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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Fingering It Out

group rosemarie 2018-01-27

One night Kim, thought to her self that there was one more thing that could make this relationship best ever. With this dare Kim walked over and started talking to the pretty blonde. Kim gave one look at the two guys, that watched her every movement. As Kim and Marie walked over to Rayan,and Steve. Kim then said to Steve," i'm sorry hun shes coming home with me!" Fingering and licking by that Marie was ready to burst right in Kim's mouth. They kissed and laid there, both girls really not thinking about Rayan. Not even looking at Kim he walk right on by. Inside Kim went to Rayan, looking into his eyes of tears she knew she did wrong.

Any Chance We Could Ch. 38

group Reindeer58 2018-01-27

I'd just walked out of the bathroom and was tucking in my shirt when Veronica told me that Grace had just called and we were going to meet her for breakfast at the First Watch in the valley. The three of us walked across the room and when we stopped, I said, "Cheryl, Grace was going to come work for me, ... As we got back to the table the wait staff was taking lunch orders and I announced that I'd made a job offer to Cheryl and that she's considering coming to work for us in the near future. Clairise did accept Cheryl's offered to take her home and I invited Cathleen to join us Friday night here, at seven.


Valantine Glory Hole....

group 2018-01-27

You could see the excitement arise in his eyes and pants when he walked through the door. As we started to watch the movie in our dark cubical, I could hear the others in the room moaning with excitement. A long hard cock had found it's way through a hole in the wall. I walked around the corner and entered his booth. The stranger was so excited he came right at me and wanted to stick it in my pussy, so I let him. The hubby was watching from near the curtain and stroking his cock so hard I thought it would explode. What a great way to celebrate your 1st Valentine's Day!


group Friskee_cpl 2018-01-27

I could feel cunt juice all over my pussy and I dipped my hand in and rubbed it on Eric's cock. I spread my legs and as Bill came towards me Eric said "before you go putting that monster in her let John and I have a go." John and Eric came around and I went back to sucking each cock. Neil's cock was still hard and I turned around and licked the cum and my cunt juice off it. At one stage I sat on the lounge with my legs spread open as Wendy licked the cum that was oozing out of it as I sucked Neil and Sean fucked Wendy.

Housewife & Her Tales Part 5

group altaff143 2018-01-27

“What rubbish?” Anita said incredulously and tried to pull her foot further away but he had got hold of it again in his grip. ”Mem Sahib, I don’t like to fuck Lakshmi. Bhasu said thrusting his tongue inside her pussy. This made a plonk noise and embedded his cock fully inside her pussy each time she came down on it. “And yes, if you want things to be even tell your husband that he is most welcome to fuck Lakshmi. He had unzipped his fly and quickly thrust his cock replacing the finger inside her ass, placed his hands at her pubic bone and pulled. Anita was still trying to come to terms with the fact this huge cock had entered her ass.

My Sister-In-Law Comes To Visit

group ryanj41015 2018-01-27

God, it's incredible, isn't it?" Not sure what to think I got to the bottom of the stairs and nearly collapsed as I saw Nate standing in front of my wife and her sister nude as my wife worked both her hands up and down his huge cock which looked to be at least 8 or 9 inches long and twice as fat as mine. He looked back at me as Michelle's mouth continued to work on my cock, smirked at me and told me to "watch this." An ear splitting scream from my wife filled the house as Nate slammed his huge cock all the way inside her on one big thrust.


A Frank Conversation

group SquiresBoy 2018-01-27

I was standing there with a guy's tongue in my mouth, his hand moving ever-closer to my cock. Richard pulled his hand away from my cock long enough to push my boxers down. I started returning the kiss with passion now, focused entirely on the hand on my cock, the tongue in my mouth, the warm body pressed against mine. I saw so intent on fucking her, on kissing her and watching her breasts against the smooth silk of her slip, that Richard pushing his cock into my ass was a complete shock. I looked down at Amanda's breasts and focused on them as he pulled out, then pushed back in a little at a time.


Diary for April

group gentlemom 2018-01-27

The note said that I had enjoyed meeting him, that I wanted us to become good neighbors, and that if he ever needed ANYTHING, ANYTIME (yes, I shamelessly emphasized that part), he should give me a call or, better yet, just knock on my door and ask. Dick's apartment is a two-bedroom model, which is larger than mine and seems a bit ostentatious for a single man, but conspicuous affluence is a good feature in men. I ran into Dylan again, this time in the building's parking garage, about eight hours after I got home from Dick's place.


cum on letter to a couple

group Tigerpaw46 2018-01-27

Between my legs I can feel your wetness, I know that you want me inside, that you want me to slowly, slowly spread apart your cunt lips with my raging hard cock. Now with a slower pace I rise up, allowing Darla to view with full sight my piercing cock as it enters you…her eyes gleam with the thought of suckling my raging prick as I fuck away. She wants to lick your wet juices while my cock slides in and out, she wants to feel with her tongue the hardness of my shaft as it pierces your body, spreads your cunt lips.

