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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Extracurricular Activities

group STM 2018-01-28

We got inside her apartment and sat on the couch, she turned on the TV and we watched it for about ten minutes, she then looked at me and said, in a deep, throaty, sexy voice, "There's something I've always wanted to tell you. Dana took her turn giving me head while Katie put on the strap on and fucked her sister Doggy style! Dana regained her energy and she whispered something into her sister's ear, Katie nodded and positioned herself over my cock as Dana got over my face. I fucked Dana while I ate Katie, and I tasted my come for the second time that day.

St. Johns Vacation Ch. 01

group FUNFORUS2 2018-01-28

I looked at Jean and knew she was thinking about what we heard coming from there room the night before. It felt right for me, so I went with it and I asked Alison if she wanted to come to our place and talk. As we said our goodnights and started to go our separate ways, Angie asked us, "Are you sure we can't talk you into coming to our room for a nightcap?" Jean and I needed to stop past the resorts convenience shop and headed in a different direction than Rick and Angie. With that Jean and I entered our room, eager to continue our adventure with Rick and Angie!

Breeding Ever Think Of It Ch. 02

group bonnietaylor 2018-01-28

You lick your lips as you watch the young man move in and place the head of his virgin thick hard cock at the opening of your wet hole. Then as men and you watch he holds this big dick with both hands and begins to push the head into the opening of your pussy. It’s his first time for him to feel the silky smoothness of your inner body and the walls of your tunnel as they rub his cock head and shaft from all sides. He will feel for the first time his cock jerk and jump and begin to cum inside a wet and willing pussy, your pussy.

The Best Business Trip

group lick4her 2018-01-28

Jeff licked a nipple on the way and whispered in her ear, "Yes babe?" All the while Tamara's mouth remaining on Rebecca's pussy -- getting closer and closer to her clit. Tamara had been in enough threesomes before to know not to get too greedy when the man 'belonged' to the other woman so she waited for Rebecca to cover Jeff's cock with her mouth first. When Rebecca stopped sucking, both she and Tamara took long licks up Jeff's shaft, flicking their tongue around the tip of his penis as their tongues reached the top, then they kissed one another. Rebecca took Jeff's cock in her mouth one last time going down quickly and then coming up very slowly while her hand pulled down gently on his balls.


What Are Friends For?

group TumbledLove 2018-01-28

Heather slowly kissed her way down his stomach and took his cock in her mouth. She then took her mouth off his dick and starting to lick the underside of his shaft. “No, I’m not sucking his dick,” he said with a disgusted look. Noticing that he wasn’t trying to stop me, I took his cock in my hand and immediately felt the warmth of it as I gave it a little squeeze. As I looked up, I could see Heather watching me with lust in her eyes as she sucked on Bryan’s nipples. Not only did I suck my best friend’s dick and let him cum in my mouth, but Heather watched me do it.

Angela's Birthday Treat

group whitbyl234 2018-01-28

It wasn't long before they were friendly with their waiter, a good-looking guy named Roger who looked to be a couple of years older than the girls. Then my wife swapped places with Angela and the guy got his face coated with her pussy juice before eating her out. Eventually, Angela ended up in the missionary position, where she got fucked good and hard until he shot a nice load of cum deep into her pussy. Looking at her gorgeous ass, Roger decided to take Brenda doggie-style, and she got a nice long continuous round of fucking, with Angela licking his balls, before he gripped her waist, pulled her into him, and held her tight as he unloaded another round of cum inside her.


group JodiStarr 2018-01-28

When he asked us of we wanted something to drink, we both said yes to lemonade and as soon as he went indoors, she took a bottle of tan oil spray from her beach bag and asked me to lie down so she could apply it to my legs, tummy, and chest. He went down on his knees between our two beds, first spraying oil onto his palms before rubbing it onto Lola's evenly tanned skin, beginning on her calves and thighs. I was close to coming, three fingers sliding inside me, thumb pressing on the outside, when he roughly turned Lola around, resuming his pounding from behind.

Double Pleasure

group hroy2 2018-01-28

"I don't know," he said, "Probably a threesome with two hot girls." Jake smiled slyly. After a moment he felt his penis spring free from its tight restraint and Brittany's soft mouth engulf its tip. Brittany sucked a final time and slid back on the bed. Heather began to feel the pressure of an orgasm coming on so she rocked her hips against his tongue pushing it harder and farther into her. Brittany lifted his face, wet with Heather's juices and kissed him. Jake continued to dart his tongue in and out of Brittany while Heather continued inching his penis into her mouth. He waited until Brittany let out a cry of orgasmic joy before he removed his mouth and turned to face Heather.


group susurrus 2018-01-28

From the way Tucker moaned, it sounded like he damn near came when I started sucking his cock. Eventually, Tucker leaned forward, and my cock twitched in anticipation of feeling his mouth close over it. Now, I love having my balls licked and sucked – the wife enjoys working them over with her mouth too, but it doesn't happen nearly enough – and Tucker did it well. I love feeling my wife's mouth and tongue on my cock, but lately, it seemed that sex was something to "get over with," rather than enjoy, so having someone who wanted to take their time was a pleasant change.


