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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Academic Advisor

group drscar 2018-01-28

One time in class the conversation turned to some of the more extreme feminist views, the ones that go so far as to say that "all sex is rape." Jeri had slammed her hands on the desk and cried out, "What do they think the clitoris is for!?" Yeah, that little comment gave me visuals for weeks. It was a full ten minutes before I began to realize that I had no idea what student group Jeri and Monica wanted me to be an advisor for. Suddenly I saw Jeri and Monica through an open door on the other side of the room, each holding a red cup but looking away from me.


Susie does Vegas

group Susiesman 2018-01-28

Lisa takes Steve's hand and has him stand next to Matt then proceeds to kiss him hard. Steve sits back down on the couch and watches Sue continue to deep throat Matt as she looks in Steve's direction. Sue places her hand on Lisa's panty covered pussy and starts to rub her clit slowly. She watches Steve as he fucks Lisa and loves how full Matt's cock makes her feel. Lisa leans forward, pulls Matt's cock from Sue, and quickly laps up his cum as it oozes out of Sue's well-fucked pussy. Sue then moves over to Steve and licks his cock clean and Lisa does the same with Matt.

St. Chester Ch. 07

group still_goin 2018-01-28

“Well, Jane the mane--I hate her hair—always wants to show off, so she was first to act out a word and she started by hugging herself so from behind it looked like she was making out with a guy, so everyone snickered and guessed, ‘making out,’ ‘kissing,’ making love,’ (Billy Freeman who’ll say anything said ‘fucking,” and like that and she keep egging everyone on as if they were close, but it went on and on and nobody could figure out what the hell she was getting at. “I was in the office and the first thing I know, the Meelie drags Jane in and sets her down and walks into the principal’s office and then I hear ‘whisper whisper whisper,’ and then I hear Mr. Jones yelling, ‘there is no way I’m going to talk to Jane about what happens to her when she gets sexually excited.’ Then he says, ‘I don’t care.


Angel & Naughty: Dinner

group Steven_Dessmir 2018-01-28

Funny, since I fuck his wife Lisa regularly up her ultra-sexy ass, since she eats my cum and worships my dick like an idol. The thought of fucking Lisa's younger sister appealed to me greatly—especially after all the delicious fuck-nasty things I had done to Lisa—but in person, Loretta was just as gorgeous as her sister—dark Italian skin, smoky brown eyes and a body that slinked perfectly under her backless red dress. Every time I saw her I wanted to grab her by her chocolate hair, bend her over anything in sight and fuck that dessert pussy and that tan fat ass, grope those stunning fat tits and stuff cock in that glamorous mouth.

A Romp In The Park Ch. 01

group Morganna Phoenix 2018-01-28

I could feel him start to thrust harder and it felt like another inch of his cock slid into my contracting pussy. She started licking my cum soaked pussy from ass to clit. I started to protest when one of the cute guys from the band came over to me and guided his cock to my ass. I was laid back on the table with my legs wide open having my ass fucked for the first time when the cute chick started lowering herself onto my face. The band guy started going faster into me, so I stepped up the tempo with the pixy looking girl. I was riding the ROTC guy when the band guy started pushing his cock against my ass again.

Sharing Your Crush With Me

group Aunay 2018-01-28

I'm on my knees in front of her wiggling my ass as my hands touch her legs, sliding down to her ankles as my mouth kisses her thigh. Her clit is wet and she moans and pushes against my finger as I slide it into her pussy around her lips. Your other hand slips back up and around my waist gripping on to my breast, pinching my nipples as your finger teases my pussy and you begin to rub your hard cock along my clit. She's really fucking you hard as you grab my waist and pull my pussy down harder on your tongue...fucking my pussy with your mouth, moaning and licking and sucking as she cums on your cock.

Robert and Triece Pt. 01

group arturoagfl 2018-01-28

Her pussy hairs looked quite damp and a little of Robert's cum started gently seeping out of her pussy. She lay that way for a couple of seconds, her thighs shaking gently and she reached up and gently took my dick in her hand, softly kneading it. In what seemed like no time, Robert started grunting and Triece apparently started swallowing his cum. When her mouth came off his dick she started moaning again, "Oh God, oh God, oh God." She almost collapsed on top of Robert as she came and fell away from me. As soon as I started cumming, she took her hands off my chest and very slowly moved up and down on my dick as I was pulsing another load of cum into her pussy.

Wife and I Get a Roommate Ch. 02

group tonyl65 2018-01-28

One night, after a great bought of sex, Carol was spooning me from behind, slowly grinding her strap-on cock in my ass and rubbing my nipples, when she started to tell me that before school started back up she wanted to go visit her friend Laura. I quickly rubbed the lube into my balls, as I did I felt my finger touch my ass hole. The only way you get off is thinking how a nice big fat juicy cock feels fucking your pussy, isn't that right macho boy?" I stepped closer towards the outstretched hand as he reached under my cock, grabbed my balls, and pulled me even closer to the glory hole.