Friday Night Office Fun

group darktigerroar 2018-01-27

Lennie fondled her legs and slid his hands beneath her skirt and rubbed Brea's pussy through them. Between Lennie's kisses and Brea's rubs, Jade was swinging her feet and moaning softly. Cameron laid kisses on Jade's arms while Brea did the same to her neck with Lennie on her lips. Lennie lowered Jade's panties to her pants and, with a pair of digits, rubbed them over her clit and pussy back and forth a few times before slipping a finger and another inside. Cameron held Jade's leg and Brea had the other and they held them open for Lennie. So nice to see you like this," Rosa said as she scanned Lennie and Jade.


Long Drive to Work

group Yarhooo 2018-01-27

As we turned onto the highway towards work, I felt her hand sliding up my legs again, up and down my inner thigh down to my knees then back up just gently caressing my pussy with the tips of her fingers. As I come he drives past getting an eyeful of Hayley eating my pussy while bent over with no pants showing the world her snatch too. I tell her to get up on the tray in the back of the ute and spread her legs then I start to lick her lips first then her clit up and down mmmm nice pussy.

Queen of Porn

group *Snatch 2018-01-27

As she slowly came awake, Marla moaned and rotated her hips, thrusting so that Linda's fingers moved deeper inside her wet cunt. Linda moaned and fucked Natalie's fingers while keeping a steady motion in Marla's pussy. While Matt knelt between her legs and licked her hot snatch, the other man had pulled her back onto his lap and was now pushing his cock into her ass, using her juices to make it slick. Linda's eyes rolled back as she felt the two cocks fill her...the men started fucking her with steady strokes. Matt looked at his watch and told Danny "I've got a dinner date with our 'hot prospect,'...see you later." He stood, smiled and headed out the door, Matt was looking forward to seeing sexy Linda again.


First Time with Other Men

group Kimgirl 2018-01-27

I just did some coke so I was feeling real horny and ended up telling 2 guys to come over but did not know it at the time. The first guy arrived and I was a bit nervous since it was my first time having sex with someone other than my husband but yet felt free. He kept going as I was bent over then he grabbed my hair and pulled my head back so the other guy could fuck my mouth. Before it could all sink in, the second guy was already starting to insert his cock in me and it was so thick, I felt him in every square inch of my walls. I began to slowly lick and suck then I felt something warm squirt in me as the second guy came.

First Time Swing

group taff70 2018-01-27

Andy looked at me and asked if I was ok with this and where it could be going , I couldn't speak so just nodded, he then said something that nearly made me cum, he told me he'd always wondered what it would be like to fuck Debbie and he hoped he find out tonight. Kate was snuggled up to me her hard titties and nipples pressed against me, She said doesn't Debbie look beautiful and she did her long hair flowing around my legs, the arch of her back glistening with a layer of perspiration, her lovely ass quivering as Andy's hips collided with her.

The Poker Party Ch. 01

group tv46 2018-01-27

"No, not really," said David, "his cock wasn't that big, and it just looked like it was going deep." A look of pure pleasure came over Kevin's face as his cock disappeared back into her wet mouth. Kevin groaned loudly at the touch of her finger and Sally pulled back so just the head was in her mouth, and prepared to take his load. Arthur, next in line behind Joe, couldn't wait any longer, and moved to the other side of the table, just behind Sally's head. To help things along, he stroked the shaft of his cock, and slid just the head in and out of Sally's eager mouth.


First threesome – Lover fucked me in bed

group nike969 2018-01-27

I was feeling my mouth and pussy empty after he fucked me. I came at least 5-6 times that night and it was best orgasm ever. While my husband is trying to sl**p I can feel that NS cock, which he just placed on my ass while his leg over the ass. I couldn’t stop and pushed my ass on his cock, as I was also started to enjoy the moment. He put his cock between my legs and it came out from pussy. While I want NS to put his cock in my ass but I don’t want to give him all pleasure in one night. I became slut that night, fucking NS cock to maximum.