The College Party

group Monique 2018-01-28

She couldn't help kissing Todd back, but suddenly she felt hands at her feet removing her shoes. The other man's dick also tried getting into her mouth but had to settle for her stroking it as she tried to satisfy both men. She now faced Todd as the thing, whatever it was in her pussy was removed and she was sat on top of his cock. The dick in her ass was removed and now another man appeared in front of her and straddled Todd's stomach and somehow thrust his cock into her pussy with Todd's! Whatever, she didn't care now, she helped each man in the room cum into her mouth, or pussy and she felt extremely satisfied.

The Chair

group rosiethorne 2018-01-28

Rick could maybe come in after and fuck her properly, and maybe she would enjoy Lolly's husband Pete putting his dick in her mouth. She touched Lolly's knee under the table and Lolly smiled and pulled Sheri's hand up between her legs. The redhead came over to Sheri in the chair and kissed her on the mouth, then asked if she would be a doll and help her out. The redhead's hands cupped Sheri's breasts and she sighed heavily. He touched the redhead's breasts, which had the most perfect pink nipples Sheri had ever seen. The wetness of the cunt dripped into her mouth, and then Sam came, spilling cum down those perfect white legs and over Sheri's hair.

Surprise Sex

group 2018-01-28

Things just may get very nasty in your bed today." He then began fucking her with the dildo as he played with her clit and sucked on her nipples. Are you going to like a lesbian tongue fuck?" Then she felt the soft touch of the woman's tongue lick her pussy and suck her clit. Then Bill said to the woman eating Jane's pussy "I think my dirty whore wife would enjoy you fucking her with your strap on. Then Bill said to Jane "I am not going to let her stop till you can tell me you can have sex with me like a normal wife. I want to fuck your cunt and ass and you will suck my cock and let me eat your pussy.

Kelly Ch. 2

group CalWriter 2018-01-28

In one of my other classes I made friends with two guys, Greg and Jeff. When I got her naked I laid her on the bed and pressed my mouth to her pussy while fingering her asshole. I looked over at the guys and they were entranced at the erotic vision before them: two sexual animals engaging in hot sex like they had only dreamed about, knowing that in a few minutes they would be, at long last, doing the same. Jeff climbed into position and Kelly guided his dick into her waiting pussy. When I got my cock all the way in I started pounding him, making him thrust even harder into Kelly beneath us. Kelly learned the joys of double penetration and both guys sucked their first cocks.

The Children of Freedom Ch. 01

group stephen55 2018-01-28

She did give me a few moans and groans, a "fuck me hard, big guy," and a few pelvic humps but when I came, she rather quickly accepted my cash tip, said, "That was great. I fucked a reasonable number of them and thought that, while the sex was much better than with 'Hidden Delight', it wasn't necessarily going to find me a girlfriend. As I was drifting off, I said a silent thank you to whichever God had sent this woman my way. No wait, I already know you like fruit salad." She smiled and let me wash her breasts. "No," I said, "come in." Why Rachael wanted housekeeping in the room was beyond me. The housekeeper entered and seeing Rachael in bed, said, "Good morning."


Sailing into Trouble Ch. 01

group UrsaMajor69 2018-01-28

I told them that I thought it wasn't such a great idea, as Sabrina was did look very slight and I wasn't completely sure she could work the sail and tiller all by herself. During that time, I saw Sabrina's ass moving in slow circles in the air while her hands rubbed up and down his chest. As soon as Scott rolled off her limp body, Zack strode over and easily flipped Sabrina over onto her hands and knees, so I could now see her head, back and ass above the sidewalls of the boat. Scott held her head tightly as he squirted into her mouth while Zack plunged in as deep into her rear as he could go, filling up Sabrina's unprotected pussy with his cream.


group Kelly CPT 2018-01-28

As Steven readied the camera Rich was moving slowly up the back of my legs, I have been extremely tense lately so he had a lot of work ahead, but he took his time. Rich's long strokes over my legs were great, pinching and pulling at the skin, he lifted the towel a few inches again, but I ignored it, the men were taking good care of me! Steven moved to the head of the table leaned over and began licking and sucking my nipples, running his hands down my stomach then gliding over my bush. Steven pulled his cock from his shorts and laid it on the table, slid his hand under my head, tilted it a bit then pressed the head against my lips.