Old Europe: Sex and the Single Soldier

group shawalphamale 2018-01-28

I was looking at Monica's face behind her veil and I saw dark, intelligent eyes, a firm chin, a small smiling mouth with deep red lipstick setting off perfect teeth and a nose which was too big to make her beautiful but somehow seemed to reinforce her personality. Only the granny didn't just hold it, she ripped the top off the packet with her teeth like John Wayne pulling the pin out of a grenade as Philice eased my prick out into the open, waving it around with her hand with a look of concentration on her face as if she was a conductor giving an orchestra the tuning up signal with a baton.


Unconventional Awakening Ch. 03

group carols_box48 2018-01-28

And both Paul and Peter, although still fully dressed, the hardness in their jeans giving away their desire, as well as the look in their eyes. I slowly pulled open the top part of the robe, feeling like s stripper, hearing stripper music playing in my head. I licked my lips as I watched Peter slowly pull down his jeans, and noticed he was having difficulty sliding it past his bulge. When peter finally managed to drop his jeans below his hardness, I was treated to a nice view of a cock different from Paul's. All three of us were now naked, and I must admit I was enjoying seeing Paul's and Peter's hard cocks.

Now That's an Introduction: Hot Tub

group Xerxes82 2018-01-28

As you pull away, not wanting to push her, she leans in, opening her mouth to let your tongues meet in a subtle dance of lust. You turn to him, stepping closer, letting his hands wander your breasts, your belly, before leaning in to kiss him. She reaches behind her, undoing the top of her bikini, letting it fall away, her bare breasts in my hands, her hard nipples calling to my mouth. Moving swiftly, she drops to her knees in front of him, taking him again in her mouth even as you sit in the chair next to them, pulling me to you, your lips wrapping around the end of my cock.

Dawn on The Dancer

group BogartsBoss 2018-01-28

I sat back and Lillian moved onto Dawn; kissing her way up from belly to lips, stopping to pay particular attention to the brown nipples before her. "Argh!" Dawn reacted; quickly going into a series of yips that came with her orgasms, and then she brought her hands down, holding Lillian's face in place forcibly. I held on as long as I could, but soon the constant vibrations on my cock drove me into an orgasm that seemed to pull the hair from my head...Lillian finally dropped over Dawn, and I collapsed on both. When Dawn was ready, Lillian led my cock to the open and waiting ass.

Kelly Ch. 4

group mmumbles 2018-01-28

Sandy expanded her control over April and included her husband Jack. When Shannon and Dan approached her with their plans for the following school year she got them to include April and Jack. They got together in various combinations that winter, spring and fall, Kelly most often with Dan. Sandy split her time between Shannon and her new subs. Kelly quit resisting, dropped her hands and allowed April to lead her over to an easy chair. April got between Kelly's legs and began licking as Shannon and Sandy each took one of Kelly's legs and bent her until her vagina was pointing straight up. Shannon started to pester Kelly some more, but Dan decided to assert his dominance.

Foursomes and Moresomes Ch. 01

group HLD 2018-01-28

The five of us embarked on a sexual journey which involved me getting my head un-stuck from my ass and realising just how much I was in love with Melinda, Leah and Katie falling for one another, and Carl . Leah and I started this role-play several years ago; it was our little secret and we never include Melinda and Katie in this particular fantasy. My hands went to her head and it was all I could do not to grab her by the hair and ram all the way into her mouth. "I have something else for you, Daddy." Still holding my cock in her hand, she snaked her way up my body.


Island Fever Ch. 14

group Jeremydcp 2018-01-28

You said that you felt like waiting a little while and getting to know me a bit more before telling me exactly what happened." Devon shrugged her shoulders. I had held back from talking about Victoria with the likes of Pamela and Trish, as well as Devon herself, in the past two weeks whenever the subject came up. Although what happened with Victoria was the most traumatic experience of my life (bar none), I thought it would do me a lot of good to revisit the hurt and talk about it with Devon. I met her four years ago over in Peru when she was on vacation there with her family." For the first time in several minutes, the smile that I flashed Devon's way was totally pure and genuine.


The Fun Intensifies

group 2018-01-28

She walks to the bed, pulls her knee up and starts rolling the stocking, moving to place it at her toe. She stands up, does a little turn (with a hint of playful irony) and says "How do I look?" I can't really answer, but I notice that my cock starts stirring a bit. Sam pulls his cock out and waits for her to run her tongue hungrily along its length, then just the tip, then he holds it to his stomach so she can suck his balls. Without thinking to ask whether it would be okay or not, I reach over and tear open the toe of her stocking, contorting myself to be able to run my tongue between her toes while I slide my almost-cumming cock in and out of her.