Decisions Ch. 04

group Romantic1 2018-01-27

When everyone was out of earshot Grace said, "Kim called and told me what happened last night -- with Emily. As I paced the room, I realized that if I ever got to talk to Emily again I would have had to tell her about Grace and Kim sometime soon, just to clear the air. I awoke about two in the morning and paced around the room some more, thinking about Emily, Pam, Grace and Kim. I wondered if it was time to make a decision. I ran back to my hotel figuring I should let you be with the woman that turned out to be Kim. I was more surprised than shocked and to be frank about it, there are some things you should know too -- about me."


Faye Fucks her Friends

group Deviant_X 2018-01-27

Harry stood on the sofa, his rigid cock standing proud just inches from her face, and without thinking or opening her eyes, she took him in her mouth and began to suck him off, hard. Faye sensed that Kevin was close, and began to slam herself down onto him with a vengeance, still sucking on the cock in her mouth before the near stranger began to raise his hips to meet her, fucking her harder, stronger, faster, until she could take no more and felt her orgasm take over. Harry's tool fell from her open mouth as she began to moan wildly, shaking her head from side to side wordlessly as she began to come, hard whimpers of "oh...oh...oh..." escaping her lips as she rode on Kevin's crotch.


Dorm Room Debauchery

group Noghri 2018-01-27

We continued like this for several minutes; Lissy pushing two fingers deep into my pussy while rubbing my clit with the heel of her palm, while I licked her cunt and sucked on her clit. Once her shirt was unbuttoned to her belly button I leaned over her and slid my hands down her chest, over those luscious tits of hers, pushing her bra out of the way as I did so. With one breast in each hand I gave them a playful squeeze and then moved my hands out of the way so that Kevin could get a shot of Amy's beautiful tits. Lissy's hands squeezed my tits as her tongued continued to probe my mouth.


Island Fever 5: Family Ch. 02

group Jeremydcp 2018-01-27

Seated on a sturdy sled made of foam and plastic, Pamela went gliding down the snowy embankment with Kaden, my 19-month-old son, perched in her lap. Trish was quite hesitant about taking our infant son to a chiropractor, but the pediatrician (who we trusted, since he was also Kaden and Dani Grace's doctor) gave her a glowing recommendation and told us to set any preconceived notions aside. Takes me back to my childhood years." We stared at each other for a moment before Kristanna turned to look at our 19-month-old son, Kaden, who was entertaining himself on the floor with a pail full of plastic blocks.


The Bookstore Theater

group sd69lvr 2018-01-27

I slid into the row in front of them, unzipped my jeans and pulled out my cock, which was responding to not only the video on the screen in front of me, but the hands which were coming down over my chest from behind, long red hair tickling the side of my face. The blonde had gotten up after blowing several guys and had gotten down between my legs, and as I came deep inside the redhead's pussy, blondie started licking my shaft, and as the redhead lifted up off of me, the blond started sucking on her pussy, swallowing all of my cum out of her cunt.

Paul Ironwood Ch. 03

group Jack_Love 2018-01-27

"Where the fuck have you been, Paul??" It was the teasing girlish voice of a gorgeous bleached-blonde babe with a killer slim body and big fake tits, dressed in a white bra and panties. "That's alright," I said pulling off of Beth and sitting down on the edge of the bed, "You can thank me better, Jessica, by squeezing some of that KY all over my dick." "Oh, fuck yes, Baby!" She moaned, lubing up her shitter with KY, and sitting back down on my cock, this time letting it slide up her shit-hole rather than her pussy.

slave to my lust

group hornylioness 2018-01-27

I grabbed the cock, held it against her hole and slowly pressed, she moaned as I spread her, little by little she took it all, so deep into her, not to be seen, she moved back and forth against it, moaning louder and louder, wanting me to take control, I pushed her harder into the table and began to slide in and out with her, in and out, in and out, my pussy dripping with the excitement, she moaned louder, no words came from her lips as I knodded to the swede.

How's Your Gag Reflex?

group CuriTab 2018-01-27

With his other hand, he gently kneaded my left breast, pulling the nipple between his fingers. “Now, how about me?” Florence undid the front clasp of her bra, and pressed her hands beneath her supple breasts, offering them to the doctor. Her tongue teased me, waggling side to side, around…she sucked my clit into her mouth as her fingers traced around my swollen, sensitive lips. I had my face nearly buried in Florence, my tongue licking up and down her clit, dipping into her vaginal opening and back. Her delectable body shook and she lowered her head and was licking my clit while the doctor thrust deep into my willing body, stimulating my g-spot and causing me to scream so loud, I thought the whole town could hear.