Her first bi MMF

group rogue-1966 2018-01-28

Sucking it, teasing it with my tongue when he start pushing my head back telling me to keep sucking and hold his ball in my mouth. I sit on the coffee table stroking my cock watching as my lady masturbates and the guy cupping and sucking her nipples. My cock slips from her mouth when she reaches down and holds  the guys head as she starts cumming. Before my lady could come down from her orgasm the guy sits up, holding her legs slips his cock into her pussy. The guy pushes her legs to her chest and stand before burying his cock balls deep in her pussy and starts fucking her with long deep thrust.

Roommate Surprise

group rtom27 2018-01-28

There Martha was laying on my bed with her legs wide open and her fingers deep inside her incredibly wet pussy. I got very wet very quickly, and as I heard Martha approaching her climax, I became aware I was coming close to mine. I heard Martha and Eric gasp and turn around to look at me. "Eric, come stick your dick in between my tits and fuck me like that. Eric, ram your dick so far inside me that it comes up with throat and into her pussy." At the sound of this, Martha climbed off my face and stuck in right next to mine, waiting for Eric to blow his load.

My First Sexual Experience Ch. 02

group googliebare 2018-01-28

Dave was on the bed, his butt naked butt shining and his head buried between Angela's legs. Angela lay there on the bed, naked, her nipples erect like mine had been earlier in the day, her legs spread wide, and her face almost in a trance. It wasn't long before Dave made Angela scream again, and I noticed her body doing exactly what mine had done earlier in the day. When I came, I was also aware that Dave's body had stiffened up and he too let out a groan as he clutched me so tight, and came inside Angela. Dave and Angela could not keep there hands off one another, and while I lay in the bed, rubbing myself, the two of them came again.

Wife Swapping Combinations Ch. 05

group Bodington 2018-01-28

I then started kissing the naked Leah giving the opportunity for Octavia to get undressed. Octavia turned away from me got off her knees to sit her ass down on the floor with both hands also resting on the floor for balance. This had the obvious effect of stopping Leah's verbal sounds but she did continue moaning while kissing Octavia. Finally the girls broke off their kiss and Leah simply gasped out a "Wow!" while Octavia sighed and breathed heavily. It was a simple one where I was on my back and Octavia was riding my cock while Leah was sitting on my face for a vigorous cunt lapping.

Cool Grey Night

group Herk 2018-01-28

Carol's hand traced it's way up Lisa's leg, wandering amongst the contours of muscle that lay there. Lisa looked up at me and smiled, her hand slowly tracing the curve of Carol's breast. Carol turned her head on my shoulder and pressed her mouth against mine. Releasing my arms, Lisa pulled me up onto the couch, and slid around me to help Carol pull my jeans over the bulky bandage on my ankle. Carol's hand slipped between them, and disappeared between Lisa's thighs. As she sucked the juices from the source, Carol twisted left and right, almost as though trying to get away, but at the same time pressing Lisa's face harder into her crotch.


Strap-on Gangbang

group Spartan1855 2018-01-28

Having no mercy, Cindy shoved its entire length into my ass with one sudden thrust and then began to savagely fuck me, not paying any attention to my cries of pain. Sue and Cindy 'timed' their orgasms to coincide with one another and after a final thrust from each of them, my mouth and ass were suddenly both empty. Sue and Cathy took turns thrusting into me, first one in my ass and then one into my mouth, the two of them taking great delight in driving me crazy with passion. Two of the 'gang' members began to caress my hard cock, while the other two poured lube all over Sam's massive cock, getting it ready for my slutty ass.

Roll of the Die

group bingochalice 2018-01-28

"At the same time, the second man starts to slowly push his cock into the woman. At the same time, the second man starts to slowly push his cock into the woman - yes Sara, in your fanny. The second man should be the first to orgasm, and he should try and time it so he's deep inside the woman when this happens." Sara looks delighted at the prospect of this. I can feel the strap-on move inside me as she is moved by Ted's cock slowly drawing out of her. The angle that Sara is on makes the strap-on rub beautifully over my prostate, and I can feel the pre-cum rush down my cock and out the end.

A Late Night at the Office

group bigsimes1 2018-01-28

Still holding her hair, I roughly pulled her onto my cock, fucking her lipstick coated mouth. Her scream was muffled by Peter grabbing her blonde hair, and stuffing his hard 8" cock into her mouth. They began swapping places, first one , then the other sticking his cock into Marions mouth, the lipstick now long gone, sweat making her mascara run down her face. Tony smiled, "Oh yes, can I have her arse first?" His cock was coated with Marion's saliva, nicely lubricated. Pausing only to turn on the video camera that was always in my office for teaching and training, I walked round my desk, and pushed my cock into her waiting mouth.