Walt's Gift

group Scorpio44 2018-01-28

The social worker who called me said my Dad had a heart attack and he and they needed me to come. A week later I was handed eighty-five hundred dollars in cash and told to drive Dad's pick up to Bridgeport and deliver the money to the John Deere dealer. "No. He told me he loved all of you in the apartments and he asked me to care for you for the rest of your lives. "He told me that you all are his best friends in the world, that ever since Harvey and Mom died he felt alone and you helped him want to live for the last five years.


Sinnndy Does Vegas Ch. 3

group sinnndy 2018-01-28

So there I was with stoking my Billy's hard cock, with Shane's fingers sliding in out of my pussy, all the while looking a the beautiful scenery on both sides of the chopper, what a high it was. Tyler and Shane were pumping me hard in tandem, pulling their cocks out at the same time, and then slamming into me at the same time, while Ronny had his hands on each side of my head, and slammed his sausage into my waiting mouth. When you have a cock in your mouth, pussy and ass at the same time, with hands roaming all over your body, its hard trying to concentrate with so much going on at once.


The Three Brothers Ch. 02

group sweetrapturedlight 2018-01-28

Vladynia dropped to her knees and started teasing Vladimir's cock. Valeri continued licking Vladynia's pussy. Hearing her moan, Valeri's cock was so hard and he needed release. Off went Viktor into the room to see Vladynia laying there with Valeri. Viktor was hard and he asked Vladynia to get on all fours. Viktor smacked her ass and Vladynia let out a cry. Vladynia nodded a yes and Viktor continued until his erect cock couldn't take much more. Her wetness drowning his cock, but he didn't want to just fuck her pussy, he wanted her ass. He heard Vladynia moaning and knew she wanted to be fucked in the ass. "Vladynia lay back, we want to give you a bath." Valeri said smiling.


Bewitched, Beguiled, Beloved

group naughtywriter2 2018-01-28

It gave Simone ample time to fantasize about having a huge dick plunging in and out of her sopping wet vagina while Helena demonstrated her exquisite expertise in cunnilingus. "How could I ever forget?" Simone cupped the back of Helena's head in her hands and lovingly pressed her full red lips against her lover's more delicate tangerine tinted ones. Helena grabbed Simone's hands, squeezed them and held them to her lips with a distant sadness in her eyes. She turned around in time to see Rick Carver waving at his band members and looking in her direction. When Simone was completely nude she turned her back to face the pool, giving him one last look at the sweetest heart shaped ass he had ever laid eyes on.


My b*****r and my wife

group 2018-01-28

The two of them went at it for about an hour there in the Jacuzzi until my wife stood up and said “ I want you both in me on the bed”. That wife of mine really likes fucking and I love watching her enjoy her body and orgasm on someone else’s cock. I get a great kick at a party when I see her whisper in there ear and I see them move uncomfortable in their chair as their cocks go hard, now and then if it’s a big enough party I will see her disappear with a guy in close pursuit know she is going to fuck them in the bathroom.

The Sorority House Ch. 05

group bluedragonauthor 2018-01-27

She rotated her hips downwards to rub her clit against my rod, gyrating in my lap as I stared into her eyes and felt the hard tips of her erect breasts pushing into my chest. It seemed like I was not the only put on edge by the teasing, and Lisa came quickly, her juices gushing out and coating my lips after only a few minutes of my ministrations. I lost track of how much time we spent making love this way, but the CD she was playing had stopped and I was sure my roommates could now hear perfectly the moans and grunts emanating from my room.


Sopping Wet Fun

group Anabasis 2018-01-27

The man nodded, looking around in amazement at the girls around him, still letting Ashley guide him until he lay on the tiles at the edge of the pool. "Nate" he said simply, but Becca had already forgotten her question as she tipped her hips up and let the head of his dick push into her soft lips. She gasped as Ashley's smooth finger slid into her ass, the pressure in her stomach, building since she began fucking Nate exploded as she felt fully filled. She pulled herself over to Lauren, throwing her arms around the other girl's neck and letting one leg push between the brunette's thighs. His thrusts pushed Nikki's fingers, still clamped around Lauren's pussy up and down and both girls clutched each other in intense pleasure.


Marla and the Neighbors Ch. 03

group MarlasMan 2018-01-27

"We won't go too far – and put this on." Leisa handed her a large running watch, it looked like a man's. Seth turned from looking at Marla and said to Leisa, "So you guys are heading to the gym, huh? "Leisa, I think this outfit is too tight for this," Marla said, trying to look toward her boobs to see if they were truly falling out of her top. And thanks Javier, I think I'm good now." Marla turned her head slightly to the young man, who removed his hands from her breasts and hopped off the bench to re-join his friends. Marla looked over and Leisa now had her arm around Seth and their bodies were close together.