Suddenly the hairy one called Wolf Man appeared in the path in front of her. Wolf Man disappeared in the forest and Judy tried to follow, but immediately became lost. Wolf Man worked fast, quickly binding her legs and then her wrists to chains that were anchored deep in the earth. "You not like ants?" Wolf Man said. It was the most powerful orgasm she had ever experienced, with the mouse giving her intense pleasure while the ants were still giving her intense pain at the same time.

My Second Threesome

group acfirering 2018-01-28

Since the college I went to was in the middle of no-where, and with almost everyone gone for the summer there was little chance of meeting anyone in person, so I turned to adult classifieds once again. Pretty soon he indicated she should get out of the sixty-nine and lay down, and he got up between her legs and slid that fat cock right into her sopping pussy. He fucked her like an animal, hard and fast - her pussy juices began to turn white from the friction, and were dribbling down her asshole as he continued to pound her. Almost immediately he got down between her legs and started licking her pussy and sucking his cum off her and out between her lips, and going to town on her clit.

Two Wheel Desires Ch. 07

group Sweetcheekss 2018-01-28

None of us were really in the mood to return to the campground so Cody suggested we park the bikes and stroll through the rally, grab a beer or two and maybe do some shopping. "I like the way it looks on Kelly and Liz. I'll just end up regretting it if I don't have it done." After you talked Liz into buying a trike, you're hesitant about buying a chopper?" Cody exclaimed, sounding quite surprised. "I saw a hot pink OCC chopper that you'd look really hot crusin' through the rally on." Cody stated with a laugh. "Kelly and Liz are out at the campgrounds, Cody's just up the street at Diablo Choppers." I responded.


A Night at the Club

group barry_nine 2018-01-28

I felt her hand cup my hardness through my jeans, rubbing it with increasing pressure, as we lost ourselves in our deep, soulful kissing. Greg slipped by, sliding a drink into my hand and took a seat in the chair immediately to my right. As her body slapped up and down on my aching cock, I felt hands on my head and my face turned to Greg. Opening wide, careful of my teeth, my tongue slipping under his cock, slightly smaller than my own, and I immediately tasted Samantha on him. It's just a moment between friends." I could feel Sam tense in one orgasm after another upon my cock, as Greg's slim shaft slipped in and out between my lips.


Kathy's German Trip

group SlutKathy 2018-01-28

"YEA, COME ON WHO WANTS TO FUCK MY DAUGHTER, THE SLUT,S LYING THERE NAKED, LEGS APART, THAT SHAVEN CUNT OF HER'S WAITING FOR MORE COCKS TO FILL IT, SO WHO'S GOING TO OBLIGE HER," I heard my mum shout. "Yea, look at the crowd as I fuck your ass hole," he said yanking my head back by my hair, so I was looking straight into the faces of all the people watching. "Yea, scream you cunt, look at all those people looking at your naked whoring body as I fuck this tight ass of yours," he said as he yanked my head back by my hair again.


Tired of Watching

group NymphWriter 2018-01-28

She smiled briefly as she liked the different technique Chris used verses Billy, who grabbed her head and began fucking her mouth. He worked his tongue deep in her pussy, his nose rubbing her clit and breathing in her sweet erotic scent, his hands holding her thighs, until he felt her pussy walls pulse and squeezed his tongue as her second orgasm struck and the woman moaned on Billy's cock. Chris climbed off and slipped a condom on his cock, tapped Billy on the shoulder and said, "Come on man, I want to fuck her too." It didn't take long for Chris to experience the feeling of her throat on the head of his cock, causing him to moan loudly and giving Jacob time to enjoy her ass.


Evelyn and her husband

group jwseekolder 2018-01-28

Within seconds of starting this, Gordon had stripped off as well and revealed a handsome cut cock which did not seem to be having any problems in terms of its erection. Although I watched her excitement and saw that Jayne had started to finger herself, Gordon simply carried on caressing my cock and continued until Evelyn came over to join us. He said that what he would really like and need to make him come was to continue to see my cock but that he would be perfectly happy to bring himself off. Jayne and Evelyn enjoyed some good times together including sessions where they performed for us while Gordon and I played with each other.

Merry Maids

group Magna12 2018-01-28

Leticia caught my eye, and I moved over beside her to get a better look at her lady friends. Soon the ladies found places to sit and Leticia asked me, "Today, I see you." "Tonight you show friends and husbands, OK?" "You go now and show." There I was standing in front of the wives and husbands with my cock half exposed and the briefs half way to my knees but still covering the last few inches. One of the wives unwrapped a motel plastic cup and held it under her husband's dick while she milked him. She spoke to her husband, and he came around behind me and used his hands to position my cock just right for the plunge.


Nightclub Romp

group lilkitti 2018-01-28

Then Goran pulled both my nipples together and started biting them at the same time, before pushing them up to my mouth as I started hungrily licking at them. They started moaning and I took Derrick’s whole length into my mouth while Goran started pumping his cock at my face and reached under and started playing with my taut nipples. He was rubbing his shaft all over my face as he reached down with one hand and started playing with my nipples, knowing how sensitive they were. Then I felt a boiling in my womb and started moaning and furiously pumping my ass into Derrick’s hot dick.


group tskasa1 2018-01-28

The other men moved closer and she pulled her lips off of Bob's cock and swallowed Mickey's prick while her hand stroked Donnie off. Lexi, no longer feeling the finger inside her moving, took matters into her own hand and began to ride Luke's finger, making it fuck her as hard as it could. She felt Bob stop deep inside her, and with a smirk he said, “Mmm, your ass looks good.” Luke pulled out of her mouth and groaned as he let a load loose all over chest, and Lexi moaned for Bob. “You want it there?” he asked? “Oh Donnie,” she moaned, “I haven't been double-dicked since 7th grade.” She felt Bob's hands spread her pussy wide, his rock hard dick still deep in her ass.

A Pirate's Life for Me

group Roscoe0829 2018-01-28

When Irena and Ziggy went back to their house, Christine looked at me with a gleam in her eye and said, "I wonder how exciting it's going to be myself?" I then looked over to the other side of the lanai as I was having my cocked sucked, and saw Ziggy fucking the wench bartender, while the blonde who sort of started the evening off was on her knees sucking the tits of the wench. Christine told me that as they pulled away from the dock Jon had already tied her to the deck and was telling her how much he loved her huge tits and great ass and couldn't wait to use her pussy.


group 2018-01-28

at this point i had not, could not take my eyes from my mothers cunt all the while i had been fingering my vagina and rubbing my clit just mimicking what this gorgeous woman laying next to me was doing to herself and my excitement grew and grew i had actually forgotten that my dad was sat in the chair facing us it was only when he groaned that i raised my eyes to witness his hand rubbing up and down his cock quite fast when all of a sudden his hand stopped about half way up his huge cock and he closed his eyes and his lower body spasmed as his semen hot out of the piss hole (that was the night i discovered the many sexual words) it shot so high that it looked like if he was leaning forward he could have caught it in his mouth as it was three blobs splattered his chest coating one of his nipples and the rest hot onto his stomach then he slowly carried on moving his hand up and down his penis all the time moaning about how me and mum looked so sexy sitting side by side each playing with our pussies.

Two Grad Students and Their Friend

group jizzysissy 2018-01-28

"Say Sarah," asked Jayne mischievously, "If one of us hits it off with Martin, let's say we all head back here at the end of the night. Martin watched in amazement and horny rapture as Sarah and Jayne's quick smooch turned into a make out session five feet away from him. Between watching Sarah and Jayne's kiss and the velvety feel of Sarah's mouth that relentlessly bobbing up and down his cock, Martin finally lost himself to a massive orgasm. Sarah, kneeling on the couch so her knees touched Jayne's hips, had a perfect view of Martin's cock as it plowed in and out of Jayne. you guys are amazing." Sitting up, Jayne leaned over and traced Sarah's jizz covered nipple and brought her finger to her lips.